OLTL Update Friday 10/15/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa goes to find Eli and tells him she knows she heard Daniela on the other side of the room. It sounded like she was calling for Starr.

Markko and Langston are at Marty’s home waiting to hear where Starr is. Right then, James comes to the house. They ask what he is doing there.

Cole talks to his mom at the station and informs her that John cannot trace the call and it could mean that Starr and Hope are in more danger than they realize

When Starr attempts to bust out of the place where Hannah has taken her, Hannah appears. Starr tells her she is getting out and if Hannah attempts to stop her, she will split Hannah’s head open. But Hannah smugly tells her she doesn’t think so and pulls a gun on Starr.

At Todd’s, when he confronts Natalie for snooping around Téa’s things when she is resting in peace, Natalie blurts out to Todd that she knows that Téa is not “resting in peace”. But she hesitates realizing she cannot say more.

Téa still seems to trust Eli but wonders why he has not taken her home. She asks him what he said the previous night about Todd shooting him and she asks him what is going on there.

Hearing what Natalie said, Blaire tells Todd that Natalie is right that there is no way Téa could be “resting in peace” after what happened to her daughter. Todd goes off. Blair apologizes for him and tells Natalie that Todd is not himself after losing his daughters and his wife. But when John is alone with Natalie, he asks her if she’d like to tell him what is going on.

Eli then asks Téa what she remembers since she’s been awake. She informs him that Greg Evans has kept her alive and told her that her tumor ahs been cured. And he apparently took her back to the Cherryville hospital. But it’s kind of odd that she hasn’t heard from Greg all this while and nobody will let her use her phone. Eli then tells Téa that Greg “didn’t do what he was supposed to do”. And he tells her she “should” be dead. Hearing that, yet suspecting nothing about Eli, she chuckles about how she “knows” that she “should” be dead. But she asks what it is that Greg failed to do. He replies he failed to kill her. He was supposed to do that.

Greg’s father asks his mother what he thinks that Greg could have been doing with Elijah Clark. She admits she is not entirely certain. But she bets that Eli motivated Greg to help him do something wrong or illegal and may have threatened Shaun or Destiny. Yet they don’t know exactly what happened.

James tells Langston and Markko that he is there to talk to Cole. He and his brother are trying to find Starr and Dani yet are coming up with nothing. So he thought that Cole might be able to know more about what happened.

At the station, neither Cole nor Marty suspect Hannah as she’s told them the reason she’s out is to go and see Dr. Levin.

When Hannah holds the gun on Starr, Starr asks her where she got it. Hannah replies it’s her father’s. Starr asks her if this is her parents’ home. She tells her yes. She grew up there and they ignored and neglected her. Hearing that, Starr tells Hannah she’s really sorry that Hannah did not have a happy childhood. Hannah tells Starr her parents are right now in Europe and not due back for a long time. And she has no more intention of being ignored anymore.

At Marty’s, Markko tells Langston he has to go and see his dad and asks her to call him if she hear any news. He hugs her good bye. Alone in the house with James, Langston tells him she knows what he is doing. He wants to appear to be the hero to Starr in the hopes that she will choose him over Cole when she gets back.

At the station, Cole tells his mom that he knows she cares about Starr and Dani and Hope is her grandchild. But he’s afraid that there is nothing she or anybody can do to help. But Marty tells her maybe there is.

When Hannah holds the gun on Starr, Starr asks her what she wants to do. Hannah tells her she’s tired of being unhappy and not wanted. But she’s going to have Cole. Starr asks Hannah if she believes that by killing her and her baby, Cole is going to want her and be her man. Hannah tells Starr that that is exactly what will happen. She tells Starr that contrary to what she is assuming, Cole and Marty and all the others have no idea what she is doing. They don’t know where Starr is and nobody suspects her of doing anything wrong.

John tells Todd he better not do anything stupid or take matters into his own hands. Todd argues. But Blair assures John that he won’t. Right then, John observes Natalie walking down the stairs from Todd’s and Téa’s bedroom. When they are outside the house, John asks her if she’d like to tell him what she is doing. She tells him that she is looking for evidence to find out what really happened to Téa.

Téa tells Eli that she needs to call Todd and Dani. She needs to use a phone and get a hold of them to let them know she is not dead. He tells her he’s sorry but she’s not going anywhere nor contacting Todd and Dani. She asks why not. He tells her because she’s going to die. Right then, we see Dani in the other room, still tied to the chair and moving herself closer toward the door where Téa is although she still does not know who’s on the other side or that her mom is alive.

Marty and Cole go to Todd’s and inform him and Blair that they attempted to find out where Eli could have taken Starr and Hope but still haven’t gotten that answer.

Starr tells Hannah she needs to realize that Cole loves her (herself). But Hannah tells Starr that she (Hannah) and Cole have a “connection”. Just like the connection Starr and James have. Starr tells Hannah that the connection that Hannah has with Cole is one-sided. And the only reason why she (Starr) considered James is because of the lies that Hannah had her and Cole believing. Hannah urges Starr to admit that she does have feelings for James and he’s the one for her instead of Cole. If it’s not true, she tells Starr, then why does Starr wear James’ bullet on a chain around her neck?

James tells Langston that, in response to her allegation that he wants to have Starr, he admits that he is just as disappointed that Starr is not available to him as his brother, Robert, is that Langston is not available to Robert. But he, nonetheless wants Starr to be happy with whatever she wants in her life.

Dani gets herself to the door and attempts to cut the robes that tie her hands behind her back with the door latch. IN the other room, Eli tells Téa that he persuaded Greg to kill her. She tells him that that is not what happened. She was previously diagnosed with a brain tumor. But he tells her she doesn’t get it. There never was any brain tumor.

Hannah holds the gun on Starr and tells her she has to stop denying her feelings for James because it’s only getting Cole’s hopes up and hurting him. She tells Starr that when she was on the run with James they should have stayed together and escaped off into the sunset so that she (herself) could be with Cole. At that point, Starr admits that Hannah is right. Cole is important to her and she doesn’t want them to break up. But she is in love with James.

James tells Langston that from what he understands, the reason why his brother got fired form his teaching job at Llanview is because “somebody” took pictures of him with her. Hearing that, she is surprised that Robert never told James that she set him up. He tells her that he’s asked Robert many times who took the pictures. But Robert decided to drop it and not fight it.

Blair tells Marty that she realizes that they have all been victims to Eli. He made her (Marty) lose her baby. Marty confirms to Blair that they have a mutual granddaughter and are in this together.

James then informs Natalie that he has found out that when Téa was pronounced dead, there was evidence that it could have been falsified. She tells him she still doesn’t know how Eli could have persuaded Greg to help him try to kill Téa or have everybody believing she died. He tells her obviously Eli has something on Greg but they can only guess what that might be.

Destiny asks her parents what is happening to Greg. They tell her there is no guarantee that he will make it. She cries and tells them that he cannot die. He is a superhero. And super heroes don’t die. She needs him and he cannot leave her. She goes and hugs her unconscious brother and cries.

Dani struggles to untie the ropes around her hands. While, in the other room, Téa tells Eli that there was proof that Greg tried and failed to save her. But he tells her that Greg tried and failed to kill her and made her believe that she was dying by giving her medication that made her sicker. She asks how he could have managed to blackmail Greg. He tells her that everything happens for a reason.

Starr admits to Hannah that she is right. She has always been in love with James. Hannah asks her what about Cole. Starr tells her that she doesn’t want to hurt Cole but will have to be honest and admit that she is no longer in love with him. She will have to go back and break up with Cole and let him down easily. But Hannah asks Starr how stupid Starr thinks she is. She will say anything to get Hannah to let her escape.. Starr tells Hannah she knows she has no incentive to kill her and knows Hannah would never hurt an innocent little girl. Hannah tells her she’s right. She doesn’t want to shoot Starr nor hurt a child. She thinks she will just leave them somewhere where Cole will never find them and give him enough time to forget about Starr and fall in love with her.

After they leave Todd’s, Natalie tells John that even if she can’t find DNA from when Téa was pronounced dead, there might be a fragment of something that they can test. And she knows how to find what she needs.

Destiny’s parents tell their daughter that they cannot assume that Greg is not going to die. She tells them that they need him to wake up and be better. Her dad tells her that that is what they are praying for. But she tells them that Greg won’t leave them especially when her birthday is coming up soon. Her mom tells her that she thinks that will give Greg the will to live. But they still believe that Téa died on Greg’s watch and that is obviously affecting his own healing process.

Téa asks Eli what he’s going to do with her. He reminds her that the only people who know she’s alive are himself and Greg. She tells him that she does not care what he has done or why he has done it. She just wants to see her family. She wants to see them and let them know she is ok. But he is ready to physically prevent her from doing that. At that point, he returns to Dani who knows she better appear to him to still be tied to the chair and unable to move. But as soon as Eli tells her “he will be back”, she gets up out of the chair after freeing herself and runs to the door believing that he has Starr and Hope on the other side so she can save them.

Natalie tells John she has now confirmed that Téa is alive. He then confirms that the question is where she is.

While Téa is tied to a chair she hears her daughter’s voice from the other room.

Blair tells Marty that she and Téa used to dislike each other not unlike her situation with Marty. But now, after what she and Téa went through together friends and she misses Téa. Marty admits that even after the girls are back and safe, she cannot say that she and Blair will ever become friends.

While Starr and baby Hope are stuck in the room, she is hoping that somebody somewhere will find them

James leaves Marty’s home while talking to Langston. We he leaves, Hannah appears at the door and he sees the bullet chain that he believed he’d lost. He asks her how she got it.

Dani busts through the door and breaking free and is shocked to see her mom tied to a chair.

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