OLTL Update Thursday 10/14/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/14/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nora and Natalie are at the station on the computer attempting to track where the car with Eli, Starr, Dani and baby Hope is. When Natalie is alone, she looks to find the report on Téa’s obituary.

The cops talk to Blair and Todd and inform them that the GPS in the girls’ car has been disabled so they can’t find out where they are. At that point, Blair knows that this is a really bad sign that they have not heard anything and also very odd that they have not heard from Eli by now. He obviously has motive to call them to “negotiate” the hostage situation.

Cole hears Hannah confess that she “did something”. He asks her if she knows something.

Starr is passed out on the floor and baby Hope is calling to her mommy.

Natalie informs Nora that Greg regained consciousness and attempted to talk. And he said Téa’s name. Nora tells her that that is typical since he remembers Téa’s death. Natalie tells her that he did not just say Téa’s name.

Dani walks through an abandoned warehouse alone and attempts to open a door. Not far away, we see Téa on the floor.

Nora asks Natalie what else Greg said. But before Natalie can answer, Bo appears and asks if she can go and find out where they could be.

Téa is on the floor and opens her eyes, When Dani attempts to open a door, Eli appears to prevent her. She asks where they are. He tells her this is an old warehouse. The walls are very thick and short on windows. He smirks. She tells him that she wants him to take her home and tries to escape. She cries and he tells her that the medicine she stole from the hospital makes him feel like a new man. He tells her that he is awake, getting stronger and armed. So she better watch herself. But she reminds him that Starr and Hope are probably home by now and Starr will lead the cops to him. He asks her if she thinks that.

Cole then asks Hannah if she knows something about where Starr and Hope are, she needs to spit it out.

Starr awakens and sees her baby daughter but cannot remember how she got a bump in the head, how she passed out or where they are. She pounds on the door and asks where they are. Right then, she looks around at books she sees on a shelf and sees Hannah O’Connor’s name written on a book. She then remembers that right before she passed out, Hannah appeared at the door of the hospital and told her that “Cole couldn’t make it”.

At Marty’s when Hannah is about to confess to Cole, he gets a knock on the door from Langston and Markko. They ask if he’s ok or found Starr. He asks Markko if he should return to CA. Markko tells him he’s not going anywhere until he knows that Starr and Hope are ok. Noticing Hannah, Langston asks if they are interrupting something. Cole tells her no and informs them that Hannah was just about to “tell him something”. But at that point, she denies it.

Starr attempts to calm her baby daughter and find her some food.

Blair asks Todd what if Eli has the girls trapped somewhere and they can’t get out. But Todd knows that he will have to call sooner or later. He obviously wants them to wait. The longer they wait, the more money he gets. And knowing he’s a lawyer, he might want to bill them by the hour.

Eli covers Dani’s mouth and she cries. Todd and Blair go to answer their phones and hear what Eli has to say while the cops are on their computers to track the call. Todd tells Eli he was hoping he was dead.

Natalie, John and Price go out and find the abandoned car and the charm bracelet that Natalie recognizes as Starr’s with the one charm that says Hope and the other ones without names for future children she could have. He asks her if she found out anything interesting. She is ready to tell him what Greg told her (that Téa is alive). But she’s once again interrupted when John gets a call.

Bo and Nora notice that it’s odd that Natalie was looking at Téa’s obituary on the computer before she left.

Natalie tells Price that it does not appear that anything substantial was in the trunk of the car but she does find a fiber from some type of clothing. He tells her that he Eli tried to kill him. She tells him she saw Greg when he was awake last night and Greg told her that Téa Delgado is still alive.

Todd tells Eli he needs to talk to his daughter. He wants to hear Starr’s voice right now so Eli better put her on the phone. But knowing that Starr is not with him and he’s gagged Dani. Eli hesitates.

At the place where Starr and Hope are, Starr remembers Hannah talking to her when she was leaving the Cherryville hospital and Hannah telling her that they “are not going anywhere” when Starr told her she and Hope have to get out of there..

Langston and Markko inquire to Cole how it is that Hannah is living at his mother’s home and if she might “take advantage” of the situation.

Starr then remembers urging Hannah, at the hospital, to find Cole. But Hannah makes it clear that she is resentful of Cole’s love for Starr and their baby. And Starr realized that Hannah did not call Cole nor help him find her.

Eli then tells Todd that he does not get to talk to Starr until Eli gets to talk to “his wife”. (Blair) Eli reminds Todd that Blair shot him. Todd tells Eli he used and endangered Blair and tells him he needs to put Starr on. But Eli yells to Todd that he is not in charge and is hanging up. At that point. Blair gets on the phone. He calls her gorgeous and tells her he will always love her and they can work out their differences and renew their wedding vows. She tells him that he killed innocent people in cold blood. This is not a “lover’s quarrel”. He reminds her that they are still legally married. She then tells him if he “loves” her, he will let her talk to her daughter. She asks him to put Starr on.

While alone with her baby at the place where Hannah took her, Starr remembers Hannah telling her how sick she is of the fact that everybody thinks Starr is so important and she’s the center of the universe.

At Marty’s, Hannah tells Langston and Markko that she realizes they have no reason to trust her. But she cares about Cole and knows he loves Starr and Hannah hopes she gets back safely.

Natalie tells Price that it’s kind of odd that Eli tried to kill Greg at the very place where Greg’s mysterious patient was. She asks if maybe Eli was using that place as some sort of “cover”. Hearing that, Price asks her if she believes that Greg is “in on” something with Eli and that woman at the Cherryville Clinic is Téa Delgado. Natalie replies that that is too crazy to assume. But she wants to check it out anyway.

Bo and Nora eat in this office and she tells him that what she wants from him is Elijah Clark in leg irons. She remembers going up against him in court so many times and how Téa was so strong and unconquerable in court. But she’s dead. She admits to Bo that she knows what a fighter Téa was and still cannot believe that she could have “gotten beaten” by as damn tumor.

Téa leans over a mattress and cries about how tired she is of being sick and urges for Dani and Todd to come and find her.

Eli takes the gag off of Dani’s mouth and lets her talk to Blair. Blair asks her if she is ok. Blair says thank God and asks how Starr is. Dani replies that Starr “got away’. Hearing that, Blair demands that Dani or Eli or somebody tells her something. But Eli terminates the conversation.

Téa attempts to climb out of the place Eli has taken her to, which is a room adjacent to where Dani is. Dani notices that “somebody” is there but hasn’t a clue who it would be. He then pulls her away from the door. Blair and Todd wonder why they lost their connection and Blair asks Eli if Dani is hurt. But he cannot hear her. He puts the phone to Dani’s ear and she tells Blair she thought she saw somebody in the other room and believes it could be Starr and Hope but could not see them. Todd attempts to talk to her She tells her dad she is so sorry to have accused him of killing Ross. She now knows who did.

Price and Natalie go to the Cherryville Clinic and ask if they could talk to one of Dr. Greg’s patients. The orderly tells them that she is no longer there. They ask if she checked out. The orderly tells them no. She disappeared but he knows who her nurse is.

Nora tells Bo that she misses Téa although they didn’t get along. And she even finds herself feeling for Todd. As much as she dislikes him, he has suffered terribly with losing his wife and now his two daughters and granddaughter. She tells Bo that Todd may deserve every bad thing that happens to him. But those kids do not.

Starr then remembers being in the hospital room and Hannah telling her how sick she is of all of these people who think Starr is so important. Starr then picked up her baby and attempted to leave.

Todd tells Dani there is nothing to forgive. She just needs to stay safe and know that he loves her. He then asks Eli what his price is. Eli replies $50 million. And he tells Todd he will “get back to him”.

Todd and Blair find out that Eli may have known how to plant phones in places all over the world so that it would make them unable to trace the call or know where he is .But Blair cries and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear excuses like that when their daughters and granddaughter could be killed. Why can’t something be done about that?

Eli tells Dani that he won’t tell her where Starr is. The only thing she needs to worry about now is how daddy can come up with the big bucks.

Blair and Todd find it odd that Starr wasn’t with Dani and Eli when they called.

Téa is crying and praying to God to help her get her strength back and get out of where she is stuck.

At the Cherryville Clinic, Natalie tells Price she’s going to find out for herself what is up regarding the anonymous woman who might be Téa.

John shows Blair the charm bracelet of Starr’s that he and Natalie found.

Starr tells baby Hope she’ is going to find a way to bust them out of there and she finds a hammer.

Bo and Nora kiss and she tells him that it’s hard for them to remember how grateful they should be.

At Marty’s, when they are alone, Langston tells Markko that regardless of what anybody tells her, she still does not trust Hannah for a minute. He tells her that makes two of them. She finds something of “interest” that Hannah left behind.

Cole goes to talk to Bo to find out what they might have uncovered. Bo admits to him that Dani and Eli called Todd and Blair but it appears that Starr and Hope are not with them.

Dani pleads with Eli to let her see Starr and Hope. But he leaves her bound to a chair and gagged. She yells. And Téa can hear her daughter’s voice from the other room.

When Hannah left Markko and Langston alone at Marty’s home, she goes to where Starr and Hope are. Starr is ready to bust down a door. But before she can swing the heavy instrument, Hannah appears.

Blair tells Todd and John that she knows that that necklace was for Starr when she had Hope and she is now encouraged to have more children. She remembers when Starr did not believe she was ready to have a baby. But now she may never have that chance again. John tells her she must know that they will find her. He tells Blair she must believe that Starr is a smart girl who will know how to survive.

Natalie secretly goes to Todd’s home and takes something of Téa’s off the shelf. He corners her and asks what she is doing.

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