OLTL Update Tuesday 10/12/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew comes to see his father at his office. He tells Bo that he just took a cab over and has a lot of homework to do. He informs his dad that he knows Eli is alive. It was all over the news. Bo tells his son yes. It appeared that fire in Tahiti was a set up. Matthew tells his father he heard that Eli may have killed his two ex wives and got away with it and fooled everybody. He could have killed Blair. Now he’s gotten away with killing Starr’s babysitter. He tells Bo the thinks it’s a pretty messed up system that would fail to catch him for doing that. Bo then asks Matthew what he would do if he were “the law”. Matthew replies he’d string him up.

Natalie goes to talk to Greg in his hospital room. He struggles to talk and tells her that Téa is alive.

Téa attempts to get out of her hospital bed. But she falls over. She then attempts to get back up again and declares it’s now or never. She walks to the door staggering. She tells Todd and Dani here she comes. A picture of the three of them is on the floor.

Todd enters his home and Blair asks where he’s been all this while. She and the boys have been waiting for him and haven’t been able to reach him. She asks him what is going on. Has something happened to Dani? He grimly replies yes. And Starr also.

When it appears that Eli is passed out in the back seat of the car inside the parking garage, Starr instructs baby Hope to go inside the door. She then notices that Eli’s gun is about to fall out of his hand.

Dani goes inside the hospital but does not see anybody when she walks into Téa’s room.

Cole is on the phone and Hannah overhears him leaving a message for Starr that he has to stay there for a while, Eli is on the loose and Hannah might be in danger.

When Starr attempts to take Eli’s gun out of his hand, he appears to be awaken playing possum and he grabs her hand. She gasps.

Dani then enters the room that, unknown to her is her mom’s room.

John knocks on the door of Marty’s home and Cole and Hannah come to the door. He admits that they have not found Eli yet but they are working on it. He asks Cole if he’s seen Starr. Cole tells her that he hasn’t seen her since they heard about Eli. But he’s left Starr some messages. John asks if she has called him back. Cole replies no and asks what is going on.

Natalie attempts to get Greg to clarify what he just said about Téa. But he looks to be passing out again.

Dani goes inside the room in the Cherryville Clinic right when Téa walks toward the stairwell attempting to leave. She walks down the steps slowly but stumbles. Meanwhile, Dani is investigating the room with the missing patient unaware of who it is.

Téa is walking down several flights of stairs and looks down to the bottom of the stairwell.

Todd informs Blair that Eli has taken his two daughters and those incompetent cops have failed to find them.

John informs Cole that about an hour ago, Eli Clark forced his way into Cole’s and Starr’s apartment and has taken Starr, Dani and baby Hope.

Eli tells Starr he knows that she has let Hope escape so that she can make a run for it. She struggles with him but he runs after her and catches her.

Natalie leaves Greg’s room and runs into Marty. She asks Marty if Greg said anything to her about Eli knowing that Eli is the one who tried to kill him. Marty replies he did not say anything about Eli, but he did say something about Téa.

At the Cherryville Clinic, Dani is inside the empty room and the orderly demands to know why she is still there when visiting hours are over.

Blair and Todd argue about how they are going to save Starr and Dani.

Cole asks John what he would do if it were Natalie or his baby that was missing and in danger.

Todd tells Blair that Eli must have a plan. He just wants money. That is why he married Blair. She tells him she hopes he’s right.

John then tells Cole that he believes that Eli wanted Dani and Starr and baby Hope were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, Cole reminds John that Eli is a murderer and asks what will stop him from killing his baby and her mother?

Eli gets into a struggle with Starr. But she slams the car door on his hand and manages to run off, grab baby Hope and carry her away from him and up the stairs into the clinic. Not far away, Téa is struggling to walk down the stairs, gripping the railing. Starr and baby Hope are at the bottom of the stairs and Starr walks down the stairs.

Bo returns to Matthew who asks if they found Starr and Dani yet. Bo tells him not yet. He asks Matthew if he is studying Trig. Matthew tells his dad he’s finished that and is doing a statistical analysis of companies uncle Clint is considering doing business with. Bo then asks his son if the reason he said he wants to string Eli Clark up is because that was something that Uncle Clint said to him. Matthew tells his father that he knows the legal system is failing and somebody might have to take drastic action. Bo asks if he believes in an eye for an eye. Matthew tells Bo that the legal system is complicated and baffling but he believes the business world makes a lot more sense.

Cole asks John what is going to be done. Why haven’t they caught Eli? Starr and baby Hope could be dead. John assures him that he won’t let that happen. But Cole tells John he can’t just sit there and wait and do nothing. John then urges Cole not to consider taking matters into his own hands.

The orderly corners Dani and tells her if she is doing illegal activity, he will call the cops. But she remembers Eli telling her and Starr if he so much as sees a cop, they are all dead. She then urges the guy to let her take the bandages. She needs them for her sister who is bleeding and persuades him to pretend he didn’t see her. She then goes off and thanks him

Téa is then continuing to walking down the stairs leaning on the railing and opens the door.

Todd tells Blair that they should not assume that Eli is going to hurt the girls. He needs them. But she reminds him that he murdered the babysitter and is very capable of killing more. She asks if maybe he is kidnapping and threatening to kill the girls in order to get back at the two of them. Todd tells her if Eli hurts his two daughters he will rip both of his arms off and beat him with them. She yells that she does not care about Eli. She just wants her babies back.

Starr climbs the staircase carrying baby Hope. She just misses Téa who is walking down the stairs but notices that “somebody” is at the bottom of the stairwell. Téa opens the door and comes face to face with Eli. They are both obviously shocked to see each other.

Marty tells Natalie that she had no clue that Starr and baby Hope have been kidnapped. John appears and she demands to know why he didn’t tell her before. He tells her that he just found out.

Téa sees Eli and hugs him having no clue about his dastardly deeds and is happy to see him. He is in shock believing she’s dead. She tells him that she’s so happy to see somebody she knows and trusts. She tells him that Greg Evans told her that a miracle occurred. The tumor is gone. She smiles and he tells her she’s a “lucky girl”.

Starr and baby Hope enter the room that is Téa’s. When she puts her little one down, baby Hope points to a familiar picture of Todd, Téa and Dani. Starr notices it and is shocked.

Téa tells Eli that she has to escape. Something is not right. Greg and his nurse would not let her use the phone. She believes that Eli is her friend who will help her get out of there. He tells her he can help her find Dani.

Dani is running down the stairs with the bandages she’s promised Eli if he lets her go inside.

Starr observes the picture of Todd, Téa and Dani and assumes that Dani had it and dropped it.

Téa notices that Eli is bleeding and it looks like a gunshot wound and asks what happened. He informs her that her husband shot him. She asks why Todd would have shot him.

Starr attempts to get on the phone but remembers Eli warning her not to call the cops and she puts the phone down.

Cole cries and tells Hannah that if only he hadn’t refused to come home to Starr and his baby daughter, this would have never happened. She tells him it’s ok if he leaves. Eli won’t come after her when he has Starr and Hope and Dani. Cole goes out the door and informs Hannah that there is a patrol car outside. She then remembers that Cole has forgotten his phone. It’s ringing as Starr is calling from an unidentifiable number at the hospital. Hannah picks up Cole’s phone when Starr is trying to reach him. She asks Starr what is going on. John McBain said that Eli caught her and Dani and baby Hope. She asks Starr where she is. Starr tells her she’s on the 5th floor of the Cherryville Clinic. Eli has lost her. But she’s worried and needs Cole to hurry up and find her. Hannah promises to “take care of it”.

Cole goes to his and Starr’s apartment and sees the crime scene yellow tape and blood on the floor. He notices all of baby Hope’s toys on the floor. He grabs her stuffed animal, kneels on the floor and cries. Marty appears and hold her son in her arms.

John informs Natalie that she heard hat Greg had a patient in Cherryville. He just wonders if Eli was there. She tries to find the timeline for when Eli appeared at Starr’s apartment and his whereabouts.

Dani returns and Eli points the gun on her. She tells him that she can assume that Starr has abandoned him. He smirks telling her that he now has “all the hostages he needs” and instructs her to get in the car. A hospital gown (Téa’s) is sticking out from the door of the trunk.

Matthew tells his dad that regarding what he said before, he did not mean that he does not create value. He knows that both of his parents work hard to put criminals away. But there are never any guarantees of anything. Uncle Clint, on the other hand, knows how to promise 100% success in his field as a business man.

Dani sits in the car with Eli and tells him she doesn’t care what he does to her. As long as Starr and baby Hope get away and she knows he’s a monster.

Right when Starr is in the hospital room and hears a knock on the door., she assumes it’s Cole and is really happy.

Cole is right then, in the apartment telling his mom that before Starr got taken, they had a big argument. And he doesn’t want it to end that way. But Marty assures her son that it won’t end. Starr will come back ok. But he tells her it’s his fault that he left Starr and Hope alone and Eli got to them. If they get hurt or die, then it’s all on him.

Starr opens the door to the hospital room and is surprised to see Hannah. Hannah smirks and tells her sorry. Cole couldn’t make it.

Téa’s gown is sticking out through the trunk of the car and Eli tells Dani she needs to put on her seatbelt. He asks her what her mother would think of her riding around without a seatbelt. She reminds him that her mother is dead. He smirks.

Todd tells Blair that they all assume that Eli faked that Will. But what if Téa did want Ross to raise Dani? Maybe it could have prevented him (Todd) from ruining his child’s life. Blair tells Todd that he has been there for Starr and Jack. Téa knew how great he is with his kids and that is why she married him. And that is why she spent the last few months of her life working so that Todd and Dani make peace. She tells him that he can hang in there and have faith and prove Téa right. And she tells him he must believe that John will save them.

When John gets to the parking garage with his gun, the car drives off and it’s too late for him to catch Eli.

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