OLTL Update Monday 10/11/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/11/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dani rushes to Starr’s home and is shocked to see that Eli is alive and holding a gun on Starr and baby Hope. She cries and confirms that Todd was telling the truth. Eli killed her father. She tells Eli she is not going anywhere with him. But Starr urges her to do what he says.

Téa finds out for the first time that she is in Cherryvale, PA very near Llanview. So, why then aren’t her husband and daughter coming to see her when she’s so close by? The nurse does not know how to answer that question.

Greg moves his head and opens his eyes while previously in a coma. Shaun brings Destiny into the room and she is ecstatic that her brother is recovering.

Natalie and Rex are in Viki’s kitchen and Natalie can see that her mom is not ok. She asks what is wrong. Viki replies Echo de Savoy is what is wrong. Hearing that, Rex asks her who that is.

Echo is at Rodi’s remembering trying and failing to get Viki to let her work on the Banner. When Clint enters, she greets him and tells him he’s as handsome as ever. But he is not happy to see her.

Téa tells the nurse that something is definitely not right. She needs to talk to her family. She needs to talk to Todd right now. But the nurse still won’t let her use a phone.

Todd rushes to Starr’s apartment with John behind him and they see blood on the floor. John busts the door down and pulls his gun. But it’s too late to find Starr, Dani and baby Hope. Todd knows that Eli has taken them. Eli drives them away.

Viki tells Natalie and Rex that given Eco’s history with Clint and her entanglement with Charlie during his drinking days, she does not trust Echo. Natalie remarks that she finds it very surprising that Echo slept with both Clint and Charlie. Natalie knows that Echo is not to be trusted and faked her death. Viki tells her that Echo is a two bit con artist who has seen better days. Natalie asks what she’ wants and why she is back in Llanview. Viki replies she does not know but knows that that woman is dangerous.

At Rodi’s, Echo tells Clint that Viki has become the town crier to be warning everybody that she is back in town. She asks Clint if Viki told him about her history with Charlie. He tells her yes. She tells him she knows that Viki set off alarms and has been paranoid about her. Clint remembers that it was a long time ago when he slept with her. She asks why it feels like it was yesterday/.

The nurse tells Téa that the only person who can authorize for her to use the phone is De. Evans and she has not seen or heard from him for a while. Téa asks where Greg is. The nurse admits she does not know why Greg is not returning her messages.

Right then, when Greg awakens, Shaun and Destiny are happy. But Greg appears stressed in his attempt to talk and tell them what has happened. Destiny tells her brother that she wants to call her mom. But Detective Price took her phone. Shaun tells his sister that she can use his. They leave the room. And it’s when they are out that Greg utters Téa.

The nurse tells Téa that she needs to take more sedatives to calm her nerves. She gives Téa the pills. But once again, Téa does not take them and puts them under her pillow. The nurse calls Greg’s number and Price answers his phone. She asks why he is answering Dr. Evans' phone. He does not reply.

Todd tells John that that son of a bitch has his daughters and his granddaughter. He tells John that Ross told him right before he died that Eli wants Dani. And now Eli has Starr and Hope too. They observe the blood on the floor and wonder whose blood it is. Todd wonders why Eli might have already killed.

Dani asks Eli what kind of a monster he is to have killed her father, his own brother. Starr tries to stay calm and informs Eli that she has to feed Hope and change her diapers. So she asks how long this is going to take. He tells her she will find out soon enough. She promises Eli that she and Dani will cooperate with whatever he wants. But will he please let them take Hope to her grandmother’s. He does not need a baby. She’s just one more inconvenience. Dani is furious and hysterical that Eli would have killed his own brother and thinks all of this is funny.

Echo tells Clint that if he says he has no feelings for her, he’s a liar.

Natalie tells Viki there must be something they can do with this Echo person. If she’s harassing Viki and Clint and Charlie. Viki tells her daughter and Rex that that is easier said that done. Right then, Natalie gets a call from John who asks if she can run some tests for a possible homicide abduction. It’s at Starr’s apartment. He asks her not to tell anybody about this case until they find some evidence. Right then, Rex asks her if something is wrong. She does not tell him the details and rushes off to meet John.

Price goes to the Cherryvale hospital and meets with the nurse who shows him the picture of Téa, Todd and Téa and Dani but does not give the details about Dr. Evan’s patient. Right then inside her room, Téa determines that she is not going to stay in this hospital room any longer. She knows that something is very wrong. And she gets up out of bed.

Todd tells John that if he finds out that this blood is from his girls and if that son of a bitch hurts them in any way, he will kill Eli with his bare hands. He asks John if he intends to stop him and John does not reply.

Destiny tells a newly conscious Greg that she is going to make certain that he is ok and stay by his side until their parents get there. She won’t let the cops interrogate him. She asks if there is anything she can get him. He struggles to talk and says Téa. She then asks if he just said Téa. As in Dani’s mom?

Téa is attempting to remove the IV and all of the things that are keeping her in the bed so that she can escape. Outside the room the nurse and Price talk. Price then gets a phone call informing him that Greg has regained consciousness. At that point, he confirms that he no longer needs to find out anything from “the patient” and he goes out the door.

Greg is gasping and barely able to talk. Shaun and Destiny both stand over his bed and wonder what he is trying to say and do.

After Natalie has left, Viki and Rex talk about Natalie’s pregnancy and his going to see Gigi at Rodi's’. He asks Viki if she’s going to be ok if he leaves her there alone. He hates to see her stewing about Echo. He knows she is stressed. She tells him that is sweet of him but she will be ok. She tells him that she and Charlie have been through a very difficult year. Clint has been through so much with first losing Nora and then Kim and all that has happened to him. She would just like a little peace and the last thing she wants is that trouble maker back in the same town. He then suggests that maybe he can look up some information and dig up some dirt on Echo. Viki tells Rex she may not need him to do that. She might be able to motivate Echo to leave town.

At Rodi’s, Echo tells Clint no matter how much he tells her he dislikes her and that she’s done terrible things to him, what she did was like Childs play compared to what his own brother did to him. Bo took Nora from him. Clint was ready to seek revenge. If he tells her he’s ok and forgiven them, he’s lying, she tells him And she does not blame him one bit.

Natalie meets John and Todd at Starr’s empty apartment yet they cannot find Starr or Dani or baby Hope. She goes to find evidence. Todd demands that John does more. His kids are out there.

Starr tells Eli that he should not be driving. He looks like he’s going to pass out. She can drive. She promises she won’t do anything. She pleads for him not to do this to her innocent baby daughter. She has not done anything. She sings to baby Hope but Eli is ready to fall asleep behind the wheel and loses control of the car.

Viki looks online to see the old newspaper article of where Echo was believed drowned when she lead Clint on an expedition. She reflects that if only Echo had really drowned.

Echo tells Clint hat she works for the tabloid and knows how to make money and what has to be done when a girl needs to eat. She tells him in her line of work, she hears things. And she believes what Bo and Nora did to Clint is something he does not deserve. He tells her that it’s water over the dam. He’s gotten over it. He is the revenge kind of guy. If he were, she would not be there now. He tells her he is going to find his dinner companion. Right then, Rex appears and stares coldly at him. Clint corners Rex and tells him he’s glad to hear that Gigi is enjoying school. It would be a shame if she had to drop out. And he warns Rex that that is what will happen if Rex is considering telling Bo his secret about David Vickers.

Todd tells John he does not know what it’s like to hold ones’ kid for the first time. He tells him that this little ball of humanity is so innocent and helpless and then you realize it’s yours. It’s your flesh and blood there. It’s your joy but also your responsibility. And it’s this potential for heartbreak. John says nothing while Todd tells him that the thought of how someone could harm this creature who would not be there were it not for you. It makes you feel things and want to do things that you could never do before. It could make you want to step in front of a train if it meant saving their life. John tells him believe it or not, he does understand that. Natalie comes outside the room to overhear and listen intently. John assures Todd that they are going to find them.

Starr drives and Dani tells Eli that he almost got them killed. She tells Eli he should not be there like this. He needs to get to a hospital. He tells her that she needs to know that when hospitals see that someone got a gunshot wound, they call the cops. But she reminds him he could get an infection or pass out and need medical care. He looks to be drifting off again. She decides that the Cherryvale hospital might be the place to go.

Natalie tells Todd he will get the results for him as soon a possible. She gathers her kit and departs. John walks out with her and assures her that nothing bad is going to happen to those kids. He promises. She hugs him and tells him she will call him. John re-enters the apartment and faces Todd. He asks if he needs anything. Todd tells John he might need a straight jacket. He’s afraid he’s losing his mind. The other day, he thought he heard Téa’s voice on the telephone.

Right then, Téa is attempting to get up and out of her hospital room. An orderly asks the nurse where Dr. Evans is and why nobody has heard from him. She tells him that she does not know and is not certain what to do with “that poor woman in there”. But maybe they need to stay out of it if the police are involved, she says, remembering Price questioning her. She then goes in and covers Téa with her blanket while Téa pretends to be asleep.

Starr drives to the hospital assuming that Eli has passed out and shares with Dani that she is going to get him arrested. But he proves that he knows what she is doing and pulls a gun on her when she pulls into the parking garage. He tells her he knows that she was going to turn on him just like her mother did. They see Price walking but unable to see them. Eli tells her he knows that she was going to go and report him to that cop and he pulls a gun on Starr. She pleads for him not to let her daughter grow up without a mother.

Todd tells John he cannot just go home and sit there while his kids are out there. He asks if Eli just wants money, why doesn’t he call him?

Destiny wants to know why Greg said something about Téa. Shaun tells her that he wants to know also. But, he reminds his sister, the cops want to get Greg in trouble. So they need to keep their brother quiet so that he can recover. He asks her if she can stay there with Greg while he goes to take care of something. Shaun then runs into Natalie who asks him about his brother. He informs her Greg is awake and thanks her for asking. He goes out the door.

Rex asks Clint if he could introduce him to his “friend” when seeing him talking to Echo. Clint coldly introduces them and lets Echo know that Rex is a friend of his brother, Bo and she is somebody who means nothing to him. When Rex is gone, Echo reflects that he appears very cold and hostile to that poor kid and he reminds her of somebody who is not a nice person. He asks her who that would be. She replies Asa. Hearing that, he tells her that is a compliment.

Starr gets out of the car and promises not to get Eli is trouble. Dani stays in the car with baby Hope He does not trust them to do what he asks. The two sisters hug and confirm that they both love Todd and they can make it through this. Dani gets out of the car while Starr stays in with baby Hope and Eli who appears to be passing out again. Starr asks what he wants with them. If he wants money, her dad can give him the money and he can let them go. But Eli does not tell her what he wants.

Echo tells Clint if he ever is in need of a sympathetic ear and someone who appreciates him for the man he is, she is there. He coldly tells her he will keep that in mind and walks off.

Rex returns to Viki’s home and informs her that he just met Echo DiSavoy and it turns out she is sticking around. Hearing that, Viki declares to Rex that he is hired.

John asks Todd to just let him do his job. Todd tells him he will just go back to Dorian’. But John wonders why he is not leaving. John then tells Todd for what it’s worth, he is sorry that Todd is going through this.

Téa tries to stand up and walk out of the hospital room but falls over and cannot get up.

Starr urges Eli to let her change baby Hope. She gets her baby daughter out of the car and secretly asks her to walk to the door. She manages to distract Eli. And when he is again drifting out of consciousness, she attempts to take his gun out of his hand.

Destiny leaves Greg’s’ room to find his doctor. Right then, Natalie enters his room and asks him what he is trying to say. He then tells her that Téa is alive.

Dani enters the hospital. AN orderly asks if he can help her. She tells him she was just visiting. He tells her that visiting hours are over and asks if she is ok. She tells him yes. She was just leaving. She then walks toward a room with the door jar. And it just happens to be Téa’s room.

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