OLTL Update Friday 10/8/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Rodi's, Echo tells Viki that she would like to talk to her about some things. Viki tells her that she has no interest is going down memory lane or having anything to do with Echo.

Destiny talks to an unconscious Greg telling her brother that he needs to wake up and she knows he can hear her. But he remains in a coma.

Outside the room, Shaun tells Detective Price that he does not trust him. If he needs police assistance, he will call John McBain. And Price needs to stop acting like he cares. He protests to Price that his brother would not choose to have any involvement with the likes of Elijah Clark. Price tells Shaun that that is what he intends to ask Greg as soon as he wakes up.

Right then, Téa is in her hospital room having a dream that Todd and Dani are standing bedside her. She is elated that she is getting better and not dying and going home to them. But they do not respond. She then awakens to see that they are not in her room. They are in her mind. She asks where they are.

Right then, Todd attempts to revive Ross after he’s been shot. But Dani finds him and assumes that he has killed Ross. She demands he calls an ambulance. But he tells her it’s too late. Ross is dead.

John asks James and Nate if they think they are helping Dani by enabling her to run, they’re mistaken. If they don’t tell the cops where she is, she could be in danger.

Todd tells a hysterical Dani that he did not shoot Ross. She asks who did.

Right then, Eli corners Starr in her apartment and holds a gun on her. She is shocked having believed all this while that he’s dead. She is ready to find Hope. But he tells her he wouldn’t’ go in that room if he were her. She demands to know what he did.

Téa, once again, tells the nurse she needs to get on the phone and call her husband and daughter. The nurse reminds her that only Dr. Evans can authorize that. Téa asks where he is. The nurse then goes outside the door and leaves a message for Greg unaware of why he is not returning her previous messages. She tells him she’s beginning to worry.

Destiny talks to her brother who is still unconscious. Outside Greg’s room, Shaun talks to Price who is hoping he can get some information about Greg from his phone. Shaun reminds him that he can’t get into Greg’s private phone messages without a warrant. Price reminds him that they are trying to catch Eli Clark. And if he called Greg, then they might have a clue and possibly prevent Eli from killing more people. Destiny and Daren stand beside their respective older brothers.

Eli holds a gun on Starr and reminds her that the landline phone is dead.

John tells James and Nate that he’s not concerned about either of their business but he wants to prevent Eli from coming after Dani. So they need to tell John where she is.

Dani tells Todd that she knows he killed Ross. He hates him and can’t accept that she loves Ross and he’s more of a father to her than Todd will ever be. Todd protests that Eli is alive and came back to town. And it’s he who shot Ross. Dani tells Todd that’s impossible. Eli is dead.

Starr pleads with Eli to just let her see if her daughter is alright. He remarks that she is just like her mother; so concerned about her child. He tells her that he still loves Blair even though she tried to kill him. He informs Starr, for the first time, that unfortunately for Blair, the bullets were blanks. He then tells Starr she may go ahead and find baby Hope. Starr then goes into her baby daughter’s room and screams when she sees blood and discovers that he killed her babysitter.

At Rodi’s, Viki reminds Echo that she left Llanview 25 years ago. So what kind of unfinished business could she have? Does she want Clint or Charlie? Neither of them want her. Doesn’t she have some husband of her own instead of wanting to harass Viki’s husband or ex husband. Echo then tells Viki that she’s not after Charlie or Clint. She is there because of Viki.

Price takes Greg’s phone and discovers that a pass code is needed. Shaun tells him he’s not about to give it to him. But Destiny tells him she can. Price then enters the code and they hear the message that the nurse left for Greg where’s she’s telling him that “his patient” is getting better and wants to know why she can’t use her phone to call her family.

Right then, Téa is asking the nurse, yet again, why she can’t contact them and the nurse tells her again she’s sure that Dr. Evans will get back to her shortly. Téa then concludes that Todd wouldn’t just go away unless something happened to Dani. She needs to contact them and find out if her daughter is ok. She senses that Dani could be in danger.

James then admits to John that Dani was there in their apartment and was ok. And then some cop came there to confront his brother not about Dani but about something else. And then they got the word that she might not be safe there. So she left and got on her dad’s boat at the marina. John asks her which dad. He replies Todd. John asks him which marina. Unfamiliar with the area, James does not know. John then gets on his phone to find out about a boat registered to Todd Manning.

Right then, Todd tells Dani he knows it’s a shock to believe that Eli is alive. But it’s true. The cops are looking for him. He apparently faked his own death. He is alive and he shot Ross. He tells her that he pulled Ross out of the water. But she does not believe that and tells Todd she knows he’s lying. He’d never lift a finger to save Ross. He yells that he did it for her. He asks her why she doesn’t go and check him out. He holds Dani and tells her he knows how hard this is for her and how much she loved Ross. But they have to get out of there before Eli finds her. He’s armed and dangerous. And, Todd tells her, Ross informed him right before he died that Eli wanted to take her from Ross.

Eli wraps a towel around his shoulder that’s seeping blood from the gunshot wound and appears in pain. Starr comes out with her baby daughter. He tells Starr “sorry about the sitter”. But if she had just handed over the child when he asked her without putting up a fight, he wouldn’t have had to shoot her.

Viki asks Echo what it is that Echo wants from her. Echo tells Viki that when she had the title as a countess, a title used for all she needed in order to open doors. But it no longer pays her bills. She tells Viki she is just what Viki needs in order to boost sales at the Banner.

Eli explains to Starr that the first hostage selection he had was her mother. But she appeared difficult. The second choice was Daniela. But he can’t find her. So now the “plan B” is Starr and her little girl. She thinks they will “do nicely”.

Todd tells Dani that she needs to trust him and know that he loves her and that she loves him. He tells her that he wants her to think about her sister, Starr and ask what she’d do right now. He tells her that she must know that Starr trusts him. And Blair trusts him. And he believes, deep down, that she trusts him too. SO they have to get out of there. Dani asks where. He tells her they have to get in his boat and go somewhere where Eli will never find them.

John gets on his phone to put an APB on Eli, warning everybody that he’s armed and dangerous. He tells James and Nate that they need to let him do his job and not try to take matters into their own hands. He leaves. And the two brothers remark how Eli could have come back from the dead.

At the hospital, Shaun and Price try to brainstorm about where the call to Greg could have come from and who the patient in question would have been. Destiny tells them it could be Greg’s mysterious patient in Cherryvale. She informs Price that she does know that Greg was treating a patient in Cherryvale and was very protective of her, not letting anyone see her or know about her. She guesses it was because of his losing Téa that it hit Greg really hard. Shaun asks Price what Greg’s patient in Cherryvale would have to do with Elijah Clark.

Téa reveals to the nurse that she believes she’s still in Tahiti. The nurse tells her she’s obviously very confused. She tells Téa that she’s right in Cherryvale. Téa asks how that could be. She has never been aware of herself or Greg flying from Tahiti back to the Llanview area.

Viki asks Echo how she could say that she will boost sales at the banner. Echo reminds her that she’s a world renowned photographer. She tells her that she has the skills and resources and is so much better than any of those amateurs that Viki has now. Viki tells her the answer is no. Echo asks if the reason is she doesn’t like her. Or is it because Viki cannot afford her? She tells Viki she knows that the Banner is struggling to stay afloat and remarks how she can easily find out so many things online and no longer has to rely on newspapers.

Dani tells Todd that she does not trust him and knows he wants to kidnap her. She tells him she is not going anywhere with him and runs off. He calls to her but she runs.

Téa asks how she could have been shipped out of Tahiti without knowing. The nurse tells her that this is very normal when she’s recovering from a brain tumor. But Téa remembers that Greg told her that she was still in St. Kit’s. In response to that, the nurse tells Téa she has to get her rest. Yet, Téa knows that Greg lied to her by telling her they were still in St. Kit’s in Tahiti. He lied to her. And she needs to know why.

Price wonders what Greg was doing with this unknown patient in Cherryville. Right then, he gets a call from John and goes off. Alone, Shaun tells his sister that he does not trust Price and believes he just wants to get Greg in trouble. He faces Daren and tells him his brother is barking up the wrong tree. When Daren and Destiny are alone, she tells him she’s sorry. He tells her he understands. If it were his brother lying in there, he’d be protective of him just like Shaun is being with Greg. He asks her how she would know Greg’s pass code. She tells him it’s her birthday. Greg wanted to make certain that it’s something she would never forget. He has used it for everything. Daren tells her that Greg loves her. She tells him she loves her brother.

Right then, Shaun goes in and talks to unconscious Greg telling him that Price does not know what he is talking about to accuse him of working with Elijah Clark. But he knows that something went down with him at St. Kit’s. So he needs Greg to wake up and tell him so that he can help Greg.

A cop finds Todd and demands that he drops his gun. John then tells the cop he can take it from there. He asks Todd where Dani is. Todd replies she ran off. John then attempts to find Dani. Todd informs John that he saw Eli but he took off and Todd hasn’t a clue where he went.

Eli tells Starr she needs patience. But she tells him that he may not have a lot of time and knows that he is bleeding and really hurt. He tells her it’s so amazing that she is kind enough to care and remarks it was her father who shot him. She tells him that he does not want to shoot her. How is he going to carry a baby with his shoulder disabled? She tells him that it’s just a matter of time before Cole comes back, sees the trail of blood and catches him.

Viki tells Echo she’s been a busy little bee to be researching Viki and her family. She tells Echo she has an idea. Since Echo is so keen on the internet, why doesn’t she get online, book herself a bus ticket and get out of there?

James tells Nate that the only people who know where Dani went are them, Starr and now the cops. Nate tells his brother he has to get going. James warns him to be careful since Eli is on the loose. Nate reflects that he should have just let Dani go to Tahiti with Ross and he believes this is all his fault.

John tells Todd he needs to call Blair and warn her about Eli. Price comes by and informs John that Dr. Evans is still unconscious. But they found out that he’s been treating a patient in Cherryvale who might lead them to some clues. Todd informs John that Ross told him before he died that Eli wants Dani. But he did not tell him why.

Eli tells Starr she needs to hurry up and go with him although she needs to stall him. She asks why he can’t just let her leave Hope in the crib and she can go with him. He tells her she needs to hurry up or they will both join the babysitter. But right then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Dani frantically urging Starr to let her in. Starr does not know what to do.

At the hospital, Daren tells Destiny that he and her brother have something in common. They both love her. She remarks that Greg used to drive Shaun crazy because he could buy her things. Daren tells her he’s no brain surgeon but he will make certain her birthday is something really special. She tells him there’s only one thing she wants and that is for her brother to wake up and be ok.

Shaun continues to talk to Greg telling him that she knows that Eli must be threatening him and their mom is onto something when she told him that Greg would put his life on the line for his family. They know that Eli must have blackmailed him. And they know their mom has a tendency of shutting down. But all he needs is for Greg to wake up. And right then, he observes Greg moving his head and opening his eyes. He urges Greg not to talk and instead rest. But Greg says Téa.

Right then, the nurse returns to Téa who tells her that she’s right. She is really groggy. Dr. Evans must have told her that he moved her there. But she knows that it’s very odd that she would be somewhere so close to her home.

When John and Todd are at the docks after Ross has been shot, Nate enters and wonders where Dani and Starr are.

James leaves a message for Starr telling her that he has heard that Elijah Clark is alive and on the loose. And she needs to be careful.

Nate informs John and Todd that Starr brought Dani down to the docks and asks why they are not on the yacht. John assesses that Dani saw Ross die so she’s scared and wants to go somewhere safe.

Dani rushes to Starr’s apartment hysterical that Ross is dead. She believes Todd shot him but pinned it on Eli. How could that be if Eli is dead? Right then, Eli opens the door to prove to Dani that he’s very much alive and invites her to “join the party”.

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