OLTL Update Thursday 10/7/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/7/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd goes to the docks and finds Ross. They get into a struggle. But he also discovers that Eli is nearby and holding a gun.

Robert Ford is at Rodi's. Echo is overhearing as he is greeted by a hot female former student who tells him that she belies that the sexual harassment charges were bogus. Right then, Inez appears and tells her son that maybe she can help him beat those charges.

Viki talks to Clint and informs him that his old girlfriend whom he cheated on her with, and who almost got him charged with murder.

Charlie goes into Rodi’s and Echo wonders why he’d be in a bar if he’s not drinking and why Viki is not there.

Hannah kisses Cole but he pulls away. He tells her that he may have feelings for her but cannot go through with what she wants.

Starr rushes to see James and admits that she is worried not only about Dani but about him also. Dani comes out of the bedroom. Starr hugs her sister and asks how long she can stay there.

John asks Marty to come down to the station. She asks why he wanted to see her. He tells her he has some news that is not good. He then informs her that Eli Clark is alive and on the loose.

At the docks, Todd is ready to blow Eli or Ross or both of them away. But Eli also has a gun.

James tells Starr and Dani that he does not think they have to worry about anything. Brody Lovett came by. But it was not as a cop or because of Dani. It was regarding a personal issue he had with Robert. He then remembers overhearing that Robert may be the father of Brody’s fiancé’s baby.

When Inez enters Rodi's’ and tells Robert that she would like to help him, he asks her why he thinks it’s any of her business that he lost his job. But she tells him how it hurt her to see him humiliated by having to bus tables at the Palace. He tells her that throughout his childhood and teenhood, he got into filming so that he could fantasize and pretend that he never had a mother like her. She tells him that she wishes she could help him. He reminds her that even if he was willing to accept her help, he hasn’t a clue how anybody could get him his job back when there are pictures of him kissing a student. She tells him that Clint Buchanan has offered to help him.

Bo and Nora are in bed together and they declare that they have been too obsessed with work to have any private time. They have had to rush to a motel because it s the only place they can go and not be interrupted. both of their phones ring and once again, they are engaged in business related issues.

Marty asks John how on earth Eli Clark could be alive if there was a fire. John tells her that he believes that his brother Ross helped him fake his death. She asks how that could happen.

Eli tells Todd that maybe they should call it even and got their separate ways. Todd tell him he does not think so. He knows that Eli helped Ross falsify Téa’s will and take Todd’s daughter from him. Eli tells Todd that if he puts the gun down, he can “fix” everything for him.

Marty tells John that Elijah took everything way from her. He tells her that he will send a patrol car to her home in case Eli intends to come after her or Hannah. She then tells John that she has to get back to Hannah.

At Marty’s home, Cole pulls away from Hannah when she kisses him. He tells her that he is jerking her around. He can’t keep doing this. He cares for her but knows this is not fair to her or to Starr. He tells her that he loves Starr and always will. Hearing that, she tells him he better get out right now. She can’t accept that.

Starr shows James the bullet that he had on his necklace. Noticing it, he is in awe that she found it when he never thought he’d see it attain. But she informs him that Natalie cornered her and she told her a lie as to how it got on the ground of Todd’s home right below the window of Dani’s bedroom, so coincidentally right after Dani disappeared. She tells James she hates having to lie. He tells her that he does not want her to get in trouble because of him. Overhearing them, Dani concludes that since all these people are making so many sacrifices for her, maybe she should just make it easier on everybody and live with Ross.

At Rodi's, Robert asks Inez how it is that Clint Buchanan managed to pull strings for him to get his job back when he just also enabled James to get his grant to go back to school after it was taken away. He remarks that the guy appears to be a regular Santa Claus. She tells him that Clint is a very generous man. He asks her if she’s going to tell him that Clint does not want anything in return. Inez tells him that honestly, she wondered the same thing herself. She asked if he had any ulterior motives and he said no. Clint told her that he understands what it’s like to be a parent who worries about his children. And the most important part is that he can get his job back. Doesn’t he want that? Robert tells her that they both must know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Viki talks to Clint at his office and informs him that Echo showed up out of nowhere after all of these years. He tells her that he believes that his affair with Echo is one of the biggest mistakes of his life and he is dreadfully sorry. Viki tells him that Echo is not there to see him or to see Viki. She is there to see Charlie.

Charlie tells Echo that he knows what she did to Viki and Clint. So he wonders just what do they owe this blast with the past. He tells her he does not care what she is up to. Because he is never going to let her interfere in his marriage.. He tells her that he would never cheat on Viki. She tells him that she has no idea how she is to hear that. He finally found a woman he can love with all of his heart.

Nate gets taken down to the station and tells John that he has already answered too many of their questions about Dani. John tells him that there is anew development. Hearing that, Nate tells John that both of her two dads may be messed up but neither Todd nor Ross would hurt her. John replies that it’s not them he’s worried about. It’s Elijah Clark.

Starr tells James and Dani they have nothing to worry about. When Natalie questioned her, she told her that James came by and they got in an argument. She told him she wanted nothing to do with him. SO he threw the necklace out the window. She asks if he thinks that Natalie is going to figure it out. Dani replies probably. Starr then tells James that is the other reason why she has to move to “plan B”. He asks her what the first reason is. She replies it’s Cole.

Hannah tells Cole that she put her life on the line for him. She risked her life and lied for him and swallowed a bottle of pills for him. And she did not survive all of that just so that she can be his “go to” girl whenever he’s pissed at Starr.

Todd and Eli are struggling on the deck. Ross threatens to expose Eli. And Eli shoots him.

Bo and Nora are both talking on their respective phones right after being together. She admits that their work is never done .He asks if that is the way it’s always going to be. They can have lunch or dinner in his office and then grab a cheap motel for a quickie.. They confirm that might have to be the only way unless of course they take all of the criminals in Llanview on an extended leave. They joke about how both of their departments could fund programs to make them less busy with their jobs.

Clint asks Viki if Echo knows Charlie. Viki tells him yes. Evidently, right when she was done with Clint, she made her way down to Atlantic City and found Charlie. She calls him Chuckles and has to reminded Viki that she has slept with two of Viki’s husbands.

At Rodi's’, Charlie asks Echo why she would be happy for him. She tells him that the very reason why she wound up in Atlantic City was to get over Clint and attempt to be a better person. And she found Charlie and he gave her hope. He reminds her that when they met, he was a lush. She asks him what is wrong with her visiting him.

Viki discusses the matter with Clint and tells him that the “best part” is she told them she didn’t want anything from them. He thanks her for the heads up. She tells Clint what are ex wives for. He tells her that if Echo gives either her or Charlie any trouble, Viki must contact him. Viki assures Clint she has his number on speed dial and she leaves.. Robert enters through the door and asks Clint why he wants to help him get his job back at LU and asks why. Clint asks Robert if he should not be thanking him without asking any questions. And he tells Robert that he did not do it for him .He did it for Robert’s mother.

Inez comes to the station to pick up Nate and assures John that she has also asked her son if he knows anything about where Dani went or if he had anything to do with her disappearance and he said no. John asks if she buys that. She does not answer. He asks if John is calling her son a liar. John then tells Inez that he just wants to protect her son from getting into serious trouble.

Starr is then talking to James and Dani about Nate leaving suddenly. They assume the cops might be interrogating him. She knows that Cole is also missing. She trusted and confided in Cole about what happened and wonders if he might be ratting them out to the cops right now as they speak.

Cole tells Hannah that he does not want her to feel as though she is secondary to Starr or to anybody. He would never want to hurt her. But Starr is the person he is committed to. He hopes that they can be friends. But if it’s too painful for Hannah to see him there, he can visit his mom somewhere else. Marty returns and is surprised to see her son.

Todd pushes Ross into the river after Eli has shot him. But Eli is not going to go down without a fight.

Starr realizes that Cole has been gone all day today and James wonders if he might have gone to the cops to turn them all in for hiding Dani.

At Marty’s, Hannah clearly cannot accept that Cole only wants to be friends and does not want what she wants. Marty returns and informs them that Elijah Clark is alive and may be back in town. Hannah is clearly afraid knowing what Elijah did to both of them.

Todd is ready to let Ross drown in the river but realizes that maybe his daughter would not want that. And Ross informs Todd that the only reason Eli helped him get custody of Dani is so that Eli could take her. At that point, Todd is motivated to save Ross so that he can confirm that.

At the station, Inez observes John questioning Nate about where Dani is and urges her son to tell the detective what he knows..

Dani tells Starr that she knows that nothing short of a miracle will prevent her “father” from hunting her down.

Todd smirks while Ross is helpless to get himself out of the river. But he later decides to pull him out.

At Rodi’s, Charlie concludes to Echo that he has to get to work. She reflects that he has not changed. Married to a billionaire and still “goes to work”. He then apologizes for being suspicious of her. But, he tells her, she must realize that Viki is the love of his life. She then laughs with him and engages in a conversation of remembering fun they had together. Viki appears, hears them together and asks if she is interrupting something.

Robert Ford goes to talk to Clint to asks why he wants to “help” him. Clint asks Robert why he would care what possible motives he might have with Robert’s mother. Clint tells Robert he’s heard that Robert does not much care for his mother. IN response to that, Robert tells Clint that that is none of his business. Robert just asks Clint if he really has the “means” to make a sexual harassment charge go away. Clint tells Robert that he does have ht means to do just that. He gets on the phone and asks for Dean McKenzie.

John and Inez persuade Nate to take the cops to find Dani. John informs him that she might be in danger so if Nate cares about her, he has to help the cops to protect her. Nate then agrees to help them find her.

Starr tells Dani that they both know that her mom would not have wanted her to stay on the run. SO they have to do this for her. She has to get out of there. Dani asks where they should go. Starr tells her that she can get her on a boat that her dad has at the marina (conveniently near the docks where Todd Eli and Ross are now at). But she doesn’t have much time. She has to rush home get her child from the babysitter. But as soon as she returns, she will help Dani. Dani rushes to get her things and ready to go.

Cole tells Marty that Eli threatened to kill him if Hannah did not do what he says. So there is no way he’s going to leave Hannah alone in this place. Marty tells her son she appreciates his wanting to protect them. But shouldn’t he get back to Starr and his baby?

James reminds Starr hat the cops do not buy her explanation of how he lost his bullet on the chain that he wears around his neck. So he puts it on her neck. They stand close and she thanks him for helping her sister. He admits that he did it as an excuse to see her. Dani thanks James for everything and for being such a great brother to Nate. And she leaves with Starr.

Todd pulls Ross out of the river when Ross promises to tell him about Eli’s plan to take Dani.

Clint asks Robert if he really wants his job back. Robert admits that he does. But he questions how Clint can get the Dean to make the sexual harassment charge go away. Clint tells him he may watch as he makes it happen right before Robert’s very eyes. He gets on the phone and “pulls strings” with the Dean. He confirms to Robert that the sexual harassments charges against him no longer exist. But, he tells Robert, he is very grateful that both of his daughters are “Taken”. Robert leaves Clint alone in his office. Clint then gets on the phone to call Inez.

Bo and Nora are happily together and ready to get back to work.

Starr tells Dani how to find Todd’s yacht and gives her the marina pass in case someone stops her and the alarm code she will need. Dani is eternally grateful to her sister. Starr tells her sister as soon as she gets things straightened with Hope’s babysitter, she will call Dani and they will figure out everything. She hugs her good bye.

John and Nate go to find James and ask him where Dani is

Right then, while Dani is looking for Todd’s private yacht, she notices Ross lying on the ground in a pool of blood and Todd standing over him. And she assumes the obvious

Starr returns home and is horrified to see a trail of blood outside her apartment door. She opens the door to see Eli with a gun holding baby Hope.

Cole tells Marty that he knows of no reason why Starr would be in danger. But Eli might come after Hannah.

Starr comes face to face with Eli and is horrified to see that he has probably murdered her babysitter and she and Hope could be his next targets.

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