OLTL Update Wednesday 10/6/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/6/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Nora walks in to Bo’s office hiding something behind her back. She asks Bo if she knows what time it is. He says, I know we were supposed to have lunch. He tells her how busy he is with Dani missing and Eli still alive. He also mentions that he thinks Todd is telling truth and doesn’t know Dani’s whereabouts. He apologizes for not meeting for lunch. She says that’s okay, that’s why God invited takeout as she shows the bag from Rodi’s that was behind her back. Bo tells Red he sure does love her! They have lunch and work at the same time. As they run out of ketchup, Bo tells Nora that this isn’t right. All they do is work and eat take out. They tell each other how much they miss one of another. Bo tells her John can handle the Dani case and Nora’s assistance can help with her case and they sneak off together.

At Dorian’s house, Dorian is trying to give Blair some pills to rest. Kelly takes them away from Dorian and says that the last thing that Blair needs is to be knocked out. Dorian retorts, please I’m a doctor, I know what she needs. Blair tells them both she isn’t resting until Dani is home safe. Blair is very upset that she didn’t keep Dani safe and wishes she had just grabbed her and brought her home. In walks Todd, with Dorian’s two guards, each holding an arm. He tells them that Eli is alive. Blair is shocked. Dorian tells the guards to let him go. Todd tells Blair that she isn’t safe. She asks him if he is just hearing things again, like he heard Téa. Todd tells her the information is straight from McBain. Blair can’t believe he is still alive and Todd tells her she is not safe. Blair asks Kelly if she believes she isn’t safe. Kelly agrees, Eli has nothing left to lose. Dorian calls the police and asks for protection. She tells both women that neither of them are safe; Kelly’s investigation exposed him and Blair tried to kill him. The only question is who Eli will come after first! Todd says that her highness’s (Dorian) guards couldn’t keep him out, how are they going to protect the three of them. Now Blair thinks the Eli has Dani. Todd tells her he thinks he knows who has Dani and as long as she stays hidden, she’s safe. Todd tells Blair she needs protection and he’ll make sure she gets it. Dorian and Kelly are outside on the terrace. Dorian tells her the guards will protect her. Kelly says she is waiting for Eli, she’ll be ready for him. Inside, Todd tells Blair she is not safe at Dorian’s and she should go with him and they’ll leave on the boat. He lost Téa and doesn’t want to lose her too. Still outside, Dorian tells Kelly she needs to leave the job of taking care of Eli to the police. Kelly is skeptical of the police, after all, she is the reason the cops know about Eli. Dorian tells Kelly how much she loved her sister, but she would never want Kelly to go after vengeance. Dorian will not let her lose her soul to revenge. Inside, Blair agrees to pack up the boys and will go with Todd.

At Marty’s, Hannah knocks some files off the table. She picks them up and sees that they are Marty’s notes from her sessions with Brody. The notes reference Robert Ford, Jessica and the inability to be honest because it will hurt too many people. Marty walks in and finds Hannah moving her case files around. Hey…what are doing with my confidential case files? She covers and says she wasn’t being nosy, but had knocked them off the table and was picking them up. Cole heads over to his mom’s. When he gets there he tells Hannah that he is there to see her, not his mom. Starr didn’t keep her promise to stay away from James, so why should he keep his promise to stay away from Hannah. Hannah tells him that James doesn’t matter. Starr loves him. Cole tells Hannah that he has feelings for her. She tells him not to say that. He says it’s the truth and kisses her.

At Ford’s, Brody is in uniform and knocking on the door. Ford and James pretend they aren’t home, but Brody knocks hard and says the Super told me you were home. Open up! James is on the phone with Starr, but whispers to Ford to not open the door, he doesn’t have a warrant. He asks Starr if the cops know he is hiding Dani. She says no. He gets off the phone and begs Ford to not let the cops in. He promises he’ll move Dani if he’ll help him out. Ford agrees and tells James to go. He lets Brody in who asks him what he is hiding. In the other room, James whispers to Dani to stay where she is (behind a door, closet maybe). Ford asks Brody who he thinks he is hiding. Brody tells him an underage girl, just the way he likes them. Brody tells him that he isn’t there on police business, he’s there about Jessica. Jessica, Ford says, that baby is both of yours. Brody says we won’t know until the paternity test. He tells him about the stress Jessica is under and the effect it is having on her health. Ford looks genuinely concerned. Meanwhile, James is listening to this whole thing. Brody tells him to stay away from Jess and to just forget about her and the baby. He’s spent the last two days listening to people fight over a child and he won’t have that with their baby. Brody tells him that Dani is missing and leaves. James comes out and asks him if he might be a father! He can’t believe he got some girl pregnant and wants to know who it is. He figures out it is Jessica. He tells Ford that he could tell he was worried about the baby when Brody said Jess was sick. Ford tells James he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. James asks him if he is going to be like mom and just cut the baby loose. With his back to James, Ford has a worried look on his face. Ford tells him he is clueless, it’s not the same. Besides the kid will be a Buchanan and will be set for life. James tells him he would be a good father. Ford wants to know how he can be a father if they get caught helping Dani. He then heads out to get dinner for their guest. James tells him that he is a good guy.

Brody heads back to the police station where he bumps into Marty. Then Nat bumps in to Marty and asks what she is doing there. She tells her that she is there to see John. When Nat asks what about, she replies it’s personal. Brody tells Nat that he has been seeing Marty professionally because he has been having a hard time dealing with everything. Natalie asks him if he told Marty the truth about the two of them. He doesn’t answer right away. After a few moments, he says no he is just talking about Ford and Jessica. He tells Natalie he is not very good at lying to Jessica and he has to talk to someone. He wants to tell Jess, but now he can’t because of what the stress can do to Jess and the baby. Natalie asks him to get a new therapist, Marty is way to close. Marty was around the corner and overheard some of this.


At Todd’s, Natalie bumps into Cole. She shows Cole James’ necklace and asks if he had ever seen anything like that before. She asks if it’s a strange new trend – having a bullet on a chain. She wonders who would wear something like that and Cole tells her that it would take a total jackass to wear something stupid like that. Natalie asks who the jackass is and he tells her to ask Starr and he leaves. Starr had just coming running out. Starr asks Natalie if there was something she wanted to ask her. Natalie tells her that she was there collecting evidence and she found this necklace under Dani’s window. Starr says it doesn’t look like Dani’s. Nat agrees, it looks like a guys, and this is no ordinary bullet. It’s been fired and looks like a 38. She asks Starr if it’s James’ necklace. Starr says yes, he wears it because it reminds him of her. She lies and says he took off the necklace and threw it at her. Natalie questions her and tries to get her to trip over her story. Starr is lying to her about how the necklace came to be outside. Natalie looks skeptical.

On the docks, Eli and Ross are together. Ross wants to know what the hell is he doing in Llanview. He should have stayed put. Eli tells him he wasn’t safe and needed to move up the plan. He tells Ross to get Dani and let’s go. Ross tells him that Dani is gone. Eli is not too happy and wants to know how he could let her out of his sight. He believes Todd took her. He is really mad and can’t believe that Ross is ruining everything he has worked so hard for. Ross asks him exactly what he has worked so hard for. Bro – getting Dani for you of course. Ross wants to know why Eli is more upset over Dani being gone than he is, and to go back to Caracas. He’ll meet him there after he gets Dani back. Eli tells him they need Danielle. Ross reminds him that he is free now because everyone thinks he is dead. He should just go be someone else again. Eli tells him that takes money and thanks to John and Kelly he doesn’t have any. He is visibly upset and gets in Ross’s face telling him that they need Danielle to squeeze every penny out of Todd. Eli tells him his plan to get Danielle’s trust fund. Eli pulls a gun on him. Eli blames Ross for this whole mess because Ross had called him last year whining about Téa taking Dani away. Apparently Ross blackmailed him last year to try and get him to help and that was how the whole changing of the will came to be. Eli tells Ross that he killed Téa for him and now he’s next. Ross can’t believe he killed Téa; what the hell do you want he asks Ross. He tells Ross that John told him that Eli would turn on him. Eli says you should have listened and shoots him. Ross is lying there dying as Eli apologizes and says he always loved him. Ross says, ohhh Dani, and Ross pushes him into the water. Just then Todd walks on the dock and Eli points the gun at him.

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