OLTL Update Tuesday 10/5/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/5/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr tells the cops who are trying to find Dani that she hasn’t a clue where she went. Cole comes by and Starr tells him she is very worried yet clearly seems too calm to convince anybody that she does not know where Dani went. Cole tells her that she has nothing to worry about if she’s telling the truth. But he questions whether she is telling the truth.

Robert gets up and dressed and calls to his brother who he assumes is sleeping in his bed and unaware that he’s leaving. As soon as he’s gone, James and Dani come out of the other room.

Vivian tells Shaun that if Greg is going to make it though the surgery and have a chance, he needs Shaun to have the strength and courage to help him be positive. Right then, Jessica enters and offers her condolences to Shaun about his brother. He leaves her alone with Vivian who admits they are not sure what will happen or if Greg will make it.

Mrs. Evans rushes into the hospital with Destiny and demands that they let her see her son. John tells her that she can’t see him right now. She tells Jon that he needs to tell her why her Greg is in there in the first place.

At the police station, when Ross finds out he cannot find Dani, he tells the cops that he knows that Todd knows where she is . But Todd does not know and says nothing. Nate is also there for questioning and Brody asks him if he might know something He denies that he does. Ross tells Todd and Nate that he’s not going to let them get away with taking his daughter.

James and Dani are in the kitchen having cereal. She thanks him for getting her out of her dad’s house last night knowing that he really put himself at risk. He tells her if she wants to thank him, she needs to think of another place where they can hide her because if his brother finds out,, they could be in trouble. Right then, Robert walks back in after forgetting his keys, Dani rushes into the bedroom to hide. But Robert notices the two bowls of cereal at the table and demands that James tells him what is up with that.

Right then, Cole takes Starr aside and tells her he knows that she is lying to him. She tells him they cannot talk now and all of these guys in uniforms are listening to everything they say. At that point, he concludes that this means she does know where Dani is. Starr then remembers James and Nate coming through Dani’s bedroom window to help Dani escape before Ross can take her and her confrontation of Ross who was oblivious. She then remembers Dani hugging both her and James when they helped her get of there. Cole asks her again where Dani is. She replies that Dani is with James.

Robert tells James that he knows that it’s crazy to assume that James is trying to hide a girl from him because the only girl he’d try to hide would be Starr Manning.

Starr takes Cole outside where they are not overhear and explains how James and Nate helped Dani to escape and she covered for them. He tells her that if she aids and abets Dani’s escape she could get in trouble and just like the last time she got mixed up with James and his schemes. She concludes that once again he has this jealousy issue regarding her and James..

At the station, when Ross grills Todd to tell him where Dani is and Todd remembers Téa calling him. He reminds Ross that Dani wants nothing to do with him and that is why she ran. Ross does not get that she chooses to live with Todd. He tells Ross it’s not Todd's fault. It’s Ross’s fault.

At the hospital, Destiny’s mom tells her daughter that she can go in and see her but he cannot see her cry. She goes in while Shaun and Mrs. Evans stand by John. Again, she demands to know how her son wound up with a lethal dose of morphine. John then replies that he can tell her who did this to Greg but he does not know why Greg is involved with him. It’s Elijah Clarke. Hearing that, Shaun tells John that is impossible Elijah Clarke is dead. John tells him that he has evidence that proves otherwise. Mrs. Evans tells John that there is no way that her son would get mixed up with a criminal.

Vivian examines Jessica and asks if she’s been experiencing anything out of the ordinary like being tired. Jessica tells her that the pregnancy is pretty normal. Vivian asks if everything is ok between her and Brody. Jessica admits that she did admit to Brody that there is a possibility that this baby may not be his. Vivian asks her how he took it. Jessica replies that considering everything, it wasn’t too bad. And very possibly they will find out the baby is Brody’s and there will be nothing to worry about. But Vivian does not seem as positive and admits to Jessica that there is a problem.

At the police station, Todd reminds everybody that Ross is the reason why Dani ran. Nate stands beside them and does not speak. Ross knows that they had something to do with Dani’s disappearance.

Cole asks Starr if she thinks it’s a good idea to help the guy who steals cars and trust him. He tells her that at one moment, she says she’s done with James. The next, she’s in on this secret plan with him. And the worst part of this is he's in the dark.

Robert assumes that James is secretly seeing Starr Manning and lectures him on how the girl got him shot and could have killed him. Right then, James remembers that the bullet he wears around his neck is gone. Robert demands that the goes into the bedroom and get her out of their home now.

Vivian tells Jessica that there are some complications of her pregnancy. And knowing that the man she intends to marry may not be the father of her baby should be stressful enough for anybody.

Ross tells Brody that he knows that both Todd and Nate know where Dani is. Tells him that Todd does not care about the law or anything else. And he physically attacks Todd. Todd remains calm however, knowing that Ross cannot take Dani. The cops take Ross to another room . And when Todd is alone with Nate, he asks him where she is.

Robert reminds James that that girl could have gotten him killed. She got pregnant as a teenager. She has a crazy father and a boyfriend who almost beat her father to death and who James does not want to mess with. They argue. And right then, Dani comes out of the bedroom to prove to Robert that Starr is not there with James. She is. At that point James tells Robert he can see that he was completely off base. It’s not Starr. Robert tells James no. It’s her little underage sister. He asks Dani how old she is. She replies 16. Assuming the obvious, Robert smiles sarcastically and tells his brother it “gets better and better”. He is hooking up with their little brother’s teenage girlfriend.

Todd tells Nate that Dani’s father and has the right to know where she is. Nate tells him he is sorry.

Dani tells Robert he is disgusting. Robert tells her that he is not hooking up with his little brother’s high school honey. James then tells him that not everybody is living in the world of Robert Ford and sleeping with every woman they see. He tells Robert that he is helping Nate to hide Dani from her father. Robert tells James that’s great. Now they will have Todd Manning hunting them down. James again tells his brother he’s wrong. He got the wrong father.

Todd tells Nate he knows they both want what is best for Dani. But he is the one who’s in the position to provide those things. He has the resources that Nate does not have. Nate remains silent. Todd then grabs a hold of him and tells him he does not want to play hard ball with him but will if he has to.

Mrs. Evans tells John she does not care what it “looks like”. Her son took an oath to save lives and would not aid and abet a murderer. Shaun admits that Greg never told him about his involvement with Elijah Clarke but he believes it’s entirely possible that Greg got mixed up with him.

Destiny is inside Greg’s hospital room telling her unconscious brother that she cannot see him this way. He is the one who fixes people. He has to come through.. Now who is going to fix him? Mrs. Evans leaves John alone with Shaun and their father. Shaun walks with John and asks if he said that Elijah Clarke is on the loose and if he might have some idea where he is. John admits that he does not know exactly. Shaun admonished John to see if he can prevent Elijah from finishing off his brother.

Todd tells Nate he was smart not to involve the cops. They would have only ruined it. He does to want to be his enemy and tells Nate he may tell him. Ross overhears their conversation. But Nate does not fess up to Todd. He leaves Todd alone with Nate.

Starr tells Cole she is not hiding anything from him and did not even know that there was anything or anybody to hide until Dani was gone. But he tells her that she and James must have had a secret plan. She is an accomplice and the cops could get her in big trouble. James put her in a really dangerous position, Cole tells her. She tells him that she was not thinking about James. She is thinking about Dani and Nate. She knows how they must risk anything in order to be together. She asks him if he does not remember how they did the very same thing in order to be together, not long ago. He must be able to see that Dani and Nate have a very similar situation as what they had. He tells her he knows. But when the cops find out that she helped Dani and Nate to do what they did, she could get arrested. She tells him that she does not believe that he’s afraid she will get arrested. His only problem is her seeing James again.

Robert asks James what he’s going to do when the cops come knocking on the door. He tells Robert that that will not happen when the cops don’t even know that they would find her there. Dani tells him that Nate made sure they are not found. Robert tells James that he not only defied a court order. He helped to kidnap a minor. That’s not cool.

Vivian talks to Brody and informs him that Jessica’s blood pressure is a little higher than they would like. So they are going to do some things that she hopes will help. He asks her how this could have happened. She tells them she believes that it’s stress related and will give them some time to talk alone. He is worried..

Destiny asks her mom what Detective McBain said. Her mom replies nothing she wanted to hear. She tells her mom and Shaun that she knows that Greg was hiding something. She asked him to talk and tell her but he shut down. And lying under oath about Dani’s mom wanting her to live with Ross is not like Greg. Mrs. Evans does not believe that Greg got mixed up with Elijah Clarke. She goes out the door. Shaun follows his mom out the door and tells her that they have to consider the possibility and find out why Greg might have done that.

Todd tells Ross that he is going to go and find Dani wherever she is and if he finds out that Ross chased her away, Ross is a dead man. Ross tells Todd that sounds like a threat. Right then, John returns and asks what they were talking about.

Todd and Ross argue at the station about whose daughter Dani is and who has rights. Right then, John takes Todd aside and tells him that this is nothing about Dani. This is about Elijah Clarke.

At the hospital, Shaun tells his mom that he’s not saying that Greg intended to get mixed up with Elijah Clarke. But there could be something that Clarke is holding over on Greg. She demands to know what. He admits he does not know but she must know that people like Clarke know how to find anybody’s weak spot.

Robert interrogates Dani about getting his brother in trouble. James tells him if he’s going to blame anybody he may blame him (James). Robert reminds them that the cops could nail them all because of this.

Destiny tells unconscious Greg that she promised their mom that she would not cry. But she feels as though everything is falling apart. Dani was her best friend. And now she doesn’t know if she will ever see her again. She’s lost her and now she could lose Greg. She tells Greg he must come back.

Robert asks James just how Starr got him to kidnap “little miss jail bait”. James protests that Starr had nothing to do with this and didn’t ask him to do anything. James protests that there is something seriously wrong in the courtroom. And it was Nate’s idea. Robert asks them why then, she isn’t’ staying with Nate. James tells him they know all too well that Nate would be the first person they would interrogate so he has to help them.

Right then, Nate goes to Todd’s home to find Starr and Cole. He asks Starr if she could do a favor for him. She asks what that would be. He replies call James. Cole stares coldly at him.

James pretest to Robert that this is the safest place for Dani to stay right now and can’t he just let them do this. Robert tells him he’s sorry. He knows James wants to help Dani. But he if doesn’t get her out of there, then he will have to call the cops.

Nate tells Starr that she could call James right now. She asks him if that could lead the cops to him. He tells her that that can’t happen. But if he calls his brother, then the call will be traced. And both James and Dani will be found. He leaves. Cole then tells Starr she may do what she has to do.

Mrs. Evans talks to her unconscious son alone and cries. Outside the room, Shaun tells Vivian that his mother froze when he told her about the possibilities of what Greg could have done. She tells Shaun that she’s sure that there is no cause for alarm. Inside Greg’s room, Mrs. Evans tells her son she knows him. He would do anything to protect his brother and sister And if that man got him to do his dirty work, she thinks she knows the reason why.

Todd asks John what he knows about Elijah Clarke. John replies that Elijah is alive and he may be headed this way.

Right then, Ross goes down to the docks, calls Dani and leaves a message for her to call him back just to let him know she is ok. He demands to know where she is. Right then, Elijah appears out of nowhere and asks his brother if he was looking for him.

Starr gets on her phone to call James with Cole standing by her.

James urges Robert to give them 24 hours please. If not for him, do it for Nate since he is their brother. Robert tells James he just wants to keep both him and Nate safe.. Right then, Starr calls James and tells him that she wants to know how Dani is. But before he can answer, Brody is outside the door knocking. Starr tells Cole that he needs to know that she is not doing this for James. She’s doing it for Dani. He tells her he wishes she would do it for him. James is on his phone attempting to go where he is not overheard so he can tell Starr that Dani is presently ok. But Robert stares coldly at him while Brody continues to pound on the door and says: “Robert Ford, you better open up.”

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