OLTL Update Monday 10/4/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr says her last good-byes to Dani while she is devastated and Dani admits to her that she would chose Todd over Ross as her father and she knows that is what Téa wants. Viki is in her home observing a picture of Todd, Téa, and Dani and appearing devastated that her niece is being taken to Tahiti. A “friend” of Charlie’s enters through the door. He seems to know him really well and calls him “Chuckles”. She reminisces with him about all of their fun times together. Viki peers through the door to see this woman acting very friendly toward her husband. It appears she’s an old “drinking buddy” of Charlie’s. Viki knows that her name is Echo DiSavoy. And she observes her coldly.

At Rodi's, Destiny demands that Shaun finds out what is going on with their brother Greg.

Téa calls Todd on the phone. He picks up the phone and recognizes her voice. But Blair tells him that he must know that Téa is dead. Right then, the nurse grabs the phone out of Téa’s hands. Téa cries and demands to know why she can’t call their husband. The nurse reminds her that doctor’s orders prevent her from making any calls.

John goes to find Greg in Tahiti and seems that he ‘s passed on the floor.

Darren finds Destiny at Rodi’s, and Shaun tells him the knows that he wants to accompany Destiny and they have some secret going on.

Nate attempts to get into Todd’s house to talk to Dani. But the security guards prevent him from entering. Right when Dani is talking to Starr, they hear somebody knocking on the window of the bedroom. It's James. He comes through the door. Starr demands to know what his problem is. Is he stalking her? He clarifies to her that he’s not there for her. He’s there for Dani.

Charlie is very surprised to see that Viki and his friend know each other. We then relive an old scene where Viki confronted Echo and threatened to run her out of town. And she informs Charlie that Echo slept with her husband many years ago.

Nate struggles to get inside Todd's home. The security guards try to prevent him. But he urges Todd and Blair to let him in. Blair asks the cops to let Nate it to see Dani. He’s her boyfriend and wants to see her before she get ripped away form her family and friends.

James tells Starr that he is determined to help his brother. When two people are meant to be together, you do anything you do everything you can to make it happen.

The nurse tells Téa that Dr. Evans instructed her not to let Téa use her home. But Téa cries and demands to know why Greg is doing this to her.

John calls a medical team who attempt to revive an unconscious Greg after Eli had knocked him out.

At Rodi's, Destiny tells Shaun that Darren suspected that Greg might have a drug problem and that could be the reason he’s being so secretive and spending so much time in Cherryville. Shaun tells the two of them that he will take care of things so that they don’t have to. And he gives them money to pay for their meal.

Téa asks the nurse why her husband is not coming form her and she urges the nurse to help her. She hears the phone ring and needs to know if that is Todd calling her back. The nurse picks up her phone and it’s Todd asking if somebody called him from that number. It sounded like his wife. But the nurse tells him it must have been a wrong number and hangs up. At that point, Todd knows that something is up.

Charlie asks Viki to tell him about the situation years ago where Echo slept with her husband. And, he apologizes her for asking, but asks her which one. Right then, we see the two of them talking in the 80s where Echo tells Viki that her husband seduced him. Viki tells Echo she knows that that is not the way it was. Echo rends her that it takes two to tango. She tells Viki if she’s worried about history repeating itself, she came there knowing that “chuckles” is already married. Viki ask show the two of them know each other. Charlie replies that they knew each other in Atlantic City. Echo tells him that Viki might as well know that they were lover.

Bair tells the security guard that they need to let Nate be alone with Dani and they cannot watch over him. While she is talking to them, Todd is on the phone attempting to find Téa. Nate goes upstairs after Blair has convinced the cops to let him do so. And alone with Todd, she tells him that he needs to get a grip and realize that Téa is gone. But he asks how they can be certain. It sounds like Greg has some sort of secret and he knows what he heard. He urges him to know that he is understandably grieving. He just lost his wife and is now losing his daughter. But he needs to know that Téa did not come back from the dead in order to make things right.

The nurse tells Téa if she calls Todd for Téa, she could lose her job. Téa pleads with her. But the nurse tells her that Dr. Evans is just doing what is best for his patient.

Shaun enters the Cherryville Hospital and asks for Greg. The nurse tells him where Greg has been working.

At Rodi’s, Destiny tells Darren that something is completely wrong with Greg alleging under oath that Téa authorized Ross to be Dani’s father. Everybody knows that she married Todd and wanted him and Blair to raise her. Darren suggests that maybe Greg was not as tight with Téa as Shaun was and may not know. But Destiny know that her brother knows and is lying.

The Tahitian medical staff rush to save Greg.

Nate rushes to find Dani.

Blair tells Todd that he needs to know that Téa is gone and could not have called. There’s a knock on the door. Blair gets the door and sees Ross. He tells them he’s there for his daughter.

Echo reminds Viki that she has slept with two of her husbands. She reminds Viki that she drover her first husband to Echo. And Viki remembers that Echo was a drunk and Charlie could not be interested in her unless he also was drunk. Charlie then asks Echo just what brings her to the home that she shares with his wife. Viki tells Echo she would like to know that also.

Destiny tells Darren that Greg was there for her, came back to town and helped Matthew to walk. She knows that Greg is a heroic man. She suspects that since John has been investigating Greg, he might be afraid of the cops. And Darren’s brother could be arresting her brother right now.

Detective Price meets John in Tahiti and they see that very possibly Eli Clark is on the loose, had a fight with the needle when Greg is attempting to “treat” him and obviously lost.

Destiny asks Darren why he is trying to ruin her brother’s rep. He tells her that they both know that Greg lied under oath. He tells her that big brothers are very special. But they all make mistakes. She then asks him what types of mistakes his brother made. He tells her that is not important. He got over his problems and his probably making it right with her brother right now.

When Shaun goes to the hospital, a nurse asks if she can help him. He tells her that he wants to speak to his brother. She tells him that she can give Greg a message. He is very busy with a patient. Greg then asks if he may speak to Greg’s patient. But the nurse tells him that that is not possibly. Dr. Evans gave strict orders that she is not to have contact with anyone except her care givers. Inside Téa’s room, she is struggling to talk to Todd.

Blair is urging Ross to let Dani have more time with Nate while Todd is in the other room with a “plan”. Blair tells Ross that Todd will give him all the money and material things he wants. But he can’t take Dani form Todd. She tell s hit math last year when Todd and Téa got married, she saw a completely different side of him. He wanted Téa to be happy with the man she loves. So, she urges him to honor Téa’s memory by doing what he knows she would want.,

James and Nate tells Dani that they can find a way to sneak her out of the house without the cops seeing or knowing. She argues. At that point, Starr tells her that she doesn't want to go off with Ross. Does she? Dani protests that she knows that she does not want to go away with Ross but does not want to hurt him either. Starr must remember how Ross totally lost it when Téa and Todd were going to take her away. Nate tells her that if they take her to Tahiti, he will never see her again. Starr reminds Dani that this is about what she wants. Does she really want to go way and leave Nate? She tells them that this place is calling with cops. James then tells her that he and Nate could make a pretty good team and asks if she trust him. She tells him of course she trusts both him and Nate. Starr then asks Dani if she wants her to come wit her.

When Ross is talking to Blair, Starr comes down the stairs and tells Ross that he has taken her sister and her daughter’s only aunt away form her. How can he take Dani way form everybody she loves and claim that he loves her and wants what is right for him?

Echo tells Viki that she would never risk the odd of her just to check up on “Chuckles”. She just wants to make certain that her friend is ok especially after all of the wild living he did in Atlantic City. SO, she asks Viki, are they ready to bury the hatchet?

Starr asks Ross how it feels to be taking Dani away form all the friends she’s had and loves in her life.

Darren asks Destiny why she doesn’t want to go an and say good bye to Dani. Is she afraid she would cry? Destiny protests that she is not a crier. And when they first met, she hated Dani. Dani took Matthew from her and she wasn't ok with her. He tells her that Dani did him a big favor. Destiny tells Darren that she got to know Dani and saw that she was really cool and a great friend to her. And she odes not need Darren to be worried about her. But he tells Destiny he wants to be there for his girl until the pain goes away.

Blair asks Ross if he is happy now. He tells her he just wants to get his little girl and get her out of there. If she’s not going to come down, he is going up there.

Téa is alone in her hospital room, crying, telling Todd if he was there, he has to come back. He ahs to help her. She somehow knows that there may be dangerous.

The doctor tells John and Detective Price that they have tried and failed to stabilize Greg. And he believes there may be a murderer on their hands. Shaun gets a call from Greg’s phone and is surprised to hear that Darren’s brother is calling him on Greg’s phone. He tells Shaun that his brother has been hurt pretty bad and may not make it. And right then, Greg hears a voice which is Téa’s pleading for somebody to help her.

Charlie tells Echo that he and Viki need some time alone .She apologizes and tells them that she would like them all to be friends. Maybe they can take a stroll down memory lane and have some drinks. But he protests that he does not drink. She wants to take a picture of Charlie and Viki together although they are uncomfortable. She tells the tow of them they are so lucky. They really are. She goes out the door and tells them she will be in touch. After she’s gone, Charlie assesses that is some coincidence. Viki affirms yes but does not seem optimistic.

John tells his contact that they need check points out of the airport and tells Detective Price that there must a connection to Téa’s death and was Eli Clark was up to . Price agrees and adds it must be related to her daughter.

Ross demands that they let him see his daughter. But Nate has had time to distract him.

Destiny cannot get Shaun on the phone. But he comes back. She asks if he found Greg. He then asks her to sit down and informs her that their brother is in the hospital. He’s been hurt pretty bad and they’re not sure he’s going to make it.

Téa is yelling and knocking things off her table demanding that somebody helps her. The nurse gives her more sedatives.

Todd is alone with just Téa’s urn of ashes. She is alone in her hospital room spitting out her pills so that she wont’ be sedated.

Ross goes up to Dani’s room with Blair behind him and notices that Dani is gone.

James and Starr enable Dani to escape and they go to James’ and Robert’s apartment. Dani hugs both Starr and James for helping her.

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