OLTL Update Friday 10/1/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Rodi’s, John and Natalie find out that Greg has been going to the place where Téa used to stay on two occasions since she died. And they conclude he must have “another patient” there.

In Tahiti, Eli asks Greg why he won’t let him leave. Greg tells him he cannot let him out of there. If Eli attempts to leave, he tells him, he’s a dad man.

A nurse tends to Téa and knows that Todd was there and gone. Téa asks where her husband went and why can’t she call him. The nurse knows that Greg has instructed her not to let Téa use her phone but does not know why.

Todd goes to Viki’s home and tells her the devastating news that the judge gave Dani to Ross. He’s afraid he will never see his daughter again. Viki is shocked and agrees that something is not right.

Blair takes Dani back to Todd’s home with Starr and Destiny accompanying her. There are cops surrounding them to prevent Todd from taking Dani away. Everybody is upset. Starr asks her mom where her dad is. Blair informs her he went to Viki’s. He is having a very hard time dealing with this.

Viki hugs her brother and assures him that she and Charlie and her family will help him get through this. He then tells her, making sure nobody is within hear shot, that if she wants to help him she has to take Dani away for him.. Cops surround them and both Charlie and Viki are not ok with that. Todd asks to talk to Viki alone. Charlie assures the cops that he won’t let Todd out of his sight. Alone with Todd, Viki tells him he cannot kidnap Dani. But Todd tells her that she is his daughter and he cannot let Ross take her. He privately tells Viki he has a plan where although he cannot call the pilot with the cops monitoring hi, he can text them to enable Dani to get on a private plane and they will trust Viki if she says she wants a private moment with her niece. Hearing that, she asks him if he knows what he is saying. He asks Viki what lengths she might to do in order to keep her child safe. The cops then enter the room and tell Todd he has to go or he will miss his daughter. Todd takes Viki aside and asks what she thinks they will do to her when she is seen as the saint of Llanview. He knows she could help him pull this off without getting herself in trouble. She tells him she’s sorry. This is not the way.

Starr asks Blair if there is anything they can do. Blair tells her that Todd has not gotten visitation rights. Starr demands to know why. Blair replies that Ross recorded and played for the judge a tape where Todd threatened to kill him and dump his body. Starr asks how Dani is taking this. Blair knows that she is shut down and in shock. She knows that Dani loves Ross but also she does not want to leave all of her friends and family in Llanview.

John and Natalie call Shaun Evans to ask him what he might know about his brother. Shaun admits he has tried and failed to find out what is up with Greg. But he’s pretty certain that Greg is going to Tahiti to the same place where Téa died. John asks if he knows why Greg might be going there. Shaun admits yes he does have an idea.

Greg tells Eli that he has healed Ross’s hematoma. But he knows all of the perfect medical jargon and brilliant expertise to convince Ross that although he’s presently ok and not going to die, a clot could move from his arteries and blow up inside his brain if he boards a plane. Although Ross knows he heard a different story from the nurse who knows better, Greg is able to scare Ross into believing that he will regret getting on a plane and attempting to get back to Llanview with his injuries. Greg hands Ross some papers and x rays and tells him he may look at the evidence himself and see that he is a walking time bomb. He tells Eli he needs surgery immediately. And Eli does not argue.

Téa tells the nurse that she knows she’s getting better and has to get back to Todd and Dani. But the nurse tells her that Dr. Evans’ strict orders is that she must rest and stay where she is for now or else she won’t get any better.

Greg tells a skeptical Eli that although he may not be experiencing any headaches or feeling ill, if he does not get the surgery, he could suffer a major stroke and lose control of an entire side of his body. But Eli tells him he has no time for surgery. He has to get back. Greg reminds him he can’t do anything if he’s dead and he needs to prep for surgery. When Greg is out the door, he gets a phone from Téa’s nurse who wonders why when Téa appears to be getting stronger and wants to call her husband and daughter, he won’t let her use her phone. He tells her that she needs to give Mrs. Manning a sedative for now if she’s “agitated”. But, he tells the nurse, he promises, as soon as he is “finished here”, Téa can see anybody she wants.

Todd tells Viki he could understand why she may not want to help him. But they are talking about an innocent girl. She must know that Eli Clark, the murderer, has forged a fake will that will take his daughter to another part of the world away from civilization. But Viki protests they will get her back. She urges Todd to let her drive him to the airport so that they can talk on the way. Todd angrily walks out the door. Viki tells him she’d like to say good bye to Dani herself. He tells her she can always send her a card that she’s sorry she could not help but will always care. Todd and the cops leave Viki alone with Charlie. She cries and admits to her husband that Todd was right. She knows if she were in his position, she’d be out of her mind. He’s losing his daughter and of course he is willing to resort to desperate measures.

Nate goes to talk to James who asks him is psycho dad number one is taking Dani to Tahiti tonight. Nate tells him exactly. James takes the approach that maybe Nate has to let her go. But Nate asks James if he had to say good bye to a girl who was special to him, would he just sit there and be willing and able to accept it? James does not know how to answer that.

Blair tells Starr that there were only two things that Téa wanted before she died. One was to have Blair look after Dani. And she wanted Dani to love her father and become close to him. And now they will never have that chance. Dani overhears their conversation and cries.

Shaun admits to John and Natalie that ever since Téa died, he knows that Greg has been a bit off. He remembered at her memorial service, Greg left and privately sat at Rodi's’ and got on the phone to talk to somebody about her medical records. He demanded that Greg tell him what was going on and knew he was in trouble but Greg refused to tell him what was going on. And he tells them he absolutely knows there is no way that Téa could have written a Will where she authorized Ross Rayburn to raise Dani. She wanted Todd and Dani to bond and for Todd and Blair to raise Dani after she dies. He knows because her talked to Téa and she confided in him before she died that all she wanted was to have Todd and Dani becoming a family together. He cannot believe that his brother would have said that she wanted Ross to have her daughter. He knows better. John informs Shaun that Greg testified that Téa wanted Ross to raise Dani, in the courtroom, under oath. Shaun concludes he knows that something is not right. He then tells them he has to leave and meet with his sister. John shakes his hand, thanks him and asks him to let them know if he hears from Greg. Destiny enters and tells him that Greg testified under oath that Téa authorized Ross to have custody of Danni. She knows that Téa did not do that. John and Natalie conclude that it must have been Eli who got Téa to sign the fake will. And they only wonder what Eli has on Greg Evans.

Greg tells Eli that as soon as he has his surgery, he will be ok and no longer at risk of dying. Eli then asks just what the risks are of this surgery. Greg tells him that all surgeries have risks. But he’s done this many times and it’s usually successful. Eli then tells Greg that he knows that Greg is trying to scam him. And he reminds him that he has Greg right where he wants him. But Greg tells Eli that he can repair Elis’ damage. But Eli informs him that no matter wheat he does, Téa Delgado is still dead.

The nurse comes in to see Téa who tells she must contact her husband and daughter. The nurse tells her that they will be there soon. She still does not know how or why Greg demands that she does not let Téa use a phone to call them. Téa pleads with the nurse to use her phone so she can hear their voices. And she somehow gets a hold of the nurse’s phone.

Blair and Starr go to see if Dani is all packed. She admits that it’s a long process and she has so much more to take with her than what she had when she moved in. They wonder where Todd is and how devastated he must be. She tells them that maybe he cannot say good bye to her.

James asks Nate why Todd Manning can’t find a way to keep his daughter in town. Nate tells him that he doesn’t know what Todd’s plans are. He may not like either of them. But if they can somehow find a way to keep Dani here and not let her be taken to Tahiti, they will be Todd’s heroes. James appears skeptical and tells Nate maybe he needs to let Dani go. But Nate urges him to help him because he is desperate.

Todd then returns to his family. Dani tells her father she has one question. He tells her ok.. She then asks him if he would have killed Ross if he had a chance.

Viki is on the phone to find out from the court what happened. She protests that there must be some way to allow Todd to appeal the decision. She then finds out that Ross tape recorded Todd threatening to kill him and dump his body and played it for the judge. And at that point, she denied Todd visitation rights of Dani.. She then tells the contact that she is going to get to the bottom of this because she knows that Téa Delgado wanted her brother and Blair to raise her niece and she will use whatever power she has to prevent them from losing Dani. She get off the phone and informs Charlie that this could be hopeless. He tells her that Todd really went too far pulling a gun on Ross and threatening to have him killed and disposed of. But she reminds him that he, of all people should know what happens when one loses their child. He then realizes that she is right and tells he is so lucky to have her. He admits that he feels for Todd. She tells him that the man has first lost Téa and has now lost Dani. She tells him that Todd is angry at the world and when he feels like a victim, that is when he lashes out. Charlie then asks her if she thinks that Todd might try something drastic. She tells him she’s afraid he will.

Todd is ready to address Dani’s question of whether he would have killed Ross. But before he can say more, Blair attempts to distract Dani by telling her that Todd loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. Todd tells Dani that he hates Ross and wishes he would disappear. But no. He does not want to kill him because he knows it would hurt her and that is the last thing he would want her to do. He loves her.

James reminds Nate that helping him might involve some time and thought and he has school starting. Nate then tells James he may forget. He knows it’s too much. He will figure it out himself. Nate gets a call from Starr demanding that he gets there for Dani. She asks him if he has something more important. He’ll never see her again if he doesn’t get there now. Nate then tells James he has to rip himself away from the girl he loves. At that point, James agrees to help him..

Natalie tells John that she wants to investigate this case in Tahiti although he is worried about her flying pregnant.

Shaun sits with Destiny and they both agree that Greg has not been the same since Téa died. She informs him for the first time that Greg now has some mysterious and anonymous patient in Cherryville. It seems Shaun is hearing this for the first time and they both determine that they must get to the bottom of this.

Téa needs the nurse to tell her where Todd went. And the nurse does not know what to do.

Eli confidently tells Greg that his brother knows all about him and if he doesn’t get back to Llanview, they can both expose the famous Dr. Greg Evans and ruin his medical career.. But Greg tells Eli that he has to save his life. Eli tells Greg he may save his speech. He has places to go and people to see. But Greg tells him he does not think so. And he pulls out a hypodermic needle.

Todd tells Dani he will always love her. Starr tells her she loves her to and she will always be her sister. She hugs her. Blair tells her how special she is and she loves her.

The nurse tells Téa she’s sure that Dr. Evans just had another patient so she was not able to reach them. But Téa wonders why she can’t call Todd and Dani.

Destiny shares with Shaun that when Greg first left for his “vacation” a few weeks ago, he seems very emotional and told her he loved her. At that point, she knew that something about Téa got to him.

Greg tells Eli that he’s going to give him a sedative for surgery.. And they get into a struggle.

Todd tells the others he needs to get ready. Dani informs him that before the judge decided, Destiny asked her who she wanted to live with and insisted she be honest about admitting who she wants. And she answered that she wanted Todd.. She chose him. She admits she loves Todd and calls him dad.

Natalie returns to her mom and Charlie. She tells them she knows what happened to Todd. She agrees that it’s tragic and has been discussing it with John. She tells them she needs to turn and goes up to bed. Alone, Viki tells Charlie she so hopes she can help Todd in some way. The doorbell rings. Charlie answers it. It’s a woman who seems to know him well, calls him chuckles and hugs him.

Shaun and Destiny are talking about what is up with Greg and his secret involving Téa.

The nurse gives Téa her sedative so she can sleep and tells her she will check on her later. But Téa has found a way to get a hold of a cell phone.

John appears and goes looking for Greg not knowing that he will find behind the door. He kicks the door down and pulls a gun out. But he seemed stunned at what he sees.

James and Nate go out the door ready to prevent Dani from being taken to Tahiti.

After Dani tells Todd she chose him, she loves him and she calls him dad, he admits he does not know what to say. She goes and gets her stuff. He asks Blair if she heard that. She smiles while he acknowledges that Dani wants him and has chosen him and that is what Téa wanted. He tells her he cannot believe that Dani will not be able to see it come true.

Téa is dialing on the cell phone. Todd hears his phone ring and does not recognize the caller. He is not ready to answer but Blair urges him to pick up because it could be important. He answers and hears Téa’s voice.

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