OLTL Update Thursday 9/30/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/30/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At LU, the Dean finds Langston and tells her they need to talk about Langston’s future at LU and her situation involving Robert Ford. Hearing that, Langston is afraid she’s in trouble.

Right then, James is looking at textbooks appearing frustrated and uncomfortable with the academia world. Robert returns from an interview for a camera shop job.  He tells his brother that it pays very poorly. People are begging for jobs that pay nothing and very few are hiring.. They debate about whether it’s better to work at underpaying jobs or continue to work at a job where people might want to kill him.

At the hospital in Tahiti, Eli wants to get out of bed and back to Llanview. But a nurse is tending to him and telling him there could be serious consequences of he gets out of bed against doctor’s orders.

At Rodi’s, John and Natalie are wondering how on earth Dr. Greg Evans could have testified under oath that Téa told him she wanted Ross to have custody of Dani and take her to Tahiti and away from everybody she knows and loves in Llanview. They know that there must be somebody “motivating” (or more accurately threatening) Greg.

Right then, at the courthouse, Destiny is asking the same question of her brother and finds he cannot answer.

Greg then remembers when Eli revealed to him that although he can no longer return to Llanview and needs everybody to believe he’s dead, his brother can come back and Greg should not assume that Ross is not “circling” Greg’s family right now. Greg then asks his sister why she thinks he would lie under oath that Téa authorized Ross to have custody of Dani. She tells him she demands that he answers that question for her.

Right then, inside the courtroom, the judge warns everybody that she won’t tolerate any more outbursts She tells everybody that it’s very clear to hear that all parties love Daniela Rayburn. That is very clear. But her job is to decide what is in Daniela’s best interest. So, for that reason, she is ruling in favor of Mr. Rayburn. Todd stands up and tells the judge this is bull and he needs to know how she could say that it’s in Dani’s best interest to be taken away from her father. The judge tells him if he keeps this up, he might lose his chance to have any “visitation” with his child. She tells Todd that even if he is Dani’s biological father, he did not know that she existed until recently and Mr. Rayburn has been her father throughout her life. Right then, Blair stands up and protests that the Will is a fake and Mr. Rayburn knows that.

At Rodi’s, John and Natalie are wondering how it is that Eli might be able to threaten Greg.

Eli tells the nurse he does not doubt that she is only following doctor’s orders. But doctors have been known to be wrong and he’d like another opinion. She tells him that she can assure him that Dr. Evans is highly qualified. He then reminds her that Dr. Evans is MIA and if his condition is as critical as Dr. Evans alleged it is, then would it kill Greg to check in on his fatal patient every once in a while? He tells her that Greg has until the end of the day to get there. If he does not get clearance by then, he is out of there. And if he drops dead, Dr. Evans will have to answer for that.

Meanwhile, Destiny tells Greg she does not know why he would lie in the courtroom. But she does not believe that Dani’s mom wanted her with Ross. He tells her that he knows that Dani is her friend and she wants her to stick around. But Destiny protests this is not about what she wants. It’s about what Dani’s mom wanted. Right then, Nate gets off the elevator. Greg tells them he has to get back to his patient and tells Destiny he cannot tell her the details. Right then, Destiny tells Nate that she thinks Dani is going to need them. He asks her why. She tells him he will not like what she’s going to tell him was the outcome of the court hearing.

Clint is having dinner at the palace with Inez and tells her he wanted to talk about her son. She tells him that James is so happy to have a second chance at going to college. And they are both eternally grateful to him for that. But he clarifies to her that he’s not talking about James. He’s talking about her other son who lost his job.

When Dean McKenzie talks to Langston, Starr reminds her that Langston’s mother is the mayor and cares very much about her daughter’s education. The Dean tells them that Langston is in no trouble whatsoever. But she would like to talk to her about the fraternization policy to get a statement form her and make certain that Robert Ford gets what he deserves and to insure that this never happens to another student. She informs them both that with this on Mr. Ford’s record, he is a repeat offender and will not be teaching anywhere ever again. She tells Langston she hopes that she and the mayor can take some comfort in that. Langston then wants to tell the Dean something but cannot get up the nerve.

At the apartment, James informs Robert that he helped Nate get his car started and Nate told him about his girlfriend. He’s seeing Starr’s sister. There’s a custody hearing where Dani might be shipped to another country. But Robert tells his brother they cannot worry about that. They have to worry about themselves and how they are going to afford their living expenses and realize that Nate is going to be just fine.

Blair protests to the judge that she was there the day Téa signed her Will. Téa told Blair that if something happened to Todd, she wanted Blair to be Dani’s legal guardian. Todd then asks the judge if she heard Blair say that Dani named him not Ross as the first choice for guardianship, and Blair as a secondary choice. And at no time did she say anything about Ross. But the judge reminds them that she has made her decision. She tells Todd if he keeps this up, she can have him removed. She asks if that is the “last impression” he wants to give to Dani. He then asks what she means by the last impression. She tells Todd she will give him and Dani some time to say their good byes. She then announces she hereby transfers custody of Daniela Rayburn to Ross Rayburn, effective immediately.

After the Dean leaves Langston alone with Starr, Langston realizes that neither Ford nor herself are “innocent” so she cannot exonerate him to the Dean. She saw that when she ran into Markko and realized how she ruined thing with him. She informs Starr that she saw Markko at the coffee shop and it was clear that he is over her and may be seeing Karen. She tells Starr that she is ok with that. But Starr knows she is not. Langston admits that when she was with Markko they had this special bond where they never had to question each other or have any distrust. But when she spoke to him the other day, she could feel that that is gone. He sees her for who she really is and there is no way she can get over what she has done to him.

James tells Robert that he can get a job also. Robert tells his brother that James has a job which is staying in school. He doesn’t want James earning a living jacking cars. James then suggests that Robert maybe tries whatever is out there, including waiting tables. You can sometimes make good money in tips and Nate said they are currently hiring at the palace. Robert does not want to hear more about Nate. But James tells his brother that Nate started at the bottom as a cabana boy and worked hard to get promoted and now he makes several times in tips what he made when he started. He told Nate that Robert needs a job and Nate said he’d put in a good word for him. But, he tells Robert, that if he prefers the camera shop job, then they might not have to go that route. Robert then stares at his brother in disbelief.

At the restaurant, Clint asks Inez if Robert has not found another position since he lost his teaching job at LU. She tells him not yet. Robert really saw LU as his life and there are lots of accusations going around that could prevent him from finding another job any time soon.. Clint tells her that LU has been looking for a filming department director and might be able to use a young and ambitious filming star like Robert. He bets that the University did not want to fire him and only needs some “incentive” which he could give them.

Todd tells the judge that he knows how to make her regret what she did. He can print a story in the Sun and expose her. Blair and Todd’s lawyer both urge Todd to sit down and stop. Blair protests to the judge that he is very upset and does not know what he is saying. But Ross tells her that this is what Mr. Manning is all about with a lifetime of violence and threats and corruption.

While John is talking to Natalie, he calls the hospice where Téa was staying before she died to see if maybe he can find somebody who can give e him some information.

Right then, the nurse tending to Eli hears from her assistant that there’s a call for her from a Lieutenant John McBain in Llanview, PA. And they wonder why John would want to talk to her and what about.

Starr urges Langston not to beat herself up about Markko. She’s already done enough of that. But Langston reflects that Markko was so trusting. And he didn’t suspect that anybody could blindside or betray him the way she did. Starr tells her she does not think she should worry about Markko. Cole talked to him and he seems to be doing ok. They’re hanging out together tonight. Hearing that, Langston asks Starr if she did not want to join them. Starr tells Langston she assumes they wanted it to be a guy’s night. And she needs a breather. Langston asks Starr what she needs a breather from. Starr then admits that she and Cole had a talk and said things to each other that they have never said before. He caught her up on the latest with Hannah. And can you believe she is now living at Cole’s house? They said the only way they’d release her from the hospital was if she was under constant supervision. And Cole’s mom volunteered, Starr explains to Langston. Langston then reflects she bets that Hannah loves this especially if she gets to see Cole on a regular basis. Starr tells Langston that’s true. Especially now that Cole has admitted he has feelings for Hannah. But she knows that she admitted that she has feelings for James. However, she concludes, they are both going to put it away where she will forget about James and Cole will forget about Hannah. But both she and Langston know that will be easier said than done.

James asks Robert why he won’t let Nate help him get a job at the country club. If he was not choking on his own ego, he’d take him up on it and thank him for it.

After Clint tells Inez that he can pull strings to find Robert a film director job at LU, she tells him she must decline his offer. Robert does not want any help from her. But Clint protests that it wouldn’t be help from her. It would be help from himself. He assures her that he can easily pull strings and with one phone call, Robert can be reinstated in the job he is meant for. But she reminds Clint that her son has been accused of sexual harassment. Plus he wants no help from her. Clint asks her if there is another reason why she’s not letting him help her. She admits she is wondering how long he can continue to help her without expecting something in return.

John calls the nurse who took care of Téa and who is presently taking care of Eli and although he does not know this first hand, he’s surprised that she is right in Tahiti and so conveniently available.. He asks her if Téa told her anything about her Will for her daughter’s custody. The nurse admits that she didn’t know much about it. And Téa’s doctor handled most of her things before she died. She tells Dani that she would let him talk to Dr. Evans but he’s currently not there. And she reveals to John that she has worked with Dr. Evans recently. He’s very surprised to learn that.

In the courtroom, after Todd protests that Dani is best with him and not with Ross, Ross pulls out a tape recorder and says that the court and Dani need to know what a dangerous man Mr. Manning is and what he is capable of. We then hear Todd on tape threatening to kill Ross and ruin the judge’s career in the Sun if they take Dani from him.

John gets off the phone and informs Natalie that the nurse told him that Téa was too sedated to tell her much and that Dr. Evans would have all the information. And one interesting thing she had to tell him was that Dr. Evans comes by to talk to her and consult with her in Tahiti. Right then, she tells Eli that a detective asked some questions but she referred him to Dr. Evans. Eli then remarks that Dr. Evans will “have his hands full” when he comes back.

In the courtroom, Todd threatens to shove the tape recorder down Ross’s throat and tells the judge this is not evidence. This is entrapment. He protests that it was out of context and there is no proof how Ross got this or what was involved. Ross then plays the part about Todd threatening to kill him while holding a gun on him and telling Ross that he has people to dispose of Ross’s body so that nobody will ever find him or know what happened to him. Right then, Dani overhears and is outraged that Todd would make these diabolical death threats to the man she has known as her father.

Inez tells Clint she does not want him to misunderstand. She is overwhelmed by all the help he has given to her family. When James graduates, he will owe it to Clint. But to help Robert too? She just doesn’t understand why he’d want to do something like this for somebody he barely knows. He tells her that he is a rich and powerful man. But having money and power is no fun and not worth much if he can’t use it. So he wishes she would let him have his fun. He is ok if she does not want to accept favors from him. But there are no string attached.

Out in the lobby, Robert goes to talk to the manager at the palace who has recently hired Nate. The manager tells Robert that Nate spoke to him about his brother needing a job and assumes that he’s “going back to college”. He asks Robert if he has any restaurant experience. Robert admits no. The manager then suggests starting him out bussing tables. And Robert is obviously not going to accept that. The manager then walks away.

Langston tells Starr that she cannot lie to herself about her honest feelings. Langston knows all too well how that only causes detrimental consequences for all the people involved. Starr protests that this is nothing like what happened to her and Robert Ford and Markko. Langston then concludes that maybe Starr is stronger than she is and can bury her feelings. But right then, they walk out the door and into the hallway. And Starr comes face to face with James, clearly proving that she cannot hide her feelings.

Clint makes it clear that he’s very attentive and observant to Inez. He then asks the “waiter” to take their order. And who do they see ready to wait on them? Robert! Inez is shocked. He explains that Nate helped him find another job. Clint then tells Robert the menu items they want. But Robert clarifies that he is not yet “qualified” to take orders. He is just bussing tables and refilling water. At that point, Clint asks Inez if she believes that that is the career choice that she can accept for her son or if she would like better for him.

The judge demands that Todd sits down and shuts up and is ready to report his recent death threats. And she tells Ross that he may take custody of Dani and arrange for her to live with him.

At LU, Starr is shocked and surprised to run into James assuming that he can’t attend school. He “happily” tells her that he was able to get a grant after all. Langston stands beside Starr and tells her that was a “good effort” when she notices how Starr clearly cannot hide her feelings for James.. Right then, Starr’s phone rings. It’s Blair. She asks her mom what is up. Blair tells her it’s about her sister. Something terrible has happened.

In the courtroom, the judge instructs Dani and Todd to go to his home and pack her things. But Ross protests that he must go with them and cannot trust Todd alone with his daughter knowing what he’s capable of. Todd tells the judge he deserves some time alone with his daughter, alone where they’re not in the presence of this sick man. The judge then tells Ross that Mr. Manning is granted a few hours to say his final good bye’s to Daniela. There will be a police escort. Dani is devastated.

Right then, Eli notices a text message from his brother informing him that he’s going to take Dani home. Eli is happy that now he will get what he wants. But Greg walks in and asks Eli just want he thinks he’s going to do.

Clint continues to talk and ignore what is obviously going on with Inez when she notices that her son has been forced to take a job that is degrading to him. Clint confidently tells her it’s not like “nothing else” could come along.

Outside the courtroom, Dani demands to know why Destiny’s brother would lie under oath and say that her mom wanted her to be taken to Tahiti. Destiny admits she does not know why Greg would do that but knows there must be a reason. Starr then rushes to be with her sister and mom. Todd fires his lawyer. Blair assures Todd that they will find a way to get Dani back. Ross then assures Dani that everything will be ok. Todd wants to physically attack him and takes Dani to his home with Blair and Destiny there for Dani and for Todd.

Natalie asks John if he’s going to call Greg in for questioning. But he knows that Greg is a long way away.

Greg tells Eli that he just got back from Llanview. Eli thanks him for his “expert testimony” and tells him there is just one more piece of business. He needs a “clean bill of health” so he can get out of there and finish what he started. But, Greg tells him no way in hell. There is no way he’s going to let Eli leave there.

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