OLTL Update Tuesday 9/28/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/28/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, Natalie is happily with John and ready to have her baby. Right then, Ross enters in handcuffs with the cops and arguing.

At Marty’s, Hannah asks Marty if she believes that she is a psycho who is obsessed about Marty’s son. Marty replies she does not see her as a psycho but she does know that Hannah is obsessed about her son.

At Rodi's, after Cole drops the bombshell to Starr that Hannah got acquitted of all charges, she is not ok and demands to know that they at least sent her back to St. Anne’s. She has to accept responsibility for what she did, Starr protests. Cole replies no. She got released into supervision of a person who is a trained professional. And that person is his mom. Hearing that, Starr is outraged that Marty would let Hannah live in her home.

At the station, Ross demands that John tells him why he is there. There is a mistake he protests. John tells the cops to take him down to the cell. But Ross knows that he is not their ‘guy” in Tahiti. He reminds John that he has to get to the courthouse where he will be awarded custody of Dani.

Dani tells Nate that she has to find out the verdict and does not believe that a judge she does not even know gets to decide her fate and where she lives. She rushes off and hugs Nate who tells her that he found something last spring before they met. He pulls out a charm that brought him luck. She asks if he thinks it will bring her mom back because she is the only person who can fix this. She insists on walking and declines riding in his car to the hearing.

Todd finds his way to the Cherryville hospital and little does he know that Téa is right inside the door where he is standing. Téa right then believes that Todd will be there for her any minute. Right then, Todd turns the door knob to enter. But he still has no clue that she is behind the door. Right then, Greg stops him from going inside the door. Todd tells Greg that he better help him.

Cole protests to Starr that his mom is a good doctor. But Starr tells him that her mom is obviously biased in favor of Hannah to take her into her house. Starr then remembers that Cole knew about Hannah staying at his mom’s home before he told her and she knows that Cole rushed there this morning to see her. She reminds him that Hannah almost got her dad sent to prison and falsely accused of murder. She asks Cole what is going on.

Marty tells Hannah that she has concerns about Hannah’s “interest” in Cole. And she confides in her that the reason is because when she was Hannah’s age, she had a similar obsession of a young man and knows how it cost her.

Jessica is happily with Brody with no knowledge that he slept with Natalie but senses that he is upset about something. She still has no clue that he could very well be the father of her sister’s baby.. Right when Natalie enters to see the two of them together, Jessica remarks to Brody how wonderful he has been to her and tells him that if he had gotten somebody else pregnant, she does not know how she can handle that.

John admits to Ross that the DNA test has come back to reveal that the person who burned in the fire in Tahiti was not his brother. Ross reminds John that he still has yet to prove it. John then tells Ross that he knows that Ross needed Eli’s help in getting custody of Dani. SO Ross helped his brother fake his death in exchange for Eli’s legal help in falsifying the will.

Outside the courtroom, Dani admits to Blair that she does not know what she wants. She is still torn between Ross and Todd. They notice that neither Todd nor Ross are there. Dani then admits to Blair that Todd wanted her to run away with him so that Ross could not find her.

When Nate is driving to Dani’s hearing, he has car trouble. And it just happens that James is there to pop the hood to attempt to help him. He remarks he hopes that Nate is not in a hurry (not knowing where he’s going). Because, he tells Nate, this could take a while. Nate informs him he’s trying to get to Dani’s custody hearing. If her step dad wins, she could be on a plane tonight to Tahiti. He confides in James that he can’t just let her walk away. She really means a lot to him. Hearing that, James catches his eye revealing that that very thing hits home for him also.

Todd takes Greg aside and tells him that he needs Greg to testify that he knows that Téa named him and not Ross as Dani’s legal guardian. Greg protests that he really does not know what Téa wanted before she died because she was heavily medicated. Todd tells Greg that he knows what Greg needs to tell the judge so Greg needs to go with him to the court hearing. Greg leaves with Todd knowing it will prevent him from finding Téa and that if he does not argue, it will be easier for him. But right then, from inside her hospital room, Téa knows she can hear Todd’s voice outside in the hallway.

Outside the courtroom, Dani informs Blair that Todd came by to pick her up at school and told her they have to get to the hearing. And Blair asks how she knew that he was lying and intended to kidnap her and take her away. Dani tells her she knows he was desperate. Blair tells Dani that that is what Todd does. Dani cries and tells Blair she wishes she had the strength of will that her mom had. Blair holds Dani while she cries in Blair’s arms.

In Téa’s hospital bed, she cries and longs for Dani

Cole asks Starr why she has a problem with his “friendship” with Hannah. He is ok with her friendship with James. She tells him that she has no more friendship with James. He won’t speak to her. Cole asks her why. She replies that James told her that he could not accept being ‘just friends” Hearing that, Cole tells Starr that he knows that he knew that James has “feelings” for her whether he admits it or not.

Marty admits to Hannah that she had an “obsession” over a guy when she was Hannah’s age. Hannah asks her what she did when that happened. She replies that the first thing she had to do was admit that that is what it was. And that does take a lot of work. Right then, there’s a knock at her door. It’s Brody. He tells Marty that he is sorry to be coming to her home unannounced.. But he needs her help.

Jessica continues to tell Natalie that she can sense that Brody is “not ok” with the fact that the baby could be Robert Ford’s. She still has no clue what is going on inside Brody’s head and why he is not ok. She assumes that Natalie has a very simple situation with John where Natalie knows the baby is his. Little does Jessica know.

John tells Ross that he has one chance to stay out of his prison and one chance to be able to see Dani again. And that is only if he comes clean now. He needs Ross to tell the truth about his brother. He will never see Dani again if he fails to do that..

Outside the courtroom, Blair holds Dani in her arms and admits to her that she knows what Téa wanted. Téa confided in her and asked her to look after Dani. She gave Blair that little book that had all of the history and special things about Daniela Rayburn. She tells Dani she knows she does not want to hurt anybody. She understands that and realizes that they are all hurt because they miss Téa so much and love her. But as whacky and crazy and impossible as Todd is, he’s a good dad. And Dani’s mom wanted her to be with him, Blair tells her. Dani asks Blair if she is sure.

John asks Ross how Dani is going to feel when she finds out that he and Eli changed the will and denied her mother her dying wish. Ross tells John that Dani loves him. But John friends Ross that his brother is a serial killer and asks Ross if he really thinks he can trust Eli to come through on his end of the bargain and not screw him over. In response to that, Ross asks John what will happen if he tells him what he knows.

At the Cherryville Hospital, Greg argues with Todd about attending the custody hearing.. At that point, Todd pushes him up against a wall telling him that he lied to him and to Dani before Téa died. He is going to go to that courtroom and testify in Todd’s behalf since he knew that Téa wanted. OR else, Todd can have Greg’s fingers cut off. He tells Greg he must know that he is serious. And what will happen to Greg’s patients then? Right then, from her room, Téa calls out to Todd and he can hear something. And Greg knows he better somehow remove Todd from the hospital so he goes with him to the courthouse.

Brody talks to Marty in her home about his situation with Jessica. He tells her he realizes that she and Jessica are friends and if she feels compromised having to protect his confidentiality, he will understand. She then tells him that she can promise confidentiality. He then admits that when Jessica had her breakdown and believed she was a teenager, she slept with Robert Ford one night. And it’s possible that he could be the father of her baby. He is not ok with the situation and cannot lie that there is too much for him to deal with.

Natalie tells Jessica that Brody needs to “man up”: and realize that the possibility that Robert Ford is the father of this baby is very small since it happened only once.. And he needs to know that she loves him and the baby is his even if Robert Ford conceived it. Hearing that, Jessica hugs Natalie and tells her how fortunate she is to have such a wonderful sister. She tells Natalie she wants her to be her maid of honor. And she remarks that Natalie might be officially called a matron of honor and asks if she (Natalie) plans to marry John. Natalie evades that question..

John tells Ross he knows that Ross has to get to his hearing with Dani. And John is going to make certain that Ross cannot carry out his dastardly plan. Right then, inside the courtroom, the judge knows that both Mr. Rayburn and Mr. Manning are not there. And it seems a bit odd.

Todd finally gets Greg to go with him to the courthouse.

While James is attempting to fix Nate’s car, they talk about his situation where he could be losing Dani. Nate tells James that she was like a miracle. He feels he did not deserve her and was not even looking for her. But somehow, she was there.

Starr admits to Cole that James kissed her and admitted that being just friends was impossible and too painful. Cole then asks her if she has feelings for James.

Nate tells James that he did not think that Dani would ever leave that other guy for him. But she did. And now it appears that her father is going to take her all the way to Tahiti. Yet he can’t even get a stupid car to start. He is very worried about how helpless he is with the possibility that he will lose the girl he loves. James faces him and tells him he “hears” him.

At Rodi’s, Cole asks Starr if she has feelings for James. She does not answer but asks him if he has feelings for Hannah.

Brody tells Marty that all he ever wanted was to be a father. He was willing to be a father to Shane, Gigi’s son yet lost out on that. And then, he found out that he was having a baby with Jessica. She asks him how he is feeling. He admits that he is angry at Ford. IT was his fault and not Jessica’s. He wants this baby to be his. And he knows he has no right to be angry or to judge her. Marty asks him why he does not believe he has the right to be angry and is he judging her? He then tells Marty that were it not for this big mess, he would have never… And then he stops himself from telling her what he did. She then asks what he was going to say that he did that he would have never were it not for Jessica and Ford and the situation. He then admits to her that he has made some bad choices. But she must understand that he loves Jessica. He really does. He is not perfect and knows that nobody is. But Jessica is a fragile person. She lost Nash and it split her apart. Marty then tells Brody that it does not appear that Jessica will lose him. In response to that, Brody admits that he is worried that if Jessica “found out something” it could cause her to have a break down and completely lose it. She then tells him that he must know that Jessica knows that he has gotten through some major issues in his life. She has been able to help him and was brave enough to admit her mistake. So now it’s his turn. He then replies that he cannot admit to his “mistake”. Marty asks him why not. He replies that too many people would get hurt.

Ross rushes into the courtroom and tells Dani she must know that he did what he did so that he can give her what is best for her. He then stands up and announces to the judge that he has something to say. But before he can get it out, Todd rushes into the courtroom with Greg.

Téa is in her room, telling the nurse that she knows she heard Todd’s voice. But the nurse wants her to believe that she needs to calm down and may be having a bad reaction to her medicine.

Todd then tells the judge that Dr.. Evans knows that Téa wanted him and Blair to have custody of Dani and not Ross. Right then, the judge tells them both they are out of order.

Nate asks James what happened between him and Starr knowing that something is going on.

Starr admits to Cole that she does have feelings for James but also knows that he has feelings for Hannah.

Jessica tells Natalie that she has to invite Marty because she’s one of her best friends and asks Natalie if she thinks that John would be ok with that. Natalie tells her sister she’s sure he will be ok. Right then, Brody enters and Natalie goes out the door. Jessica asks if everything is ok. He then admits that he has lied to her.

Right then, we see Marty looking over her notes where she noticed that Brody told her that he “lied”, has no right to judge Jessica and has made some bad choices.

Brody then tells Jessica this does not mean that he does not love her. He always will and this will never change. But sometimes he has to feel what he feels. She tells him that that is ok. Dr. Levin would way that it’s ok to feel what you feel and not be able to change it as long as you are honest. He says nothing when she hugs him.

Marty then remembers Brody telling her that he cannot divulge his secret because he’s worried that too many people will get hurt. Right then, Hannah returns to Marty and tells her that she wants to make efforts to get over her obsession with Cole. She brings Marty some coffee or Téa. And it looks suspicious.

Starr tells Cole that she is not even “friends” with James. Yet, Hannah is living at his mom’s house. He tells her that he does not live there and does not have to see her.

James asks Nate why he thinks that something is happening between himself and Starr. Nate tells James that he thinks he can sense that. Brothers understand each other.. Right then, James concludes that Nate cannot go anywhere in his car until they get a new starter.

Todd’s lawyer tells the judge that he thinks that Dr. Evans has something pertinent to add to this hearing. Todd tells the judge that is true. And he asks Greg to tell the court that Téa wants Dani to be with him and not Ross.

The nurse who sedates Téa sees a picture of Todd and realizes it’s odd that Dr. Evans said he was not there. That’s very odd, when she just saw him there outside Téa’s room.

Greg tells the court that Mrs. Manning told him that she wanted Ross Rayburn to have custody of Dani after she died. At that point, everybody is stunned and shocked.

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