OLTL Update Monday 9/27/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/27/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dani and Nate get out of the car after he’s shown her how to drive for the first time. Then, out of nowhere, Todd appears and demands that Dani goes somewhere with him although he does not tell her why or where.

Starr goes to find her father and unexpectedly runs into her mother. She asks Blair if she is there to keep Todd company before his custody hearing for Dani or if she’s there to prevent him from doing anything stupid. They both believe that Téa wanted Todd and Blair to raise Dani. Blair promises her daughter she will do everything in her power to make sure that Téa’s last wishes are carried out. She informs Starr that the judge has yet to render her final decision. They know that if she does not rule in Todd’s favor, it will devastate him.

Robert and James are sitting in Rodi's, and James urges his brother to tell who gave the pictures of him and Langston to the Dean and got him fired. Robert tells his brother that he does not want to pursue it because he already knows. James demands to know about it but Robert does not want to discuss it with his brother.

At the coffee shop, out of nowhere, Langston runs into Markko when she least expects it.

Destiny returns to Darren and informs him that she followed her brother all the way to a Cherryville Hospital where he is treating some mysterious woman. But they wonder who it is and also know about how Greg has been acting very secretive and not like himself ever since Téa Delgado go the death sentence.

Téa awakens with Greg by her bedside and demands to know where Todd and Dani are. He promised her they would be there when she awakens. She seems startled and alarmed.

When Todd finds Dani and demands she gets into his car, she tells him she is not going anywhere until he tells her why and where.

At Marty’s there is a knock on the door. Cole surprises his mom and tells her he wanted to visit her when he’s free with no classes presently. She tells him she knows that he might be there to see somebody other than his mom. Hannah appears and greets him.

Blair and Starr are in Todd’s office both finding excuses to stay there. They talk about how it must be a mess for Dani being torn between two fathers. Blair knows that it will be devastating for Dani now that she has a family and friends and a boyfriend whom she does not want to leave. Blair can tell that Starr has something going on and asks her daughter what is up.

At Rodi’s, James asks Robert why he does not want to confront his accuser and find out who this person is who got him fired and hopefully get his job back. But Robert tells his brother that it’s over. James somehow knows that there is something his brother is not telling him.

At the coffee shop, Langston tells Markko that she did not expect to see him since he’s attending school at ACLU., He tells her he’s back in town because his dad just had surgery. He tells her that he has to get out of there. But she asks him why he did not tell her about his dad. He asks her why he would tell her.

Todd tells Dani that he will fill her in on the way as to why he wants her to come with him. But she tells him that she and Nate were in the middle of something. He tells her that they have to get to court in order to hear the judge’s decision. She tells him she wants Nate with her. Todd tells her he cannot come. She asks why.

Téa demands Greg tell her why Todd and Dani are not there with her. She is crying and wondering why they are not there and knows that this is not her room. She asks Greg where she is, but he does not answer. She knows that “something” is going on and she is worried.

Cole asks Hannah how her first night staying at Marty’s home went. She tells him that his mom is amazing and her home is so much nicer than St. Anne’s. She tells Marty she doesn’t know how she could ever thank her. Were it not for Marty letting her live there, she would be in prison. Marty reminds her that Hannah risked her life to save Cole’s life when Eli threatened them both. And she tells Hannah that everybody deserves another chance. Hannah and Cole talk about the different classes offered at LU and he encourages her to sign up and take classes with him.

Starr tells her mom that she has some stress involving starting college and juggling it with baby Hope’s schedule. IN response to that, Blair tells her daughter she is really sorry not to be more focused on her life when all of these other things have been happening. She reminds Starr that she may be 18. But she is still her mom. She asks Starr how things are between herself and Cole. Starr admits that they are working on their relationship. But the problem is not between herself and Cole. It’s between herself and James.

At Rodi’s, Robert tells James that he is very encouraged that James will be able to attend school with his grant. James need not worry about him. He will be ok. But, not knowing what Langston pulled with his brother, James tells Robert that if he’s not going to fight for his job, he should at least fight for the girl he loves. At least he hasn’t lost the chance to do that. If he’s no longer Langston’s teacher, it’s legal for him to see her. But Robert obviously does not want to share with his brother what happened regarding that.

At the coffee shop, Langston cries when she talks to Markko about how she let him go and did not try to prevent him from moving to CA and how she may regret it. But he seems to be “over” her and no longer upset about their break up. He gets a call indicating that he has another girlfriend with him he traveled and might be intimate with.

Destiny tells Darren that it’s a bit odd that Greg would go all the way to Cherryville to take care of some anonymous patient. And he was very secretive and would not let her anywhere near his patient nor know any details. Darren suggests that maybe Greg is in Cherryville because he has a “habit”. Maybe after losing Téa, Greg is under stress and might need to medicate himself. Hearing that, Destiny protests that she knows that her brother would never be a drug addict. But he tells her that maybe she needs to find out what is up with her brother. She then comes up with an idea and tells Darren that maybe if Greg will not tell her about his patient, what they can do is get the patient to tell her what Greg is up to. And she asks Darren if he’d like to come with her to Cherryville.

Greg tells Téa that she has not “gotten worse”. In fact, she is getting better. Having believed for the last few months that she’s going to die, she is confused to hear him say that.

When Todd tells Dani he needs her to come with him, she tells him she knows he is not taking her to the court hearing. He is going to take her away and kidnap her.

Starr admits to her mom that when she and James were on the run together, they got “close”. Blair asks her how close. Starr replies close enough so that she had to tell him that they must be just friends. She knows that Cole doesn’t want her to see James. Blair asks her daughter what she wants. Starr tells her that she has tried and failed to be “just friends” with James.

James urges Robert to make effort to get Langston back. Robert evades the conversation and tells James that it’s over. But James does not want Robert to give up on the girl he loves. Right then, Robert remembers Langston confronting him, admitting that she finally saw him for the trash he is when she found out that he had sex with Jessica when she was emotionally damaged and did not even use a condom. He remembers her furiously concluding that he could be the father of Jessica’s baby. And so that woke her up to the reality that he is unfit to teach college or do anything. So she decided to get revenge upon him and got him fired. He tells James that he does not want to talk about Langston. James tells his brother that he has a chance with Langston. She is not with somebody else.. He wishes that he could say the same thing about Starr. But she has a boyfriend and a baby and has told him she only wants to be friends. He is forced to accept that when it’s not ok.

When Hannah leaves Cole alone with his mom, he asks her how Hannah is doing. Marty tells her son that it’s too soon to tell when it’s been the first night she’s stayed at her house. But she believes that Hannah can get her life straightened around and get the help she needs if she has a stable environment. He remarks how great it is that she is helping Hannah and he informs her that he wants to be there for her also. Hearing hat, Marty tells her son that what he needs to do regarding Hannah right now, is back off.

At the coffee shop, when Markko gets off the phone with Karen, Langston asks if they have gotten serious. He tells her that they are good friends. He also tells her that he has heard the tragic news about Téa. He really thought highly of her, believes she’s an awesome lawyer and will always be grateful to her for helping him beat the charges when he almost got convicted of attacking Robert Ford. Hearing that, Langston tells him he will be happy to know that Ford got fired from teaching at LU. Hearing that, Markko asked how that could not happen. Even though he did not like Ford as a person, he was a good teacher. She tells him that he had inappropriate conduct with a student but is not ready to tell him more than that.

Téa is demanding that Greg lets her see her husband and daughter. He assures her that she is getting better and not going to die but cannot tell her where Todd and Dani are.

And Todd is demanding that Dani gets in his car now yet does not tell her why.

Starr admits to her mom that she loves Cole with all of her heart and wants to be with him and their daughter as a family. So that is why it’s so confusing. Blair tells her daughter that she understands wanting two guys. Starr tells her mom that she knows that Cole is the only one she wants. But Blair knows better than that.

Marty tells Cole that maybe he doesn’t want to get too “close” to Hannah. She is still emotionally vulnerable and could misread signals. He tells his mom that Hannah knows that he is committed to Starr and Hope and he and Hannah can only be friends. But Marty asks her son if he has gotten around to telling Starr that Hannah is going to live in his mom’s house. He admits that he has not and knows that Starr will not be ok when she finds that out.

Todd tells Dani that he can’t lose her. But she is torn between whether to live with him or with Ross and does not know what to do.

Darren and Destiny are wondering how to get to Cherryville. She suggests maybe they could borrow one of the Driver’ Ed cars. He tells her that they could get charged with auto theft. But she knows that there is something going on with Greg that she has to find out even if he does not tell her, involving this patient he’s secretly taking care of.

Right then, Greg assures Téa that she is not going to die. He knows that she has a million questions. But what she needs now is just to get her rest. Hearing that, she cries with joy believing that Greg is her hero to have saved her life when she previous thought she was doomed to die and tells him he is a miracle working

Dani tells Todd that she does care about him and so she does not want him to be put in prison for kidnapping. He tells her that he knows what her mom would want. But there is no way to prove it, he realizes. Nate then tells Todd there must be a way to find proof of what she’d want and if her will was falsified.. Todd then remembers that Greg was right with her when she died. SO there has to be something that they are not aware of that they have to get to the bottom of. He gets on his phone to call Greg.

Right then, when Greg is talking to Téa and attempting to assure her that he has her best interests at heart, he sees that Todd is calling him but does not answer nor tell her that Todd has called. Right then, Destiny joins Dani and Nate and notices that Todd is trying to call her brother.

Cole tells his mom that he and Starr have to work some things out. Right then, Hannah comes out after showering and tells Cole maybe he can show her his notes from his sociology class. Maybe she can even get in the same section as him, but Marty tells her that maybe she should wait on going back to school.

Starr tells her mom she needs to tell her the outcome of Todd’s custody hearing. Blair tells her daughter that she needs to realize that James should just be her friend and nothing more. Starr concludes, still assuming that James will not be attending LU, that that will make things easier.

Right then, Robert discusses the same things with his brother. He tells James that he is applying for jobs that James believes are beneath him and James tells him he cannot take this lying down because some coward went behind his back and got him fired from his teaching job when he’s worked so hard to earn it.

Langston talks to Markko about things. He tells her he has to get back to the hospital. She remembers that his dad did not like her. She asks Markko if she will ever see him again.

Todd goes to Cherryfield while leaving Dani behind with Nate, Destiny and Darren. Destiny tells Dani that very possibly he will find something out.

Greg is then tending to Téa and picks up his phone to have her believing that he’s calling Todd but he is not doing that.

Starr runs into James again and they are both stunned.

Cole tells Hannah he does not want to “rush” into anything. His mom told them both that she does not need to rush into getting back in school. He leaves. Alone with her, Hannah remarks that she Marty's reaction when she noticed Hannah talking to Cole.. So she needs to ask Marty something. Marty asks what that would be. Hannah then asks Marty if she still thinks she is a psycho who is after her son.

Markko departs from the coffee shop after talking to Langston. Once alone, she gets a Spanish latte to go. She looks like she is crying, and Robert appears.

James tells Starr that he cannot talk to her or be around her with the “restrictions” she’s given him. She urges him to reconsider and asks if it has to be that way. He tells her he’s afraid so. Cole enters to see them together.

Greg leaves Téa alone to sleep and tells her he will call Todd and Dani. She then looks at the picture of the three of them together in New York City .

When James leaves Starr and Cole alone, she asks Cole what is going on and why he wanted to meet her there and not at their mutual apartment. He tells her that he thought they should have this talk in public. He has to tell her something he knows she will not like about Hannah.

Destiny tells Darren they have to “go to the library” when they are overhear by Dani and Nate. They depart together. Dani admits to Nate that she is torn between her two fathers. But the courts will decide. she gets a call from Blair informing her that Todd’s lawyer said the judge is about to make a decision. So she tells Dani she needs to get to the courthouse.

Todd goes to the Cherryville Hospital looking for Greg. And he stands right outside Téa’s room who believes he is coming back to her.

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