OLTL Update Friday 9/24/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/24/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the high school, Darren meets with his new Driver’s Ed instructor. The instructor appears to be very odd and does not realize there are no students whom he is talking to besides Darren.

At Rodi’s, Robert tells James he needs to go and find another job since he lost his professor job at LU. James tells Robert that it was stolen from him and he has to find out who ratted him out. Robert tells his brother that what is done is done and does not share with James that he knows that Langston set him up.

Meanwhile, the Driver’s Ed Instructor gives his speech to Darren who seems very bored.

At Rodi's’, Gigi is working and depressed assuming she has to drop out of school now that her grant is gone. Cristian comes by without knowing what ahs happened to her and wants to talk to her about her bright future in his class.

Clint sits with his feet on his desk smirking while he sees a picture of David.

Kelly is on the phone demanding that Rex tell her if he’s uncovered any answers about Clint’s involvement in David’s disappearance. After finding out that it’s likely that Clint has caused Gigi to lose her grant after Rex threatened to tell Kelly what he did to David, Rex knows he cannot answer her question. He rushes into Clint’s office and demands to know what happened to Gigi’s grant.

The D.E instructor calls off the names of Darren, Destiny, Dani and other students but appears robotic and unaware that none of the students are there except for Darren. Darren notices that Destiny is late and was not on the bus. He wonders where she is.

Greg is keeping Téa in a private room. He tells her that they cannot let Elijah Clark know that she is alive. And as soon as he takes care of that son of a bitch, he promises to take her back to her family.

Darren is alone and getting frustrated by the robotic instructor and that he’s alone without Destiny.

Dani is on the phone with Nate while in the coffee shop with Todd.

Darren tells the instructor that they must wait for Destiny. He knows that she is “jazzed” about learning to drive. But Destiny has other things on her mind.

Greg tells Téa that he will be back to check on her later. When he goes out the door, he is startled to see his sister at the door.

Langston enters Rodi’s, while James urges Robert to fight for his rights and face his accuser and at least know who it is. Robert stares at Langston when she enters and she at him. And he says nothing to James. Inez enters and asks her sons how things are. James reminds Inez that after Robert has gotten fired from LU, there’s no way he can afford to go to school so he must drop out. But she tells James that there might be a way for him to pay for school after all.

Gigi tells Cristian that she just heard from the Dean that her grant has been given to another student. Hearing that, he knows that something is not right.

Clint tells Rex he knows that maybe Rex is wiling to make a deal with him now that he knows what has happened to Gigi. Rex demands to know what happened to Gigi’s grant. Clint tells Rex that whoever made her lose it can restore under the “right circumstance”. Rex then asks Clint just what the right circumstances” are.

When Nate arrives, Todd tells him he would like to get to know him better knowing how much his daughter likes him. They tell Todd that they have to get to school since Driver’s Ed starts soon. Todd remarks how time flies that his daughter is now old enough to drive and reminds her that in Tahiti she’d have to wait another two years in order to drive. Dani reflects to Nate that it is true that in Tahiti, one must be 18 before they can legally drive.. Dani excuses her self to go to the lady’s room. Alone with Nate, Todd tells him that he must know that this no good creep named Ross Rayburn wants to take Dani away from both of them. He knows that Nate does not wan t that to happen. SO he asks him to let Todd know if ever he sees Ross and make certain Ross does not come anywhere near Dani. And he reminds Nate that Dani just lost her mom. Dani then returns and tells Nate they must get to school.

At the hospital, Greg demands that Destiny tell him how she got there. She admits she took a cab and followed him. She tells him she needs to talk to him. It’s urgent. She knows what he did to Téa Delgado.

Todd observes Kelly at the Sun office with paperwork regarding David Vickers and asks her why she would care about David. Doesn’t she know that he left her aunt at the alter and has disappeared? Doesn’t she want him out of their lives? She tells Todd that she wants to get David back so that Dorian can have some closure. He tells Kelly that she needs to spend more time working. She asks him how his custody hearing went with Dani. He tells her that a decision has not yet been made.

Destiny demands to know how Greg could have lied to Dani and Todd and prevented them from seeing Téa when those were Téa’s last wishes. Greg tells his sister that he knows that he made a fatal error and wishes he could change it. Destiny tells her brother he must know that you do not get any “do–overs” when somebody dies. Inside the room we see Téa appearing unconscious but looking like her eyes might be opening and moving her hand. We see a picture of Todd and Dani by her bedside table.

Dani and Nate get to Driver’s Ed in his car. She is very disappointed that she missed the class. He tells her that the instructor is a dweeb who only likes to hear the sound of his own voice. She tells him she does not care whom her teacher is. She just wants to be able to learn to drive. He then tells her that he can enroll her in the Nathanial Salinger school of driving and show her how to drive himself.

At Rodi’s, James tells Inez that he and Robert are not in good sprits. Robert got fired from his job. And he has no choice except to drop out because there’s no way he can pay the tuition. She then asks what if there was a way. They ask her how that could happen. She tells him she has a ‘friend” who is willing to help her. Her boss’s brother knows the Dean and found out that the grant fell through with someone else so it’s still available. And she got Clint to put in a good word for James. Hearing that, Robert asks her how she managed that. Did it involve sleeping with him, he asks?

After Gigi informs Cristian that she lost her grant, he asks how they could offer her the grant and then suddenly take it away. He tells her that if it was a technical error, then they should be able to offer her something else. It does not sound right to him that it could have happened because of a computer error. She tells him she knows and believes it almost sounds like somebody does not want her there.

Rex asks Clint if he is implying that he could potentially “fix” things for Gigi? Clint hints to Rex tat he can do anything he sets his mind to including throwing Rex in jail for breaking into his office. He knows that Rex would not want Shane to see his daddy locked up for 10 years. And it would devastate Gigi as well. He tells Rex of course if he does not care about this and his family’s future, then he will end their conversation. He remembers when Rex was only out to hustle money from any rich person he could con. He asks Rex if he has learned his lesson after the bad moves he’s made in the past? Or is he about to make another “bad move”?

After Robert asks Inez if she slept with Clint in order for him to help James get the grant, James tells his brother he has no right to talk to her like that. Robert protests that it’s a fair question. It’s not every day a millionaire calls in a favor to help a kid he doesn’t even know to get a grant to attend college for free. So he wonders just what she did to motivate Clint to do that. James tells his brother that not everybody expects sex in exchange for helping another person out. Inez tells James that he needs to go to the Dean’s office and apply now and can’t wait. He goes off and asks if she will be “safe” alone in the room with Robert. She tells Robert that all she wants is for James to succeed. She knows he wants that also. So he needs to let her help his brother get the grant even if he hates her and does not want her help for himself.

Clint calls Dean McKenzie while Rex is in his office. He tells the Dean that he knows of a student whom he believes would be a real asset to the university and has real potential but just needs a little boost financially. Rex listens as Clint confirms that the Dean has cooperated and he names Gigi Morasco.

Nate is showing Dani all of the controls in his car while she sits in the driver’s seat. She tells him that when she was little her dad used to put her on his lap and let her steer his truck. Her mom always said she’d teach Dani to drive for real some time. But now she guesses it’s her dad’s job. Hearing that, Nate asks her which dad. Ross or Todd? She admits that that will be in the hands of the judge.

Kelly tells Todd that Téa left him. It was not her choice. And now she knows he feels abandoned and afraid that Dani will abandon him also. Hearing that, he interrupts her, asks her if she is being a shrink and tells her he hates shrinks. She then tells him she will speak to him in a language he understands. She tells Todd she knows he is afraid that Dani hates him. But if she really did, she could have run off with Ross long ago now that she can. Todd tells her the reason Dani is staying in Llanview is because she doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend. Kelly then talks to Todd about “investing” in his relationship with his daughter. Hearing that, he asks her if she is part of the stock market and talking about “investments”. He admits to Kelly that he’s heard Dani tell Ross she loves him but he wishes that she would say it to him. Kelly asks Todd if he’s ever told Dani he loves her. He tells Kelly he cannot yet. She asks why not. Todd replies that he’s afraid she might not say it back.

Destiny asks Greg if he is ok. He tells her he is fine. She tells her brother he does not seem fine. He tells her that he’s just concerned about “that patient in there”. She has had a rough time, he tells his sister. But he does not admit to Destiny that the patient in the other room is Téa. She tells Greg that she knows he can help his patient and would have saved Dani’s mother if he could. He then tells Destiny he needs to get back to his patient and gives his sister money for a cab back to school. He tells her that he loves her. Alone, he walks back into Téa’s room. But her machines alert him that she might be in danger.

At Rodi's, Robert tells Inez he wants James to go to college as much as she does. But he does not want any strings attached. She assures him that there are no strings attached. She tells him that if James never wants to speak to her because she left him years ago, she will accept that.. But if she has an opportunity to help him, she’s not going to pass up on that opportunity. She tells Robert she knows that he may ever see her as a mother. But he can’t prevent her from being his mother and caring about him also. Robert then “robotically“tells her that the remark he made about her sleeping with Clint was out of line.

In the other room, Cristian tells Gigi there has to be a way for her to be able to afford to be in an art program. And at that point, he makes a calla and finds out that he has some funds to hire an assistant. And he’d like it to be her. She tells him that would be wonderful. He asks if she’s ok with his being her boss. She tells him of course she’s ok with that and she hugs him. Rex walks in.

James returns to Inez and Robert and seems very confident that he can get his grant. But Robert is aware that they did not yet offer him the grant and there is no guarantee. But James tells them that the people he talked to told him to look in the mail for something to sign. Robert congratulates his brother. But James tells him there is “somebody else” he can thank. Inez tells her sons she is happy but she has to get back to work. She leaves.

In the other room, Rex finds out that Cristian has offered Gigi a job. She happily tells him that right when she thought her college career was over when she lost the grant, Cristian gave her the perfect job. Rex then tells her he has to meet with Kelly.

Todd tells Kelly that he has a “plan” although he does not tell her what it is. But she’s knows it’s regarding preventing Ross from taking Dani to Tahiti.

Nate gets Dani ready to drive his car. She turns on the gas, looks both ways and puts it in drive. He shows her what she needs to do and she starts driving. She seems very happy and encouraged.

Destiny rushes to her Driver’s Ed class. The instructor tells her she missed a very important lesson. Darren is very uncomfortable with the instructor. He tells Destiny this man is a nightmare and they must drop this class. But Destiny tells him she does not plan to do that since she’s been practicing and is ready to learn to drive. He then asks her if Greg is ok. She replies that when she talked to her brother, he said he was. But she does not buy that.

After Greg calls the nurse and they examine Téa, her vitals return to normal, but Greg wants to talk to her and find out what is going on.

Right then wee see a vehicle screeching and going too fast. It appears to be a Student Driver car driven by Destiny. The instructor and Darren are scared and stunned but she is very confident that she knows how to drive.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Cristian she is ready to start working with him.

Rex goes to meet with Kelly who asks him what the verdict is with finding David. Knowing what he “has to do”, he tells her that he has some news but she’s not going to like it. She asks if he’s found David. He replies yes he’s found him. She asks why then there is a problem. Rex tells Kelly that he found out that David is gone because he wants to be gone. And nothing he could say or do could persuade this guy to come back to Dorian. She then tells Rex she will go and find David herself. But Rex discourages her and tells her that she won’t find David. He’s long gone. It’s a lost cause. SO the best thing she can do is console her aunt Dorian and help her to get over David forever because he’s gone. Rex turns his back and appears uncomfortable to have lied to Kelly.

Inez leaves Rodi's’ and happily gets on her cell phone to call Clint. She tells him that he did a great thing and she is eternally grateful. When James and Robert are alone in Rodi’s, Robert tells his brother that he is grateful that Inez has helped him get into school

Langston walks into the coffee shop and appears to come face to face with Markko.

The Driver’s Ed instructor tells Destiny she needs more lessons but not from himself. Darren seems to agree that she is not a safe driver yet. Alone he asks her what is up with Greg. She tells him that she knows that Greg is keeping a secret somehow.

Greg asks a groggy Téa if she can hear or see him. She asks where Dani and Todd are.

When Dani and Nate are done driving, Todd tells finds them and tells Dani she needs to go with him immediately but does not tell her where or why.

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