OLTL Update Thursday 9/23/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody goes to the gym to lift weights while Jessica does a yoga class. She introduces him to her yoga instructor. The instructor sees him as her baby’s father. Jessica can see that that may make Brody uncomfortable given their situation.

When Robert Ford goes back to his office, his Dean tells him he is fired and needs to get himself and all of his stuff off the premises. He tells her that he needs to protest what happened because it was not his fault.

Right then, Dorian goes with Langston to the coffee shop wearing a blond wig, a hat and glasses. She admits she does not want to be publicly noticed and reminded of that catastrophe that was supposed to be her wedding day. She also tells her daughter she wants to make it up to her after neglecting her all this while and find out about Langston’s first few days of college and if she likes her new professors. Langston carefully answers by telling her mom that it was “interesting”. She then informs Dorian that one of her instructors was going to be Robert Ford. But not to worry. He won’t be teaching any college classes again, thanks to her.

Cristian talks to Gigi about her going back to school. She tells him that she is surrounded by all of these rich and educated young kids with career goals and she feels uncomfortable. Right then, Cristian’s students enters his studio and see her with him. A girl remarks that she’s heard about Cristian and his personal life and assumes that Gigi must be Cristian’s fiancé. He tells her no. Ms. Morasco is a student. A guy enters and asks Gigi if she is not a waitress at Rodi’s. She replies yes. She is.

At Clint’s office, he tells Rex that he saw all he needs to see and it would be “unwise” for Rex to tell Kelly or anybody. Hearing that, Rex replies that that sounds like a threat. Is Clint asking him not to tell anybody about David Vickers being stuck in a jail cell in Morocco? And he asks Clint if he is in fact responsible for David being there.

Cristian’s students seem very educated and versed about art culture and history and talk about things Gigi has never heard of. Cristian then asks all of his students to find an easel. He asks each student what their stories and goals are. The others talk about their art education endeavors. He then asks Gigi and she answers that she is there because somebody she loves believes in her.

Rex tells Clint that he knows of Clint’s possible motives to run David out of town in order to prevent him from having Buchanan money and to have everyone believing he left Dorian at the alter when he did not. Is he getting “close”? He then adds that maybe Dorian and her family have the right to know what really happened. Hearing that, Clint smiles and tells Rex he does not know whether to be entertained or flattered. He tells Rex he may be a powerful man but does not have the power to put any innocent person in prison. He tells Rex that there has been an outstanding warrant on David Vickers for many years for unsavory crimes he committed in Morocco. And all he did was tell the authorities where they could find David.

At Rodi’s, Bo and Nora talk to Inez about Clint’s tendencies. He talks about how his brother has a habit of going off on people with shot guns. Nora adds to Inez, however, that she must know Clint is a great guy who cares about his family.

James runs into Nate at the gym and remarks that he gets a free pass as Robert’s guest. His brother does care about him. Nate informs him that he ran into Robert and found out that they have some things in common, both being film freaks. And he found out there is more to Robert than he thought. He tells James heard about Robert losing his job and believes it must suck for him to have to give up something he cares so much about.

In the other room, after the yoga instructor comments about Brody being Jessica’s baby’s father, she appears uneasy and apologizes again for her situation with Robert Ford.

At LU, the Dean asks Robert whose fault he believes it is that he slept with Langston. He tells her that he is human and made a mistake. But he’s a good teacher and if she hires him back he can be an inspiration to the students. She asks if he means by inviting them into his bedroom. She’s sorry, she tells him. The decision to fire him stands. She walks away.

Dorian asks Langston to tell her more about how it is that she has prevented Robert Ford from teaching at LU. Langston tells her that Robert almost convinced her that he was a changed man. But then she found out something that ended that for her. She found out he slept with Jessica Buchanan. Hearing that, Dorian is shocked and asks if Langston might know, off hand, just when he would have slept with Jessica. Langston replies the night of the prom. Dorian remembers that that was when Jessica still thought she was a high school student. Langston admits that at that point, she was ready to hurt Robert back for all the hurt he has caused so many people. Dorian asks her what exactly she did. Langston admits that she went to his apartment, made him believe she wanted him back, kissed him and lead him into the hallway where there was a hidden camera. And she took the pictures to the Dean of Faculty and got him fired. Langston does not appear proud of what she did. But Dorian laughs and smiles and tells her daughter she has never been prouder of her. She wants to celebrate.

Rex argues to Clint that regardless of David’s shady history, he is Bo’s son and Clint’s nephew and Rex knows that his friend, Bo might want to know what has happened to his son. Clint reminds Rex that David Vickers is a scam artist, an opportunist, a low life who’s never worked a day in his life and who intends to bleed Clint’s family dry for every cent they have. He asks Rex if he really wants everybody to know that about the police commissioner’s son. Rex tells him he believes that Bo could handle that. Clint tells Rex that may be. But could Bo handle arresting Rex for burglary.

At Rodi’s, Inez tells Bo and Nora she has to go and freshen up. Alone at the table, Nora asks Bo how the discussion he had with Inez started where he was trashing Clint to her. Bo tells her he was not doing that. He just wanted to give Inez a little insight into who his brother is. She asks if he is trying to talk Inez out of seeing Clint.

Clint tells Rex he doubts that Rex would want Bo to know that he not only broke into his family’s office which is illegal. He asked Matthew, Bo’s son, to cover for him. He tells Rex that if it’s true that Kelly paid him to break into BE’s offices, he will have to get Kevin involved and file criminal charges not only against Rex but Kelly as well. He tells Rex that it’s very obvious that Kelly stole his security card when he was distracted in order to enable to Rex to get into Clint’s office. And Rex must also realize that in his case there is Gigi to think about.

Right then, in Cristian’s art class, he tells his students that whatever they choose to draw should speak to them, the artist, as well as the viewer. He asks them to begin. Gigi appears shy and uncomfortable and doesn’t seem to know what to draw.

At the gym, Jessica tells Brody she’s so lucky to have him. And this must not be easy for him not knowing. But he tells her when he put that ring on her family, he made a commitment to her and to their family and that is all that matters. She then tells him that he is having a craving for a decaf mocha chino and asks if he wants to join her. He tells her he’d like to but will catch up with her later. When she leaves and Brody is alone, Robert appears and asks if he should get some gloves so that they can have it out.

At the gym, James admits to Nate that he talked to their mutual mom. He blew her off by telling her that he did not believe she is his mom and is afraid he hurt her feelings. Nate then tells him that he does understand that he may not see her as family just because she’s his biological mother.

Robert tells Brody that he enough problems of his own.

Meanwhile, Langston admits to Dorian that he feels she may have gone too far with what she did to Robert Ford. Dorian asks her why on earth she would feel bad to give that no good scoundrel what he deserves. Langston tells her mom that Robert getting fired from the University not only affects him. His younger brother was going to enroll at LU and has no way to pay for it now that he does not have a faculty member in his family. Dorian tells Langston that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And sometimes there is collateral damage.

Clint reminds Rex that he may not want to go to prison realizing he won’t be able to help Gigi get through school if he’s locked up. And he must think of how it will affect Shane to have to visit his father in a prison. So, he tells Rex, they are just going to forget that he ever came across the file that confirms that Clint sent David away, for Gigi’s sake.

In Cristian’s art class, he looks at the different drawings of his students and is intrigued. Gigi admits she did not know how she drew what she drew. She tells him she is not really certain but it might have been about how things change in one’s life. He tells her a technician sees what is there and produces it. An artist sees what could be there and creates it.

Rex tells Clint that he may send him off to jail. But it won’t prevent Rex from telling Bo what happened to David. But, he realizes, he could be wrong in assuming that Clint did anything illegal in order to make David disappear. But if Clint did, then kidnapping is a federal offense that could get Clint into more trouble than he himself could be in. So Rex concludes he will take his chances with Bo. Clint then tells Rex that he thinks he will change his mind with that when he makes Rex an offer he cannot refuse. Hearing that, Rex asks Clint if he should expect a horse’s head in his bed. Clint tells Rex no. Nothing like that. He asks Rex how profits have been at Ultraviolet. He knows that Rex is having some financial burdens with Gigi going back to school on the paycheck of a waitress. He knows that Rex would like to be able to help her. Shane has asthma and needs medical care that is not cheap. Rex then asks him what his point is. Clint replies that whatever Kelly is paying Rex, he will double it.

At the end of the art class, Gigi tells Cristian she felt inspired. Even though she’s never heard of all of these brilliant artists that his other students know all about. She tells him she did get a grant that will hopefully pay for what she needs. She admits there was a part of her that almost didn’t want to get it so that she could not come there. But if she had not have gotten it, she would have never had the chance to see what she can do and who she could be.

Right then, Rex assessed to Clint that Kelly pays him plenty. He doesn’t need more. And Gigi just got a grant to help pay for school. Clint then tells Rex it would be a “shame” if her grant fell through. Rex asks him what he is implying. Clint tells Rex that things like that happen all the time.

At Rodi’s, Bo asks Nora how her court case went with Hannah O’Connor’s trial. She then informs him that Marty presented a very compelling case to not let Hannah go to prison for obstruction of justice and she’s going to let Hannah stay in her home with her.

When Brody and Robert Ford are having their discussion at the gym, a woman walks past them and remarks that she hopes the baby gets “its father’s muscles”. Robert then assures Brody he won’t have to worry about him. He tells him he knows the last thing he himself needs right now is a kid. Especially since he is unemployed. Robert then walks off.

Dorian tells Langston she must forget about Robert Ford and that is an order. She then tells her daughter she has something to do and will be right back. Right then, Jessica appears, greets Langston and tells her she knows that Langston knows about her situation with Robert Ford. Langston tells her that she thinks that what Robert did to her was despicable. Jessica tells Langston that the person she is really worried is hurt (more than herself) from all of this is Brody.

Right then, we hear all of the voices remarking about Brody being the baby’s father while he angrily beats up a punching bag and appears traumatized. Right then, Cristian Vega appears and asks Brody if he’s alright, knowing he may not be. He asks Brody who he’s trying to kill. He knows that it’s Robert Ford. He tells Brody that he has some things going on involving Layla being 3000 miles away. So he’d like to work off his aggression also.

Right then, in the coffee shop and Langston notices Jessica’s wedding ring. Jessica tells her that Brody is incredible to forgive something like that. Dorian then greets Jessica and remembers that Langston informed her that Robert Ford may be the father of Jessica’s baby. She gives Langston an onyx necklace and tells her that she is a true Cramer.

Clint tells Rex that if something were to happen to Gigi’s grant, then the money he is offering Rex would allow her to live her dream and continue school regardless.

Inez tells Bo and Nora she has to get smiles him and tells him not to worry and remarks that Clint has been very kind to her and she appreciates it.

Clint tells Rex that Gigi could quit working at Rodi’s and be able to attend school full time without going into debt. Shane’s asthma medication will be paid for. And Rex will be financially ahead. Rex is not certain what to do. Clint tells Rex that he believes Rex will do what is best for everyone in the end. Rex leaves his office. Right then, Clint calls the Dean who just fired Robert Ford and tells her he’d like to call in a favor.

Rex returns to Gigi at Rodi's and she makes it clear that she is now encouraged and inspired to be in school. She is so glad that he has helped her not to give up.

Right then, Clint calls Inez and tells her he might be able to pull strings so that James can get his grant and some day get a college degree.

Gigi tells Rex that Cristian Vega is an excellent teacher and she is no longer considering dropping out of school. Right then, she gets a call from Dean McKenzie from LU with news for her. Rex then talks to Bo alone. Right then, Gigi is distraught to inform her that they rescinded her grant money and the award has been re-assigned. She tells Rex that she had a dream and finally got encouraged. But now, how is she going to pay for books and supplies. She appears distraught and Rex knows what just happened.

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