OLTL Update Wednesday 9/22/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/22/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

In the park, Starr finds James very upset and asks him what is wrong. He answers her with a very passionate kiss. She pulls away, what are you doing and he kisses her again. She pulls away again and tells him they can’t do this. James says she is right; he should never have done that. James tells her why he is so upset. He is upset because he ran into his mom and was afraid to let her in and allow her help him. He talks about the few things he remembered about her when he was a little boy. He really wants to forgive her, but he is afraid to. He still remembers how it felt when she abandoned them. Starr says she understands what he is going through, but why did he kiss her. James tells her he has been lying to her. Starr says her head wants one thing, but her heart wants something else. It’s all so complicated. She tells him that all they can have is friendship. Hope is her priority and because of this she is committed to Cole. She tells James she will be his friend and will be there for him. James tells her can’t be friends; he wants more. He can’t turns to walk away. Starr can’t believe he is just going to walk away from her and tries to stop him. Starr tells him that they mean something to each other and they can’t just walk away from that. He can’t be second in her life and he walks away. Starr has a very sad look on her face.

Inez is at Rodi’s, visibly upset, drinking a glass of wine. Clint walks up to her and asks her why she is crying over a glass of pinot; she says no, its chardonnay. She confides in Clint and tells him that Bobby lost his job which means James loses his free ride to LU. As they are talking about how he can possibly help, Bo walks in and asks if he is interrupting. Clint talks about what a natural Matt is at BE. Clint heads back to the office and Bo sits down with Inez. He tells Inez he knows he made her uncomfortable at dinner the other night. He explains the complicated relationship he has with Clint. Inez asks if he doesn’t want her dating his brother. He says it’s not that, but Clint has had some pretty big boots to fill since their father died. A lot of things have happened. He talks about some of the stunts Clint has pulled, starting with pulling a gun on his son David and then threatening to shoot him for dating Nora. Inez asks if he is trying to say that Clint is dangerous. Bo says he is all bluster. They were raised with guns. Asa taught them to shoot when they were in diapers! They joke and laugh about Dodge City. Well, then in walks Nora who asks, “What is so funny?”

Kelly is at Rodi’s. Gigi approaches her and asks if she is interested in Rex. Kelly assures her its just business. Kelly says that Rex is really good at what he does and she knows that he is trying to earn extra cash to help Gigi with tuition. Gigi tells her she is pretty independent, and by the way, I got a big grant so we don’t need your charity case.

Matt walks in on Rex in Clint’s office. He shuffles his papers into his briefcase. Matt wants to know what he is doing with his Uncle Clint’s files. Rex looks nervous. Rex covers and bluffs his way out of telling Matt what he is doing. Matt is skeptical and says he broke in and what is he really doing. Rex reminds Matt that they are practically family and he would never do anything to hurt them. Matt doesn’t fall for the bluff and tells him that they aren’t family. Matt asks to see the files he stole and Rex says I’ll put them back, no harm no foul, and puts the file back. Do we have to tell anyone what happened? Matt picks up the phone and calls security. Security comes in and then in walks Clint. At the same time, Rex’s phone is ringing. Clint picks it up and says here its your boss. Rex takes the phone and tells Kelly he’ll call her back. Security and Matt leave the office. Rex asks him to explain what is in his desk. Clint opens the drawer and pulls the files out. Is this what you are looking for? Clint asks him what it looks like. Rex tells him it looks like a picture of David in a prison in Morocco cleaning toilets and it looks like he knows all about it. Clint tells Rex that he found what he was looking for and it would be unwise if he shared what he saw with Kelly or anyone else. Rex asks if he is threatening him. Meanwhile, Kelly leaves a message on his cell asking if she needs to plan his funeral!

Hannah has to appear in court. Cole comes in and tells her that he is there for her. She appears before the judge. Nora is prosecuting the case against Hannah. The case is to drop the charges against Hannah’s for assault against Ford and Marty. But, the Commonwealth will press charges because her false accusations allowed Eli to go free. Therefore she obstructed justice, in addition to aiding and abetting Eli’s murder spree. The judge agrees to the charges. Hannah’s lawyer asks if Marty can speak to the court on behalf of Hannah. Marty defends her and tells the court that Hannah was extremely vulnerable at the time of her confession. She was tormented by both Eli, her lawyer, and Ford. Marty states she was a victim and pushed to extreme measures by both men. Nora also questions Marty and points out the continued lies that Hannah told and the impact they had on Cole, Todd and her. Marty, as a doctor, explains Hannah’s fragile psyche and low self-esteem. She tells the judge how uncaring Hannah’s parents are and always have been. They have abandoned her. Nora asks if this allows her to disregard the law? Marty says of course not, but Hannah was on the brink of a breakdown. Nora continues to ask if she should be excused for what she did. Marty says of course not. Nora says well her interference allowed her to aid and abet a murderer and just think of everything she did to Mary and Cole. Cole stands up and says everything she did was to protect Cole. The judge allows him to speak. He tells the judge that Hannah was only trying to protect him. She swallowed a bottle of pills because Eli told her if she didn’t he would kill Cole. Marty offers to supervise Hannah if the judge releases her from St. Anne’s so she can get the help and treatment she needs. The judge lays down the ground rules to Hannah and to appreciate the gift that she has been given. Nora tells Hannah that despite being on opposites of the table again, she agrees Marty is right. Marty takes Hannah home.

At LU, Cris is in his studio. Carlotta yells at him for letting Layla go off to Paris. He can paint anywhere she says. Cris calms her down and asks her to respect their decision. She agrees and says she just wants him to be happy. Before she leaves she tells him how proud she is of him. After she leaves, he calls Layla and leaves her message telling her how much he loves her. Gigi shows up early for class and tells Cris she wants to make a good first impression. Cris says don’t worry. All you need to do is your work and you’ll be fine. I’ll give you the tools and you express what is in your heart. She asks to look at what he is working on. She looks and says wow a few times. She then looks again and says your missing Layla and your not just sad, but you are mad too. Cris asks her to look again, and tell him what she sees. She breaks down his drawing seeing the distance between he and Layla. Cris is impressed and tells her she is going to do just fine in his class.

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