OLTL Update Tuesday 9/21/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/21/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In court, Ross shows the judge Daniela’s birth certificate naming him as the legal father. Todd argues that it does not matter. But the judge says it does and asks if Todd has any other evidence he’d like to present. Todd then tells her he has a wedding ring. He is Téa’s husband and Dani’s biological father.

Langston and Starr are walking in the park and Langston talks about how she was seriously considering giving Robert Ford another chance. He was ready to get therapy with her and change and seemed very sincere to her. But then, Brody showed up and revealed what Robert did to Jessica. So she realized that Ford is a dog and she’s not going to let him get away with his misdeeds anymore. But Star knows that getting Robert fired did not only hurt him.

Robert is alone in the park after getting fired. Nate shows up and asks if he can help with something. Robert tells him no. He needs to be left alone.

At Rodi’s, Gigi is working and wondering if she should enroll in school. Right then, Rex and Kelly enter. He tells her that maybe she should consider what could happen if Clint finds out that she hired Rex to go after him and get him in trouble in order to find David Vickers

Clint meets with his contact in his office and smirks about how he’s made David Vickers disappear and everybody believes that he is making himself a spectacle on face book.. But the guy tells Clint that the warden needs more money in order to keep David in prison and keep his mouth shut about what Clint did.

In the courtroom, Todd and Ross argue about who should be Dani’s real dad. Dani and Destiny are hiding underneath tables unseen and overhearing all that is being decided.

James is alone in an empty classroom which should have been his brother’s. Right then, Inez enters and tells her “son” it’s good to see him. She is unaware that Robert got fired from his job. Yet she has no clue why he is there. He tells her that he intended to start school but must drop out because Robert got fired.

In the park, Nate demands that Robert tells him what happened. Robert tells him he does not need his help. Nate is a spoiled child who doesn’t know anything about life’s hard knocks. Nate reminds Robert that he works two jobs and had to move out of his home. He’s lived throughout his life alone with his mom and never knew of his dad. He knows some things about life’s hard knocks. He asks Robert what happened. Robert replies he got fired from his professor job.

Matthew enters Clint’s office to start the first day of his internship at B.E. and notices Clint’s contact is not friendly. The contact leaves and Matthew asks his uncle who that was or what he said that made the man refuse to shake his hand. Clint tells his nephew that that guy is one of his “handymen” at B.E. He does whatever types of services Clint needs him to do. Hearing that, Matthew asks his uncle of that means illegally.

In the courtroom, the judge asks Todd just what he has to say. He tells her that Dani means everything to him and he does now know what he would do without her.

In response to Matthew inquiring to his uncle if he does something illegal, Clint asks his nephew if he’s implying that Clint is a drug dealer. Matthew tells his uncle he realizes it’s none of his business but he’d like to learn more about how Clint conducts business. Clint tells his nephew that this is going to be a great learning experience for him and possibly unlike anything that his two law abiding parents have shown him throughout his life. Kelly enters and notices that Matthew is Clint’s newest intern. While they are distracted and Clint puts down his wallet, Kelly notices what’s inside it. Clint asks her if she wants to go to Rodi’s with him. He goes off with Kelly, welcomes Matthew to B.E. and encourages him to have fun.

At Rodi's, Gigi asks Rex just what Kelly is asking him to do. He tells her that it’s complicated and might get him in trouble. But it will offer him enough money to pay for many things including her school. She happily tells him that she got approved for the grant she applied for.

Inez asks James just why Robert got fired. He replies he cannot say. She asks if he does not know. He tells her he does not think his older brother would want him to tell her. It was a really stupid thing with a student of Robert’s and he believes it’s a scam, he tells her.

Starr asks Langston if she should have gone though with what she did. Langston reminds Starr that Robert took the bait and chose to kiss her in the hallway when he’s her professor. And she could care less about him. Starr protests that she does not feel sorry for him either. But he is not the only person who has to live with the consequences for what Langston did.

Nate tells Robert that their mother is devastated that Robert never wants to speak to him. He hears her in the bathroom crying and saying his name. Robert asks Nate why he should care. Nate tells Robert he’s an idiot and asks if Robert knows how many people would kill to have another moment with their mom. He walks off.

In the courtroom, Ross tells the judge that Todd did not know that Dani existed because he abandoned her mom to be with another woman when Dani was first born. Blair then takes the witness stand and tells the judge she’s known Todd for many years and was married to him and had kids with him. He does have many faults but she knows that Todd would walk through fire for any and all of his kids. Ross tells the judge that even thought Téa married Todd, she realized that when she died, she could not leave her daughter with a killer, an abuser and a rapist. Todd takes the stand and admits to the judge that he’s done some things he’s not proud of. He is not going to lie and has never run from whom he is or what he’s done. And you cannot say the same thing about Mr. Rayburn. Ross has been hiding out, has staged his death and has lied and deceived many people about many things. Not long he got Dani held at gunpoint. He then realizes that the judge wants to hear why he should be Dani’s father instead of Ross. He tells her that he and his daughter have made great strides in getting close. They still have a long way to go. But he knows he is the right father for her. Both Todd and Blair testify that there is no way that Téa could have named Ross as Dani’s legal father. She was with Téa when she asked Blair to be Dani’s legal mother and Todd her legal father. But there is no way to prove it. Right then, Destiny stands up and shocks the court. The judge demands to know where she (and Dani) came from. Destiny then tells the court that somebody needs to ask Dani what she wants.

Rex and Gigi talk at Rodi’s where he tells her he is going to do some “work” for Kelly.

Starr asks Langston if she can sleep at night after what she has done. Why has she kept it a secret and not told Starr sooner and is not out with Dorian celebrating if she’s ok with it?. Langston tells Starr that she does not regret what she did. But Starr somehow knows that revenge does not make her feel good and is not who she really is.

Nate and Robert are together in the park arguing.

Inez tells James that “they” will figure something out so that he does not have to give up going to school. He tells her it’s not her problem. She tells him she wants to help him. He tells her she cannot. She tells him he does not know that. She has a job now and might be able to do something. But he tells her he cannot accept her help because she is not even his mom.

At Rodi’s,, Kelly asks Clint if maybe Zane should move to Llanview and possibly learn the business with Matthew at some point. She asks him if he is considering selling the business. He tells her no.. But he’s not certain how long he can keep it up her crusade to get David Vickers back to town.

When Clint’s office is empty, Rex goes in and wonders what he is hiding. He goes to Clint’s desk and attempts to get on his computer. He looks at the calendar to find out where Clint was on the day of Bo and Nora’s wedding. He realizes he better not mess with the computer so instead he looks at another source and is baffled to wonder how it was that Clint went to Morocco on the day of their wedding. Why would he have gone there?

Kelly admits to Clint that she thinks that Dorian needs a chance to see David again so that she can have closure after facing him one more time. He asks her what the point is when David will just pull the rug out from under her aunt again.

James tells Inez that when he was a kid and their father abused both him and Robert, he wished that she was there. But it felt as though nobody and nothing could ever stop their father from doing what he did. But then something stupid would come up like parent’s night or 3rd grade Halloween costume contest or making pancakes. And he thought to himself that it would be so different if he had a mom. She then asks him what he was for Halloween. He tells her that he was ashamed of who he was and his costume was laughed out of his classroom. But he found a way to make pancakes alone in the basement where his dad could not find him or hurt him. She then asks him more questions and James demands she stops. He sounds like he’s crying and tells her he does not need a mom now anyway. She asks if she’s just “some lady he met”. He tells her yes. He courteously tells her she needn’t worry. He can take care of himself. She acknowledged she knows that he’s been taking care of himself all alone for too long and she is so sorry. She leaves.

In the park, Nate notices that Robert burned a video that he made. Nate knows all about the same movies Robert likes. He tells him he knows how to sneak into Chicago award shows to see some really good films. Hearing that, Robert seems intrigued.

Langston tells Starr that she did feel bad when Robert saw that she used him. She remembers how Markko looked and felt when he found out she betrayed him. Yet she never thought that Robert could feel that way. Starr tells Langston she did a lousy thing but she can undo it.

In the courtroom, Destiny stands up and tells the judge she does not mean any disrespect. But all she has heard so far is he said-she said and people judging one anther. Dani is a minor but not a little child and should be given some say as to where she wants to live and with whom. The judge then asks Destiny who she is. Destiny then introduces herself by her full name and shakes the judge’s hand. The judge then agrees that Destiny may have a point that nobody has considered what Dani wants.

Starr tells Langston that she needs to go to the Dean of Faculty and “fix” what she did. Langston tells Starr that by admitting that she set Robert up, she could get expelled. Starr tells her that’s unlikely. And even if Langston does get in some sort of “trouble”, her college career is not over. With her grades, there are many schools that could accept her. But if she does not come clean with what she did, James will have to suffer the consequences for something that is in no way his fault, and will never have another chance.

Robert and Nate area talking and appearing to bond with their common interests.

Clint tells Kelly that she needs to know that David Vickers is a con man and has done everything he could do in order to weasel his way into the Buchanan money. She reminds Clint that Asa named David as an heir. But Clint tells her about all the things that David has done and finds it hard to believe that Asa would ever consider doing any such thing. Her knows a lot of things about David but hasn’t gone public and told everybody because he doesn’t need publicity about his family. He tells Kelly she needs to know that it’s better off for everybody if David stays away from Dorian and everybody else he knows and never comes back. He urges her to leave well enough alone.

Rex sits at Clint’s desk and looks like he’s finding some things out.

The judge puts Dani on the witness stand and asks her to say whatever is on her mind. Dani stands up and admits that the truth is she feels alone. She misses her mom. Todd, Blair and Ross all listen. She says it hurts not to have her around. Her mom was so brilliant in court. She knew how to go after whatever she wanted. She, unlike her mom, does not have a clue what she wants at this point. She is supposed to choose one person. How does she do that? She doesn’t want to hurt anybody. The judge tells her that they can all handle that. But Dani tells the judge she knows that is not true.. She knows that if she picks Todd, she will hurt Ross. He’s taken care of her throughout her life. Now, she’s gotten to know Todd and he’s her biological father. He’s been really good to her. And if she goes off with Ross, it will devastate Todd. How can she be expected to choose? She loves them both. The judge then admits that she is not going to have an answer for a while and adjourns the court. Right then, Nate appears and informs Dani that Destiny gave him a text. Todd tells Bair that maybe they should go after Dani. But she urges both Todd and Ross to leave her alone for now. Ross tells the two of them they need to realize that “that memory” of his daughter will be their last.

Clint admits to Kelly that he is worried about her. He’s even worried about Dorian. They need to realize that David is just bad news. She tells him she agrees. He thanks her for having lunch with him and departs. He tells her he has to get back to Matthew but they should do this again soon. Alone at the table, Kelly gets on her cell phone and calls Rex. He tells her she will not believe what he is looking at. But she tells him that Clint just walked out the door and is headed back to B.E so Rex better get out of his office right away. Rex then gathers his stuff and rushes out the door and runs into Matthew who asks him what he is doing there.

Langston sees Robert from a distance and neither knows what to say to the other.

Inez is alone in Rodi’s when Clint finds her and asks if she wants to talk about it.

Starr goes and finds James alone and crying. She rushes to him so worried about whether he’s ok. He then kisses her impulsively.

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