OLTL Update Monday 9/20/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/20/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

James and Starr are walking and he informs her that his brother got fired for having in appropriate conduct with a student. And that student was Langston. Hearing that, Starr cannot believe that Langston would “get back” with Ford. She was done with him for good.

Meanwhile, Langston admits to Ford that the person who took the pictures to send to the Dean of Faculty and get him fired was herself. Hearing that, he is shocked and demands to know why.

Greg finds Téa in a hospital bed appearing to be asleep but alive and well. He tells her that he has to confess to somebody and knows of nobody better than her

Eli is on the phone with Ross telling him he’s very confident that Ross will get custody of Dani.

Todd and Blair are in the courthouse when she compliments him on not going through with shooting Ross. She knows the “old Todd” might have done behaviors that he’s now learned not to do. But he tells her that nothing is ok when it’s obvious that his daughter is gone and he may never see her again.

Greg leans over Téa’s bed and tells her he is so sorry for what he did to her and her family. If only they knew that she was there, they’d be there with her in less than an hour. But they are somewhere mourning her with no idea that she is still alive.

James tells Starr that he is just telling her what he’s heard. His brother got a phone call from Langston who invited herself to the apartment and told her she reconsidered and wanted to get back with him. And after she left he could see that his brother was on cloud nine because Langston wanted to get back with him. But Starr seems to know that Langston could not possibly want Robert Ford back.

Langston tells Robert that she did consider getting back with him or at the very least of not wanting to hurt him or get him in trouble. But then she found out that he had sex with Jessica when she was not in her right mind and did not even use a condom. That could be his kid that she is pregnant with. HE then protests that she knew that before she called him and told him she wanted to start over. She wanted him and they kissed. He concludes that the phone call and her whole idea to get him back was all a set up to get him fired.

Destiny finds Dani in the park and reminds her that she is behind on her school assignments. But because she was with her family at her mother’s memorial, they will understand. Nate informs Destiny that he had to get Dani out of there with all that was happening involving the custody battle.

John informs Natalie that he knows that Ross is nearby. He’s on the phone at Rodi’s and talking to “somebody”. Ross talks to his brother on the phone about his relationship with Téa. He tells Eli that she was one of the strongest and most incredible women he’s ever known. It just doesn’t seem credible that she would suddenly die. And it happened so conveniently right in time for Eli to “swoop down” and change her will so that Ross could custody of Dani. And, he tells Eli, it’s not like his brother has not “killed” before.

Greg tells unconscious Téa that Eli had something on him and he had no choice if he wanted to save his family.

Destiny admits to Dani that she was surprised to see Ross at the service. She thought he was either dead or in jail and it seems odd that he’d be there to say good bye to her mom. Dani then informs Destiny that Ross wants custody of her and to take her back to Tahiti with him.

At the courthouse, Todd tells Blair that he did everything he could to get Téa back. But the idiots lost her. She got away and he never saw her gain and never will. He tells her that he keeps hearing and seeing people on the street that look like her. Yet he will never see her again. But maybe it’s for the best. How often can he keep coming up with things to knows it’s too late.. Todd’s lawyer appears and warns him that his custody case may be a little more complicated than Todd realizes. He tells Todd that the problem is the Will was drawn up at Mrs. Manning’s request. Todd argues that Téa did not authorize Ross to have custody of Dani. She specifically stated she wanted him and Blair to raise her. But the lawyer believes that her Will has been signed and notarized and that they can’t argue against it.

Nate informs Destiny that Ross’s brother, Elijah Clark, the con man and murderer drew up this false Will that makes it appear that Ross gets full custody of Dani. But Destiny knows that Téa wanted her to get closer to Todd and to Blair. They all three know that this does not add up. But, Dani realizes that her mom knew that Blair was marrying Ross’s brother Eli and could have changed her mind at the last minute and wanted to send Dani back to Tahiti. She was always talking about surfing and diving and beach combing, how she missed that and missed being with her dad, Ross. She’s not saying that she wants to leave. But with her mom getting sick and going away, who knows what she was thinking at the end. But Destiny knows that her brother, Greg was there and may know something.

Greg confesses to unconscious Téa, in the private hospital bed, that he first got the idea that Eli was a stand up guy and he brought her to the E.R.

On the phone while still in his hospital bed, Eli tells Ross that he does care for Téa and believes that nobody deserves to die the way she did. Ross concludes that that was the one time her brain failed her. Eli tells Ross that he finds it a bit ironic. He informs him that he was there when it first started, when she had her first episode and her first sign of symptoms. He informs Ross that it happened when they were both in court and Téa was being her usual brilliant self. And then, all of a sudden, she started to feel faint and passed out but refused to go to the hospital. He insisted however and took her to see Greg.

Greg tells Téa that she was so stubborn and did not want him to examine her. But she passed out for no apparent reason. Maybe she was just overworked hadn’t eaten properly or gotten enough sleep. So he managed to get her to a hospital. And when all the tests came back, even he was surprised. Greg relives having Eli come into his office right when he got the results of the tests. Eli told Greg that he needs to know if Téa is going to be ok. Greg assured him that all the tests came back negative and she was fine. Eli tells Ross that he believed that he had no reason to believe she could have had a brain tumor. But then Blair came home and told him she accidentally saw Téa’s records and discovered it. Blair was devastated to find that out. And it blew his mind.

Greg confirms to unconscious Téa that there was never any brain tumor. Yet he had her and everybody believing there was.

Eli admits to Ross that it didn’t make any sense to him that Téa died so suddenly. He informs Ross that he is still stuck in his hospital room and waiting for Dr. Evans to give him the clear to get out of there. He is confident that Ross will get custody of Dani. At Rodi’s, Natalie comes up behind Ross and pulls the phone out of his hands. And she hears Eli’s voice asking Ross if he is still there.

Langston admits to Robert that the previous night was a joke. She set him up and he fell for it and it was all too easy. He asks her how she got the pictures. She admits that she kept the camera in the hallway and that is why she lead him out there to kiss him. She concludes that Markko would be proud of her. Does he remember Markko, the boyfriend she lied to and cheated on him with him? Robert concludes that his brother was right to say that didn’t seem real that Langston would want to get back with him and he should not believe her. He should have listened to James.

James tells Starr that his brother is out of a job. He asks her if she has any idea who went to the Dean. She replies she has no clue. He suggests maybe Langston knows. Starr admits that Langston has not said anything to her about it.

Nate tells Dani that Destiny is right. Greg might know since he talked to Téa before she died. But Dani concludes he does not want to hear anything that Greg would say because he has already lied to her and her dad.

Greg confesses to Téa that there was nothing wrong with her. He was going to tell her that so that she and her family did not have to worry. Eli had “other ideas”. We see a flashback of Eli telling Greg that he needs to tell Téa that she is dying and he threatened to tell Destiny and Shaun was Eli was doing. So Greg had to do what Eli and Ross were planning.

Dani informs Destiny that when she and Todd got to the hospice, they were too late. Greg told them that Téa changed her mind but he did not tell them until she was dead. Destiny tells Dani that her brother would never do that although Dani knows he admitted it.

Todd tells his lawyer that it’s his job to make certain that the judge sides with Todd. But the lawyer tells Todd that he has closely examined the will and it is valid so the judge may have no choice except to rule in Ross’s favor. Todd tells him that the Will was falsified and Téa would have never granted Ross custody. Plus, Todd adds, he is the real father.

At Rodi’s, Ross tells Natalie and John they need to leave him alone when he’s making a private call and get to court. He leaves and Natalie informs John that when she grabbed the phone, she heard a man’s voice saying Ross. She couldn’t trace the call but bets that Ross was talking to his supposedly “dead” brother.

Starr tells James that her sister Dani has lost her mom but at least she had good memories. He did not have that with his dad. He then tells her that he is about to give up on relationships or his future. Because Robert got fired, he no longer gets the tuition assistance for being a family member of a professor. So his dream to get a college degree is over. Hearing that, Star is shocked and realizes she never thought of how Robert getting fired prevents him from getting tuition. But she tells him she won’t let him give up on his education. He tells her she must know how long it was since he was in school. He dropped out of high school and it was hard enough for him to study for his GED. He tells her that he saw it took forever for his brother to prepare for his lectures. Maybe he is not cut out for that. Maybe his dad was right. The only thing he’s good at is stealing cars. Starr tells him that she knows he’s good at that and has the option of concluding it’s all he can do. But if he wants something more, he has to fight for it.

Meanwhile, Robert protests to Langston that she kissed him and he knows it meant something to her. Yes, she’s angry at him. But setting him up? That’s not her, he tells her. She asks him why not. She set Markko up by cheating and lying to him for an entire semester. He tells her that it was his fault. But she tells him she was a coward and realizes she got what she deserved. And now so does he.

Todd’s lawyer tells him he intends to do the best he can to plead his case. But Todd needs to control his temper and have no outbursts. Blair also urges Todd to appear cool, calm and collected and like someone deserving custody of his daughter. Ross appears and Blair snaps at him telling him how dare he try to take Todd’s child away from him.

Greg admits to unconscious Téa that he was “forced” to deliver the bad news. And we re-live his telling Téa for the first time that the tests reveal that she has a brain tumor. He falsified her medical records and switched her x rays and MRIs with that of a patient whom he was treating for a brain tumor. He even prescribed medication that would mimic the symptoms of a massive tumor. And we see his consulting with Téa about whether she wants to take something. It was Eli’s idea for her to stay in a hospice in order to spare her family. She was so brave and so determined. And then she changed her mind. And we see her admitting to Greg that she’s scared and cannot do this alone. She was wrong to push her husband and daughter away. They must be the last people she hears and sees there. He admits that it killed him to have her believing she was dying and then to deny her last wish. He remembers Eli threatening him and telling him he better think of something.

Destiny tells Dani she knows if Greg would not let her and Todd see Téa, there must have been a reason. But Dani believes that he lied to her.

Ross tells Blair not that it’s any of her business. But Téa wanted him to raise Dani. She tells him she knows that never happened. He got his psycho brother to do his dirty work for him. All they did was use Téa and take her money from her. IT was all lies. And she hates Eli for all he did.

John tries and fails to trace the call that Ross made. But Natalie tells him that it’s obvious that Ross was talking to his brother. It’s a bit coincidental that he shows up out of nowhere right now and takes Todd’s daughter from her. But, she wonders why all this brotherly love all of a sudden and what would be in it for Eli.

Blair is ready to physically attack Ross and tells him she hates Eli. Todd grabs a hold of her and tells her she needs to calm down. Ross makes comments about how his brother fooled her and got her into bed. She is ready to physically attack him but Todd tells her they have to get out of there. He holds her and she cries. They both want to make Ross and Eli pay.

Greg concludes to Téa that he was forced to kill her in order for nobody to find out what he did. But he could not do it. Yet he couldn’t let Eli destroy his family. So he had to make him think she was dead. He pulled every favor he could in order to get her back to the states and back to Todd and Dani. He was so afraid that Eli would find them. But then he found out he was dead. He was ready to contact Todd and let him know that she was alive and confess all that happened. But that was right when he got a text warning him to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t know if it was Eli or not but he could not chance it. Can she believe that son of a bitch is alive? He faked his death just like Greg faked hers’. Greg tells her he swears he will make this up to her no matter what it takes.

Dani talks to Nate and Destiny about the hearing where she is at the desperate mercy of what the judge decides.. She tells Nate he should go. He tells her that he is never saying good bye to her and urges her to text him.

Robert tells Langston that it’s all his fault. She was too young and he was too screwed up. And now she’s turned into somebody he doesn’t know. She tells him that everybody warned her about him and they were right but she did not listen. She can’t let him get away with what he did. But he asks her if she had to get him fired. This was his career, his income. He tells her she didn’t just hurt him. She hurt James.

Starr then informs James that she knows many people cannot afford college tuition so they apply for a scholarship or grant. She tells him she can help him with that and wont’ let him give up.

Langston tells Robert that James will be better off without him

James tells Starr that he will go to the student center and apply for a grant. He asks her to let him know how everything goes with her sister, Dani. And he goes off.

Destiny walks with Dani and asks her when she will know the verdict. Dani tells her the reason she is not at the hearing is because Todd and Blair asked her to stay away. Hearing that, Destiny asks since when “the D girls” do as they are told.

The judge tells everybody this is a very easy case. Custody of Daniela Rayburn is grated to Mr. Rayburn. Ross smirks and Todd and Blair are both furious.

After Greg got out of Téa’s room after promising to make it up to him, Eli calls him and demands he helps him get back to Llanview ASAP. But Greg stalls Eli warning him that he could suffer a massive and fatal head trauma if he does not stay put and wait.

Langston admits to Starr that she set Robert up to get fired.

Roberts is walking nearby with a box that has all of his stuff. He sits alone and kicks it. Nate appears and they stare at each other.

Todd protests that he is Dani’s biological father. His lawyer tells the judge that is true that Mr. Manning is the husband of Mrs. Manning as well as the biological father of Dani.

Greg tells Téa that he knows how to flush the drugs out of her system. He promises she will recover and he will get her back to Todd and Dani. For now, he has to find Eli and make him believe he can’t go anywhere. He informs her that Eli is fine. He just has to get him on the operating table so he can kill him.

Dani and Destiny sneak into the courtroom unseen while Ross and Todd go to battle for custody.

At Rodi’s, John and Natalie conclude that if Eli helped Ross falsify the Will, there must be a way to prove it.

Ross then shows the judge Dani’s birth certificate that names him her legal father.

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