OLTL Update Friday 9/17/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/17/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

We see a pictures of Téa and all of the guests who attend her memorial service. Starr and Blair sign in. Starr asks her mom if that story was true that she found out that Téa was an Abba fan and they remember dancing together reliving the 70s. Starr reflects that it was amazing that hr mom and Téa got to be friends before she died. Blair reflects to her daughter that everything was going to be ok until Ross wanted to take Dani way. Not far away, Dani introduces Ross to Nate. He asks Nate a lot of questions and reflects that he wants to get to know the guy who is dating his daughter. Nate asks Ross if he’s going to be staying in town long. Todd answers no. Ross is going to be leaving tonight. Todd then finds Shaun and asks if he could hire him to perform a “hit” for him. Shaun tells Todd that he is there for Téa and doesn’t want to get involved in his drama.

At John’s home, Natalie talks about how Dani is too young to lose her mom. And Ross Rayburn has a lot of gall to show up out of nowhere and act as though he should be Dani’s father. Natalie tells John that for once she feels sorry for Todd. He does not need this right now. Neither does Dani.

At the memorial service, Todd tells Ross he would like him eliminated any way he can do it.

Right then, Eli is on the phone with Greg demanding that he gets him out of there. He tells Greg he has so much to do and is bored to death with being dead.

Ross tells Todd that they can argue about this in court. But this is not the time or the place. His daughter’s mother died and he wants to make certain that she gets everything she needs. He goes and talks to Nate ready to “play daddy” to Dani. Todd wants to intervene. But Starr comes by and takes her father by the hand. Langston enters and tells Blair how sorry she is for all that happened, only Téa’s death but Blair’s misfortune with Eli. Blair tells Langston that she was very stupid to have fallen for Eli hook line and sinker. But Langston tells her that Eli hurt her and she does not judge Blair. Blair tells Langston that the tragic mistake she had to learn the hard way with Eli should warn Langston not to do the same thing with Robert Ford.

Right then, James and Robert are both getting ready for school.

Starr tells Todd that he mustn’t’ worry that he will lose Dani. She tells him that Dani is her sister and she won’t’ let anybody take her away. She tells Todd that he has been heroic in all he’s done to win Dani over. But, Starr tells her dad, Ross has been Dani’s father. She grew up with him and has known him all her life. So, unfortunately, there is nothing anybody can do about that. Todd needs to respect his daughter’s wishes. Ross is right then, telling Dani that he can get her an excuse to not have to attend school. He knows that he will win custody of her.

Right then, Greg is at Rodi’s alone and talking to Eli on the phone. He tells Eli that if he wants his brain to heal, he has to stay in a hospital bed a long way from Llanview. Eli tells Greg he questions whether his doctor is trying to stall him. Greg tells Eli if he dos not want my medical opinion, he need not listen to him if he does not want to. It’s his brain. It was he who asked Greg to help him. Eli tells Greg he expects him to be there on the next plane. Greg tells Eli he will get there when he gets there. Right then, Shaun enters to find his brother and asks whom he is talking to.

Natalie tells John that she is determined to get the DNA from the dead body to unravel their case. He is ready to go to Tahiti without her but now tells her that he is not going. She tells him that he need not worry about her or the baby. They will be fine. But he tells her that he just got a call from the Tahitian police. She asks if they now have nothing to prove that Eli is alive. He replies not exactly.,

At Rodi’s, Shaun asks Greg why he is so secretive about the phone call he just ended. Greg tells his brother that a client won’t take no for an answer. Shaun asks since when does the great Gregory Evans refuse to give advice and remarks that his brother has been acting very strange and secretive for a long time. Why did he rush out of Téa’s memorial service and rush to the bar to make a call? Is there anything he’d like to tell his brother?

At the memorial, Ross gets a call from Eli that he makes sure cannot be overheard. He asks his brother if he is certain that the will cannot be overturned. Eli assures him it’s air tight. No lawyer or judge can dispute it. And Dani will be Ross’s.

Starr tells Dani that Cole wanted to come but had classes and wanted to offer his condolences and really thought highly of her mom. Starr hugs Dani while she cries. Dani tells Starr that she is very worried she will have to leave. Starr tells her sister she wants her to stay. But this is not about herself or her dad or what they. It’s about Dani and what she wants.

Robert tells his brother that he is willing to change and become a better person and turn his life around. And one reason for that is it appears that Langston changed her mind and is willing to give him another chance. James asks what caused her to suddenly change her mind when she was very adamant that they are through not long ago. Robert replies that perhaps she took a leap of faith.

Right then, Langston talks to Blair about how she is not going to let Robert Ford get away with his misdeeds. And she asks Blair if there is not a part of her that would like to get Eli back so that she can make him pay for what he did. Blare admits that there is. Blair finds Todd while Ross is privately talking to his brother on the phone. Todd comes by and asks Ross to name a number. Ross asks for what. Todd replies for how much it’s going to take for him to leave Dani alone, go away and never come back.

Robert gets ready to start his class when Starr and Langston are both late. Robert welcomes the students to his writing class. Starr, Langston and James are all there. But right then, the Dean of students interrupts his class to tell him she needs to speak with him in private. He leaves to talk to her alone. She asks him point blank if he is presently romantically involved with a student. He tells her no. She asks if he is not “seeing” Langston Wilde. He replies no. Not since she’s been his student. The Dean then pulls out an envelope with several very vivid photos of him making out with Langston in the hallway outside his apartment.

At Rodi's, Shaun tells Greg that he knows that he has been acting very secretive. He knows this is completely unlike Greg. Greg may have always been the smart one. But there is one capability Shaun has that Greg does not have. And that is how to protect people from trouble. He can smell trouble a mile away. That is the one talent he has. He needs his brother to tell him what is going on so that he can help him.

John and Natalie talk about how to investigate evidence about Eli’s DNA. She tells him that they have to get to the lab because she can get all the evidence they need.

At the memorial service, Ross asks Todd if he intends to buy Dani. Todd tells Ross no. He is going to buy him to get him to leave. Ross tells Todd to go to hell. But Todd tells Ross he really needs to take the money.

Nate and Dani talk outside about the conflict between her two dads right at her mom’s memorial service. He tells her that he wishes he could have gotten to know her mom better and he knows what she is going through. She has to deal with a “double dad” thing. But she tells him that it must be worse for him not even having one dad. He asks her if the text was from Ross. She confirms yes.

Right then, when Todd is alone with Ross, he pulls a gun on him after failing to buy him off.

Dani talks to Nate about how allegedly her mom wrote in her will that she wanted Ross to have custody of her and instead of Todd although Téa clearly told everybody differently before she died. Todd and Blair both believe that the will was falsified. But they cannot prove it. And how can she choose between two dads.?

The Dean tells Robert Ford that she has no alternative except to let him go. She cannot allow things like this to happen. There is clear evidence that he has been having inappropriate relations with a student. He needs to go to his office, pack up his stuff and get out. She then tells the students that she will take over the class and teach it for them. James speaks up and asks what about their instructor Robert Ford. She replies that Mr. Ford is no longer employed by this University. James demands to know why. She replies that Mr. Ford has had inappropriate contact with a student.

Todd tells Ross that he knows how to eliminate him and dispose his body and cover all of his tracks. He has many people working for him so that nobody will ever find Ross or know how he died. He asks Ross what it’s going to be. Either he can take Todd’s money or death?

Nate asks Dani if there is any way to prove that the will was falsified. She tells him that only Eli and her mom would know and they are both dead.. Nate asks Dani what it is that she wants regardless of all of those other people. Dani admits that she has missed Ross for a long time believing that he was dead. And then she found out that he was alive. She does love him and he was the only father she had throughout her life. But now, she kind of wishes he would go away.

Shaun tells Greg that he knows that there is a reason why Greg is in trouble and keeping secrets. Greg urges Shaun to know that he is handling this and does not need Shaun’s help. He needs to stay out of it. If nothing else for Destiny.

Right when Todd is pointing the gun at Ross and ready to blow him away, Blair rushes in and urges him to stop. He protests that this sick bastard is going to take Dani away from him. He needs to die. But Blair urges him not to kill somebody who Dani loves. He must stop.

John and Natalie returns to his apartment and he is worried that she needs care since she is getting tired from the pregnancy. But she tells him she needs the DNA report and she does not want to just sit around and watch. But he tells her she has to take a nap. She asks if he has ever seen her take a nap. He tells her there is a first time for everything and she needs to humor him and give it a shot. But she tells him she is staying awake until that DNA report comes in and she knows if Eli is alive or dead.

After Greg tells Shaun he needs to back off in order to protect Destiny, Shaun demands to know if somebody is threatening their sister. Greg tells Shaun that he can handle this and Shaun needs to trust him. Shaun then tells his brother if he needs him, he is there. He leaves.

Nate tells Dani now that she has the option of going back to Tahiti, does she not want to now? Is it because of Todd? She reflects that not long ago, she hated Todd. And it was Nate who told her she should give him a chance. He reminds her that Todd saved his life. And she tells him that Todd was there for his mom and she finally saw that Todd is a good man

Blair asks Todd if he thinks that it will not devastate Dani if he murders the man she knows as her father. But he tells her that if Ross lives, he will take Dani away. Blair reminds him he does not know that yet. And he must know t that Téa is watching over him and does not want him to do that. Blair tells Todd she knows he has no faith in the system. But he can’t go through with blowing Ross away. He must think about the consequences and that he will regret it.

At the class at the university, Starr and James wonder how it was that Robert has been with a student yet again.

Dani tells Nate that she does love Ross. But she cannot give up everything she has here. Todd and Blair and Starr are her family. But they are not the only reason she does not want to go back to Tahiti. She doesn’t want to leave him either. And she kisses him.

After Blair prevents Todd from shooting Ross, he asks her if she is happy now. She admits no. She wishes that Todd had shot and killed Ross. He asks why then she prevented him from doing that. She replies it’s because she promised Téa that she would be a good mother to Dani.

Langston finds Robert outside and asks what happened and how somebody found them out. He tells her that the Dean showed pictures that “somebody” took of the two of them outside the apartment. She appears surprised and shocked and asks who might do something like that.

Meanwhile, Starr asks James who his brother is sleeping with now. James replies it’s Langston.

Langston then asks Robert if he knows of anybody who might hate him enough to want to do something like this to him. He tells her no. He knows of nobody like that. She tells him yes he does. He knows her. She did it.

Blair tells Téa’s spirit she hopes she’s happy now. Blair prevented Todd from killing Ross.

Todd tells Téa that Blair thinks her sprit is alive. But he does not believe that for a second.

Dani tells Nate that she wishes that Ross and Todd would get along. She wishes she did not have to choose whom she liked more. She just wishes she could be a daughter with two fathers.

Blair tells Téa that she does believe that she must be there if she is standing there talking to Téa. And she tells Téa’s spirit if there was ever a time that they needed her, it is right now.

Right then, we see Greg walking into a secret hospital room somewhere unseen.

Todd tells Téa’s sprit that al he knows is that she left him.

Dani tells Nate that more than anything, she wishes her mom was still alive.

Todd tells Téa he does not want her spirit. He wants her. He wants her standing there right now to tell him what a jackass he is. He could not last two minutes without her. He wishes she would appear there to say that. He admits that he cannot do this without her. He wants her back. Why can’t she come back to him? . We then see a big picture of her on the wall.

And right then, we see Greg standing over Téa in a private hospital bed.

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