OLTL Update Thursday 9/16/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Langston goes looking for Dorian and sees Kelly. who tells her that Dorian is taking a nice relaxing bath. Kelly tells Langston perhaps she could help her and asks her what is wrong. Langston replies Robert Ford.

Robert and James are having a meal at Rodi’s and both happy that they are at school with Robert teaching and James taking classes. And Robert tells his brother there are many “hot chicks’. Right then, Starr and Cole enter. James no longer looks encouraged. Robert tells his brother he need not worry. Again, LU campus is crawling with hot chicks.

At another table, Rex informs Gigi that he has more work to do for Kelly. She asks him why Kelly wants so much of his time.

Kelly tells Langston that if she tells her what is going on, whatever is said in this room will stay in this room. Langston then informs Kelly that she just found out that Robert Ford had sex with Jessica and may be the father of her baby. Kelly tells Langston she already knows that and is concerned what this will mean to Jessica.

Jessica talks to Natalie who is afraid she has found out that she with Brody. But it looks as though Jessica is still unaware.

Rex tells Gigi that this new case that Kelly wants him to work on for her is new. This is not about her mother. It’s about David Vickers. Kelly apparently believes that Dorian needs to get David back so that she can dump him. Hearing that, Gigi tells Rex that is ridiculous that she would want to do that. Rex tells her that Kelly calls it closure for Dorian. Gigi tells Rex that she believes it’s just Kelly’s attempt to get something else from Rex.

Langston finds out that Kelly knew that Jessica had hepatitis C and that is why Ford went to get tested for STD. She tells Kelly that “part” of her hates the guy so much and wishes he would just drop off the face of the earth. Kelly asks Langston if there is another part of her. Langston then admits that another part of her still cares for Robert and believes they might still have a chance.

At Rodi’s, Starr and Cole sit at a table and observe Robert and James. Robert asks James if he still has feelings for Starr and reveals that he may want everybody to believe that he could care less about Langston. But that may not be true.

Right then, Starr informs Cole, for the first time, that Langston informs her that she found out that Robert had sex with Jessica and might be the father of her baby.

Natalie finds out that Brody proposed to Jessica and she said yes. He happily congratulates them but is still uneasy that Jessica still hasn’t a clue that Natalie could be pregnant with Brody’s baby.

At Todd’s, home, John attempts to get Ross removed from Todd’s home and back to jail. But it appears that all of the charges against him have been mysteriously dropped. And, he notices Téa’s will and concludes that they may have a problem. He tells Ross that even if this will is valid, he cannot legally take Dani tonight. He tells the others that it’s just a matter of time before he can take his daughter away from Todd. But Blair protests that she knows that this will is a fake. Téa authorized her and Todd to be Dani’s legal guardians. John concludes that he will let the adults sort this out. Blair follows him out the door urging him to not let Ross get away with this. He tells her that he will find out what is going on and do his best to help. But he is concerned that maybe Todd might do something stupid and maybe Blair needs to prevent that from happening.

When Natalie and Brody are alone, she asks him if he still believes that Jessica needs to know that Natalie and Brody slept together just because he knows that she slept with Ford. Brody does not answer that.

Starr informs Cole that it’s clear that Robert wants Langston back. He even backed out of teaching the class so that there would not be a conflict of interests with Langston being a student. And she is a bit concerned over what Cole says if she takes the class with James.

Robert tells James he can see that he is still wearing ht bullet that he got shot with when he was with Starr. James tells Robert that this is not about Starr. And that is just what he told Cole today. Hearing that, Robert asks James when he spoke to Cole. James tells him that Cole came to the apartment and warned him to stay away from Starr.

Rex tells Gigi she need not worry about his straying. Kelly is a client and nothing more. But she is concerned that Kelly sees enough of him getting out of the shower. He goes off and promises that everything is ok. But she seems to have her doubts.

Langston admits to Kelly that getting over Robert Ford is easier said than done. Whenever she runs into him, he turns on the charm. Kelly asks her if she should not just stay away form Robert Ford. Langston tells Kelly that that is exactly what she planned to do until she got online and found out that he is going to teach her class after all. She cannot drop the class. It’s a pre-requisite for her major. Kelly then concludes that maybe, knowing what Dorian is about to do, she might encourage Langston to do the same. And that is to not get mad but to get even. As soon as Langston is alone, she gets on the phone to call Ford. He asks her what she wants other than to rip his head off. She tells him that she needs him to meet her at her place and if he ever cared about her he will do this and she tells him please. Right then, Robert tells his brother he has to be somewhere but does not tell him where that would be. He rushes out the door. At the other table, Starr tells Cole it’s really great that they can spend an evening together. But maybe she should check with the sitter. Right when she gets on her phone, she sees a text informing her that Robert Ford will be teaching the class and it is no longer cancelled. She asks how Langston might be feeling about this.

Robert rushes home and takes his shirt off hat that Langston will get turned on when she comes by. He rushes to get the door to see her and asks what she wanted to talk to him about. She then grabs him and kisses him.

Jessica calls Kelly and informs her that Brody knows that Robert Ford might be the father of his baby but told her that he could accept their child even if it’s not his biological child. And he proposed to her. She tells Kelly that she does not know if she would “be so understanding” if he had cheated on her. Little does she know.

Brody then tells Natalie that he and Jessica will have their baby together regardless of who the biological father is. And he will let her and John enjoy their happiness with their baby and won’t tell anybody about the secret. He wants them to be happy just like he and Jessica are. Right then, Natalie emotionally hugs Brody and thanks him. John then walks in to see them and seems to wonder what that could have been about.

Jessica tells Kelly that she wants her to be as happy as she is. She tells her that she is going to enjoy herself tonight. Jessica tells her that there is no guy as great as Brody. Right then, Brody returns.

Kelly goes to take her bubble bath and has only a towel on. Right then, Rex enters and startles her. She drops her towel and it appears he can see her naked body.

Natalie talks to John about what might have happened regarding his intervention with Ross. He tells her that for some reason Téa’s Will authorizes him custody of Dani instead of Todd. She asks if maybe Todd has lost it. He tells her that Blair is with him now. She asks if they can really take Dani from Todd if he is her biological father and should have rights.. John tells her that Blair believes that there is another copy of the will and that it’s fake. But there is no way to prove that since Téa is dead and nobody can ask her what she wants or what she wrote in her will.

Blair tells Todd and Ross that maybe they both need to calm down for Dani’s sake. Ross asks Dani if she remembers how much fun they had in Tahiti. Todd argues about how Ross cannot give her anything. He has no money and cannot work. Ross argues back at Todd about how he is unfit to be her father. Dani then asks them to stop. They are talking about her as if she is not there. And she is going to tell them what she wants.

John tells Natalie that Ross Rayburn suddenly showing up in Llanview when everybody previously believed he was dead makes it pretty clear that he was helping his brother. Natalie then informs John that Renee informed her that when Eli was staying at the palace, he left bonuses for the staff and there must be his DNA on the envelopes. So they can hopefully test the DNA samples to find out of the dead body in Tahiti is really him or not.

Dani tells Ross that she cannot go with him At least not right now. She has very close friends there. Plus they are having a memorial for Téa. Blair tries to get everybody to get along and compromise and tells him he is invited to Téa’s memorial. Ross tells Dani he can attend and let her visit her friends for a while. And then he will take her home to Tahiti.

When Kelly gets out of the bath, she asks Rex if he found David Vickers. Rex tells her that he has some clues but is not entirely certain. It appears that Clint might know where he is . He saw Clint at the palace yesterday and it appeared that that he might have some major bone to pick with David and might be responsible for David disappearing. He could sense something about Clint that could lead them to David. But, he asks Kelly, if he pursues this and finds out that Clint is responsible for David’s disappearance, he needs to know if Kelly wants him to go after her son’s grandfather.

When Langston and Robert are both gone from Rodi’s and at his apartment, Starr goes to find James and demands to know why his brother is back teaching the class..

Langston tells Robert that maybe she was a bit hasty assuming that he has not changed. Maybe he has not slept with anybody since her. She just wants to know if he really meant what he said to her. She replies yes. More than anything. She smiles flirtatiously at him and tells him good because she wants that too. She tells him that she knows her family and friends will have something to say about this. But she does not care. She tells him that she has been denying her feelings for him for a long time but cannot keep lying. She wants to be with him. He tells her that he wants to be with her. She tell shim that now he can since he is no longer teaching her class.. He then informs her that actually he is. After she last blew him off and told him they are through, he got the Dean to reinstate him so that he can teach. He can’t just ask them to let him cancel again. And he tells her that maybe they can both do what they need to do with thee class and see each other secretly. He asks her if they should not celebrate. But she pulls away form him telling him she has to get home and also she doesn’t want it to be like last time. No more quickies. She leads him out into the hallways and makes sure that they are very visible kissing in the middle of the hallway.

At Rodi’s, James tells Starr and Cole that he needs to go and take care of some business. They go to the other table. Cole tells her Starr he is so sorry, knowing that she and James are just friends. He loves her so much and sometimes can do crazy things when it looks like things are not good between them. But he is going to make this work. She tells him that he will always be the one for her. They kiss and James cannot keep from turning his head to look at them disappointed and incomplete.

Gigi is still at the bar on her calculator assessing the outrageous cost of all of her school supplies.

Rex is at Dorian’s home talking to Kelly about finding David. She concludes to him that if he needs to investigate Clint and risk getting him in trouble, then that’s what needs to be done. He tells her that he just has one obstacle. He can’t just walk into Clint’s office and look through all of his phone records and all of his personal stuff. They have tight security at B.E. She tells him she can help him with that.

Jessica is happily with Brody ready to sleep wit h him again and assuring him that it won’t hurt the baby. But he is less enthused than she is.

John tells Natalie that he would like to get to Tahiti but hates leaving her. She tells him if he is right that Eli is alive and Ross is helping do his dirty work and more people could get hurt or killed, John has to do his job and not worry about her.

Blair walks Ross out the door, careful to act courteous when Todd and Danni overhear her. But when she’s alone with Ross, she tells him that she knows he is falsifying Téa’s will, very possibly with the help of his criminal lawyer brother. And they can find that out. She returns. Dani goes to bed. Todd asks Blair what they are going to do now that Ross has done what he’s done. She tells him they will find the best damn lawyer they can find. But when she sees his blank expression that may reveal that he believes Téa was the best lawyer they know of, she clarifies maybe they will find the second best lawyer.

Natalie and John are in bed, both searching on their lap tops to get DNA evidence to convict Eli and Ross. But he asks if maybe they should not put work aside and enjoy being together. We then see Jessica and Brody together. Langston manages to seduce Robert Ford and pushes him away. And she reveals that she has a hidden camera in the hallway that shows them making out right outside his apartment door.. Gigi appears to be uncertain of her future and about Rex with Kelly. James and Starr cannot keep their eyes off of each other although she is with Cole. Dani sits at the top of Todd’s stairs observing his conversation with Blair. He tells Blair he will do whatever he needs to do. He cannot lose his daughter.

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