OLTL Update Wednesday 9/15/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/15/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Ross tells Dani that Téa made him her legal guardian; not Todd. Dani asks if he’s sure and he says yes and he was just as surprised as everyone else. Todd tells him to fess up to whatever scam he and Eli cooked up. Todd doesn’t believe Téa would have set this up and calls Blair. He tells Blair to drop what she’s doing, he needs her right now. Blair comes right over and can’t believe Ross is there; he is supposed to be in a jail in Tahiti. Todd explains what is going on and hands her the papers. Ross explains that Téa did name her in the will, but only if something were to happen to him would she have guardianship. Blair disputes it and Ross asks her if she actually read the papers. Todd notes that it’s awfully convenient that the two people who can dispute the will are dead. Dani interrupts them and asks them who is lying. Blair tells them she promised to be a mom to Dani and nothing will stop her. She tells Todd to call the cops. Ross tries to talk him out of the phone call. Dani begs Todd to not send him to jail. Blair and Todd remind her that he is a loser. She defends him and tells Ross to run before the police get there. Todd taunts him to run and take Dani with him. Maybe there will be another shoot out and he’ll just disappear. Ross says he’s right; maybe it is time for him to face the music. But, he’ll never turn his back on her again. Todd and Blair look at each other in disbelief. John shows up and arrests Ross. Todd gives John the papers and Ross smiles/smirks like the cat that ate the canary. As he is read his rights, he tells Dani not to worry. Meanwhile, John calls in the fugitive and finds out that the charges in Seattle against Ross have been dropped. Ross is free to go…again with the smirk on his face. They take the cuffs off him. Dani is relieved, but doesn’t look too thrilled when Ross says he is taking her home.

At The Palace, Clint invites Bo and Nora to stay for dessert…it’s your favorite Nora, Baked Alaska. Bo clearly does not want to stay, but Nora insists they do. Bo thinks something up since he got Matthew a job and is now dating Inez, but he agrees to stay for dessert. Inez can’t stay and Clint accuses Bo of making his date uncomfortable by overstepping his bounds. She leaves and Clint wants to know why Bo is angry at him. Is it Matthew or Inez? Nora tells him that they don’t have a problem with Matt’s job offer, as long as his grades are up. As far as Inez goes, she is an adult and can do what she wants. Rex then comes rushing in and asks them if they know where David is and Kelly has hired him to find her. Clint has a slightly worried look on his face. Clint tries to talk him out of it. He reminds Rex that David ruined his marriage to Kimberly and if he never sees David again, it will be too soon. Rex looks interested in this statement.

At Rodi’s, Kelly asks Rex to find David so Dorian can get payback against him. Kelly is afraid that Dorian will become unstable. After all, look at the history of mental illness in their family. Kelly wants Rex to find David to help Dorian get closure by getting David back and then dump him. When she’s done explaining, Rex asks her if she has seen a shrink lately. Does she realize how expensive it will be to find and get David back from Europe? Kelly will do it for Dorian, because Dorian will obsess on David until she gets closure, so yes it is worth the money. Rex needs the money to help Gigi with school, so he will take the job.

At home, Dorian is in bed reading David’s MyFace page. Blair walks in talking about Téa’s memorial service and she buries herself under the blanket. She wants to have the reception at their home and for them all to try to make Dani feel welcome. Dorian talks about seeing Bo and Nora at The Palace. She tells Blair she was not ready to go out and never should have gone there. Blair tells Dorian that Kelly should never have taken her out; she is going through post traumatic stress. Blair can definitely relate to the stress. Dorian reviews Blair’s recent stress and trauma…yes they are all stressed out and need a distraction. Kelly then comes in and Dorian tells her that the one thing that will make her feel better would be payback! Kelly tries to get Dorian to take her anger out on her; if it means she needs to slug her, then go ahead! Dorian has this look of complete disbelief on her face. Kelly picks up a pillow and pretends to be David. She taunts Dorian by pretending to be David saying thank god I didn’t get tied down by that battle axe! Dorian screams shut up and punches the pillow, knocking Kelly down. Dorian feels much better now.

John and Natalie are in Eli’s old room looking for DNA samples. As they are trying to find a trace of evidence, they surmise that Eli would have cleaned up after himself. Natalie says to John that if they find any evidence, they will have to get on a plane to Tahiti themselves to ensure the evidence isn’t tampered with. John states that she is not getting on any plane to Tahiti while pregnant. She rips her gloves off and tells John that she is a forensic expert, he needs her. He will manage without her, what if something happens to her. Nat argues that pregnant women fly all the time; after all, what’s the worst thing that can happen. No sooner are these words out of her mouth and she realizes that he has seen the worst thing that can happen to a pregnant woman – lose the baby. She apologizes to him. John tells her he doesn’t want her to be reckless. She understands his feelings and will stay home and put the baby first. John’s phone rings and its Todd. Todd tells him he was right about Ross and to get over there right now. John leaves the room. Renee comes in and talks about Asa. She thinks Asa would be very happy about the new baby and what a spit fire it will be; half Buchanan and half McBain. The conversation turns back to Eli and she tells Renee that they can’t find anything in his room, its way too clean. Renee tells her how thorough Ross was about everything. He was so nice, except when he and Blair were breaking furniture. He left a bunch of envelopes for the staff that cleaned up after him. In fact, there is one sealed envelope left. Natalie asks if she can have it – of course she doesn’t want the money; just the envelope.

In Tahiti, Eli continues to explain his master plan to Greg. He explains how lucrative Dani is; Todd will pay anything to keep her. Greg asks what the point of doing this is –will they sell her back and forth till they get what they want? How can they not care about a human life? How can they traumatize a grief stricken girl? Eli tells him it’s a little too late for a moral dilemma after what he did to Téa. Greg then says, but Téa isn’t…… Eli says Téa isn’t what? Greg covers by saying Téa isn’t an issue anymore. Eli tells him that if this whole thing is making him uncomfortable he can just leave and forget about all. Greg doesn’t believe him. Eli then says, or you can just fix me and then you’ll never have to worry about me again. Greg says he will help him, but he first has to go home and pay his respects to Téa.

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