OLTL Update Tuesday 9/14/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/14/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex goes to Rodi’s and talks to Gigi about her first day back at school. She asks if Bo is still looking for a new assistant and tells Rex she is looking for a new career. Inez enters The Palace.

Bo and Nora are having a meal at the palace when she asks if he’s heard from Dorian since she was supposed to meet them for a budget planning meeting.. He tells her that he just got off the phone with Kelly who told him Dorian was nowhere to be found.

Dorian appears to be hung over lying in her bed not talking to anybody. Kelly enters her room to inform her that Bo just called and told her that Dorian is supposed to be attending a business meeting with him and Nora. And she reminds Dorian that they are presently waiting for her. Dorian tells Kelly that she refuses to leave this house. Bo concludes that it’s just the two of them. Inez enters and appears like she will join them.

In Eli’s private room, he tells Greg that he has a plane to catch and needs Greg’s help with that.. He has some “work to do in Llanview.

When Todd is with Dani, out of nowhere Ross returns. Dani rushes to hug him and is very emotionally attached to him. Todd watches grimly

Kelly reminds Dorian that as Mayor, attending meetings with the police commissioner and DA are not optional. She encourages her aunt to know that this is all on David. He behaved like a snake. And Dorian need not be ashamed to be seen out in public. Nobody is judging her. But Dorian tells her that people judge and talk about her all the time. She can take it. Kelly then asks her what, then, she is afraid of. Dorian tells her it’s pity. All of the gossip that goes around about how she got dumped at her wedding is more than she can take. She can just image Bo and Nora’s faces looking like a Woebegone basset Hound. But Kelly tells her aunt she really thinks that they have other things on their mind.

Inez joins Bo and Nora and apologizes for being late, assuming that the “note” she got at the station to “meet Mr. Buchanan at the palace” was from Bo and it was regarding work.. Yet Bo knows of no such letter he wrote. Clint appears and reveals that that was from him.

Cristian asks Layla if she ahs called off their wedding. She tells him that she is not making any plans without him. But they should postpone it. She has a dress that kills and wants a big fat wedding to match. She tells him that he does not want her to be nightmare with him now. She can be a “nightmare” across the ocean. He tells her that the truth is, he’d marry her in the parking lot wearing ratty clothes. But he wants her to have the wedding she wants. He does, however question if they can accept living across the ocean from each other.

Gigi tells Rex that she has signed up for calculus and does comprehend it. She doesn’t get the different science classes. And that is why she is getting out.

Inez mistakenly thinks that Bo needs her to join him and Nora at their business meeting and has no clue that Clint has asked her to join him for a social lunch date. But Clint asks her to join him and they go to the other table. Bo and Nora appear to be intrigued.

Kelly tells Dorian she better get out of bed. She wants to see her in her power heels and ready to go in another five minutes. OR else she can take pictures of what Dorian is going to turn into if she doesn’t motivate herself to get over David. Kelly asks Dorian if she has not been there for her with everything she needs throughout this traumatizing time. Dorian asks her niece if she does not remember how she felt when it was over between her and Kevin. Kelly admits that she too wanted to crawl up in a ball, stay in bed and not face anything or anybody. But she tells Dorian she can’t do this any longer. It’s time to get out there and get over her grief.

Ross tells Dani he is there just like he said and she must have gotten the text. Todd tells her yes. They got the text and thought he was threatening her. Todd then gets on the phone and makes a call to Bo, informing him, so that both Dani and Ross can overhear, that the cops need to know they have a fugitive in his home.

Greg examines Eli and his eyes and head injury. Eli tells him he has to get out of there ASAP. So Greg must give him the drugs or whatever is needed. But Greg tells Eli that the headache is the least of his problems.

Dani urges Todd not to call the cops. But Todd tells her that Ross is supposed to be in jail and Bo and John both know that. She tells Todd she is glad he’s there. Ross accuses Todd of hurting Dani. She just lost her mom. Todd tells Ross that before he can drop this, he needs to know what Ross did to help his psycho killer brother.

Greg quizzes Eli about knowing what day it is, where they are, who he is, who the president of the United States is. And he concludes that Eli is not ready to leave the hospital. He needs to run more tests.

Cristian tells Layla that he may not be ok with their having a long distance relationship. They will both wake up alone and not be able to see each other for months. But she tells him they can see each other, visit, do online chat every day. She tells him that people make it work all the time so she thinks they can.

Nora tells Bo about her ideas for funding the school board. But he is completely distracted observing Clint with Inez. He tells her that he is concerned about Inez having just gotten sandbagged. She got the mistaken idea that she was supposed to meet him and it was related to work. But low and behold, she gets asked out on a date without knowing it. Nora tells BO that she can see that this is a bit odd. But Bo wonders why, with all the women in this town, his brother has to go out with his assistant. She tells him it’s just dinner. But Bo asks what if it’s more. She tells him that she is encouraging Clint to see other people and it’s ok with her of he’s with a woman who is not a pole dancer. She tells him that maybe they “owe” Clint. Bo asks her if they owe Clint his assistant. She tells him she is not saying that. But don’t they want Clint to be happy? And if he just happens to date Inez, what is wrong with that? But Bo is a bit suspicious of his brother first going behind Bo’s back to ask Matthew to work for him. And now this similarly sneaky behavior with Inez. Not far away, Dorian enters wearing a hat and large shades to make herself less noticeable. Kelly is with her. Nora turns her head and stares at Dorian. Dorian then goes to sit with Bo and Nora and ready to talk about the budget.

At the other table, Clint and Inez talk. She tells him that the main thing she is concerned about is keeping her job. He asks her if she did not know that he was married to Bo’s wife for a short time recently and she dumped him for Bo. She admits she knows nothing about Clint’s brief marriage to Nora. Clint asks her if she has not heard since gossip travels. But he tells her that he and his brother are getting along now and are past the situation involving Nora’s decision.

When Bo and Nora talk to Dorian about the budget and only about business, she is hearing them smirking and asking how anybody could imagine his handsome young son married to “that”. And she’s completely distracted and not focused on business.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Rex that she should work and not go into debt with school. She’s being realistic. But he tells her she needs to give it some time and not give up on school. She tells him that she is used to the life of a waitress and being a single working mom and is older than these rich college girls with different backgrounds and is uncomfortable in this environment. She doesn’t understand academia and all of the younger people who know so much and have been prepping for college all their lives. He reminds her it’s her first day. But she tells him that he does not understand this. It’s so far from the life she has. He tells her that he thinks she is incredible raising a great kid on her own. And maybe she has talents and skills that the young rich college girls don’t have. He tells her that she deserves to explore a bigger world if she wants it. But she is discouraged. He tells her this is one of those moments she will look back on ten years from now. He will do whatever is needed to support her. He urges her not to give up.

At the other table at Rodi’s, Cristian takes Layla’s hand and agrees that they will get through this. They talk about how they might be glad to be rid of one another and it will only be a year.

Greg tells Eli that he has a big problem. He rolls his eyes.

At Todd’s, Dani tells Ross that she hopes he did not help Eli. He tells her of course not. She must remember that she did not even know her uncle until recently because Ross had no contact with his brother for many years. Ross knew nothing about his brother’s problems. Her uncle Eli is a seriously messed up dude, Ross tells her. But he was his only family. Todd tells Ross that he’d like to break out the violins. But Ross needs to get out of his house before he calls the cops and has him removed and thrown in jail. But Ross tells Todd he is not going anywhere without his daughter. Ross reminds Todd that he is the only father Dani has ever known. He is the one who took care of her and was there for her since she was a child. Todd tells Ross he had no way of knowing anything about her. Ross tells Todd he was too busy screwing up his other kids. Ross tells Todd that he is going to continue to raise his daughter the way he has done throughout her life. And Todd is not going to stop him.

Greg tells Eli that his eye is damaged, he’s suffered a major head trauma and blood could be going to his skull. Eli asks him what that means and what is the worst case scenario. Greg tells him the worst case scenario is he could die

Rex tells Gigi he knows she is not happy working at Rodi’s serving drinks. She tells him she was not happy at LU either. He tells her that she needs to give it more time and she will find the right classes and the right career choice. Right then, Cristian and Layla enter and tell them they need some champagne. They are celebrating not getting married.

Inez and Clint both confirm that they are happy to be having dinner and out again. Right then, Dorian angrily confronts Bo and Nora when she “hears” them talking about what a loser she is and how disgraced Bo would have been to be her father in law. Right then, she throws drinks at them. When there is no “provocation” and they wonder why she would do that since they are only discussing the budget and saying nothing else to her, they demand to know what her problem is. She angrily tells them that she wants nothing to do with them. They do not deserve their jobs or to have positions of authority in government. And they do not deserve to have her in their family. Bo tells her neither does she and demands she gets out of there. Right then, Kelly comes by and escorts Dorian out of the palace. Clint sits nearby observing the scene she has caused. She tells Bo and Nora that Bo’s “handsome son” is a cowardly dishonorable piece of trash to do what he did. He stomped on her heart. BO wonders where that came from and why she is yelling at him. Kelly urges her to leave. Inez observes her with Clint and remarks about “that poor woman” and hoping she will be ok. Clint smugly tells Inez that it kind of runs in the family. All of the Cramer women are “a little loosely packed”. And it’s just a matter of time before Dorian loses it.

At Todd’s, he tells Ross that even if he were not a fugitive, he has no legal rights to Dani. But Ross tells Todd he does not know what he is talking about. The law is on his side. He knows about Téa’s will.

Cristian and Layla propose toasts with Rex and Gigi. They all encourage Gigi to enroll in school and pursue her dreams like Cristian and Layla are both doing. Rex then reveals that Kelly is asking him to do some more work for her and that means more money

At The Palace, after Dorian has stormed out and revealed that she is devastated over what David did to her. Clint comes over and reminds Bo that his son is worthless trash and that’s the way he will always be.

When Dorian and Kelly return to their home, Kelly asks her aunt what suddenly happened when it seemed everything was ok. She was collected and confident when she went to meet Bo and Nora. Dorian tells Kelly that they all but said without saying that she is a loser to get dumped by Bo’s son. Kelly then asks her aunt if she wants some more treats or comfort food and drinks. Dorian asks her niece to just go.

Greg tells Eli that he could die from the brain damage that could be caused by pressure in his skull. And if that happens, death will be a preferred choice. This is not a simple problem that can go away with a drug. He might need brain surgery. Eli tells Greg whatever he needs to do. He needs to get on a plane tomorrow at the latest. But Greg asks him if he knows what will happen to his skull getting onto a plane at 30,000 feet. He cannot go on any plane any time soon. Hearing that, Eli concludes that Greg just does not want him to return to Llanview.

Dorian is in her bed looking on her lap top for “posts” from David in face book. And sure enough it appears David is bragging about all of his conquests.

Right then, at the palace, Clint reveals to Bo and Nora that he has ‘dealings” with face book.

Right then, Kelly finds Rex and tells him what she wants him to do is find David Vickers for her.

Eli tells Greg that he needs to get back to Llanview soon and “collect”. His brother is about to come into something very valuable.

Ross shows Todd and Dani what appears to be Téa’s will, signed and notarized, that authorizes him to be her legal guardian and not Todd.

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