OLTL Update Monday 9/13/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/13/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John is doing his “shooting practice” at the station, when Natalie comes to visit him. He wants to talk all about their baby. But hearing about that makes her uneasy.

Meanwhile, Brody tells Jessica that he does not blame her for what Ford did. But they might have to take drastic action just in case the baby might be Ford’s. He also informs her that he talked to her sister.

Natalie asks John if the cops ever got the DNA results from Eli Clark’s body. He tells her that Tahiti had some problems with that. She tells him that maybe there’s no point and it doesn’t prove anything if he’s dead. But John admits that he is not certain that Eli is dead when there is no proof.

Shaun and Vivian are having lunch with Destiny and Darren. He is puzzled over the fact that Greg is not there to join them. She informs him that their brother is out of town but did not say where he was going.

Right then, Greg goes into a private hospital room and is stunned and spooked when he sees with his own eyes that “somebody” is alive.

Meanwhile, Todd is talking to Dani about whether Ross is dangerous or what might have happened to Eli.

Right then, Eli shows his face to Greg in a hospital bed. He looks very much alive, smirks at Dr. Evans and asks if he was “expecting somebody else”.

Layla comes to overhear Cristian declining the opportunity to have his own art studio. And she tells the interviewer they cannot listen to him and let him give up on h his dream.

Brody tells Jessica that when he talked to Natalie, they talked about how Jessica’s baby might not being his. But he does not tell her about his and Natalie’s secret that he could be the father of Natalie’s baby. Jessica tries to apologize and explain how she did what she did when she believed she was 17 years old. She had this mistaken idea that she should be with Cristian. She knows he tried to help her. But she could not listen to him when he tried to tell her what Mitch did to her to cause her to lose her memory and got angry at Brody and lost it. And she was in a desperate situation when she found Ford. Right then, Brody relives his own pain and upset when it sounded like he had lost her forever that very night. We show him drinking and upset alone in his apartment. And then Natalie comes by and they end up sleeping together. He looks uneasy and does not know what to do with Jessica not knowing that it’s possible that he could be the father of Natalie’s baby.

Eli tells Greg that he should not be surprised when they have already spoken on the phone. Greg was telling him that he thought it might possibly be a hoax. Eli smirks that Greg still came to see if it was true. Greg tells Eli that he was hoping to God that he would not be alive and able to work his evil anymore. Eli then asks Greg how Téa was when she took her last breaths.

Meanwhile, Dani protests to Todd that she knows that Ross is not a murderer. He has some problems but he could not kill another human being and would certainly never plan it out. Todd is still very worried about her seeing Ross again and does not want to let Ross take her away from him.

At Rodi’s, Destiny reveals to Shaun that the fact that Téa suddenly died might be one reason why Greg had to get away and did not tell anybody where he went. But Shaun and Vivian both remark that that does not sound like Greg. And Shaun realizes that his brother has not been the same since Téa died.

Meanwhile, Greg asks Eli what he wants from him. IF he’s not dead then he got what he wanted. Eli then gets up out of bed, looks at Greg in a threatening manner. He tells the doctor that he needs his help and Greg is going to give it to him.

Natalie tells John she can see that John has something unsettled on his mind about this case. They talk about their kid making law enforcement history and whether it will be a boy or girl. She then tells him that they were talking about Elijah Clark. He seems to know how to kill people who he knows could get him in trouble. Yet he did not kill them knowing they were onto him. That’s odd. And he just happened to take Blair to Tahiti and suddenly ran into his brother whom everybody thought was dead. She asks John if he might believe that Ross helped Eli with his crimes.

Greg informs Eli that he was shot and then in a fire and the cops in Tahiti found a body and everybody here and there believes he’s dead. How did he manage to fake his death? Eli replies that he got “a little help” from his brother and reminds him all that Greg has done for his own brother.

Vivian and Shaun are talking to Destiny. She asks if they have gone to the next level and if they are practicing safe sex.

Brody asks Jessica to marry him.

When Layla overhears Cristian declining and offer to open his art studio in Llanview and make money doing what he loves to do, she tells the interviewing that she needs to know that Cristian may not really know what he wants. The woman tells the two of them they may talk alone. But she needs his decision very soon about whether he will accept the grant money and be able to teach at LU.

Natalie tells John that she bets that both Eli and Ross had habits of escaping to Tahiti when they are afraid they are in trouble. But, she tells John, she wonders how it was that Eli just happened to take Blair with him. And, she reminds John that there was a photo that confirmed that Eli is dead. And she heard that the body was burned beyond recognition, yet a photo and passport weren’t even burned. She concludes that it could mean that Eli’s death was staged.

Dani asks Todd if he thinks that if Ross contacted her that she would run off with him. He admits to his daughter that he is panicking a little too much perhaps and does not want to lose her too. She reminds Todd that he need not worry. He will not lose her. Yet, again, it appears that somebody is spying upon them unseen. While they talk, somebody notices them through the window. Todd remembers that Dani recently confessed that she lied about something. He already told her that he has been making efforts to keep Ross away from her yet did not tell her. And he wants to know what she lied about. He reminds her that he feels like a total failure if he can’t get the truth out of his own daughter and tells her he bets that she got a message from Ross. She then shows him a text she got from an anonymous source that says: “I’m coming for you.” She explains to Todd that when she was a child, they used to play a sea diving game together where Ross would say to her: “I am coming for you.” At that point, Todd gets on the phone although Dani urges her Todd not to turn her “dad” in

Layla tells Cristian that she is not going to have him give up his career for her.

Greg asks Eli just how far he intends to go to get what he wants and has no regard how many people’s lives are ruined or over because of him. Eli then admits to Greg that he intended to stay in town and wanted to marry Blair. But Blair’s cousin Kelly was ready to get him nailed for murder so he had to flee.

Meanwhile, John and Natalie are asking how weird it would be for Eli to want Blair to find his gun and how many people hide their guns under the couch. He obviously had a plan to make Blair believe she shot him and he died in a fire. And there are questionable circumstances about how the fire suddenly started. They both see that Eli could have taken the gun from Blair any time he wanted but did not. There must be a reason for that. He wanted to let himself get shot.

Right then, Eli admits to Greg that Blair shot him yet did not realize the gun had blanks in it and he pretended that she injured him.

Natalie asks John how, if Eli encouraged Blair to shoot him, how could he have prevented the shot from being fatal. And John concludes that they really do not know that Blair shot real bullet into Eli.

Brody gives Jessica the engagement ring. She cries. He tells her again that he does not blame her. He blames Ford for taking advantage of her and not using a condom.

At Rodi’s, as soon as Vivian ask Destiny and Darren if they are “practicing safe sex”, Shaun chokes in shock. They wonder if he has had a bad reaction to his burger. But he tells them that it’s not that. The mere thought that this kid would be sleeping with his sister who is only a Junior in High School. Destiny then asks her brother if he always has “safe sex”. In response to that, Shaun firmly tells his younger sister that is none of her business. And he tells him his sister is none of Darren's business. He tells Darren the only safe sex he’s going to be having with Destiny is no sex.

Jessica sobs and tells Brody if she could just change what happened that night. He tells her that they have both made mistakes and just hopes that she can accept him as is because he loves her and wants to marry her. But she tells him she’s sorry. She cannot.

Layla tells Cristian that she can get her old job back working at the police station although he knows that her dream is to become a professional fashion designer. But, she argues that he needs this grant so that he can gain fame and fortune with his art. It could give him the buyers and commission and auctions that he wants and needs so that he can get before the critics. He asks her what about them. He tells her that he can’t let her give up on her dream. She tells him she cannot let him give up on his. He then asks her what they are going to do?

Destiny tells Shaun it’s none of his business if she and Darren are having sex. He then asks if they are. She tells him that they do not have to answer that. He is not their father. Shaun does not get to intimidate Darren or tell the two of them what they are supposed to do. Darren then smirks and asks if anybody has any requests for jukebox music. Alone with Destiny, Shaun tells his sister that he is just telling her she is too young. But, Vivian tells Shaun, that may not be. And if ever Destiny is ready to have sex, she needs to come to Vivian to get her set up with everything she needs in order to be safe. IN response to that, Shaun tells her she will not. But Vivian protests to Shaun that that is her job and he must understand that she sees the consequences of unprotected sex every day.

Brody asks Jessica if she does not want to marry him. She tells him of course she wants to marry him. She loves him and so does Bree and she wants them all to be a family. But knowing that this baby could be Robert Ford’s and when she noticed how he reacted when he saw the sonogram, finally so happy to have a child of his own. He tells her that he admits it was a shocker to find out this baby could be Robert Ford’s. But he still loves her. She tells him she knows that he does. But will he be able to love this baby and care for it as if it were his own even after finding that out?

Natalie asks John if he is saying that the bullet they removed from a charred body was not the body of Eli Does that mean that Eli found somebody who looked like himself to get shot. John tells her either that or Ross Rayburn did.

Right the, Greg asks Eli if they found a body that was really dead. Eli replies they certainly did. He tells Greg that he has a little brother ready to pitch in.

John tells Natalie that although Blair was unaware, he intentionally started the fire. SO it all went according to plan.

Eli tells Greg that everything was going good for them. But he and Ross had to hustle in order to get away form John. And were it not for John McBain, he would have gotten out of there unscathed.

Right then, we see Ross rescuing an injured Eli out of a burning building and helping him to get out,

Dani asks Todd why he would want to call the cops on Ross. He tells her that he only does that when there is something serious. And it looks serious when she appears to be threatened. She tells him that if it’s Ross, it would not be a threat. Plus, he knows that he cannot take the risk with the cops. It might be the wrong number. SO she urges Todd not to call the cops and apologizes for lying. But she protests that he was her dad for most of her life. She loves him. And that does not go away just because she found Todd.

Brody tells Jessica that he can love the child she has and care for it just like he does Bree. That is a promise just like the promise he has made to her. He will admit that he lost it for a minute. It just made him so angry the thought of Ford taking advantage of her. But she must know that they have gotten through worst spots. They were both in St. Anne’s facing much bigger challenges, yet they were able to get through it and help one another and save each other’s lives. So he knows the love they have will see them through. He tells her he thinks that deep down, she believes that too.

Cristian tells Layla it’s nuts that he’s willing to sacrifice this grant. Yet he won’t let her sacrifice her job. Yet they can’t both turn down these opportunities or they will both be miserable. And it’s not a good idea for them to start off a marriage with both of them feeling regretful and disappointed. SO she has an idea. He can take the grant there and she will take the job in Paris.

Destiny tells Vivian that she has her life and her relationship with Darren under control.. Vivian tells Destiny she understands. But things happen that are beyond anybody’s control. And she tells her she knows of two different women under her care who have had unprotected sex. There is no end to the heartache that can occur from that.

Natalie agrees with John that Eli is smart. He has already used multiple aliases and killed many people. So yes, with Ross’s help, he could pull this off. But why can’t they get an autopsy and DNA sample? And if their suspicions are correct that Eli staged his death, how can they prove it?

Greg asks Eli how he thinks that he can return and finish what he started. Everybody believes he’s dead and he can return to Llanview. Eli reminds Greg that his brother can return and do his work for him.

Darren informs Shaun that he and Destiny are not having sex. He is just getting to know her He really likes her. Shaun reminds him she is only 16 years old. Darren tells him Destiny is also wonderful and beautiful and smart. And he assures Shaun that he would never do anything to hurt her or pressure her before she’s ready or put her in any danger. He tells Shaun he must realize they are all on the same side and just want what is best for Destiny.

Meanwhile, Dani tells Todd she realizes he may have no reason to respect Ross. But she grew up with him and never saw his “bad side”. Todd then tells Dani that he just wishes he could have known her throughout her life. He is afraid he’s missed out and would like to be her father. She tells him he is her father.

Cristian and Layla conclude that if they are both pursuing their careers, they will be together in another year. They will both have enough money to travel and visit each other during holidays. And she concludes that they should not get married.

Destiny apologizes to Darren for her brother. He’s kind of a control freak, she tells Darren. And she is very impressed by how well he stood up to their brother. Many people cannot. Shaun is very intense with many things and it suits his professional as a security officer. Darren tells her that he really likes her and wants to get to know her. Shaun then tells Vivian he cannot believe that she would encourage his little sister to have sex. He doubts that his parents would approver of her handing out condoms. She then reveals that the person who told her she should is his and Destiny’s mother.

Brody tells Jessica she must have faith, know what they have been through and who they are. She then holds him and looks like she is reconsidering.

John admits to Natalie that he does not know how to prove that Eli is alive. He just wants to be prepared. She then realizes that if Eli is alive, they have to realize what might happen.

Greg tells Eli that his brother, Ross can’t go near his family. But Eli tells him nice try.

Dani tells Todd that calling him dad feels kind of funny. But since he is her father, she needs to try it out and she calls him dad. But from outside, it appears they are being watched by somebody who wants to prevent that from happening.

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