OLTL Update Friday 9/10/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/10/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is calling and leaving messages for Cole telling him she’d like to see him and would like to work things out. But he is not answering. Instead, he goes to see James. James asks what he can do for Cole. Cole replies for starters, he can stay away from Starr. Right then, Langston find Starr and they both find it odd that their freshman writing class has been cancelled. They both know that Robert Ford decided not to teach the class. Starr tells Langston that James told her that it has something to do with Langston. Starr then asks her if she plans to give Ford another chance. Langston replies not in a million years. Not after what he did to Jessica.

Right then, Jessica goes looking for Brody at LU but only sees Robert after Brody has punched him. He admits to her that the only reason Brody didn’t do worse to him than he did was because there were “witnesses” all over the building. He tells her that it’s plain to see that Brody is not ok after finding out the kid he thought was his is Robert’s.

At the hospital, Brody tells Natalie he should not have walked away when she told him the baby may not be his. He admits that all he wanted to do when he found out was beat the living daylights out of Robert. But now, he admits that after he was able to hit him, it didn’t help and he still feels paralyzed and hasn’t a clue what to do now. Should he go on as if nothing has happened, wait until the baby is born and see who it looks like? She does not know how to answer that.

When Nate is alone in the high school gym, Dani tells him that her mom’s ashes got delivered to their home. When she got home, her dad was alone there just sitting there and lost. It was so unreal to think that that is her mom. All that is left is that container with her ashes. She also shows him her anonymous text message that says somebody is coming form her.

When Todd is alone in the house, Kelly comes to see him. She tells him that she needs him to come in to work and help her with a story. He tells her he has written a story about Eli and Ross being partners in crime in Tahiti. Everybody has mistakenly believed that Ross is dead but he’s been aiding and abetting Eli. She tasks Todd what is going on and what he is up to this time.

After Langston informs Starr that she heard that Ford “did something” to Jessica, Starr asks what that would be. Langston replies that she wound up sleeping with him. Hearing that, Starr cannot believe that her cousin would stoop so low. But Langston tells Starr that he got her in bed when she was having her memory loss and believed that she was in high school and still in love with Cristian Vega. Langston was talking to Robert at the University when Brody came in and was ready to kill him after finding out that it’s possible that Ford is the father of Jessica’s baby. She cannot believe what a low life this guy is to want to justify himself to her and win her over and have her believing he’s a changed man. And right then, she finds out that he slept with Jessica under those circumstances, did not use a condom and lied about sleeping with her until he found out he was at risk for hepatitis C. And she found out that that is why he got tested for an STD at the hospital. Starr is very surprised that that was the night of the prom and the same night when Langston caught Ford with Karen. Shortly thereafter, Jessica must have come by looking for Cristian and found him instead. And that is when and how it happened.

At LU, Robert tells Jessica that he was totally ok with the fact that she is back with Brody and realizes that she is having Brody’s baby. He wasn’t about to tell anybody. He tells her that he won’t get in anybody’s way. Even if the baby is his, he does not want it. She tells him that if the baby is his, Brody may not want it either.

At the hospital, Brody tells Natalie that he cannot accept what happened. She tells him that Jessica was not responsible for her actions. He tells Natalie that he could say the same about himself when he slept with her. He thought he’d lost Jessica forever. She was ready to move to London and gave up on John. They were both messed up and not knowing what they were doing. Natalie tells him that Jessica’s situation was very different. He tells her that now he has to face what this means to him. He could be the father of two children. He might be the father of no children. And he might be the father of a child with the wrong woman. She tells him she does not think that is even important right now. But he tells Natalie she should not kid herself. It will be very important.

Kelly asks Todd how he plans to write this incriminating story in the Sun about Ross and Eli. If they cannot back what they wrote, they can get a law suit. He tells her the does not care about any of that. He cares about Dani.

Dani admits to Nate that she is concerned that her real father, Ross Rayburn, is looking for her Right then, Greg rushes to the high school, finds his sister and asks Destiny if she’s seen Dani. Meanwhile, Dani tells Nate that maybe Ross just wanted to reach out to her. But Nate tells her that the message: “I am coming for you” sounds more like a threat. He asks her if Todd is aware of that message. She admits that when Todd asked her who sent her the text, she lied to him and told him Nate did. But she thinks Todd lied to her also.

Meanwhile, Kelly confronts Todd for lying to his own daughter about Ross. He tells her he doesn’t want Ross anywhere near Dani. So he told her that he is involved in his brother’s crimes. Kelly tells Todd he does not know that. Todd tells her it’s entirely possible and not like Ross is Mr. Law abiding. Kelly tells him that there’s more than that involved in his wanting Dani to believe the man who raised her is a murderer. He tells Kelly that he cannot lose Dani to Ross. He just lost his wife and cannot lose his daughter too. He admits that he’s worried that since Ross raised Dani, that could happen. Kelly assures him that he is her father. She asks if he thinks that Téa would approve of his keeping Dani close to him by making her believe that Ross is a cold blooded killer. Maybe instead, what he should do is trust that he won’t lose Dani because of the bond they already share. He admits that trust has never been his strong suit. Kelly tells him he needs to tell his daughter the truth. Because if she finds out that he’s been lying about somebody she cares about and keeping her from seeing him, Todd really will lose her.

Dani tells Nate that Todd told her that Ross was part of the terrible things that Eli did. And she finds it hard to believe that. Ross raised her and she’s known him all her life. Ross had some problems but she does not believe he’s a murderer. Nate tells her maybe Todd is lying But she tells Nate that Todd has been amazing and has done so much for her and her mom. So she is bonding with Todd. She tells Nate that it killed them both when Téa died and they were too late.

At the high school, when Greg finds Destiny, she tells her brother that she knows that he feels guilty for failing to save Téa’s life. She knows that it’s hard for him to see himself having feelings. But he’s not all about being a super doctor and over-achiever. And he should let her and Shaun take him out for burgers at Rodi’s. He’ll feel much better. He tells her that he appreciates that but he won’t be around. He has to go out of town. Destiny wants to know where but realizes that it’s ok if he just needs time away to clear his head after the loss of Téa. He then holds his sister, tells her she must never forget that he loves her and appears very emotional as if it might be the last time he sees her.

When Cole goes to confront James, James tells him that he and Starr are in the same class at LU. Is he not even allowed to be friends with her?

Starr and Langston discuss the same things. Langston assesses that Cole is still threatened by her merely speaking to James. Starr protests that she keeps telling him he has nothing to worry about. But they keep arguing and it’s so frustrated. Does she get on his case every time he goes to St. Anne’s to see Hannah? In response to hearing that, Langston asks Starr the same question. Does she? She tells Starr that she and Cole that they have their issues but are willing to ride it out and work through their problems. She does not have that with Ford.

At LU, Jessica tells Robert that Brody believes he’s forced himself on her. But he protests that she came to him and he did not force her to do anything. She protests that he knew she was messed up and should have told her to go home. But, she admits, she cannot blame him for everything. She has to take some responsibility for the fact that she made the choice she made. They are both guilty. The only one who has not done anything wrong is Brody, she concludes.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Brody talk about their secret that neither Jessica nor John know anything about as of yet, how, if or when they are going to tell them, and what the outcome may be if and when that happens. He tells her that things have changed since Jessica did what she did. He admits that she deserves not to beat herself up when he has also made mistakes. Natalie then asks him what he is saying. Is he going to tell Jessica that her sister slept with her boyfriend? Brody replies how could he not. He tells her that Jessica is torturing herself feeling so guilty and wondering if he could ever forgive her for what she did. Would she feel the same way if she knew he was guilty of the same damn thing? Is it fair for him to do that to her? Natalie then asks him if it’s fair for two couples who both love each other to have to break up over this. He tells her it would not have to be that way. She tells him it’s not even been a year since John lost his child with Brody. And to tell him that there may be the slightest chance that he could lose another it would be cruel. And Jessica needs time to heal after what Mitch did to her. Should they just pull the rug out from under her? She tells him that he and Jessica love each other. They will get married and raise that child. And that baby will be theirs’ in every way that counts. Isn’t that what they want?

Langston tells Starr that she and Cole have every reason to stay together. She tells her that in spite of their problems, maybe what they need to do is erase the board and start over. Maybe instead of focusing on their recent problems, Starr and Cole should think about what it meant when they first met.

Cole tells James that he would never tell him he cannot be friends with Starr. But he seriously believes that James wants more. He knows that James wears a bullet around his neck to remember of the “great adventure” he shared with her. James tells Cole that is not the reason he wears it. It’s because he came close to dying and he knows he wants to make every moment of his life count. He tells Cole that maybe he needs to do the same thing. Maybe instead of focusing on James and Starr, maybe Cole should focus on himself and Starr. Or else Cole might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Meanwhile, Dani talks to Nate about her dilemma over whether she should contact Ross, how she goes about it and whether she will have to choose between him and Todd.

Kelly tells Todd she knows that when he feels cornered, he has a tendency of doing crazy things like kissing her. She tells him that they have avoided talking about this long enough. She thinks it’s time they talk about it. Doesn’t he?

Dani tells Nate if you’d asked her a while ago, who was her father, it would have been a no brainer. She loved Ross and recognized only him as her dad. And she clearly hated Todd until recently. But now things are changing between her and Todd. They are bonding, beginning to get close, and she admits, that when she lied to him about the anonymous text that she may have gotten from Ross, she felt bad. Lying to Todd made her feel as bad as if she’d lied to her mom. So, she concludes, maybe she needs to come clean and tell him what she suspects.

Kelly tells Todd that she knows she has her own issues involving Kevin and when she was seeing Reed. And he has a similar situation. When he kissed her, it wasn’t about her. It was about Téa. Hearing that, Todd asks her if she’s been hanging out with Marty Saybrooke. Hearing that, Kelly laughs and tells Todd it does not take a professional to see that Todd Manning hides his feelings. And now that this is out in the open, she hopes they can continue to work together and be friends.

James tell Cole that he wants him to be happy with Starr. But if he screws up his chance, then there may be “consequences”.

Langston tells Starr that things will be a lot easier now that Ford has baked out from teaching this class. She’s so glad she need never see him again.

At LU, Jessica concludes to Ford that his situation is a bit different. He is not going to marry Langston nor have a baby with her. So his “loss” is a little different than hers’ is. She tells him she is going to find Brody and hopes that he can somehow have the strength to deal with this. Robert then tells her it’s obvious that Brody loves her. She tells him that he used to. Robert tells her that it’s obvious. It’s the only reason Brody decided to spare his life. So, he tells Jessica, they can get through this. She tells him she hopes so. She loves Brody with all of her heart. And she leaves.

Natalie tells Brody if he decides to come clean with Jessica, she will accept that and deal with the fallout. But he needs to promise her one thing. He needs to let her know right away. He tells her he will do that. And, she tells him he must see the good in all of this. There are two miracles that could bring a lot of joy into all of their lives. But after Brody leaves and she is alone, she seems to wonder if that is really true.

Cole goes to find Starr at LU and asks her when her nest class is. She tells him in a half hour. He tells her his is also. He asks her if she would like to grab some coffee beforehand. She tells him she would like that, smiles and they go off holding hands together.

Right then, James is alone in the apartment staring at the bullet he wears on a chain after he got shot while with Starr. Robert enters and tells his brother that he is going to start his job as a professor. Hearing that, James is surprised and asks him if he did not change his plans and withdraw so that he and Langston could go out. Robert tells him that that is no longer an issue. She wants nothing to do with him ever again.

Alone on a picnic bench, Langston looks at her syllabus and sees where it says her instructor is Robert Ford. She then crosses it out and cuts the paper so that she cannot see his name.

Right then, Natalie leaves John a message telling him that she wants their baby to have his eyes.

Brody calls and leaves a message for Jessica telling her then need to talk.. Right then, Jessica appears at his door.

Nate is sitting alone in the high school gym distracted when Destiny calls to him. She asks him if he is thinking of ways to get Matthew transferred to another school, hopefully a reform school. He tells her he is not primarily concerned about Matthew. He is worried about what Dani is going through. She is really devastated by her mom’s death. She tells him so is her brother Greg.

Right the, Greg comes face to face with “somebody” and appears stunned to find out they are alive.

Todd gets done talking to Kelly and she shows him a tribute that was written about Téa Delgado Manning. Right then, Dani returns. He tells his daughter there is something he has to tell her. He lied to her about Ross. She tells him so did she. And right then, it appears that “somebody” is watching them unseen.

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