OLTL Update Thursday 9/9/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, after Natalie’s appointment, John views the sonogram photo of her baby. He confirms that it’s a shining star on a dark night and it’s their kid.

Brody goes to find Robert Ford at LU while Robert is talking to Langston. And Brody punches him in the face, knocks him down and is ready to hurt him without concern for the consequences. Langston runs to get security after trying and failing to get him to stop.

At Bo’s office, Inez Salinger tells Bo she did not know that Dani was dating his son before she started dating Nate.

Dani is with Nate talking about her mom. He tells her he’s sure that her mom would be proud of her and knows his dad is. She tells him she has to go home and be with her family. He kisses her. Right then, Matthew walks in to see them together and does not appear happy..

Not far away, Destiny asks Daren if Nate and Matthew are both trying out for varsity basketball. He confirms that they both are. Destiny tells him she knows if they are both on the same court, they will have to call 911

Greg goes to talk to Marty and tells her he needs her help. She asks him what is wrong. He admits to her that he did something terrible to Téa Delgado.

Todd notices an urn with Téa’s ashes and questions whether it is really her.

Bo tells Inez that Matthew understands why his dad hired her. She asks if Bo is sure about that. He tells her that for starters, Matthew does not work there and he does not have to answer to his son for his hiring decisions. And secondly, he does not believe there has to be a problem. She tells him she realizes that but knows what it’s like to make one’s son hate them and does not want to be responsible for that happening to Bo. Right then, Clint enters and tells Bo that he has met Inez and know that she talks very highly of him (Bo). Clint goes to ask her about her three sons. She tells him about her oldest who is an instructor at LU. He smugly confirms that she must be a very proud momma. Bo observes his brother and looks at him disapproving. She also tells him that her youngest, Nate is trying out for varsity basketball. Hearing that, Clint makes note remembering that Matthew and her son are rivals.

Langston attempts to break up the fight between Brody and Ford. She asks Brody why he is doing this. Brody replies she may ask Jessica the answer to that question. She then asks Brody what Robert did to Jessica. He replies that Robert had sex with her. She asks if that is true. Robert tells her he can explain. Brody asks how he could explain doing something like that to her when she was like a teenager and not in her right mind. Robert protests that he made a mistake and asks if nobody else has ever made a mistake.

John tells Natalie that her baby didn’t seem real before…But now that he sees the sonogram, there is a little person there. A little guy or girl and he can’t wait to meet this kid. Maybe they will take after their outspoken mom. Maybe they will be like him with a tendency to repress. She tells him that is the hard part. Ya never know.

Clint asks Bo if he has broken any laws by coming down to the station to see his brother unannounced and by striking up a conversation with Inez. Bo confirms no. Clint has not done anything illegal. But he offered Bo’s son a job without forewarning Bo first. That was a mistake.

At the high school gym, Destiny grabs the ball from Matthew and tells him that she will only give it back to him if he promises not to go back to “the dark side” He tells her there is nothing to worry about. But she notices Nate standing beside Matthew and asks if that is true even with him trying out for the same team. They turn to observe all of the friends that Nate has that appear to be cheering him on.

When Greg goes to talk to Marty, she tells him from all she has heard, there was nothing he could have done to prevent Téa’s death if she had an inoperable brain tumor.

Todd is talking to Dani about a conversation he had with Greg. He must inform Dani that Greg informed him that right before Téa died, she changed her mind and told Greg she wanted them there for her. Hearing that, Dani asks why then they weren’t there for her and why did she have to die alone.

Natalie “assures” John that their baby will be just like him.

Brody tells Robert he now knows what Robert did to Jessica. Langston watches and listens while Brody tells them both he knows that Robert was waiting for a chance to take advantage of Jessica when she was in a fragile state knowing what would happen prom night. So right when she got upset over hearing Cristian propose to Layla, he knew how to take advantage of her and get her in bed. Overhearing that, Langston asks if that happened during prom night. She then asks Robert just when he managed to “fit this in”. Was it before or after he messed around with Karen on that very night when she caught him and then he tried to do her? Right then, Robert realizes what happened that night with all three of those women and knows it’s near to impossible to justify himself to Langston.

After Natalie is done with her appointment she runs into Jessica and notices her sister crying. She asks what is up and where Brody went. John leaves them alone to talk. Jessica admits to Natalie that it’s very hard to talk about what is going on. She then confesses to her sister that Brody might not be the father of her baby.

At LU, Brody tells Langston he assumes that this perv didn’t tell her the part about his sleeping with Jessica. She tells him no. He tells Robert that he could nail him for statutory rape knowing what was going on with Jessica when he slept with her.

At the station, Clint asks Bo why he has a problem with his offering Matthew a job. Matthew is his nephew. He needs a younger family member to learn the ropes so that one day he can inherit B.E. But Bo knows there might be more to it that he disapproves of.

At the high school, Matthew tells Destiny that he does not have a problem with Nate trying out for basketball. All he wants is a chance to play after being stuck in a wheelchair the previous year. He’s not out to cause any trouble. Daren then assures Destiny she must realize there is no cause for alarm. Matthew and Nate then both stand before the basket attempting to shoot hoops. Matthew asks Nate why he would want to play the same sport. Nate asks Matthew if he thinks it’s all about himself. Matthew tells Nate he’s going to make him regret ever putting his name on that sign up sheet.

Dani asks Todd why Greg would not forewarn them that Téa wanted to see them before it was too late.

Marty ask Greg if he believes he could have done something to save Téa’s life. He tells her that Téa changed her mind and wanted to see Todd and Dani before she died. But he somehow could not let them see her. She asks why. He replies because somebody else didn’t want it to happen. And he was only doing what he was “told” to do.

Dani demands to know why Dr. Evans did not tell her and Todd that Téa wanted to see them right when they got there. Todd replies maybe he was afraid it would have made them feel worse if she was already gone. Dani asks if he thought it would make them feel better to know that now. They both confirm that Dr. Evans can go to hell. Right then, the doorbell rings. Dani stares at the urn. Todd sees John at the door who offers his condolences to both of them and tells them Téa was a remarkable woman. Nobody fought harder for clients and people they loved than she did. He may not have always seen eye to eye with her but offers his condolences.

Marty asks Greg how he feels responsible for Téa dying after telling him that she wanted to see Todd and Dani. He realizes he cannot answer that question and admits that there is only so much he can answer in order not to get in trouble and be in danger. But he does not tell her any specifics about that.

At the high school, Matthew and Nate are competing for basketball and seem to be combative.

Clint tells Bo that he has gotten over his anger toward his brother for marrying Nora. And offering Matthew a job at B.E. is his way of making amends. Bo tells Clint he appreciates that. But this is an important year for Matthew. He has to get good grades and apply to colleges and is now going out for basketball. He has a year to catch up on. Clint tells Bo that he thought that Bo’s son was mature enough to take on the challenge. He knows of no reason why Bo would forbid Matthew from taking a job that he really wants other than a “power trip”.

Robert tells Brody that regardless of what he thinks, Jessica was a consenting adult. But Brody tells him he knew that Jessica was traumatized and so he moved in for the kill. She was so messed up, she had to ask Robert what happened that night. And Robert lied to her until he got tested for hepatitis after getting the big scare. Overhearing that, Langston is in awe to hear that that is why he got tested. Robert protests that he didn’t think it mattered. Brody tells him he must know that it matters now. Langston concludes she knows that Jessica is pregnant and so the baby could be Robert Ford’s.

At the hospital, Natalie asks Jessica how the baby would not be Brody’s. Jessica replies it’s before she and Brody got back together. Natalie then asks if it was Cristian. Jessica admits no. But she was hung up on him at the time and she was very upset to overhear him propose to Layla. So she went to his apartment. He wasn’t there but his roommate was. Natalie then concludes that she means Robert Ford and that is whom Jessica slept with..

At Todd’s John tells him he is there to ask if he or Dani have heard from Ross Rayburn. Todd tells him no but they will let John know if they do.

Bo clarifies to Clint that he did not say that Matthew could not work for B.E. Clint tells his brother he knows that he is not happy about it and he believes that perhaps that is more about Bo and Asa than about Bo and Matthew. Bo then admits to Clint that it’s true that Asa did not approve of Bo's) choosing not to work for the business. But Matthew can make his own decisions as he sees fit. Clint then asks Bo for a simple answer. Can the boy have the job? Bo tells him yes. But if affects Matthew’s grades, he is out of there. Clint concludes that that is great. He just wishes that Asa was there to see it.

At basketball try-outs, Matthew pushes Nate so that he falls. Destiny watches and knows what is going on although Daren tells her that maybe she needs to cut Matthew some slack because the dude stole his lady. She then tells him that Nate did not steal her. She made a choice. And now she is beginning to understand why Dani chose Nate over Matthew.

Dan overhears John telling Todd that it’s possible that Ross is trying to find her. And right then, she gets a text message from an unknown caller.

Jessica tells Natalie that she’s worried that Brody will not be able to accept it if she is carrying Robert Ford’s baby. Natalie tells her that maybe it doesn’t have to be that way even if worse comes to worse. But Jessica asks Natalie to put herself in her shoes. What would Natalie do if she had to tell John her baby was somebody else’s? Little does she know.

At LU, Brody replies to Langston yes. Jessica is pregnant. And she’s worried that the baby could be Robert Ford’s. He faces Robert to tells him how sick he was not even use a damn condom. Robert protests that it was one time. Robert tells Brody that Jessica loves Brody). The two of them are going to have this baby. And he is really sorry. He then tells Langston that he was a different guy then. He has changed and wants to be better. Brody responds to that by telling him it’s a big too late for that. He tells Langston that Robert is “all hers” and he walks off. She tells Robert he makes her sick and walks away from him.

When Clint leaves Bo’s office, he remarks that Inez really knows how to make a salad. And he knows of a place with great food. And that is the Palace. She tells him that the Palace is a little “too rich” for her blood. But he tells her that he would like to take her there for lunch some time and promises she will feel right at home there. He appears unusually friendly to her. And Bo watches him suspiciously. As soon as Clint is gone, Bo asks if her it’s his imagination that his brother just hit on her. He knows that Clint might have ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, John has not gotten the DNA from Eli after his death.

Greg tells Marty that he is worried about telling her what he needs to tell her. She reminds him that she is bound by confidentiality laws that whatever he tells her in the room stays in the room, unless of course, it involves suicide or homicide.

Natalie assures Jessica that this was not her fault. It was Ford’s fault. Brody will not blame her for that. Jessica tells her sister even if that is true, what will happen if Brody finds out that this baby is not his. How does he get past that? He will want to love the baby and love her. But that is a lot to ask of himself and what if he cannot pull that off? Natalie tells her that is why she has to find him and talk to him and make this work. They need to have faith that if they love each other, they can get through anything. Natalie hugs her sister and tells her she is “sorry”. Jessica asks her why she is sorry. Natalie didn’t get herself into this mess. Jessica) did. Jessica goes off,. Alone, Natalie appears stunned.

Langston asks Ford which part he wants her to overlook? The part about him ruining what could have been the happiest night of Jessica’s life? OR the fact that he took advantage of her without even using a condom? He reminds her that he did not see a teenager. He saw a grown woman who wanted to be with him and needed comfort. She tells him that Jessica was ill. He tells her that he wanted to help her when he saw her crying over losing a guy she liked. Langston tells him he just wanted to get her into bed. She tells him that is all women are to him. Or, she asks, was he just trying to get back at someone else? He asks her who that would be. She replies his mother. She asks him if he has to punish the entire female population because his mommy walked out on him when he was a kid.

Brody goes to the hospital and looks for Jessica but just sees Natalie. She tells him that Jessica told him that it’s possible that her baby could be Ford’s.

Robert tells Langston that he knows she will need convincing and will have trouble believing his word. But she needs to look at his actions. For one, he quit teaching that class because he knew it could present a conflict of interests and prevent her from pursuing her major. He has to start somewhere. And she has to let him. IN response to that, she tells him she does not have to do anything. He tells her that she was ready to give him another chance and she cannot let Brody prevent that. She tells him that she should thank Brody. She should give him a medal for helping her to see what trash Robert Ford really is.

At basketball practice, Matthew continues to harass Nate. He asks him if Dani told him that she wanted to have sex with Matthew). Nate ignores Matthew. Matthew then smirks at him telling him that Dani “really wanted it”. At that point, Nate pushes Matthew. He falls to the floor and appears to have hurt his leg. And the coach seems to believe that Nate assaulted Matthew for no reason. Right then, Clint appears to watch his nephew’s “scheme” with his adversary.

Alone with Todd, Dani asks her dad if when John was there, did he ask anything about Ross? He replies that John wanted to know if she’d heard from Ross. She tells Todd that he has the right to see her and to know about Téa. But Todd tells her that she needs to steer clear of Ross. Todd reminds her that Eli was a dangerous man and she needs to be careful knowing what they’re both capable of. Dani then asks her dad what they are going to do with her mom’s ashes. He asks her if she has any idea. But Todd is not going to like it, she tells him.

When Greg is hesitating to confess his secret to Marty, he gets a text from an unknown caller that says: “Don’t say another word”. And he concludes to Marty that he’s sorry. He cannot so this.

Dani tells Todd she wishes they could have a memorial for Téa in Tahiti remembering how much she loved it there. And right then, Dani gets a text from an unknown caller that says: “I’m coming for you.”

Jessica goes looking for Brody at LU knowing he’s been there to confront Robert Ford. But he’s already left..

At the station, John tells Bo he believes that Ross and Eli were in on something together. There is a “bond” between brothers.

At the high school, Matthew is surprised to notice Clint and asks what he’s doing there. Clint tells his nephew he knows what he did to Nate. Matthew need not justify or deny that he has “killer instincts” just like Clint talked to him about. Meanwhile, Destiny talks to Nate about Matthew’s out of control behavior and asks what he said to provoke Nate to push him. Nate does not want to answer.

Meanwhile, Dani gets an anonymous text which she does not want Todd to know about. Greg gets a similar text. And John tells Bo that he suspects that Elijah Clark did not really burn in the fire and is still out there wreaking havoc. They must get an autopsy ASAP.

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