OLTL Update Tuesday 9/7/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/7/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Roxy talks to Natalie at Angel Square about getting ready to have her baby with John. Natalie can see that her mom has something on her mind. And Roxy tells her daughter that she did go to see her son, Schuyler in Statesville and can’t help but wonder how his life might be different if he’d knows that she was his mother.

At the hospital, Jessica is ready to see her first sonogram with Dr. Vivian. Brody is with her ready to be a part of it. But Vivian tells him she’s sorry but she can only show the sonogram to Jessica alone. Brody appears baffled to hear that.

Rex is with Gigi in the park having a picnic and relaxing for the time being.

Right then, Greg is on the phone trying and failing to reach Eli. He demands that Greg gets back to him regarding Téa’s death. Yet there is no answer and he does not know why. Right the, Destiny appear and asks her brother who that was. He does not know how to answer that.

Jack enters Todd’s home and asks to talk to Dani. Todd is a bit concerned that Dani might not be up to arguing with Jack. But he wants there to offer his condolences to Dani about her mom whom he also came to know and love. And he hugs her.

Right then, Blair and John return home. She admits to Kelly that the man whom she loved and intended to marry is a serial killer.

Roxy tells Natalie that she knows that Schuyler is in prison and there is nothing she can do about that. She remembers that a mishap occurred when she believed that she would be a grandmother with Schuyler’s child. But she can’t go back to the past. She tells Natalie that at least the “right two people” are having a kid. Hearing that and knowing what is possible, Natalie screams at her to shut up. In response to that, Roxy concludes that it must be hormones kicking in and affecting Natalie’s moods.

Right then, Vivian is talking to Jessica about what she needs to do in order to prevent any risk to the baby. While Brody waits outside and is out of earshot, Vivian tells Jessica that she had gone ahead to schedule the Rh injection which Brody will never know about. Jessica thanks her and admits that she hates lying to him. She tells her Brody is the best guy in the world. She loves him so much. And this other guy was a total mistake. Vivian tells her that is all she needs to worry about now is the baby. She needs to stay away from stress.

At Buenos Dias, Layla tells Cristian that the grant money to have his own art studio is his dream come true and an opportunity he cannot pass up. He tells her he knows that her dream that she cannot pass up is to have her designing studio in Paris. But they know if they each pursue their dream, there will be thousands of miles of ocean between them. At another table, Destiny is talking to Greg about Téa’s death. She goes over to talk to Cristian unaware that he did not know that Téa died. Cristian is surprised that Téa died alone.. Destiny informs him that that is what she wanted. But her brother Greg was there.

Jack offers his condolence to Dani and tells her hat he really liked Téa. He got to know her and was ok with his dad marrying her. It was a lot better than his mom marrying the psycho, Eli. Hearing that, neither Todd nor Dani knows what to say and Todd realizes that he has not disclosed to Dani the deep dark secret about Eli.

Meanwhile, Blair tells Kelly and John that she’d like to drink and forget all about what happened but it’s a bit too early in the day for that. She just wants to get upstairs and take a shower but she is not certain there could be enough ways to wash that whole disgusting mess out of her life. She leaves. Alone with John, Kelly asks what happened in Tahiti after Eli died in the fire. He tells her that they examined him and he is gone. She tells him this may appear selfish. But she really wishes she could have confronted Eli about killing her mother. She tells him it might not have made a difference if she’d given him a piece of her mind and demanded to know what happened. But it would have made her feel better. He concludes to her that he believes that her mom would be proud of her for having the courage to help bring Eli to justice. She concludes to John that maybe now it’s time to get back to her life now that this has been resolved for her.

Rex has a surprise for Gigi in his brief case. She opens it and tells him she cannot believe he did it.

Blair comes down the stairs and tells Kelly she may tell her “I told you so”. She knows that Kelly wants her to tell her she was too stupid to know what Eli was all about.

AT Todd’s, Jack asks his dad what his mom was doing in Tahiti. He replies that she and Eli eloped there. Dani knows that John brought Blair home and asks how it was that the cops were involved. Todd then tells his daughter he knows there is no easy way to tell her, but Elijah Clark is not the man she thought he was. She looks at him perplexed.

In response to Blair daring Kelly to say “I told you so” about Eli, Kelly tells hr cousin she would never say that to her. Blair tells her cousin that she may deserve it. Kelly, John and others warned her about Eli. But she did not listen. He completely fooled her and she could not see that he was a con artist and serial killer. But Kelly tells Blair that Eli fooled many people and she’s not judging Blair for falling for his lies many others did also. Blair admits that she is lucky she is not floating dead in a ditch somewhere. She asks Kelly if she can make it up to her. Kelly replies that there is one thing that Blair could do for her.

Jessica is having her ultrasound. Vivian runs the video so that she and Brody can both see. Jessica smiles but is uneasy not entirely certain that Brody is the father and knowing she’s lied to him.

Meanwhile, Roxy asks Natalie if she and John might have thought of any names for the baby. Natalie replies they have not yet. Roxy tells her that they might want to consider Roxanne if it’s a girl, admitting she might be a bit prejudiced. But she believes she might be responsible for Natalie getting knocked up. Of course, she tells her, she knows that John is. But she (Roxy) made Natalie write him the letter to meet her at midnight if he wanted her. Natalie stares at her mom uneasy and not knowing what to say or do when she hears that. Roxy tells her that she almost gave up on John and should be very grateful that she made the choice not to take the flight to London and instead “stuck around that night and didn’t do anything stupid”. Roxy leaves and Natalie remembers sleeping with Brody. She then admits to Roxy that she actually did do something stupid that night.

Gigi is in awe that Rex bought her a whole big case of school supplies. He tells her she has to be prepared. He also tells her he intends to buy her a lap top. She tells him he need not do that. She and Shane can share the old clunker they had before. As long as she has pens in her pockets, she tells him, and she has him in his corner, that’s all she needs.. Right then, they kiss.

Roxy seems to know that Natalie went to visit Brody before she almost left for London and gave up on John. But, she tells him if it were not for her motivating Natalie to go and see him and find out if he was committed to her, there would not be a “bun in the oven”. Right then, John appears to overhear them talking. He hugs her and is ready to see the doctor with her. Roxy then tells them she can take a hint and goes out the door so that they can be alone. Natalie asks John how Blair is holding up. John admits that she’s upset and it’s understandable since this whole life she was planning on with Elijah Clark was based on a lie. Natalie hears that and something seems to “hit home” for her

Kelly asks Blair if Eli may have said anything about her mother. Blair admits yes and he did confess everything about his two wives who died, that he pushed Marty down the stairs, attacked Robert Ford and killed Rodney. And, she tells Kelly, he admitted to killing her mom. Apparently Melinda saw a picture of Eli in the paper with Blair. Melinda was proud and showed it to her friend Rodney. But Rodney remembered he was Bennett Thompson, the man who killed his wife. Melinda must have called Blair to warn her. But apparently, Eli must have answered the phone. And he must have flown to L.A. and killed Melinda. Kelly thanks Blair for telling her. Blair tells her she is so sorry to have brought Eli into this family. But Kelly tells Blair it was not her fault. She was a target to Eli by being a single woman with money. She tells Blair that she (Blair) was a victim in all of this. Blair tells Kelly there is something she can do for her. Kelly may tell everybody that she is back and she is ok. She then tells Kelly she has to get to Todd’s and talk to Dani which was another thing that Eli prevented her from doing when he asked her to elope with her. Blair gets ready to go and talk to Dani. But Kelly tells her that before she does that, she needs to know one other thing.

Layla and Cristian talk at Buenos Dias about Elijah Clark’s death in the fire in Tahiti. Right then, Greg overhears and interrupts them, stunned to find out for the first time that Elijah Clark died. Noticing that, Destiny asks his brother why he’d “care” since he barely knew Elijah.

At Todd’s, Jack tells Dani and his dad that he knew that Elijah Clark was just like the psycho killer in a horror movie he saw. He could have stabbed them in their sleep. But Dani says she thinks it’s so unfair that Eli died in a fire. He was the nicest guy. She met him through Blair and knew he was the love of her new mom’s life. Todd tells her that even if it’s hard to believe, it’s the reality. He admits to Dani that he really didn’t know much about Eli or his history. But apparently, there are a lot of people dead because of him.

Blair finds out from Kelly that Téa died and she cries. She tells her that Téa was not supposed to die yet. Kelly holds her.

Dani asks Todd what Eli supposedly did that was so terrible. He tells her for starters Eli Clark is not even his real name. She tells Todd that there must be some misunderstanding. Todd tells Dani that Eli had two previous wives that disappeared. She tells him that could not be. He’s never been married. Jack then chimes in and asks if that means that Eli killed his previous wives. Todd confirms yes. And he was the one who pushed Marty Saybrooke down the stairs. Hearing that, Dani tells Todd there is no way that Eli could have done that. He would never kill a baby. She tells them she does not believe any of it. Todd tells her he’s sorry. She then concludes that if she mistakenly trusted somebody who was a murderer and Blair married him and got betrayed then what is the point of trusting anybody who leaves or who is not who they say they are? She storms out. Jack then asks his dad if he’s not going to go after Dani. Todd tells his son there is no point. He cannot give her what she needs which is her mom.

Blair tells Kelly this is the first time she has cried on Kelly’s shoulder. Kelly tells her that it shows that anything could happen. Just look at Blair and Téa suddenly becoming friends. Blair cries and tells Kelly she must go to Todd’s because Dani needs her. She turns to face her cousin and tells her she is so sorry she did not believe her. She thought it was just sour grapes. Aunt Melinda tried to warn her but all she could do was insult her vase. She leaves the room to find Dani Alone Kelly looks at the urn with her mother’s ashes.

After Destiny asks Greg why he’d be concerned about Eli’s death, he tells her that he got to know him a little bit at Matthew Buchanan’s trial. But, he asks Layla and Cristian, are they sure he is dead? Layla replies yes. John and Blair confirmed it. Right then, Greg rushes out the door knowing he has to do something alone.

Gigi reminds Rex that all she has in her life is working and then rushing home and making dinner for Shane. She tells him that she has to apply for a grant. It’s called the live and learn grant where she talks about all she has done since she got done with high school. Yes, she’s paid her taxes and has learned recipes at the restaurant. But who cares about that? He tells her she’s a lot more than her job. She’s a mother with a son whom she’s raised all by herself who is amazing, draws comics, plays sports and is a good student. Raising a kid is the most important thing you can do.

Meanwhile, Natalie asks John how Eli could have gotten killed in a fire if he was in police custody. John replies that he was never in custody. The cops came by and put Ross in custody instead. And Eli and Blair were in a house on fire. He was either going to die from the fire or from the slug that Blair fired when she shot him. They both agree that Blair was justified to want him dead after he betrayed her.

At the hospital, Brody views the ultrasound with Jessica and Dr. Vivian and is in awe. He sees the unborn child and tells Jessica that is their baby. It’s because they love each other, there is a little baby getting bigger and stronger and ready to share its life with them. He thanks her. But she is not ok with the secret she is keeping.

John wants to forget about his fiasco in Tahiti and go with Natalie to her Ob/Gyn appointment. But she asks if they should not reschedule if he’s tired from his trip.

Meanwhile, Brody is talking to Vivian very happy that he will be having a baby with Jessica. He tells her how much it means to finally have a family and reminds Jessica that she has a big family when he did not growing up. All he has is her and the baby. He remembers getting hooked up with Gigi, seeing Shane as his own and then losing him. He remembers what that did to him. But this baby; their baby, no one can ever take that away from him. Hearing that, she cries. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him she “cannot do this anymore”.

While Gigi is writing her admission paper, she encourages Rex to go for a walk. He goes off and runs into Kelly. She is standing on a bridge with the urn that has her mother’s ashes. She tells him all that she remembers one day when she and her mom were walking on this very bridge. Her mother was lucid and not like she usually was. It was a special day. And this day is also special.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny overhears Cristian and Layla talking about their dilemma where they want to be together but have career opportunities that would take them to different countries. She tells them it’s just like a book she’s reading about two people who love each other in the similar situation.

Blair goes to Todd’s home to talk to Dani. Dani asks her if it’s true. Is Eli really a murderer? Blair admits to Dani that he fooled a lot of people. She asks Dani how she is. Dani replies that her mom died. Blair holds Dani in her arms and they cry and she tells her how sorry she is to have run off when she should have been there for her. Todd tells Blair he’s glad she’s back. They have all missed her. She remarks to Todd that they are both widowed in the same week. She admits to Todd that she did marry Eli but then she shot him. He smirks and tells Blair that he’s glad she did. If she had not, he’d have gone down there and shot Eli himself. Right then, Dani appears and Blair goes off with her.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny admits that she read about a couple similar to Cristian and Layla but is not certain if it was a romance or a tragedy. She will tell them the outcome when she finishes the book. Alone, they both admit that they have postponed their plans for each other. And they conclude that they bottom line is they love each other and something has got to give.

Rex returns to Gigi right after talking to Kelly about her official closure of her mom’s death. Kelly holds the urn, says good bye to her mom and tells her she loves her. She then pours the ashes into the river.

At John’s, he asks Natalie if she is ready for the appointment. He can see that her mind is elsewhere. She tells him she is ok. He tells her if there is something bothering her, he wants to know about it. She then admits to him that there is something she needs to tell him.

In the exam room, Jessica cries and tells Brody that she can’t keep lying to him. He asks her what is going on. She tells him he will hate her when she tells him what she needs to tell him. He tells her it’s not possible. She then admits to him that this baby might not be his.

Greg goes to Todd’s. Todd asks about Téa’s ashes. Greg admits to him that hat that is why he is there. He needs to tell Todd something.

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