OLTL Update Friday 9/3/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/3/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

In the registration hall, Robert kisses Langston. She does not stop him at first but pulls away wondering what she is doing.

At the hospital, Vivian tells the office staff she needs to order an Rh blood test for Jessica Brennan. But right then, Brody is behind her to overhear and tells her no. Jessica does not need that.

At Rodi's, Gigi tells Rex that she is going to be in debt paying for all the expenses she needs in order to go to school. He then shows her the very large paycheck that Kelly gave to him for helping her get her mystery solved. He tells Gigi that her problems are solved.

At Todd’s, Kelly tells Jessica that it’s one thing to lose one’s mother as an adult, but Dani is just a young girl. They both know that Todd is not in a good way.

In the other room, Todd admits to Starr that Blair could care less about them or about Téa. She has not responded to any of their calls because she’d rather be with Elijah Clark. Starr urges her father to listen to her and informs him that her mom is lucky to be alive because Elijah Clark is a killer.

Natalie is on the phone with John asking if he can have Eli put in prison. He admits that that may not happen. She asks how Blair is. He looks to see that Blair has not been hurt in the fire but is not okay.

Kelly admits to Jessica that she has been wrapped up in her investigation and did not call her. She wants to know if Jessica is okay with her pregnancy.

Robert tells Langston that he knows she is a student of his, and he cannot kiss her “on the job.” But he is okay if she wants to change her major so that they can be together. Hearing that, she demands to how he can get the idea that they can be together regardless of anything else. He tells her he knows he has treated her really bad in the past but would like her to give him another chance. She tells him no way. She did not trust him then and never will.

Jessica tells Kelly that the problem she has is that Ford’s blood type is not compatible. So, if, by any chance, he is the father of the baby, she needs to get treatment for Rh. If Brody ever finds out that she’s getting tested, he will know that she has lied to him.

At the hospital, Brody asks Vivian why Jessica would need this procedure done. The office assistant tells him that it could be that her files got mixed up with those of her sister, Natalie. Natalie is on the phone talking to John, not far away in the hospital hallway, asking when he can come home. He admits he’s not certain. There are some complications. He asks her if she can possibly postpone getting her first sonogram so that he can be there with her. At that moment, she is not certain what to say or do. He tells her that he wants to have something good to think about and suspects nothing.

He sits beside Blair and informs her that they got Ross in lock up. She tells him that it’s odd that Elijah wanted her to believe that he was merely covering for Ross. She wanted to believe and trust Eli because she was in love with him. She asks how she could fall for a man who would kill an innocent person like her Aunt Melinda. John holds her.

Starr informs Todd, for the first time, that Hannah O’Connor didn’t push Marty; Eli did. He only seems to care that he got falsely accused and assaulted by Cole for something he didn’t do. All that time in the hospital laid up, and in jail, he could have been with Téa. She gets a call from John who admits to her he’s not certain how much she knows about the whole situation. He lets her talk to Blair. Starr asks her mom if she is okay. Blair tells her yes and cries.

Kelly asks Jessica what if the baby is really Brody’s and doesn’t need for her to get the shot.

Brody tells Vivian and her assistant that he knows all about his blood type. He was tested while in the service and everything should be okay. Vivian knows not to tell him the reason why Jessica wants the shot, but he wants to ask her some questions.

Robert tells Langston he knows he’s given her reason not to trust him but would like to change that. He attempts to explain to her that a lot of things have changed in the last few months of his life. His brother has come back into his life. It took him back to his childhood and helped him to realize what he’s had to do in order to survive. But he now knows that he has to be a better person and be there for his family. She tells him she knows that he loves his brother and was threatened by Elijah. He reminds her that he almost died and it woke him up to know that he has to make some changes. She tells him good luck with that and walks away. She tells him it sounds great. But regardless of all of his circumstances that he’s talked about, he still managed to have sex with someone who could have given him an STD.

Brody asks Vivian what Jessica’s chances are of giving the baby hepatitis. She tells him that statistics vary. But as long as Jessica stays healthy, she should be okay. Yet, they do need to take every precaution.

Jessica admits to Kelly that all she can do is get the shot behind Brody’s back.

Brody tells Vivian that he intends to be with Jessica at all of her appointments.

Gigi looks at the check that Kelly wrote to Rex and asks if there is a reason why it was so much. Was it just all the times Kelly may have seen him getting out of the shower half naked?

On the phone, Blair admits to Starr that she did go through with marrying Eli but accidentally shot him. She doesn’t want to tell Starr all the details but asks about Dani and admits she’s worried about her. Starr tells her mom she need not worry and that everything will be okay and she loves her mom. Yet, she does not tell her mom that Téa died. John then informs Blair what happened to Eli after he was burned in the fire.

Robert asks Langston if she’s going to keep beating him up or if she’s going to listen to him. He tells her she’s the only one he wants. He can’t even flirt with anyone else because he only wants her.

Kelly admits to Jessica that Rex went above and beyond the call of duty when he snuck into Eli’s room, he helped get her out and risked his own life to help her. She admits that she is, kind of, attracted to Rex.

Gigi discusses the same thing with him about how it could be that Kelly merely hired him because she likes his body. He protests that he is a damn good PI with other qualifications. She knows that Kelly has a habit of always walking in on him when he’s getting out of the shower. He concludes that Gigi is jealous. They joke.

Natalie goes to the hospital and runs into Brody. She tells the desk clerk that “her boyfriend” is out of town so she needs to re-schedule her sonogram. Meanwhile, she and Brody are both reminded that it’s entirely possible that he is the father of her baby.

Todd notices Kelly unexpectedly at his home. She tells him she wanted to be there for him because of Téa. Starr informs Kelly that she wanted to call her about her mom. A lot has happened, she tells Kelly. Blair is okay, but Eli is dead.

At the Tahiti station, they bring Eli in on a stretcher, inside a body bag. Blair is upset to see what has happened.

Gigi asks Rex if she should be jealous just because Kelly Cramer is rich and gorgeous. He admits that she might be a “catch.” She then jokes with him about whether they should be serious. She tells him when she was registering for classes, she ran into Robert Ford. Rex then panics, knowing that he is “every woman’s dream” and maybe he should be jealous of having his girlfriend around Robert.

Robert asks Langston how he can prove to her that he has changed.

Kelly tells Todd she is sorry about Blair and about Téa. She knows that Starr also really loved Téa and she was like a second mother to her. Todd is not courteous to her. She leaves, and Jessica tells her she’s really sorry. Kelly goes out the door telling Jessica she is not going to be thin skinned.

Natalie talks to Brody alone at the hospital about how she had to lie to John on the phone. She tells him that he needs to focus on the baby he is having with Jessica and realize that her baby is John’s

John tells Blair he’s sorry she had to see Eli in the body bag. She tells him she had to. Right then, an officer brings out the bullet they extracted from him. He asks Blair if she is Mrs. Elijah Clark. She replies yes. He tells her they found “these” on the deceased. She looks at some of his stuff in a plastic bag that almost got burnt but is still there.

Robert tells Langston that his involvement with other girls was only an escape to avoid dealing with the feelings he has for her. So, again, he asks her, what will it take to get her to trust him again. She tells him that even if his walls are coming down, she has walls of her own.

Natalie goes to Rodi's to inform Rex that Eli Clark is dead.

Blair sees the photo of Eli and asks herself why she couldn’t see it.

Starr tells Todd he must realize that her mom could have died. Eli has killed two other wives. He tells her it’s his fault. He didn’t like Eli but did not tell Bair because he didn’t want to rain on her parade. She asked his opinion and he encouraged her to go for it.

At the station, Blair tells John that she got suckered in by Todd and then by Eli.

Todd tells Starr that Blair could have died because of him.

Blair tells John that she didn’t even know about Eli’s two previous wives and suspicious disappearance until it was too late. He then assures her that Eli can’t hurt her anymore. She tells him she thought she was marrying somebody so good and unlike Todd. But he was so much worse than Todd could ever be.

Todd tells Starr that he lost Blair and let her fall into the hands of a psycho. She tells her father that he’s not a trained psychiatrist who should be able to see those things. He tells her that he could not see what was happening to Téa until it was too late.

Blair tells John that she didn’t believe her own son. Jack called Eli a serial killer and she laughed at him. She cries and tells John that she owes him (John) an apology for loving a man who killed his baby.

When Natalie is talking to Rex and Gigi at Rodi's, Kelly walks in. Rex goes to talk to Kelly alone and Gigi privately talks to Natalie about her baby. She informs Gigi that John is coming with her to her first sonogram. John is good at what he does and might be able to figure out what is going on.

Brody goes to see Jessica at Todd’s and still not revealing his secret to her nor knowing hers.

Todd tells Starr that he wasn’t able to see Téa or let Dani see her until it was too late.

Brody then asks Jessica why she told Dr. Vivian Wright that she needed the Rh treatment. He wonders why, if she is certain that he is the father of her baby. He is baffled that Dr. Wright did not give him any answer and was so vague.

At the hospital, the assistant asks Vivian why it was that Jessica Brennan would need the shot if the father of her baby has a compatible blood type. She cannot answer that.

Ford tries and fails to win Langston back. She tells him that she will take his class because she has to. He won’t prevent her from pursuing her major. If he makes another pass at her, she will get him fired for sexual harassment. She tells him that very soon, he’ll forget all about her since he sleeps with everything that walks, anyway. She walks away. He calls to her but she ignores him.

Jessica is wondering what to tell Brody regarding why she asked Dr. Vivian to order an Rh shot when they both know that he is the father of her baby.

Gigi tells Natalie that she needs to be positive and confident that John is the father of her baby so that he does not suspect anything. Natalie tells her she is right but she’d like to know what Rex and Kelly have been doing together on their investigation.

Kelly talks to Rex about what it meant for her to lose her mother and not be able to confront Eli now that he’s gone. After all that work they did to track him down, it’s like he took the easy way out. Her mom had to die all alone for no good reason at all. She cries and Rex holds her. Gigi observes them and watches them coldly with Natalie.

John tells the cop in Tahiti that he wants to make certain that they have all the evidence and DNA they need on Elijah’s body. He asks Blair if she is ready. She then removes her wedding and engagement ring and looks at the half burnt photo of her and Eli together.

Starr tells Todd that maybe they should have a party for Téa with all the people she loved and play all the music and do all the things she liked to do and remember her. She tells him that they need to get photos and think of all the great Téa stories. But he tells her that it’s not okay to do that. She tells him that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to do that. But she wants to take Dani to her mom’s memorial. She needs to know that her mom was loved and respected and have a time and place to say goodbye. Todd hugs his daughter and encourages her to do that. She asks if he is okay. She then leaves. When Todd is alone in the house, he goes over to the table and looks at the pictures of Téa and their wedding and all their memories.

Blair throws her wedding picture of herself and Eli in the trash. John walks her out the door. And we see the photo of Eli in the trash. 

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