OLTL Update Thursday 9/2/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Tahiti, Blair holds the gun on Eli and tells him she will not hesitate to pull the trigger. He asks her if she wants to ruin a good thing, appearing cocky. But right at that point, the gun goes off and he gets shot. At that point, it appears she regrets what she did.

Starr storms out of the registration building after finding out for the first time, that Cole knew that Eli was a killer yet said nothing to her after her mother married Eli. James goes after her and sees that she does not want to talk to Cole. But she does not seem to be angry with him.

Dani is remembering being with Téa by the water fountain and hearing her telling her daughter that she (Téa) used to come to this very place with her mom as a child and make a wish. Todd then asks Dani if she wants to grab some lunch somewhere. She is stunned and mourning the loss of her mom. She tells him she is afraid that the memory will fade away at some point, just like her mom has gone.

John goes to the station to find Elijah Clark. But he is not there.

Still in Tahiti, after Blair has shot Eli, he asks her how she could do that. She cries and regrets what she just did, confirming perhaps that she might be in love with him.

Jessica goes to talk to Vivian admitting that she is concerned about her baby not being entirely certain of who the father is or the history of the person (Ford) whom she realizes could possibly be. She asks her if they can schedule the Rh treatment ASAP. Vivian tells her she could do that but does not see that it’s necessary quite yet. Right then, Viki enters and is very surprised at what she is overhearing.

Back at the registration hall, after Cole, Starr and James have left, Robert tells Langston that the reason he covered for Eli and falsely accused Hannah of trying to kill him and killing Cole’s mom’s baby is because Eli threatened people he loves and cares for, including her. Hearing that, she does not buy that he would want to protect her and tells him he does not care about anybody except himself.

James talks to Starr outside and tells her that he can see the twitch on her cheek that she gets when she is hiding a secret. He knows that she and Cole have been having an argument. SO would she like to talk about it.?

At Buenos Dias, Destiny finds Shaun and demands to know how he can say that he was too late in finding Dani’s mom. He tells his sister that he took Dani and Todd to find her. But she died. Destiny cries. Greg enters. Shaun demands to know what he is doing there. Wasn’t he going to stay behind and take Téa’s ashes back? Shaun demands to know where Téa is and what has happened. But Greg does not answer.

Dani tells Todd shed does not want to go out anywhere nor do anything. She is holding one of Téa’s favorite things that her mom made for her. Todd admits that he used to argue with Téa about it. He did not have a good attitude about it because his mom never made him anything. Dani then tells Todd he may throw everything of her mom’s away. She does not need any more memories. All the memories she has sucks. She hates her mother and always will, she tells him.

John goes to the Tahiti police station hoping that he’ll see Eli in custody. But he’s surprised and perplexed to see Ross behind bars instead and demands to know why the cops caught him and not the “right guy”.

Viki overhears Jessica’s conversation, at the hospital with Vivian. She tells her the reason she is there is for a board meeting and to welcome the newly hired Dr. Wright. Vivian smiles and thanks Viki for her support. She leaves. Alone with Viki, Jessica confirms that Dr. Vivian Wright is a good doctor and believes she’s in good hands. Viki agrees but seems to know that her daughter is worried about complications and there must be a reason why she is concerned about Rh disease. She asks Jessica if Brody’s blood type is incompatible with hers.

At the freshman registration hall, Robert asks Langston why she does not believe that Eli threatened him and his brother to keep quiet about what he knows Eli has done. She replies that even if that’s true, she knows that Robert could care less bout his brother or her or anybody on the planet except himself. She knows that James is a nice guy who cares about others but Robert is not.

Outside, James asks Starr why she will not talk to him. And he admits that maybe she wants him to leave her alone and not offer his opinion. He tells her the reason is because he might have to tell her that Cole was right and she was wrong.

Greg indicates to Shaun that he is keeping a secret. Bu Destiny tells Shaun he has no right to blame Greg. He did what Téa wanted. She asked that he not let anybody see her before she died. He only carried out her wishes. Right then, Nate comes by bussing tables, overhears their conversation and asks if Téa was in pain. Greg replies no. He made sure she was comfortable. IT was very peaceful. Nate asks what about Dani. How is she holding up? Shaun replies that he knows that she is hurting bad.

Dani tells Todd he does not get her and should not even try. He then tells her he understands if she is angry and needs someone to yell at. But she needs to leave her mom out of it. She tells him that her mom was a coward. She was selfish and weak and took the easy way out. IF she cared about them, she would have let them be with her until the end. She tells Todd she hates her mom and her shawl and her stupid clothes and everything…Todd then shouts at his daughter to stop saying that.

John asks Ross what is going on. And he asks the uniform cop why they got the wrong guy. John seems to know, somehow that Blair might be in danger. And he has to find her before it’s too late.

Sure enough, at Ross’s home in Tahiti, there’s a fire. Blair attempts to put it out by throwing water and stamping it out with a towel. But the towel and candles ignite in the fire place and she might not be able to put the fire out before it spreads. Eli is lying unconscious on the floor after she’ shot him and he cannot get up.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny cries and tells her brothers Dani’s mom was a good person and should not have had to go through all this. She then tells Nate that maybe although she knows that Dani may not want the two of them barging in on her, maybe they need to be there for her. She knows that when people are upset, they need to eat. Greg tells her that’s a great idea and it’s on him. He then pays a check to Buenos Dias for some food to bring to Dani and Todd. Right then, Shaun sits alone and appears uncomfortable.

Dani ask Todd if what Téa did does not make him mad at her and if he does hate her too. He then admits to her that she’s correct. But what can he do? Téa is gone. He cannot bring her back and tell her she was wrong and he was right. SO he has no choice except to live with what has happened. But after Dani continues to bade him, he admits that he hates her. And he asks Dani if that is what she wanted to hear But he also loves Téa and can see that she does too. He asks Dani if he’s right. She then cries and tells him she’s sorry. She tells him she remembers that her mom gave her the necklace that she wanted Dani to give to her daughter. But she’s broken it in anger. She then remembers Téa crying and telling her daughter that she’s become a worthless mom. Todd tells her that he will get the necklace fixed and be there for her.

When the fire is spreading in the Tahiti house, Blair struggles to get Eli to wake up and get up before he gets burned in the fire. But he won’t come to.

At the hospital, Viki asks Jessica why she is worried about Brody’s blood type when she knows, for a fact, that it’s compatible with hers’. Jessica admits she is a bit concerned about taking any chances. Viki tells her there is no chance which she needs to be worried about. Viki then gets a call from Todd and does not appear to be happy that he is calling.

Outside the registration building, Starr asks James why he is defending Cole for not wanting to warn her that her mother could be killed by a serial killer whom she is marrying. He tells her that Cole just wanted to protect her (Starr). James tells her that she need not worry about her mom. He knows if her mom is anything like she is, she will not let Eli get the best of her.

John goes to the house in Tahiti, finds Blair with Eli right before they both might get burned in the fire.

Starr tells James he does not know her mother so how would he know anything about her. He tells her that he does not have to. He knows her (Starr). He knows that she has the genetics of somebody amazing. He really indicates that he has special feelings for Starr. Right then, she gets a call from Todd and is worried.

In the freshman registration building. Robert asks Langston why she talks about his brother being a nice guy. Why does she want him to “do James”. Why can’t she accept him just “doing” himself as he is. She tells him that the reason she has a problem with who he is because he “does” every female he meets. And she asks how it was that Eli would want to come after him in the first place. What motive would he have? Robert answers that he knew some secret information about Eli and blackmailed him with it. So Eli had to threaten him in order to keep him quiet.

Outside when Starr gets the call from her dad, she’s worried. James tells her he wants to come with her.

Todd talks to Dani about a conversation he had with Téa where she was worried that her daughter would hate her. Dani concludes that she was a typical mom that does not care about how anybody else feels and only wants what she wants. He tells her that he hopes the thing that keeps them together is something positive. Right then, the doorbell rings and he gets the door to see Destiny and Nate. He is not cordial to them. But they have food. Destiny tells Todd it’s free and Dani needs her friends. They walk into the house.

At Buenos Dias, Vivian comes to meet Shaun and when Greg notices her, he goes out the door. She can see that Shaun is not ok and asks what is wrong. He replies that Téa died.

The cops in Tahiti put Ross in handcuffs. But he protests that they have the wrong guy. Meanwhile, John wants to rescue Blair from the fire and is not concerned about Eli.. She tells him they cannot leave him there to die burning in the fire. He asks her if she is ok. They are both outside the house and safe but she is worried about Eli since she shot him and he is now passed out, ready to die and incapable of getting up to avoid burning in the fire. She admits to Johan that Kelly called and told her everything. She confronted Eli about the murders and his alias. John then goes in there to attempt to put out the fire. Blair urges him to be careful because it’s completely spread and one of them could die.

At Buenos Dias, Vivian tells Shaun that she believes that Greg did what Téa asked him to do. But Shaun is still suspicious that his brother maybe could have saved her but did not. He tells her that Greg has been acting very “off” and it looks like he’s hiding something. She tells him that Greg is used to saving patients and not losing them. She remembered Greg behaving similarly when Shaun was unconscious and they thought they might lose him and Greg was helpless to save him.

When Destiny and Nate visit Dani at Todd’s home, Destiny talks about her brother, Greg. Todd tells her her brother is a loser. Dani asks her father to shut up about Destiny’s brother. But Destiny tells Todd that she knows he is grieving so he gets a full pass to be a jerk. She hugs Todd and tells him she is really sorry for his tragic loss. Right then, Viki and Jessica enter to be there for Todd. And Starr and James appear behind them

In the registration building. Robert appears to be jealous of the thought that Langston might like James. She tells him that she does not know what is “real” about him and what is not. He tells her he knows that it’s his fault because he treated her like crap. She deserves somebody better. Like Markko or James or somebody who can put her up on a pedestal. But she turns to him indicating that maybe he had something to offer her that neither of the “good” guys could. But she asks him how she could possibly believe that he cares about her. He tells her that he does not want to miss out on being part of her life. And he ends up kissing her. She does not stop him.

Nate talks to Dani alone in a room and holds her while she cries over the loss of her mother. Viki tells Jessica that they need to put a lot of food in the fridge. Jessica then asks Dani and Nate to help her. Viki tells Destiny she really appreciates all that she has done. She tells Destiny that her family is very lucky to have her. And she knows that Destiny’s brothers have done a lot for Todd and his family. Hearing that, Destiny remarks that her bothers obviously did not do enough.

Greg goes to the hospital and calls Eli, urging him to call him back to talk about Téa Delgado’s death.

Todd tells Starr that her mother would rather be with Elijah Clark than return their calls. They keep calling her and she doesn’t get back to them. So why should they try and fail to reach her? Right then, Starr asks her father to sit down because there is something she needs to tell him about her mom.

When John and Blair try and fail to rescue Eli from the fire, Ross rushes to save his brother and is distraught that it may be too late.

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