OLTL Update Wednesday 9/1/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/1/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Hannah is sitting in her bed at St. Anne’s writing something. Marty peers in and asks if she can come in. Hannah tells her that she was just sitting there writing her a letter and hands it to her to read. Marty promises to help her any way she can. She is willing to talk to her parents about what is going on. Hannah lets on that her parents don’t care about her; they are very cold and aloof. They think she is an embarrassment to the family. Marty is grateful that she was willing to put her life on the line for Cole. She now realizes her love for Cole was futile because of the love between Cole and Starr.

Kelly and Rex go into his loft discussing the case. They banter back and forth about who did what and who should be thanked for finding her mother’s killer. They hug and Gigi walks in and sees them. Kelly deflects and says how grateful she is to Rex for all his help with her mom’s case. Gigi looks a bit jealous. He reminds Morasco she is the only girl for him. Gig reminds him they are taking things slow. He asks her to go steady and jokes that she wants to wear his old college sweater. She lets on how nervous she is about going to college. She is freaking out about the cost of college, how is she going to pay her loans back and BTW she is not eligible for grants. Rex tells her how awesome she is to him and everyone she knows. He swears he will help her with all of this. He’s there not just for their son, but for her too. She leaves and he strips down to take a shower. Kelly walks in, without knocking and sees him semi-naked. Kelly pays him, with an extra zero on the end. He can’t take this; she insists he took a huge risk helping her. She gets him to agree to take the check. He tells Kelly she deserves happiness.

In Tahiti, Blair grabs Eli’s gun as he tries to make her believe that everything Kelly told him was done by Ross and not him. She points the gun and demands him to tell her the truth that she was next on his hit list. He goes on about how he didn’t do anything; it was all Ross. She tells him to shut up as she is pointing the gun at him. He says that she should not listen to Kelly; it was Ross who did all those things. She doesn’t believe him and says you killed all those women and her Aunt Melinda. She wants him to confess; RIGHT NOW! Eli taunts her, you can’t shoot me, you love me. Blair makes him admit he was married before. He admits he is Bennett and did everything Kelly said he did. He tries to cover by saying that he wanted to start over and Blair was fun, free and willing to take a chance on him. He lets out why he killed Melinda, he had no choice. Blair is horrified as she realizes that he pushed Marty down the stairs and who he really is. He tries to say he did it all for them; he walks slowly to her and says that it doesn’t have to end badly. Blair is still holding the gun and telling Eli he is delusional. Next he goes on about his ex wives and why he killed them….he approaches her slowly and tells her she has a thing for dangerous men. He goes for the gun, they struggle and kiss…the gun goes off. Who’s shot!

At the LAPD Cole is talking to Nora about Hannah’s case. He is inquiring about her being able to get out since she didn’t do anything. Nora reminds him that she obstructed justice and that carries a sentence.

Bo and Matthew are talking about Matt working for BE. Bo is giving him all the reasons he shouldn’t….his job is to be a good student, play basketball, write college essays, prep for SATs…etc. Matthew disagrees and tells his Dad that grandpa wanted him to work at BE and by the way, aren’t you the person who hired the mom of the guy who stole his girlfriend. He could have hired anyone to intern at the station. Bo reassures Matt that there is no feud, no fights, between him and Clint. Nora walks in and wants to know what they are talking about. Matthew reminds them how much colleges love a student who interns. He wants to honor his grandfather’s wishes to give Be a chance. Nora thinks Clint is offering an olive branch. She’s okay with Matt working with Clint at BE. Matt leaves and Bo tells Nora that Matthew is not happy that he hired Inez. She is standing outside the door listening. Bo talks about why he hired Inez and how she has had things so tough. Bo is afraid Matthew will nurse the grudge against Nate. Nora wants to baby Matthew. Matthew leaves and heads over to the country club. He finds Clint still there and tells him he’ll take the job.

Inez meets Clint at the country club. She tells him that she is working for Bo…oh..you’re working for my little brother? She went on to say he is so great and is already helping with her sons. Clint looks extremely interested. She tells him that Nate is working two jobs to help provide and she would do ANYTHING to take that burden off him.

At Llanview University Starr and Langston find out that Ford is teaching the writing class. They both try and think of ways to get out of it…but they have to take this class. James promises Twinkle that he will stay out of her way. Starr tells him she has no problem with them taking a class together. She walks away and hugs Cole. Langston then tells James she can’t go out with him because it won’t be a good idea. Cole sees Ford and flips out on him for allowing Hannah to take the fall. Ford defends himself by saying Eli was going to kill him. Starr realizes he let her mother get close to Eli. Cole tells her not to worry because John has it under control. Starr can’t believe he knows about the danger her mother was in and did not tell her. She is freaking out as the story unfolds. Cole defends what he did as a promise to John. She now wants nothing to do with him and storms away. Meanwhile, Langston can’t believe that Ford accused Hannah. He explains the Eli was threatening James and her.

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