OLTL Update Tuesday 8/31/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/31/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert takes James to the steam room and James indicates he’s not used to working out or the heat in the steam room. Robert tells him that he needs to get his muscles to work and not be a wuss. James indicates that he is in pain and maybe his body cannot handle this. Robert tells him that maybe what they need to do is become so tired that they forget everything that has happened regarding Starr and Langston.

Starr and Langston are ready for freshman orientation at Llanview U. They realize that Dorian is all alone and are concerned about her. Starr tells Langston she cannot believe that David would do that to her again. But Langston can see that maybe he didn’t really do that. She tells Starr there might be more to the story that they do not know about.

While Matthew is at the cabana lying on the lawn chair, Clint comes by to talk to him. He tells his nephew he thinks they need to have a little talk. Mathew asks him what about. Clint replies about Matthew’s future.

At the station, Bo and John believe that Eli has finally been caught and cannot hurt anybody else now that they have found Ross’s cell phone number.

But,, in Tahiti, Blair confronts Eli telling him that she knows that he has two ex wives that he’d killed. And she asks him if he plans to kill her also.

Shaun asks Greg what the big secret is about what happened to Téa. He seems to know his brother is hiding something.

In the other room, Dani believes that Téa has died and cries in her dad’s arms. She tells him that she wants to see her mom right now.

Starr asks Langston why she would believe that there’s more to the story regarding David leaving Dorian at the alter. Langston tells her she believes that David loves Dorian and somebody might have threatened him or there could be circumstances beyond David’s control. But Starr urges Langston to know that David is a con artist and this is not the first time he’s left Dorian at the alter. But Langston thinks its entirely possible that somebody could have wanted to prevent David from marrying the mayor. But Starr tells Langston that she has a very interesting writer’s imagination and she is very grateful to have her as a friend. Langston tells Starr that she values their friendship also. And that is why she is not going to see James anymore. Hearing that, Starr asks her why not. She replies that she knows it will upset Starr.

In the steam room, James concludes the same thing to his brother that he will stop seeing Langston. It’s not worth upsetting his brother. But Robert protests that he is not jealous if his brother sees Langston. They reflect that Robert really missed out on a lot since he left James alone in the house with their father. HE protests that he regrets leaving him and intended to come back and rescue him. But James tells him that he is alive and well. Bygones are bygones, He’s not holding any grudge against Robert for that and he won’t let anything or anyone come between them again. But out of nowhere Nate appears and walks into the steam room. When Robert and James see him, they both stop talking and are stunned.

At the cabana resort, Matthew asks Clint what he wanted to tell him about his future. Clint then informs him that Asa told him before he died that he wanted Matthew to some day run Buchanan Enterprises. Matthew tells his uncle he remembers that also but did not believe that his grandfather was serious. But Clint tells him that he believes that Matthew might be the only Buchanan with the stones to run the empire. Certainly David does not with what he showed everybody the other day at the wedding. Nobody can argue that David is a con artist who can’t work for a living much less run a company. He’s trash and a disgrace to the family. Matthew does not argue with his uncle about that. Clint tells Matthew he believes that he (Matthew) might have what nobody else in the family has which is the killer instincts. Hearing that, Matthew appears perplexed. Clint admits to Matthew that he wont’ lie to him that there’s nothing he’d enjoy more than blowing David away. He’s angry at David for ruining his (Clint's) marriage to Kimberly. But there are other reasons why he believes that Matthew is qualified to run Buchanan Enterprises and David is not. He also reveals to Matthew that he knows what he did to Nate Salinger.

When Robert and James see Nate in the steam room, neither know what to say or do.

Starr admits to Langston that the point is she should not have been jealous of Langston with James. She is with Cole. But Langston tells her if she’s learned anything, she has learned that nobody can help what they feel. Starr tells her that she did feel close to James when the two of them were on the run. But it was only temporary. It’s over. Langston asks her if she and Cole really are back on track. Starr tells her absolutely. The one thing she learned from all of this is that Cole is her soul mate and she does not want anyone else.

Todd admits to Dani that he found out that her mom was his soul mate. He never knew what happiness was until he met her. He would give anything in order to have another day with her.

Greg tells Shaun he gives up and asks his brother what on the world he believes that he is hiding. Shaun tells him he does not know but he knows that Greg is hell bent on preventing Téa’s husband and daughter away from finding her before she does. Greg tells him that they both knew that those were her express wishes. But Shaun wants to know if she might have changed her mind. He reminds Greg that he knew the woman pretty well and knows that she might very well have decided she did not want to die alone. But Greg tells his brother that he would know what Téa wanted. He as her doctor and had to carry out her wishes. But Shaun knows that there is something else involved that Greg is not telling anybody.

Eli professes to Blair that he has never heard of his alleged two different aliases. But she tells him that Kelly found out about Bennett Thompson and Craig Paterson. He may have shredded the evidence. But Kelly and John got it reconstructed. She tells him that she knows that he probably killed his two ex wives. He also killed her aunt Melinda and Melinda’s friend Rodney as well as a file clerk who was onto him in Boston. And, she tells Eli, that she would like to know who else he killed that she does not know about. He then admits to her that he has been lying to her from the start.

Bo is right then talking to John about how to bring Eli to justice. John tells him that the probably have enough evidence to convict him. But it might be too late to save Blair.

Eli tells Blair that he is really “hurt” that she would believe he’s a murderer. He knows that she was talking to Kelly and listening to her cousin’s wild and malicious accusations. She must know that Kelly is a tabloid reporter with an overly active imagination. Kelly has not gotten over the loss of her mother and losing her common sense and reason. Blair tells Eli it’s not only Kelly who suspects him. John also does. He knows that Eli marries and kills women for their money. He reminds her that John hates him and has deluded ideas because he wants to nail somebody for killing his and Marty Saybrooke's baby. But Blair knows that Eli scammed them all. The reason he ran was not to marry her. He was running away from the cops.

IN the steam room, Nate tells Robert and James he knows that they may not like him of what “their” mom did. But she did what she had to do and intended to protect him from their abusive. She also wanted to protect both of them but it was too late. He admits to them that he is angry at her also because she never told him he had two older brothers. Robert reminds him that he is the only son she did not abandon. But he tells him that he respects if the two of them do not want to see him as their brother. But James tells Nate that he is willing to give him a chance even if Robert is not. He reminds Robert that he ran away and left him with their abusive father just like his mother did. And he forgave Robert. So why can’t they both forgive their mother and not hold it against Nate when he didn’t even know that they existed and did nothing wrong?

Meanwhile, Clint tells Matthew that he knows that he set Nate up to almost get killed by a bounty hunter when he overheard that Nate stole money. He knows that Matthew wasn’t’ primarily concerned about Nate’s wrong doing. He wanted to inflict “Pay back” for Nate because Nate humiliated Matthew by taking his girlfriend. Hearing that, Matthew asks his uncle how he heard that. Clint replies that he has his ways of finding things out. Matthew then urges Clint not to tell his dad. He knows Bo would not be impressed if he were to ever find out.

While registering for classes, Starr admits to Langston that she wants to take entomology. She’s always been interested in spiders and snakes since she was a child although Langston admits that she is not. Starr tells Langston she needs to take some writing classes since Langston may have a calling to be a professional writer.

In the steam room, Robert gives Nate the cold shoulder and causes him to leave. When they are alone, James confronts him for being jerk to their little brother.

Clint tells Matthew he won’t tell Bo what Matthew did to Nate. For one thing he knows that Nate deserves what Matthew gave him. Matthew tells his uncle they both know that his dad might not see it that way however. Clint tells Matthew he knows all too well that his brother is a different person than he is. He assures his nephew that he loves his younger brother and admires his dedication to uphold the law. Bo he a little different and believes in an eye for an eye. He thinks maybe Matthew is made of the same stuff as he is.. Matthew reminds his uncle that regarding his taking over B.E., he’s only a junior in high school and needs to graduate first. Clint tells him that he wants him to finish high school and college and whatever he intends to do. But he wants Matthew to come and work and learn the ropes part time, after school and on weekends. Even if Matthew is too young to be the president of BE now, Clint tells him he wants to at the every least show him some valuable life tools, the fist of which is to never let a woman hurt him again.

Todd tells Dani that maybe they need to leave and go home. But Dani is not ready to leave her mother and all of her things behind. IN the other room, Shaun urges Greg to tell him what is going on and come clean and honor what Téa family wants. But Greg seems to have “loyalty” to somebody else.

Bo tells John it’s time for a corrupt and malicious person like Elijah Clark to be brought to justice. Bo wants him locked up in a Llanview jail cell ASAP.

In Tahiti, Eli admits to Blair that he has lied about many things. He was covering for his brother who was the serial killer. She asks why he did that and failed to turn Ross into the cops. He tells her that Ross was the only brother he had. He wanted to get him the help he needs. She tells him he has an unstable and dangerous brother. And she demands to know how he could have brought her there and put her in the middle of so much danger.

When Bo is alone in his office, Nate comes to talk to him about his mom. Bo tells Nate that his mom just left. Nate tells Bo he is really grateful for his giving his mom this chance. Bo affirms to Nate that he thinks very highly of his mom and is Nate’s friend. Right the, Matthew appears and angrily demands to know what Nate is doing in his father’s office Bo asks his son to have some manners and informs him that he is having a conversation with Nate about his mom. Hearing that, Matthew asks what she got arrested for now. Bo informs his son that Nate’s mom is his new assistant. Matthew is obviously not ok with that.

Alone in the steam room, Robert tells James he wants to do right by him. He thinks James should enroll in L.U. He knows James can easily get his G.E.D. and start. But James asks how he’s going to pay for that even if he gets in. Robert tells his brother that if he can get hired as a full professor, he might be able to get a discount for family members’ tuition. He knows how to pull some strings. And he tells him what are big brothers for.

Blair asks Eli if he really believes that his homicidal bother is all better. She reminds him that he takes her to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean because of a lie. He protests that wanted to perfect wedding for the perfect bride in the perfect place. It was beautiful. She tells him yes it was. Too bad it was only a smoke screen, she adds. He tells her that he is committed to her but also needs to protect his brother. She reminds him that his brother killed 5 people including her aunt Melinda. How can he condone that? He tells her that he does not condone that but Ross is his brother.

Greg tells Haunt ha the wishes he could have done more for Téa. Seeing Dani losing her mother upsets him as much as it upsets Shaun. Shaun then reflects that Dani is now getting along well with her father. In response to that, Greg remarks too bad her father has to be Todd Manning. Inside the other room, Dani is with Todd in what was Téa’s room with all of her things. Shaun comes in and tells them when they are ready, he can take them back to Llanview. And Greg affirms that Téa has been cremated. It was what she wanted. But it clearly appears as though Greg is hiding a secret that he is not proud of.

Langston finds out that she has been accepted for the writing class and asks Starr to take the class with her. Starr tells her it’s not really her thing. She wants to consider pre-med. Langston tells Starr she’s sure that Starr will have some sort of writing pre-requisites and she encourages Starr to take the class with her. Starr asks who Langston thinks might be teaching this crazy fictional writing class. Robert appears and replies he is. The two girls turn to se both Robert and James standing beside them.

Matthew demands to know how Bo could consider giving Nate's mom a job. Bo tells his son that she as the most qualified. He tells Matthew he knows that he is angry with Nate. Matthew tells his father he will never forgive Nate for what he did. Bo tells Matthew that regardless of that, Nate’s mother has the right to work. In response to that, Matthew asks his father if he believes that he also the right to work. Bo replies yes. Matthew then asks if that means that he will accept him working for uncle Clint at B.E..

While Eli attempts to convince Blair that neither he nor his brother are not dangerous and they can be trusted, she finds and pulls his gun on him

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