OLTL Update Monday 8/30/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/30/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Todd, Dani and Shaun go to find Téa unexpected, Greg informs them that she died unexpectedly. But Todd looks at him and seem to know that he is lying.

Matthew goes to talk to Destiny while she’s working. She tells him if he needs anything, as a customer, he needs to come to her and not to Nate. Nate is upset and doesn't need any grief form him. Dani’s mom is dying. And she tells him that she does not want him to “push” her either. He asks her why she’s not in a good mood. She tells him she has a lot of work to do today including cleaning up the mess that occurred from Matthew's brother, David ditching his forever woman, Dorian.

Right then when Dorian is sleeping off her hand-over and bad night, she hears a knock on her door. She assumes it’s her “girls”. But, to her surprise, it’s Clint. He tells her he does not have morning breakfast or a muffin. But he does have something from Dorian.

Cristian and Layla are alone in the apartment and he gets a “surprised” from the Llanview University art department.

At the station, Kelly asks John what they are going to do now that Eli has escaped. She asks him if the “authorities” from wherever they have gone know that Blair is about to marry a guy who is a serial killer, who may have killed two previous wives. And, Blair might be the 3rd wife he will kill.

Right then, when Blair and Eli are ready to by married and she is asked if she accepts him to be her lawful husband, she hesitates.

Greg informs Todd, Dani and Shaun that Téa died last night in her sleep. He assures them that she died painlessly in her sleep and is now in peace. But Todd seems to know that that is not true. Hearing that, Dani cries and is afraid that her mom is gone. But Todd tells her she is not dead. He tells Greg this is pretty low and assures his daughter not to worry because Greg is lying to them.

Destiny asks Matthew if he wants her to be his friend. He tells her of course. She then tells him in that case, she needs to tell him something straight up. He is changing and not in a good way.

Dorian demands to know how Clint could have gotten into her room. He tells her that the maid always liked him better than her. She tells him she will fire the person who let him in. He asks her if she is not the least bit curious about David. She smirks and tells him that she is done with that man. But he tells her that he knows differently. It was the other way around. He smirks to her about how she got “duped” by that clown for the second time around. She firmly tells him she was not the least bit duped. He tells her that this time, David did not even tell her face to face. He had to write her a letter. He quotes how David “did not want to hurt her but cannot commit. It’s not her. It’s him” And right then, Dorian knows that Clint would have no way of knowing what David wrote in the letter, unless there is a “reason”.

Cristian reads the mailing from Llanview U and finds out that Layla surprised him by submitting his work to apply for a grant to open his own art gallery

At the station, John tells Kelly that he is certain that Eli has yet another identity set up. But Kelly asks how he would want to kill Blair if there is no way he can get to her money. So if they can prevent him from getting his hands on her estate, he won’t have any motive to kill her. Kelly tells John he has to move on this. Eli is very clever and could work faster than they can.

Blair hesitates but does declare that she does take this man (Eli) to be her lawfully wedded husband. He then gives her the ring. His brother Ross stands right by them. And the preacher then pronounces them husband and wife. Ross then toasts them and tells his brother that it took him long enough. He toasts Blair for finally making an honest man out of this guy.

After Greg informs Dani that Téa has died, he tells there are things they can do. She can get grief counseling. But Todd knows that Greg is lying and has se the whole thing up and he’s not going to let him get away with it.

Cristian asks Layla how she could have applied for a grant for him by sending in his work without his knowing. She tells him that she knows that that is what makes him happy. He can have a studio and work on his own time. He tells her he cannot believe she did that for him and is amazed. But he is certain that he will not get the application approved.

Dorian asks Clint how it was that he is quoting David’s letter word for word. He reminds her that now she is admitting that David wrote her a rejection letter. But he tells her that Viki informed him that Dorian informed about what happened. He tells her he feels “bad” for her and wants to make certain she is ok. He then also admits to her that he feels bad for “his part” and he admits to her that he is responsible for David leaving her..

Todd tells Greg he knows he is lying. Téa is not dead. Greg is hiding something from them. SO Greg better stop playing his game and take them to her.

John admits to Kelly that he found some information but is not entirely certain if he wants to tell her.

Blair still tells Eli that she has to get back to Llanview ASAP. She wants to get back to her own kids as well as Dani. Both Eli and Ross sound as though they support Blair having custody of Dani and know how Todd is very protective of her. Eli and Ross assure Blair that she can call Dani from the airport and use a landline phone that they have if the cell phones still don’t work. She goes to the other room with Eli. But on the floor, we see a hidden cell phone.

Layla then discovers that Cristian has pulled strings for her to get her own fashion designing studio by submitting some of her sketches of her “dream” wedding dress that she only imagined but believes she cannot afford. And he wants her to have that very wedding dress for their wedding.

At the station, Rex demands that John tell shim what he knows. John tells them that he found out there’s a good possibility that Eli has taken Blair to his brother Ross Rayburn’s home in Tahiti. He’s just found out that Ross is still alive.

Meanwhile, Todd demands that Greg tells him and Dani where Téa is.

Matthew tells Destiny that he needs an explanation for what she just said to him. How is he changing? She tells him if he thinks about it, she’s sure he an come up with an answer. She tells him it’s like he’s going over to the dark side.

Meanwhile, Dorian asks Clint how he could be responsible for David leaving her at the alter. He tells her if it were not for his admitting to David that they were scamming him about their alleged relationship, she and David might have never gotten back together again. Dorian then remarks that she got back with David against her better judgment. Clint tells her she has the right to steer clear of the guy. And he realizes if he had just kept his mouth shut, she would have never been tempted to get back with David, nor he with her. And it would have been no harm- no foul. And he had to blackmail David for running Kimberly out of town. And he tells her he has something what David wanted her to have. It’s the wedding and engagement ring David “purchased” but hadn’t yet had a chance to give her. She asks how Clint got the rings.

Rex asks John how Ross could be alive He tells her that he has found cancelled checks from the bills he paid for his house.

Todd tells Shaun that he bets that he is also in on this scam with his brother to have him falsely believing that Téa is dead. Shaun protests that there is no conspiracy there. But Todd tells Shaun that if that’s true, he must know that his brother has been playing with them from the start.

When Blair is out of an earshot, Ross reveals to Eli that he has helped him with his plan.

Todd asks Shaun if he believes his brother that Téa is gone. He needs to know that Greg is a creep who doesn’t care about family or anything. But Shaun tells Todd that he needs to pull it together, at the very least, for Dani.

Kelly tells Rex that she is worried that it will take too long to find anything about where Eli has taken Blair if it’s on the other side of the world. But Rex tells her that they have phones and Wi-Fi and resources to get it done. Right then, a uniform cop enters and informs them that John needs to know that they have gotten info on Ross Rayburn. They’ve even gotten his cell phone number. But Kelly is worried that it’s too late when they are so close.

In Tahiti, Ross and Eli plan to make sure that Blair never gets on the plane, one reason being, they do not want her to get custody of Dani. But right then, when she’s in the other room, she hears a cell phone ring, picks it up and discovers that they do, in fact have phone coverage, contrary to what Eli previously told her.

Cristian explains to Layla that he contacted Adriana and brainstormed with her on how to make the dress of Layla’s dreams because Layla is the woman of his dreams. They are both amazed and in awe of what the other has done for them.

When Blair picks up the cell phone from the floor, Kelly is calling Ross’s number after she got it from the uniform officer. Blair is not ready to listen to her cousin’s warning about Eli. But Kelly urges Blair to know that they cops have proven all of her suspicions about Eli.

Dani tells Todd that they must know that her mom died alone. He tells her if that is true, it’s what Téa wanted.

After Destiny tells Matthew he may be “going to the dark side”, he tries to convince her that maybe he’s only had a few bad days but she shouldn’t hold that against him. She tells him that maybe he should be careful and consider that it could be genetic. Hearing that, he asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that she’s just saying. His dad is certainly a great guy. But she’s heard all about his grandfather, Asa, and his shady life style. Matthew defends his grandfather as a man who kicked ass and wasn’t afraid to live life to the fullest. But she knows Asa was not a good man. She also reminds him that his uncle Clint never saw a shot gun he didn’t like. He tells her that Clint has his moments gives him no cause for alarm. But, at that point, he does admit that his brother David has left a woman at the alter on their wedding day for the second time. He agrees that that is reprehensible. She has a point if she is referring to David. She tells him she cannot believe that even David would do something as low as that to Dorian. Matthew agrees and listens at that point.

Clint informs Dorian that he found out that David, classy guy that he is, charged her ring to his (Clint's) account. She asks why, then, he didn’t just return it. She asks if he thinks she would want a consolation prize and tells him she’d rather be buried alive than accept a gift from David. He tells her he accepts that but this is a perfect cut diamond and he will give her time to think about that more and see if she changes her mind. He tells her if somebody humiliated him the way David did to her, he’d want to skin them alive. But she reminds him that David slithered away before she had that chance.

Todd tells Greg if Téa is dead, they want to see a body. But Greg tells him that is not possible. She asked to be cremated.

While Blair is on Ross’s phone with Kelly (after Kelly has found Ross’s number), Ross discovers that he misplaced his phone and left it in the other room. Eli is not pleased with his brother for not keeping better track of his phone. Blair tells Kelly she needs to give it up. Eli is not Bennett Thompson. But Kelly tells her that she found Eli’s mug shot when she snuck into his room. He has had not only the alias of Bennett Thompson but also Craig Patterson. He’s changed his name several times and moved to several places and has had at least two previous wives that have mysteriously disappeared. But Blair tells Kelly this is crazy. Kelly asks her cousin if they have gotten married yet. Blair does not know how to answer or what to think. When Kelly is on the phone, Rex enters the room to ask her if she is tipping Blair off about Eli and tells her that she can’t do that. Eli will know they are onto him. Right when Blair is on the phone, Eli enters and asks her what is up. She turns around to face him.

Cristian and Layla are happily making their plans for their wedding and their aspiring careers.

Meanwhile, Clint tells Dorian that he knows that there is gossip in the press all over town about the mayor getting dumped at the alter. So he will take her out and be her protective ally and companion out in public.

When Eli asks Blair who she was talking to on the phone, she replies that that was “Olivia”. Hearing that, he asks if that’s some girl friend of hers’. She tells him it’s Olivia Thompson. In response to that, he asks her if he should know that name. She replies that she knows that that is his wife. He looks at her stunned.

Layla then informs Cristian that Adriana’s designer friend really likes her designs and wants her to work with him. He tells her that is great and wonders why she does not appear happy. She tells him that she would have to move to Paris.

Matthew asks Destiny if they are still friends and if she believes that he is evil. She tells him they are still friends. She does not believe that he’s bad. But maybe he should just “watch” for the dark side. She tells him that she has to get back to work. Matthew goes and sits on a lawn chair. And right then, we see a dark shadow appear over him. He then opens his eyes and notices his uncle Clint who tells him he wanted to talk to his “favorite nephew” about something

Blair tells Eli that she knows his secret although he denies it. She tells him she knows he has two ex wives he’s killed. And she asks if he intends to kill her also.

Shauna talks to Greg privately when Dani and Todd are not within earshot. Greg reveals that he has a secret about something although he does not tell anybody.

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