OLTL Update Friday 8/27/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/27/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex runs into Cristian in the steam room remarking that they have not seen each other in a while. Cristian remarks that “somebody” knocked him out in his apartment when he was going through Evangeline’s files. He asks Rex if he has any clue who is might be. Rex then admits to Cristian that he has found out that Eli Clark is the prime suspect. Robert Ford had first hand information. Right then, Kelly enters to talk to Rex. He then informs Cristian that she is the second witness.

Right then, John, Detective Price and the cops are looking for Eli and Blair.

Eli then steps outside the place where he’s taken Blair and calls Greg. He asks Greg if he’s stuck to the plan to keep Téa away from Todd and Dani. Greg tells him that things may not have gone the way he expects.

Right then, Todd, Dani and Shaun are on a plane ready to find Téa. She asks Shaun what would make him suddenly change his mind. He tells her that things happen. She leaves to go to the bathroom. Alone with Todd, Shaun tell shim he better not think for one minute that the reason he gave in was because of Todd’s threats. Todd tells Shaun all he wants is to find Téa.

Right then, Eli is on the phone having a private conversation. Blair walks in and asks him the nature of his conversation. He then greets her and kisses her. And h wants to distract her from asking the question about the call. She does however; realize that his phone works so hers’ must also. But he wants her to believe differently and tells her he’s tried and failed to get the signal to work. But she wants to get back to Llanview now since she can’t call anybody.

Shaun tells Todd that he has that look about failure to make it right with his daughter. And he wants to help him do that. He tells Todd that he knows that Todd needs his help He tells him that a while ago, he asked Téa why she is wasting her time with him. And would Todd like to know what she told him? She said that Todd was not all bad. And she said what he really is scared and afraid to show the world who he really is.

Nate is working and carrying towels at the resort. Dani calls and asks if he got her text from the plane. He is really surprised that she is on her way to find her mom. She has no clue exactly how Destiny’s brother changed his mind. But at least she will be there for her mom. He tells her he will be there for her whenever she gets home. Right then, when Destiny is also working, Daren wants to distract her. She admits that she’s worried about Dani.. He tells her that his brother tied and failed to catch a criminal and he’s worried that his brother believes that he blew his cover. The “perp” might have overheard their conversation. But she tells him that is impossible. The only person who overheard their conversation about his brother was that lawyer, Elijah Clark.

Kelly informs Cristian that she found out from Evangeline’s file that Eli was the same as Bennett Thompson. She also found out from Robert Ford about Bennett Thompson and his wife. But they have yet to find Eli. He’s escaped.

Price talks to John about where Eli might have gone. John then gets a call from Blair. She informs him that she and Eli boarded a private plane with no flight report. But she know that he ordered a plane with fuel capacity to go exactly 4000 miles.

Blair is then telling Eli she knows that he might find it a bit weird the way she is so hung up on her family. She jokes with him and sounds like she trusts him and wants him to trust her. She tells him that she promised her family that she would come home and is worried about Dani since she can’t call her and has promised, just in case something happened to Téa. And right then, Blair “accidentally” knocks over his private documents and Téa’s living will and his gun. He panics, afraid she will find out his secret. She then picks up his gun and asks what this is.

Price tells John that he is determined to help them take Elijah Clark down.

When Blair discovers Eli’s gun, she asks him what is up with that. He tells her that apparently Ross kept it there. She admits that it give her the willies especially when a child could access it. She plays him by making him believe that she is cozy and happily with him. Right then, Ross enters. He greets his brother and Blair. She reminds him that she does not trust him when he took both her and Dani as hostages. He tells her he is sorry but was upset about Dani. He could not think straight and did not want to lose his daughter. Blair then reminds him that Dani is Todd’s daughter. He justifies to her that it upset him and was the hardest thing he’s ever had to go trough. SO, he asks them how Dani is. They inform him that it’s kind of hard to answer that question. And Blair admits to him that Téa is dying.

Todd , Dani and Shaun appear at the hospice and Greg is startled that they have arrived unexpectedly when Téa’s express wishes were that Todd and Dani cannot know where she is or visit her.

John talks to Layla in his office and remarks that the files he found that Evangeline had that brought Eli to justice is something he believes that Evangeline would want them to have. She reminds him that she wishes she could make Tate Harmon pay for what he did to her sister. But she knows that once Eli is brought to justice everybody will feel better. Right then, Cristian appears and she informs him that she knows that Elijah Clark knocked him out after breaking into their home. But, she remarks, Cristian is one of the lucky ones. Eli has killed people.

In the steam room, Kelly asks Rex if he wants to be responsible for Blair’s death if they don’t find Eli in time. He tells her no and attempts to brainstorm about where they might be. He asks her if she might know of places where either of them would want to go for a honeymoon. She tells him that Eli tells everybody he’s never been married but had a 3rd identity with a wife who died under suspicious circumstances. Then as Bennett Thompson, his next wife disappeared off the face of the earth. And now as Elijah Clark, he has a 3rd wife who has no clue. Kelly tells them that Blair refuses to suspect Eli or know what he is capable of.

After Ross finds out from Eli and from Blair that Téa is dying, he is stunned. She tells him that something else he might want to know is that Téa has asked her to be Dani’s legal mother. And because she is concerned about both of them, she has to get back to Llanview. But, hearing that, Ross tells her he’s sorry. But she is not going anywhere. She then looks back at Eli who indicates that the two of them are probably going to prevent her from leaving. Blair asks Ross what he means that she cannot go. He tells her that he was a bit surprised that his brother would marry her. SO that is why she cannot go. But he’s really glad that the man she is going to marry is his brother. SO the reason she cannot go is because she cannot until she does what she came there to do which is become Mrs. Elijah Clark.

At the station, Layla tells Cristian that her mother only agreed to turn off her sister’s life support system after she contacted Eli, believing he was her lawyer. He apparently drew up the will to have everybody believing that it was Evangeline’s wishes to die. What he did is worse than killing her. He made them do it for him.

Kelly continues to brainstorm with Rex to find out where Eli might have taken Blair. She tells him that since he’s a PI, he is supposed to come up with ideas. But he tells her that he needs at least one clue to follow. He remembers that he had a clue about finding Eli’s brother in Tahiti. And she concludes that that might be where Eli took Blair.

Right then, a Frenchman is ready to perform the wedding ceremony for Eli and Blair. Eli asks Blair what she says. She tells him ok. And she goes off to get into her dress. Alone with Ross, Eli is very satisfied as though a “plan” they both have will work.

Destiny and Nate clean the room where Eli attacked Detective Price. He seems interested to find out that she has a brother who’s a successful surgeon as well as the one who is the security guard. She tells him that Greg’s calling is to be highly educated, rich and successful and Shaun is blue collar and more the family type of guy. Daren tells them that he comes form a poor family but wants to live his life rich. And he wants to spoil his lady. Destiny tells him that she does not want anybody to spoil her or support her or do anything that players like to do with women. He asks her if she wants to work at a place like this for the rest of her life. She tells him that she just wants to do what she was meant to do. Her brothers are two very different people both suited for what they do. Hearing that, Nate tells her hat her family is a lot more stable than his. He has two older brothers that he did not even know about and his mom lied to him.

At the hospice, Todd tells Greg that he cannot prevent him from seeing Téa. And Shaun helps Todd and Dani get into the room to find her.

Layla tells Cristian and John that she cannot accept he fact that any person could use a dying woman to suit their evil needs.

Right then, Eli is ready to marry Blair with Ross and the minister there.

When Kelly is talking to John in the steam room, Detective Price enters. They know that he cannot know what they are talking about so they leave him alone in the steam room.

Daren talks to Destiny and Nate about how he is going to entertain himself when they are working. He leaves and Nate tells her that Daren is “kind of” hilarious. She tells Nate that he’s not quite the jackass she thought he was when he got Dani kidnapped and then took her from Matthew. He asks her if she’s always this direct. She tells him that Matthew is her good friend. But she makes her own decisions and knows that Matthew’s hostility toward Nate is unwarranted and that Nate is a good guy.

Cristian tells Layla that he believes that Evangeline is resting in peace and would want her to find her own peace. She then tells him that she will let her boss, John take care of Elijah Clark and concentrate on her wedding to Cristian.

John is then brainstorming and looking for the place in Tahiti where Eli has taken Blair.

Blair and Eli’s wedding is underway and we can clearly see that he and Ross have a less than honorable plan.

Todd goes to find Téa but there is only an empty bed. He then goes outside the door but does not see her. He asks Greg where she is. Greg does not reply.

Daren goes to find his brother, Detective Price at the steam room. Price admits to his younger brother that the doctor put him on temporary leave because he got knocked out while trying and failing to catch a criminal. Darren tells his brother he’s proud of him.

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