OLTL Update Thursday 8/26/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

David is struggling for someone to let him out of where he’s been held prisoner in Morocco. And right then he is very surprised to notice Clint come to visit him behind bars and find out that he is the reason he is there.

Meanwhile, Dorian reads the letter that appears to be written by David about how he cannot commit to marriage with her or be tied down. She concludes that David has left her at the alter. Langston enters and asks if there is anything she can do. Dorian tells her daughter she can stop feeling sorry for her for starters. Maybe she can help her start packing her things up. Langston tells her they don’t have to go right away. She could wait…in case. And Dorian asks her if she’s going to say in case David is waiting at the door ready to sweep her up into his arms. She tells her she has given up on that dream. David is just another man. A wretched man who has failed a Cramer woman.

Right then, as soon as James is alone and notices that Starr also is, he finds her.

John briefs Brody and Natalie on how to find Eli. Marty walks into his office. John informs her that he’s found out that Hannah O’Connor was not her attacker. They now have evidence from Robert Ford that Hannah has been falsely accused.,

Right then, Ford returns to his apartment and is surprised to see Jessica. She again demands that he tells her something.

When Langston appears and Starr can see her talking to James, he tells Langston that maybe they can see each other again. Dorian then opens her door as soon as he is gone and puts on her shades.. She asks Starr and Langston if anybody is looking, as she is embarrassed to be seen.

David assumes that maybe Clint has come to release him from jail. But it appears Clint has other plans.

Brody marks off the crime scene with Natalie while they look for evidence of Eli or how he may have taken Blair with him. She shares with him that she and Jessica have both had Ob/Gyn appointments. He need not worry. As far as she is concerned, John is her baby’s father.

Marty asks John if it’s really true that Robert Ford knows that Hannah did not push her nor attack him. If that’s true, then who did? John replies it was Eli Clark. Right then, Cole enters to overhear their conversation.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she knows they both do not want him to be the father of her baby. She is not going to tell anybody of the possibility that he could be. But, she needs to find out, just in case he is, of his blood type. Because if it’s not RH compatible, then there will be a problem with her pregnancy.

Dorian goes with Starr and Langston to her bedroom and believes she will be ok. But she suffers another meltdown and screams how could David leave her again.

In the jail cell, David tells Clint that if he throws some of his Buchanan green backs, then they will let David go. He knows that Dorian wants him back. But Clint tells him he seriously doubts she would after he’s left her at the alter yet again. Hearing that, David tells Clint that there’s no way Dorian would believe he’s done that and why would Clint believe it? Clint then shows David the letter that Dorian believes he wrote to her and tells him if this is not an indicator to Dorian that he’s dumped her, what is? He reads to David his telling Dorian that he cannot be tied down and cannot marry her. David tells Clint that he did not write that and Clint must know that. Clit tells him that may be. But Dorian does not know. And right then, David concludes that it was Clint who kidnapped him from the cabanas.

After Dorian breaks down over the shock of losing David, Starr and Langston are ready to help her forget all about him, and de_davidfy the room. They encourage her to shower, wash that man right out of her hair and feel better. She laughs. But they can clearly tell that she is far from ok. She leaves and Langston privately tells Starr she knows that James likes her (Starr) and she likes him. Starr asks Langston why she would want to see James again. And why would it matter to Starr?

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she needs to know if the RH factor could harm her baby so that is why she needs to talk to him and find out some things about him. He then leaves and James returns. He grimly tells Robert he can see that he wastes no time.

When Brody is with Natalie examining the crime scene, he tells her he knew why it is that she left as soon as Marty walked into John’s office.

Marty asks John what motive Eli would have to push her and kill her baby and try to kill Robert Ford. John tells her he guesses that he wanted to be able to make it look as though Hannah did both of those things so that he could hold something over her. And he now knows that Eli forced Hannah to try to kill herself by swallowing a bottle of pills. Cole hears that and is furious. He walks out the door ready to take action. John follows him out the door and urges him not to do anything rash. He does not want him to take matters into his own hands. Cole then promises not to say anything to Starr. But he needs to get going and be somewhere. He leaves Marty alone in the office to talk to John. He tells her that he knows she is not ok now that she knows the truth about what happened to their baby, it’s like going through it all over again. But he tells her that maybe knowing the truth will make it easier. She tells him that she does not think that anything will do that. He takes her hand and holds he while she cries.

Brody tells Natalie that he knows how uncomfortable it was for her to be near Marty when she’s talking to John. She tells him that this is the first time she has run into Marty since John has read the letter that she wrote to John that motivated him to realize that Natalie was the one for him and not Marty. And she’s not too comfortable with Marty finding out that she is pregnant with John’s baby.

John tells Marty that he had no clue that Eli was a killer and could not even protect his own child. She then tells him he can’t be responsible for everything and that maybe he and Natalie can have a chance. He then tells her that, speaking of Natalie, there is something he needs to tell Marty about her. Natalie is pregnant.

Natalie admits to Brody that if Marty had not prevented John from seeing the letter she (Natalie) wrote him, she would not have given up on him nor he on her, nor would she have gotten drunk with Brody, nor slept with Brody.

David asks Clint why he would forge a letter to have Dorian falsely believing that David wrote it and left her. Clint tells David he needs to get Kim back. David protests that Dorian will never believe that he would leave her. But Clint reminds him that Dorian knows all too well what kind of a guy he is. He cannot love anybody. He’s the wrong kind that Cramer women get involved with over and over again.

When James notices Jessica walk out of the apartment after talking to Robert, he asks his brother who she is and why she is concerned that she might be pregnant by him. He also knows that his brother has issues with his going out with Langston.

After Dorian has smashed glass and Starr and Langston are cleaning and sweeping it up, Starr concludes that that is what happens when one gives their heart to the wrong person. And immediately Langston assumes that Starr is implying something about her and James. She asks Starr if she is really afraid that Langston will get “hurt” or if there is some other reason why she does not want Langston to see James. She may love Cole. But Starr cannot get James out of her mind, Langston tells her.

Right then, Cole goes to see Hannah at St. Anne’s. She is surprised and wonders what he’s doing there. He replies he’s there to see her.

James concludes to Robert that he really cares about Langston. He denies it but there’s got to be a reason why he has this ‘problem” with James seeing her. Robert tells him he just doesn’t believe in brothers dating each other’s “ex’s”

Langston tells Starr that she knows she made a serious mistake with keeping all these secrets regarding seeing Robert Ford. She doesn’t want Starr to make the same mistake. So she encourages Starr to admit to her true feelings about James. Starr then admits that she is right. She does have feelings for James. But she should not. She has no business having these feelings for him when she loves Cole. Cole is the one she is committed to. And regardless of all of their problems, she and Cole are going to work it out.

At St. Anne’s, Cole tells Hannah that John has now informed him that Eli put her up to falsely confessing to pushing his mom and to assaulting Robert Ford. And he needs to make certain that Eli will not endanger her or anyone else. She then admits that Eli threatened her by telling her if she did not take the pills to kill herself, he would go after “somebody”. And Cole concludes that it was himself.

After John informs Marty that Natalie is having his baby, she tells him she is happy for him. But she’s surprised and did not know that he and Natalie were planning a family so soon. He admits that it was not planned. But she tells him that Natalie must be very happy to have him back and with having a baby. She tells John it’s ok. She knows that he and Natalie were meant for one another just like she said.

Right then, Natalie and Brody run into Jessica who tells Brody she just had her first OB appointment. They talk about the coincidence and mixing up of the charts. And Jessica has no suspicions that her sister slept with her boyfriend.

Langston then concludes that she knows that Starr is not ok with her seeing James. She then tells Starr that if she feels like pissing Robert off, she will just have to find another way. Right then, Dorian returns and tells them she’s very grateful to them for their help and support in her crises. But they are a bit suspicious when she gets out her laptop. They tell her she’s too vulnerable to get onto face book again. She tells them she has to see what David is doing. But they tell her she must rip off the bandage even if it hurts. And they will be there to help her.

Clint asks David if he rally thought that he was going to share Asa’s fortune with him and Dorian Lord. David reminds him that he is a Buchanan just like Clint is. But Clint reminds David that Dorian is the cause of the death of his son in law. He knows all of the slimy things David has done. SO he went to the Moroccan authorities to see if they could give David his old cell back and he’s arranged for David to be locked up for 20 years.

Jessica then finds out Brody’s blood type and concludes that they are compatible to have a baby together. But he can see that she is suspicious about something.

Natalie returns to the station and Marty congratulates her and John with the new baby. But she breaks down crying.

Robert asks James if he has any plan or goal in his life besides car jacking. Maybe he could start school at LU. But James sees that as a possible issue given that Langston goes to LU.

Hannah admits to Cole that Starr was right to warn him about her. She has been obsessed about him not unlike the way she was with Robert Ford. Although she did not push his mom down the stairs nor try to kill Robert Ford,, she lied and hurt Cole and found ways to get him to break up with Starr. But he does not seem to blame her for anything

After David finds out that Clint has caused him to be locked up, he tells him that Bo won’t let that happen. But Clint asks how Bo will ever find out. David tells him that Bo will be out looking for him. Clint tells him not after Bo finds out how he ditched his wedding. Bo will know that he’s a loser who he does not want anywhere near his family or near Llanview. And David’s unsavory profile will be written all over face book. David might get released from prison in 2030. And when that happens, he better stay away from Llanview.

Dorian gets on her computer with Starr and Langston there for her ready to wage character assassination with David. But she cannot see that he’s written anything.

Clint goes out the door and wishes David well. David yells to Clint that he will kick his ass. But he’s helpless to get out of prison.

Brody tells Jessica he has to come with her to her next OB appointment to see the sonogram and their new baby.

Right then, we see Marty leaving John’s office, Natalie and John both feel guilty.

Cole leaves Hannah’s room and affirms that he is her friend.

Starr and Langston lie on either side of Dorian while she’ is sleeping. But Starr cannot sleep. James still has Starr on the brain. Robert indicates he may have Langston on the brain and was jealous to see his brother with her. Langston is not certain what she feels. Dorian is still dreaming about David. David is alone in his jail cell promising to come back to Dorian some day, some way. And he urges her to please wait for him.

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