OLTL Update Wednesday 8/25/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/25/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian has completely trashed the bridal suite. Langston is with her. Vicki comes to see Dorian and Langston leaves them alone. Vicki believes that something must of happened to David because she knows how much he loved her. Dorian reads her the “Dear Dorian” letter. Vicki tells her how sad she is for both of them, but Dorian tells her to go ahead and gloat. Dorian tells Vicki that David does not love her enough to make a commitment to her. He will always be the man who didn’t love her enough. They continue to talk and Vicki tells her that someday she will have answer about why this happened. Dorian can’t show her face again and tells Vicki she is moving in to the cabana suite. Vicki reminds her that she is Dorian Cramer Lord. Vicki talks about how humiliated she was when Clint was supposed to marry her but was already married to Lindsey. Vicki reminds her of what she had said to her that day. Dorian had told her to learn to trust again and so in turn she tells her that she is the strongest person she knows and can hold her head high. So come on Mayor Lord, its time to face the world.

Téa has decided that she wants to see Todd and Dani and ask Greg to get them there, she’ll hold on until she can see them.

Todd has Shaun tied and duct taped up. He manages to break free and tells Todd to never, ever try to hold him down again. Shaun asks him if Todd really can deny a dying woman her last wish, is he that much of an ass? Todd replies, “Yes.” Todd asks him how he can keep Dani from seeing Téa one last time before she dies. Todd tells him the way he is acting is not him. When he got shot it was his family that brought him back. Dani walks in and Todd tells her that Shaun knows where Téa is. She throws her arms around Shaun and thanks him. Shaun tells her he will take her to Téa.

In Tahiti, Eli and Blair talk about Ross. Blair tells Eli she wants to go home tomorrow. He agrees, after they visit the chapel and see Ross. Blair walks out of the room and Eli takes his gun out of his sock and puts it in his briefcase on top of Téa’s will. He then gets a call. The call is from Greg who tells him that Téa has changed her mind and wants to see Todd and Dani. Eli is clearly upset by this, especially since the cell phones are not supposed to have service. He can’t let Blair know the phones are working. Eli takes the call outside and tells Greg to talk Téa out of it. Eli reminds him that it will all be over if Todd and Dani show up. Greg tells him that its already over for him, he took an oath to do no harm. Eli asks why he has all of sudden grown a conscience. Eli babbles on about getting away from a bunch of cops by a completely random act. It’s a sign. Greg has a very puzzled look on his face because he has no idea what he is talking about. He tells Greg that if he blows this he will take him down with him. As he tells him he’ll take him to prison with him, Blair walks out and over hears this last sentence. He hangs up. She says she thought that the phones weren’t supposed to work. He tells her its Ross and he must have a local network. Eli tries to cover by saying he was talking about Ross being a fugitive. Blair says she heard him say something about the cops will hear all about you before I go to prison. He covers again by saying that all the stuff Kelly said is making him crazy. Back in hospice, Greg gives Téa a sedative so she can rest and assures her she will see Dani and Todd.

At the country club Ford shows up. Ford, James, Langston, Dani and Nate are all standing around bickering. Langston says that James is her guest, but Ford is neither a guest or a member. Ford says if you want to throw me out, do it. Nate could care less. He is off duty and tells them to go swimming. Langston then says oh too bad, Ford doesn’t have a suit. So what does he do, he strips down to his briefs. Langston is left open mouthed. Nate and Dani leave to get away from them. Starr and Cole are also there talking about Langston and that she thinks Ford is going to hurt her again. Cole assures her they will have a night out soon, just the two of them. He leaves and Starr heads over to see what’s going on between James, Lang and Ford. Ford jumps in the pool as Langston kisses James to make Ford jealous and then they jump in the pool too. They get out of pool and James remarks how sweet the country club life is to Langston. She leaves to get towels and he sees Starr and calls out to her, “hey Twinkle”. He takes his chain from her and she walks away. Ford walks up behind Langston and tells her to drop the act. She blows him off and tells the manager that Ford doesn’t belong there because he is not a member.

At the station, John tells Kelly how Eli got away because someone jumped Price outside the cabana. John knows there are still missing pieces to this puzzle. John pours them both a cup of coffee as they bounce ideas around. John’s hunch tells him something about the guys who jumped Price doesn’t feel right. Kelly is very upset because she wants to do better by her mother. She throws her pen and paper aside. She tells John what a good, kind woman her mother was and she has failed her. John assures her that the only reason they have come this far is because of her. He assures her they will find Eli and bust him.

David is in a cell and is shouting to the guard that he is a Buchanan and people will be looking for him; especially his Pa who is the police commissioner. He is talking to no one about how he needs to see his bride. He can’t believe they made him leave her on his wedding day. He hopes out loud that Dorian knows he would never leave her on purpose. As he yells out he needs to get a message to Dorian, someone walks up to the cell and he says, “You.”

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