OLTL Update Tuesday 8/24/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/24/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica is at the hospital to see an obstetrician when she runs into Natalie who is doing the same thing with the same doctor. Jessica remarks how coincidental it is. Natalie looks at her sister and reveals that she is still uneasy without knowing if the father of her baby could be Brody.

Right then, John and Detective Price are ready to find Eli. They bang on the door but get no answer.

Destiny and Daren assure Dani that even if Destiny’s brother Shaun cannot help her find her mom, Daren's brother the cop could. Shaun overhears and looks discontent.

Cole wants to get things back on track with Starr. James is with Langston but is not really paying attention to her as his mind is somewhere else.

Charlie and Viki both attend Dorian and David’s wedding and are proud of the fact that they were the motivators to get Dorian and David back together.

Starr affirms to Cole that James now knows that nothing and nobody can come between them. But James is standing nearby clearly not complete

Price joins John, Bo and Brody and admits that he has tried and failed to find Eli.

Langston is with James and tells him he no longer needs to hold her hand because Starr is not currently watching him. And she tells him that if he tries to break up her best friend with her boyfriend, she won’t forgive him. She leaves and immediately James gets on his phone to send Starr a text asking her if she's having fun now.

Dorian tells Langston she is going over the notes that she has written for her wedding. Langston tells her mom that in all the time she’s known Dorian, she ahs never been at a loss for words especially when it comes to David. Dorian tells Langston that her heart is so full right now. She knows that Langston is a remarkable young woman. And what she wishes most for her in the whole world is for Langston to find a man who makes her as happy as she (Dorian) is right now.

In response to James’ text, Starr asks if he should not be asking that question of his own date. When Cole is alone, Matthew finds him and can see that he is not ok. They are both without dates. Shaun then calls Vivian telling her that every time he’s been to a wedding on this property, too many disasters have happened. He wishes he could have her there with him. But she tells him that she’d like to be with him. But she’s busy at the hospital as the new obstetrician. There are so many pregnant women, she remarks. Right then, Dani finds Shaun and angrily tells him that he can’t do this. He knows where her mother is and must tell her. She tells him if he can’t do it for Todd, then can’t he do it for her?

Jessica tells Natalie that it’s very coincidental that they both got sick at the same time. They both got pregnant at the same time. And they are seeing the same doctor on the same day. Right then, Vivian calls Jessica into the exam room. She then immediately wants to narrow down the due date. She asks Jessica ifs he remembers the date of conception. Jessica replies that it would be one of two dates.

At the wedding, Bo asks John what is going on. John replies that they lost Eli Clark. Price tried to find him but got knocked out and Clark got away. Bo then finds a mysterious piece of paper and remarks that that could explain this.

Starr continues to text with James until Cole comes back and startles her.

Matthew asks Destiny and Daren what they are talking about. She asks how his crazy brother is. Matthew admits that he has not talked to David recently. She tells him that she’s glad that David and Dorian have finally come around. Matthew tells them he’s not really as concerned about that as he is about what has happened to Dani. He is devastated to find out that her mom is dying but hasn’t’ a clue how to talk to her.

Dani tells Shaun that her mom is going to be gone soon. She will never get any of the lost time back. He tells her that he knows where she is coming from. She then asks if he will help her.

Right then, Langston announces to the party that she is Mayor Lord’s daughter. She knows that everybody has been expecting a double wedding. Her mother and David are marrying. But Blair and Eli are eloping. Overhearing that, Nora takes Langston aside and asks if she knows where Blair and Eli went. Langston suspects nothing but admits that nobody knows. Nora does not reveal why she needs to know but needs to find Eli along with the cops.

Viki is with Charlie sensing that this ceremony might lead to disaster.

Nora finds Bo and John and informs them that Blair and Eli have eloped.

When Natalie is alone in the Ob-Gyn clinic, she mistakenly writes that the father of her baby is Brody Lovett. Noticing that, she gasps and drops the clip board. The receptionist asks her if she is ok.

Vivian tells Jessica that if she conceived in May, then most likely the baby will be born in Feb. She tells Jessica she may now get dressed. But she needs to know some information about the baby’s father.

Bo calls to get an ATL on Elijah Clark and Blair Cramer. He needs to have all airports and ocean ports searched. He admits to Nora that Elijah Clark/Bennett Thompson/Craig Patterson sure knows how to cover his tracks.

Dani tells Shaun if he feels bad and understands what she is going through then he needs to find her mom. But he tells her he’s sorry and leaves.. Right then, Matthew appears and tells Dani he’s sorry about her mom.

Langston returns to James and asks what she missed. He tells her not much and hides the text that he wrote to Starr.

When Starr returns to Cole, he remembers that she told him she went to talk to the sitter. But she does not even remember having told him that. She is lost in thought about James. Cole notices her phone and all the texts that James has written to her and all she has written back. And he appears infuriated to discover what has been going on behind his back.

Jessica asks Dr. Vivian about her confidentiality policy. Vivian assures her that everything that is said in this room is completely confidential and she cannot tell anybody. Jessica then tells her that she is 99% certain that this baby is her fiancé’s. But there’s a chance that it’s somebody else’s. And they both know that there is no way to find out the paternity for months.

Starr urges Cole to please not get into another fight with James. Cole tells her that he knows that James wants him to lose it so he looks like the bad guy. But he’s not going to do that. She asks what he does plan to do. Langston is with James and tells him she will “Be right back”. Right then, he instantly gets on his phone again.

Matthew tells Dani that her mom has been really great to him. She took his case and helped him get the surgery so he could walk. He remembers how she was also there for him. And he knows he’s really been a jerk to her and Nate. In response to that, she asks if he’d be sorry if her mother were not dying. He tells her at some point, he would be. He admits to her that she has always been a friend to him. SO if she needs a friend to talk to or anything, he is there for her.

Viki remarks to Charlie that it’s odd that David is missing. He laughs and tells her David might be busy getting a last minute tan. She chuckles. But David is gone. Nora then tells Dorian she needs to speak to her in private. Dorian tells her she is about to get married. But Nora reveals to her that something cannot wait. And she shows her an envelope that says Dorian. Dorian asks what that would be. Is it a card that somebody gave to her? She suspects nothing and reminds Nora that her guests are seated and waiting for her joyous occasion. But Nora urges her to read this. It’s urgent. Right then, Viki and Charlie observe and are afraid something has gone wrong.

Vivian tells Jessica that the RH factor is unlikely to harm her baby. And the main thing is that her baby is healthy. She gives her a prescription and schedules a sonogram for her. Right then, Natalie enters and Vivian asks her if she knows the date of conception. Natalie answer the question with the same answer as Jessica telling her that it’s one of two dates.

At the station, John and Brody are with Bo searching for Eli. John gets a call on his phone.

Cole kisses Starr. James is alone while Langston is gone and he appears to be wincing while watching Starr with Cole.

Nora tells Dorian she needs to see what is in the envelope. Dorian then opens it

Cole kisses Starr and tells her hopefully now James understands how things are between them. James stares at them and frowns. Langston returns to him and asks if he “gets it now”. He grimly replies yes. She tells him good and remarks that now she needs to find her mother’s groom right away. Right then, Viki tells Charlie she is worried that something happened to David.

Natalie tells Vivian that she knows two possible dates of conception. Vivian tells her good and tells her she’d like to schedule genetic counseling with the baby’s father. Natalie then confirms with her that everything said in this room is confidential. Vivian tells her of course. Natalie then admits that it’s entirely possible that her boyfriend is not the father of her baby. Vivian then concludes to Natalie that the main objective now is to make certain that Natalie has a healthy baby.

John, Brody, Price and Bo are all brainstorming to find Eli. Bo tells them that he does not want Blair’s family to go through another big crises. But he bets they are dealing with “another” crises right now.

After Dorian reads the letter that Nora gave her, she appears stunned. Langston asks her what is going on.

Starr tells Cole she can sense that there is something wrong and leaves. Right then, Cole sees that James has left him a text telling him that he can “kiss like that for show too”.

Starr asks Viki,, Nora and Langston where Dorian went. Viki then asks if she can have everyone’s attention. ON behalf of Mayor Lord, she would like to thank them all for coming. But now she would like to ask them all to go home. There is not going to be a wedding today.

Dorian then stands in front of her mirror and asks her dearest darling David how he could do this to her. She then throws vases and knocks things off of the table.

Natalie is ready to schedule her sonogram. And the receptionist asks Natalie if she is going to bring the baby’s father, Brody. Hearing that, Natalie is startled but clarifies that she got the information mixed up with Jessica.

On the phone, Shaun informs Vivian that the wedding has been cancelled. She asks what could have happened this time. But before he can answer, he gets knocked out.

Nora finds Matthew and asks if he is all right. He tells her he has “some big brother”. He asks if his dad left to go and look for the groom. She replies that is exactly what BO did. But Bo and the other cops have something completely different on their minds. Brody tells them that it appears that they found a plane that Eli could have boarded. But they are worried that they may be too late in finding it before Eli makes Blair his next victim.

Right the, Dorian is tantrumming and yelling and crying over her loss yet again at the alter.

Charlie tells Viki he guesses they need to head home. But she tells her husband she wants to stick around for a while. He tells her it’s amazing that she would want to stick around to be there for Dorian. He departs without her. Cole asks Starr if she is ok. She tells him she is fine but is sad for Dorian. She knows that what David did was horrible. But it’s better than spending the rest of one’s life with the wrong person. He tells her of course. But when you find the right person, you must do everything you can to hold onto them. Again, James is alone impatiently sending texts to Starr and asking why she is not responding. And right then, he sees a text that says: “Here is a response. Go to hell”. He then turns around and sees Cole looking at him angrily.

Langston goes to find Dorian. But she is on the floor, crying hysterically with flowers and broken vases on the floor.

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