OLTL Update Monday 8/23/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

David is on the phone to Bo talking about getting everybody ready for his wedding to Dorian. Right then, Nate enters and asks him if he needs anything. He tells him about all of the things he needs and appears bossy. Nate leaves. Viki enters and asks David if everything is ok. He asks her if Dorian knows that she is there and appears surprised that she would attend..

Dorian is ready with all of the guests. She greets Starr and Cole and tells them how great it is to see them. Right then, they notice that Langston is there with James. Not far away, Dani tells Shaun she knows who he is. He refused to help her dad find her mom. She urges him to help them. He tells her he is sorry but he cannot. She does not accept that answer.

Blair is trying on her wedding dress. But Eli enters and informs her that there has been a change of plans. There will be no wedding.

Meanwhile, John is talking to Kelly about how they are going to nail Eli. Detective Price is nearby on the grounds looking for him. John and Kelly are worried since they need a statement from Robert Ford yet he chickened out after he was ready to write it.

Starr, Cole, Langston and James are all together observing each other.. Cole wants to get James alone to have a word with him. Alone with Langston, Starr asks her why she brought him there. Langston asks Starr why she has a problem with that. Starr then reminds her that there seem to be a point. It’s not as if Ford is there to see it. Cole then goes and confronts James. He knows that James wants Starr but must know that he’s never going to get her.

Dani urges Shaun to help her and Todd find Téa. She tells him if he does not, then her mother is going to die alone. He cannot let that happened.

Eli asks Blair if she really wants to share her wedding day with Dorian and David. She reminds him that it was he who insisted upon it. He find excuses about how double weddings have bad outcomes. And he’s a bit concerned about David Vickers and comes up with many excuses about her family. He just wants one day that is all about them and does not want a circus. She then tells him ok. They will wait. But he tells her he does not want to wait another day to get married. What he wants is for the two of them to disappear.

Darren reveals that Detective Price is his big brother and asks him what he’s doing there. He asks his big brother if he is living the life of Shaft. Price tells Darren he needs to go away, leave him alone and not blow his cover.

Kelly asks John what his plans are in arresting Eli. Does he plan to bust up Blair’s wedding? She is a bit apprehensive but concludes that they need to go ahead and do it.

Viki talks to David about how Dorian invited her and admitted that she and Charlie are the reason Dorian and David got back together. So Dorian wants them there. She jokes with David about hers’ and Charlie’s underhanded plan. She tells him she had to do it. And it worked. Because he and Dorian realized that they belong together. He asks her if that is really what it’s all about.

John takes Kelly to the office and pushes her into the room with Robert Ford. Robert asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him that she is ready to be processed for breaking and entering. He remarks that she cannot help sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Starr asks Langston why she would go to the wedding with James. There’s no point. Robert Ford is not there for them to make him jealous. But Langston wonders why she has a problem with her being with James. Starr obviously has her own “issues” with it. But Starr denies that. Meanwhile, Cole confronts James who makes it clear that he is confident that Cole and Starr are going to break up.

Kelly informs Robert Ford that she broke into Elijah Clark’s room. He tells her she does not want to mess with that guy. He’s a lawyer. She tells him that Eli is a killer. He got her mother killed. He killed a janitor and a file clerk who were onto him and pushed Marty Saybrooke down a flight of stairs and killed her baby. And she knows that he tried to kill Robert. She urges Robert to help to put him in jail.

John goes to talk to the judge about the information that Nora previously showed him. But the judge tells John that all he has is random unexplained deaths that are only circumstantial evidence against Eli. There is no proof and John has nothing. He tells John that maybe he could consider, at a certain point, “stretching it” and granting John a search warrant. But John tells the judge that they can’t wait. It could be too late. Eli is ready to endanger more people and is probably going to split down by the end of the day.

Eli informs Blair that John took Kelly down to the station and placed her under arrest for breaking and entering his hotel room. She laughs and sounds as though she’s glad that Kelly got in trouble for her unfounded suspicions. He tries to find reason for why they need to get married now but cannot do it where people know where to find him. She then sounds as though she is “with” him on his plan and agrees to leave now.

Dani urges Shaun to help her find her mom. Darren finds Destiny and knows that something is wrong. She admits that her brother is being a pig headed fool and won’t help Dani find her mom. She knows that Shaun knows where she is. At that point, Daren tells her that maybe he can help.

Viki tells David that she is really proud of him for being able to commit for the rest of his life. But he admits that he does not like that word. She tells him the last time, he and Dorian got this far, he left, deserted her, and Dorian was devastated. She wants to make certain that that won’t happen this time. He tells her it will be. This is the real thing. She then hugs him and tells him she is proud of him. Dorian goes to find David and wonders why he is alone with Viki. Viki leaves them alone so they can talk. She asks David if she should be jealous. He tells her that there wont’ be a woman around who will steal her sexy husband. She asks if they will “succeed”. He asks her if she is tempting fate and if it’s not bad luck for her to see him before the wedding. She then reminds him that it’s only bad luck if she’s wearing her wedding dress as she is not. She asks him if he is really committed to her. He tells her there is not a doubt in his mind and he kisses her. He tells her that somebody would have to kill him to keep him away from that alter.

Kelly asks Robert if he thinks refusing to testify against Eli will keep his brother safe. She asks if, as the oldest son, he wants to do right by his brother. She tells him that if it’s blackmail, no matter how hard one tries to keep Eli happy, it’s not going to work. Does Robert not know how many people this man has tried to kill because they got in his way? No matter what Robert or anybody does, Eli will be threatening him and his brother and could kill them. So that is why they need to put him in jail.

The judge reminds John that it’s too soon to get an arrest warrant. John tells him they don’t have any more time. Hannah O’Connor is a witness who said she saw Eli push Marty down a flight of stairs and killed Marty’s and his baby. The judge reminds John that Hannah is in St. Anne’s. But John protests that Hannah was not lying about that. The judge tells John he’s too personally involved in this case involving his and Marty’s baby. John then asks the judge what he thinks will happen after Eli gets married and has another rich wife. What does the judge think will happen?

Right then, Detective Price is on the grounds looking for clues and remaining unseen.

Dorian then goes to find Blair and asks her why she is not in her wedding dress. Blair tells her aunt she is not getting married today. Hearing that, Dorian asks her niece if Eli chickened out. Blair tells her no. She and Eli just decided they don’t want a double wedding. Blair tells Dorian that this is hers’ and David’s special day. They need to soak it up and know that they deserve it.

Starr and Langston talk about James. Cole asks James if he is interested in Langston. James replies that she’s a nice girl. Cole tells James he (James) is really interested in Starr. He then angrily tells James that he’s nothing but a sleaze bag and a user just like his brother. James then yells at Cole to shut up. And right then, there appears to be a confrontation. But Shaun breaks it up. He reminds the two of them that they are at a wedding. Cole tells him that James is there to cause trouble. James tells him that he is Langston’s date. Right then, Langston and Starr return and demand to know what is going on. Langston goes off with James. Starr takes Cole aside and tells him she wishes he would believe her that there is nothing to worry about. She is not interested in James.

Darren informs Destiny, for the first time, that his brother is a detective who works with the Llanview PD. But right then, Eli appears and overhears them. And when Detective Price is hiding, Eli seems to know that he’s nearby.

The judge tells John that if he cannot meet the burden of proof, then Eli will walk after arraignment. John asks the judge if he would believe the word of both Hannah and Robert Ford if they have the same story. He knows that Robert was ready to provide a detailed statement with all the information he had about Eli. But Eli obviously got to him and threatened him and that is why he recanted. If the judge will just let John work on this, he can get the statement from Robert.

Right then, Kelly asks Robert if he would like to redeem himself, be the hero and earn some respect for the first time. He can put Eli away and do the right thing.

Blair informs Starr, Langston and Dani that she and Eli are not going to have a public wedding. They are going to elope. But none of them are ok with that. Neither is Dorian. They all want her to be there with her family. She protests that Eli has to be considered also. He does not have a family. He’s never been married before. This is going to be a really big deal for him. He has not asked for much. So she is going to give him this. And she promises she will let them throw them a big celebration as soon as she and Eli get back. She assures Dani that she will only be gone a day, so Dani may call her. She manages to convince them all that everything is ok. She remarks that Dorian and David have come a long way. And she tells them she thinks they need to make a toast. She proposes a toast to true love. May it always last. She toasts Dorian and David. Dorian toasts Blair and Eli

At the wedding, Cole asks James if they are clear. James remarks yes. He is not going to break up Cole and Starr. He doesn’t have to. Cole can do that all by himself. All he has to do is sit back and watch them do it all by themselves.

Right then, Detective Price runs into Daren and Destiny and urges them to be discreet and unseen.

David finds Eli and asks what has happened with his wedding plans. Eli informs David that he and Blair have decided to fly away and elope. And David and Dorian will be the “whole show” today. Right when David is distracted with his back turned, looking at his hair in the mirror, Eli pulls a gun out of his travel bag.

The judge tells John if he doesn’t watch what he is doing, then he (John) will be the one behind bars. But right then, Kelly enters and tells Jon that she got it. She finally persuaded Robert Ford to write and sign the statement.

Price gets on the phone to let John know that his brother tipped him off that Eli Clark might have overheard and might be onto them.

David is completely distracted and talking when Eli has his gun and looks ready to use it.

When Blair is helping Dorian get ready, she asks her where Eli is. They seem to have no worries and reflect that the next time they see each other, they will both be married ladies.

Dani and Destiny are talking about how Daren's brother might be able to help them find Téa even if her brother won’t.

Starr and Cole are together. James is with Langston.

Kelly returns to Robert Ford and expresses her gratitude for the fact that Eli is going to jail because of him.

Right then, John goes to the place to find Eli after Price has tipped him off. He bangs on the door looking for Eli but will he find him in time?

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