OLTL Update Thursday 8/19/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica is in her office making a call to a clinic to find out how early a paternity test can be performed when she finds out she is not alone and is overheard by Brody. He asks her why she’s calling to ask for a paternity test.

At the station, John asks Robert Ford how it was that he was able to blackmail Eli and how it was that Eli threatened him. Ford replies that he found out Eli used to go by another name. That was Bennett Thompson. John then asks him how he found out that Elijah Clark was Bennett Thompson.

Meanwhile, Kelly is spooked and distracted when she uncovers a mug shot of Eli/Bennett with another alias. She runs into David when neither is looking where they are going. Inside Bo’s office, he is having Inez delivering some forms. David observes his “father” with this attractive new employee and remarks to Nora that if that woman sticks around, Nora might have to kiss Bo good bye.

Dorian talks to Starr about how great it is that Langston has moved on and is seeing a nice young man with so much better manners than that vile Robert Ford. In response to that, Starr informs her aunt that that is funny. James is Robert Ford’s brother.

John asks Ford if he knew that Elijah Clark was Bennett Thompson before he came to Llanview. Robert hesitates to answer. But John tells him he must answer and help them get this bastard off the street. Robert admits that he never met him when he was Bennett Thompson as Eli never told him. John asks how Robert found out about his identity. Robert replies he had an affair with “Bennett Thompson’s wife.

Bo is talking to Inez in his office about work. Outside, Nora tells David he’s (David) amazing. He doesn’t even know “the woman (Inez) and already David assumes all these things he knows nothing about. David asks Nora if she’s looked at Inez. She is really attractive. Nora affirms to David that Bo hired her as his assistant and they are working together. David then reminds her that “uncle Clint” hired an assistant. And look where that went. Nora tells David he’s ridiculous. But he warns her that first it will start with that having to work late calls from Bo. He tells her she needs to see that they are already “pretty cozy” in there. Inez will put on a great act by complimenting Nora about her appearance, about what a great wife and mother she is. But if she does not get Bo to fire her, she will regret it.

After Starr informs Dorian that James, whom Dorian believes is nice and a real improvement over Robert Ford, for Langston, Dorian instantly becomes suspicious and asks to talk to Langston alone. When James is alone with Starr, he asks her if what she wants is for Langston not to have a date to the wedding. Starr tells him she does not want Langston to get hurt. But James does not buy that. Dorian tells Langston she knows the only reason she has agreed to go out with James is to make his brother jealous.

At the station, Robert Ford explains to John that he learned about Bennett Thompson also going by the name Eli Clark because he was sleeping with Eli’s wife, Olivia, who at the time was loaded.

Right then, Jessica is wondering how to tell Brody the reason why she is calling the hospital to get a paternity test.

Blair is with Eli ready to get married.

John asks Robert Ford if he’s been in contact with Olivia after he moved. Robert replies that he tried to find her. But she was nowhere to be found. He went to her house but the place was deserted, It was like she vanished off the face of the earth.

Outside Bo’s office, David tells Nora if he does not do something about Bo’s new secretary, his (David’s) marriage will last longer than hers. Hearing that, Nora asks him since when he is getting married and to whom. David tells her he’s marrying Dorian. Nora then concludes that Dorian will be Bo’s and her daughter in law. When Inez steps out of Bo’s office, David tells her he just wanted to come in and have a word with his “pa”. Hearing that, Inez is surprised to hear that Bo has another son and he is David.

John asks Robert Ford how he met Eli’s ex wife. Robert explains that a filming buddy introduced him to her in L.A. She was a collector and very sexy and they wound up in bed. She told Robert about how she found out that Eli only married her for her money.

Right then, Eli is on the phone ready to buy a very expensive house with Blair. But she is a bit concerned that it costs too much. Dorian asks to talk to Blair alone about Langston still carrying a torch for that dreadful Robert Ford. Overhearing that, Eli tells Dorian he and Blair may take as much time as they want. That Robert Ford is no good for “their Langston”.

After Brody asks Jessica about her calling to find out about a paternity test, she tells him she’s covering a story about a guy who has a history of sleeping around.

John asks Robert when he first recognized that Eli was the same guy as Olivia’s husband, Bennett Thompson. Robert replies he first found that out when he fought with David Vickers for the patent rights of his reality show. He needed a lawyer and found out Bennett Thompson has another identity. Robert admits that he was ready to scam the money form David with the help of a crooked lawyer since he was desperate for money. He needed to get his younger brother away from their abusive father.

Right then, when Eli is alone waiting for Dorian and Blair to finish their conversation, he runs into James seeming to know who he is. He introduces himself and can tell that James is suspicious of him He asks him what the matter is.

Starr returns to the apartment and asks Cole if John has told them why they have a cop standing outside their door. Cole replies it’s because of Hannah. Starr then asks him if Hannah is out of St. Anne’s and threatening people again. Hearing that, Cole tells her he wishes that Starr would stop making these accusations of Hannah. She did not do any of the things that Starr or Todd allege she did. She asks if John told him himself that Hannah was innocent. Cole admits John did not say it in so many words. But he made it very obvious that he did not believe that Hannah pushed his mom nor tried to kill Ford. But Starr protests that be that as it may, Hannah set him up and wanted him to believe that she was sleeping with James, wanted to break them up and she did falsely accuse her dad of pushing his mom. So she cannot be trusted.

In Dorian’s living room, after James tells Eli he knows who he is from his brother, Robert Ford, Eli tells him he bets that Robert told James that he (Eli) is bad news. James confirms yes. He did.

In the other room, Blair tells Langston that she agrees with Dorian that she should beware of James. And it’s not because she is holding it against him that he’s Robert Ford’s brother. It’s because that boy (James) almost got Starr killed and got her to steal a car with him.

In Bo’s office, he asks David why he would marry Nora. David replies that he loves her. Bo then tells him that he just wanted to make certain it was for that reason. David then asks his “father” if that means he approves. Bo replies no. Outside the office, Inez greets Nora telling her how great her husband is and how she found a good one. And right then, Nora hears what David previously told her, warning her that Inez is really attractive and might become more than just a secretary to Bo. She will know how to compliment Nora. Nora smiles and tells Inez that she’s correct. Her husband is a good man. Inez tells Nora how Bo has given her more than just a job. He’s given her a new lease on life by helping her with some family matters. She tells Nora that her son, Nate knows Nora’s son, Matthew and Nate speaks very highly of Matthew. Nora then hears David telling her that Inez will tell her what a great wife and mother she is. Inez asks her if “that man in there” (David) is Nora’s son. He couldn’t possibly be since Nora is nowhere near old enough to have a child as old as David. Nora tells her that David is not her son. But she asks Inez if Nate is her only child.

Jessica and Brody are going through a list of names for their baby. He tells her that since they do not yet know the gender of the baby, he is considering gender neutral names. He asks her why she has not considered a name. They talk about whether each would prefer a boy or girl or twins. She tells him it’s possible that she will have twins. They run in her family with herself and Natalie. She tells him whatever the result, she wants to baby to be just like her.

Right then, Robert Ford is alone in John’s office writing a statement. Outside the room, Kelly tells John that she has been “violating” his instructions and having Rex help her. She hopes he can overlook that so that they can nail Eli for killing her mother and the many other rimes he has committed.

David tells Bo that he wants him (Bo) to be his best man. He reminds Bo that he (David) saved the day and performed Bo’s and Nora’s wedding ceremony.

In response to Nora’s question of whether Nate is her only child, Inez replies that she has too older sons. Nora asks about their father. Inez tells her that their father is out of their lives. Right then, David comes out of Bo's office and warns Nora not to let his dad have any “alone time” with that “assistant”. Nora goes into Bo's office and they confirm that David is going to marry Dorian. And that will make her their daughter in law. Right then, John and Kelly enter the office and tell Bo and Nora they need to interrupt. And the reason is Elijah Clark.

Right then, Inez goes into the interrogation room and is stunned to see her “son”, Robert in the room.

At Dorian’s, Elijah tells James he thinks he knows why he is not James’ brother’s favorite person. It’s because Eli represented Hannah O’Connor. Right? James reminds Eli that she could have killed his brother. Eli tells James that she is still entitled to a defense. Right then, Dorian, Blair and Langston enter the room and remind James that he abducted Starr and got her in the middle of a shoot out. SO he is not to get within a shouting distance of another Cramer woman ever.

Cole confirms to Starr that John found out that Hannah did not push his mom nor attack Ford. She tells him that she does not want to fight or argue about Hannah. She reminds him that they have two weddings to go to. Cole is unaware but she reminds him that her aunt Dorian is marrying David Vickers and her mom is marrying Elijah Clark. But Cole can see that Starr is less than happy for her mom and aunt. He asks her if she wants to talk about Hannah more. She tells him no. They need to talk more about James. She tells him that he came to Dorian’s home just a while ago. Cole asks her why. Is he stalking her? She clarifies that he was not there see her. He was there to see Langston. He is apparently going to go out on a date with her. Hearing that, Cole seems to know that it would be odd for James to be asking Langston out unless his motive is to make Starr jealous.

James continues to protest to Dorian, Blair and Langston that the last thing he would ever want would be to hurt Starr. He does like her. He got to know her. He was a bit envious of her to know what a great family she has that he never had growing up. He tells them he’d like to be able to take Langston to the wedding. But if they don’t want him to do that, he understands. But he would like for them to give him another chance. Dorian talks to James. And at that point, Blair takes Langston aside and tells her if she intends to g out with James in order to get Ford back, she’s making a big mistake.

When Inez accidentally runs into her “son” (Robert) at the station, he asks her if she is spying on him. She tells him no. She got a new job but asks what is going on and if he’s in trouble. He tells her that it’s a bit too complicated. They are using him to get information about somebody else. He cannot tell her the details. She asks if she can help. He tells her she has to stay out of it. She asks if he has a lawyer. He tells her that he can handle his own situation and she’s only making it worse by pretending she cares. He demands that she gets out.

Brody tells Jessica he hates to go back to the station. He knows that she is investigating some paternity case involving Robert Ford but she won’t tell him what is really going on with that. He leaves.

John informs Bo and Nora that he and Kelly learned that Bennett Thompson is not Elijah Clark’s only alias. She shows them some other information that she and Rex dug up. He killed a clerk at the Boston hall of records who was ready to get the goods on him. and killed his mother for the same reason. And because the legal system has failed, that maniac is out there and able to kill again. John also confirms that another witness confirms that Bennett Thompson and Elijah Clark are the same person. Hearing that, Kelly asks who. John replies Robert Ford.

Right then, Robert is alone in the interrogation room writing a statement. Outside the door, Inez knows she has to find a way to help her son get legal counsel. And when she goes through her paperwork, she comes across the name of Attorney at Law Elijah Clark. Right then, she gets on the phone to call him, introduces herself and tells him she needs a lawyer.

Kelly urges Bo and John to know that they have to find a way to get a warrant to arrest Eli before her cousin ends up marrying him.

Jessica is alone in the office calling the find out when would be the soonest to get a paternity test during a pregnancy. And when she hears the answer, she does not look happy.

When Robert Ford is alone in the room at the station, he remembers Eli telling him that he does not want to do anything he might regret if he wants to keep his brother safe. Outside the room, when Inez calls Eli and he hasn’t a clue who she is or whom she needs a lawyer for, he tells her he’s sorry. He’s “rather booked” right now. She then informs him that her son is being held at the police station although he’s done nothing wrong. His name is Robert Ford. At that point, Eli goes out the door. Blair comes down the stairs when her phone rings. She sees that it’s Kelly who urges her to pick up. But she refuses to answer declaring she won’t let Kelly ruin her wedding day.

Bo asks John how Eli got Hannah to take the rap for crimes she did not commit. John replies he told her if she did not confess, he would hurt Cole.

Cole asks Starr what her “issue” is about James asking Langston out.

Langston asks Dorian what the verdict is. Does she and James have her blessing? Dorian replies no. Right then, David enters and tells her that she needs to reconsider. She should appreciate young love on a day like today. Dorian then agrees to let them go out but tells James if he hurts her daughter, he’s a dead man. They leave. And David informs Dorian that Bo has agreed to be his best man.

John informs Bo and Nora that Eli persuaded Hannah to swallow a bottle of pills. He wanted to prevent her from being able to testify against him in case she might reconsider. Nora then concludes that that explains why Eli appeared very upset when he heard that Hannah did not die from the overdose. John informs Bo and Nora that Robert is right now writing his statement. But Kelly is correct that they have to get a warrant for Eli’s arrest before Blair marries him.

Right then, Eli goes outside with his phone so that he cannot be overheard and asks Inez if he heard her correctly say that Robert Ford is her son. She replies yes and her son needs a lawyer. Can he help Robert? Eli tells her yes. He can.

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