OLTL Update Wednesday 8/18/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/18/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly is at Rex’s house and as she walks in he is talking to Natalie on the phone. Natalie tells him that the computer is almost done reconstructing the shredded document. Kelly then takes a call from Jess who needs to talk to her now. Kelly leaves and asks Rex to be dressed when she comes back. Next, Natalie shows up with the recovered document. Kelly comes back just in time to see the document. It’s Eli’s mug shot.

Outside of Starr and Cole’s apartment, Brody is on the phone talking to Jess, but is thinking about Natalie. Starr opens the door for the newspaper, and discovers Brody and another officer outside her door. Cole and Starr are surprised and tell them they look like they are standing guard, but for who. Brody won’t tell the couple why he has been told to stand guard and keep them safe. Cole leaves to go see John. Starr congratulates Brody on him and Jess’s pregnancy. She talks about the coincidence that both Jess and Natalie are pregnant at the same time. Her computer starts to beep with updates on her My Face page. She reads the updates and finds out about her mom and Dorian’s weddings. Brody gives her a ride to the mansion.

Kelly arrives at Jess’s office. Jess tells her that she did have sex with Ford. They talk about Ford not wanting to have anything to do with the baby, but they wonder if they can trust him to keep his mouth shut. Kelly leaves and Jess calls her doctor. As she is asking when she can get a paternity test, Brody shows up. It looks like he heard her.

At James’ and Ford’s apartment, James notices that Bobby is already gone.

At the station, Ford is handcuffed to the desk. John threatens to bring Eli in as Ford’s lawyer if he doesn’t start telling him what he knows about Eli. He steps out of his office for a moment and bumps into Natalie who drops a folder of papers. Cole shows up at the station to find out why John sent guards to his house. John tells him that Hannah may be innocent after all. He tries to insist that John tell him what’s going on. John tells him to trust him and sit tight or else he’ll jeopardize the case. For his mom and Hannah’s sake, just play it cool and let them do their job. John continues to question Ford who finally admits he made it all up. Eli beat him up because he knew his alter ego, Bennett Thompson.

At Dorian’s, Eli is on the phone inquiring about Hannah’s visitation rights. After he hangs up, he tells Blair that she is going to make him the happiest man in the world. Dorian and David are updating their statuses on their My Face pages as being in love with each other. Blair and Eli walk in to tell them they are getting married today, and surprise, so are David and Dorian! As Dorian repeats their intentions, Langston walks in and asks if this is a practical joke. David’s reply is come hug your papa. Langston looks surprised and slightly ill. Blair and David go at each other…he makes a comment that she will never get over Todd. Dorian goes on about how their relationship has come around, despite their pride. David compares themselves to Romeo & Juliet, Bonnie & Clyde, Sid & Nancy….Langston mentions that they all died! David then says the family needs a strong male figure. He tells Langston that its time she got a new man. She tells Dorian to put a muzzle on David before she rips his lips off. Blair and Eli go out to the terrace where Blair asks Eli if he really wants to marry into her crazy family. Dorian heads out to talk to them and they all come back into the house where Eli asks them if they should postpone their wedding due to their history. Dorian proposes a double wedding today. Blair reminds her of the fiasco of the last double wedding. David reminds Dorian and Blair of how drunk they were. They all agree to the double wedding. Meanwhile, James shows up to ask Langston if she has seen Ford. They talk about their up and coming date and she then tells him that she knows he only asked her out to drive Starr crazy. James then says the only reason she is going out with him is so she can stick it to Ford. The two go to say goodbye to the family and she introduces James to everyone. David then begins to question James about his employment status. Blair interrupts and asks David if he has a job. James asks Langston if this is her father….God no, she says. Starr shows up and congratulations everyone for their impending nuptials. She turns around to get something to wear to the wedding and she bumps into James. What is he doing here? James tells her he is there for his date with Langston. Starr tries to get rid of him, but David tells him he can come to the wedding. Starr continues to try and get rid of him because a wedding is for family and he is practically a stranger and weddings are sentimental. James then says he is sentimental and shows her the bullet he is wearing on a chain to keep it close to his heart.

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