OLTL Update Tuesday 8/17/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/17/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Outside Rodi’s, David kisses Dorian. And they declare that there is no denying it now. She tells him that he might as well come out and say it. They then decide to throw pride aside and throw caution to the wind.

John tells Hannah that he realizes that if all he had in court was her word against Elis’s, it would not be enough to get him put in jail. SO she needs to never tell anybody that he had this conversation with her. He does tell her however, that fortunately, she is not the only person who was able to live to tell what Eli tried to do to them. There’s another victim who Eli failed to kill and that is Robert Ford.

Right then, Robert Ford is pouting in the apartment. James comes out of his bedroom and demands to know what is going on. He concludes that Robert is pissed at James because he asked Langston out.

Todd and Téa are together on the roof watching the meteor shower and wondering what to do regarding Téa dying and refusing to see them before she dies.

Right then, Téa is also alone watching it and something happens. She reflects that this must be “too soon”

Right then, Eli is on the phone with Greg while Greg is taking care of Téa at the Hospice facility and Blair is nearby when Eli is on the phone wondering what is going on. She then remembers John telling her that she needs to find out what is going on. She needs to not let him suspect that she is watching him. She then declares that she wants to find out what he has been up to.

David tells Dorian that he will let her “go first”. She tells him that she will let him go first. Neither wants to admit that they never got over the other. They each want the other to declare that about them yet neither will declare to the other that they have never gotten over each other. She tells him that they both have something they want to say to each other. They both encourage the other to say the “three little words”. Yet they both hesitate to say those words. He reminds her that unless one of them says something, they are going to be stuck outside this middle class watering hole for the rest of their lives. And then, suddenly, at the count of three they both say that they love each other.

Todd and Dani are together talking and reflecting how amazing Téa is. They are watching the meteor shower and he tells her they want to do that every year.

Téa is alone at the Hospice care facility wondering if she really wants to die alone or not.

Greg is right then, on the phone asking Eli why he wanted to separate Téa from her husband and her daughter until the day she dies. And he seems to suspect that Eli has a secret.

Hannah tells John that she was the perfect suspect in the investigation to push Marty and to try to kill Ford. He tells her that Ford now knows that she did not attack her. And Ford could name Eli as his attacker. She tells John that Ford could. But he won’t.

Robert Ford admits to his brother that he’s correct. He is angry at James for asking Langston out. Why does he care who Langston goes out with if he’s no longer interested in her? Maybe James heard Robert wrong when he said that he could not commit to Langston and she was not important to him. But Robert tells James he knows that he (James) does not want Langston either. He wants Starr.

Starr tells Langston that she’s an incredible person. Millions of guys would like to go out with her. But she does not understand why James asked her out? Langston then tells Starr that they both know that the only reason James asked Langston out.

Dorian and David admit that they love each other. Each admits that they were afraid and too proud to admit it.

Todd and Dani both seem to believe that there is no way to stop Téa from doing what she is doing and no way to find her. She then tells her father that she is going up to bed.

Greg finds Téa up and out of bed. She tells him she’s been having an episode. He urges her to get back to bed. As soon as he’s alone, he calls Eli and tells him “she did not hear anything”. Eli then yells at him to be more careful. Blair overhears Eli on the phone. He tells her some stupid associate is not doing their job. She then reveals to him that she went into his briefcase and found something very interesting.

Greg examines Téa’s eyes. She tells him that she is glad she was able to see the meteor shower. She seems to trust him and they talk about how different people view a meteor shower. He tells her he’s not a fan and only sees it as a scientific phenomenon. But for others, it enables them to see the light. She tells him that she is somehow aware of Todd and Dani and she cries about never seeing them again. Greg then reminds her that she’s never going to see them again because that is what she chose. She tells him she knows but she wonders if she made the wrong choice.

Right then, at Todd’s home, he gets on his phone and tells Shaun he needs to get down there now.

Langston asks Starr why she would care if Langston goes out with James. All Starr can reply with is telling her that he is Ford’s brother. But Langston tells her they both know that he is not Ford and why should they hold who his brother is against him? And it’s clear that Starr has no reasons to object to Langston going out with him except that she is jealous.

Ford right then lectures his brother about how selfish he is to want to go out with Langston. James asks his brother why he’d be concerned about that or believe that it’s selfish.

Hannah tells John that Ford did tell her that he got an “insurance policy” where if anything happens to him, he will expose Eli’s secrets to the press.

Eli then coldly demands to know what Blair saw in his briefcase. She tells him that she just wanted to look at his passport to see where he’s been. She tells him that she wants to know where he has not been so that they can go to new places together. She diffuses his suspicion and they laugh and talk like they are happily together. He tells her however, that he seriously needs to know that the person he loves more than anybody else in the world trusts him. She tells him she does love and trust him. She’s going to be his wife. But, she tells him, if they are going to get married, they need to get one thing straight. He asks her what that one thing is. She laughs and replies by asking him what the hell his real name is.

Téa admits to Greg that she has been talking to his brother Shaun about her situation and Shaun believes she should tell Todd and Dani where she is.

Right then, Shaun goes to Todd’s home and asks what he wants. Todd tells him he wants him to find out where Téa went.

Starr asks Langston if it’s true that the only reason she is going out with James is to stick it to Ford. She admits that’s part of it. Ford deserves it. He thinks that just because he wants to get her into bed, she will come back to him regardless of how he treats her. He needs to wake up and experience some cause and effect and see that she’s done with him and maybe rattle his cage by having him know that she likes his baby brother better than him.. Starr asks her if she is not going from one bad habit to another. Langston protests that it’s just a date. And she’s been alone for too long. Markko is gone. She needs to get back out there. And besides, James is pretty damn cute. Hearing that, Starr appears stunned.

Ford tells James that he needs to know that this “new found” mother and brother of them are in name only. The two of them are the only family that either of them knows. He knows that he left James with their abusive father. But he wants to make it up to him now and protect him from people like Langston. He informs James that Langston cheated on her live in boyfriend and kept it a secret that she was seeing him (Ford). James then looks at his brother in disbelief. Robert Ford then asks his brother if they shouldn’t prioritize “bros before ho’s”

Hannah tells John that she hopes he gets to Eli before Eli hurts or kills somebody else.

When Blair asks Eli his real name, he tells her that his legal name is Elijah Clark. ON his birth certificate he was Elijah Clark Rayburn. But because he knew that having a jailbird for a brother wouldn’t exactly help his law career, he thought he should not have the last name Rayburn. She reminds him that he did find and reconcile with Ross not long ago. He tells her it was because Ross was the only family that he knew of at the time. But now he has more. And he smiles at her.

Todd tells Shaun that he must know where Téa is. Shaun then remembers helping Téa and keeping the secret for her. And he tells Todd he is sorry. He cannot do this job for him. Téa does not want to be found. Todd asks him how he would know what Téa wants.

James tells his brother thanks for the heads up about Langston. But he can take care of himself. Robert then angrily tells him then he may go out with Langston because he can’t stop him. But he’s clearly not ok with it.

Langston asks Starr what is the worst thing that could happen with her going out on a date with James.. When she overhears Dorian and David and their “joyous reunion” she tells Starr that she thinks she can trust her judgment. She then tells Starr that if Starr is not ok with it because she (Starr) has feelings for James, then she won’t do it. But Starr protests that she does not have feelings for James. Langston then concludes that that settles it.

Hannah agrees with John that she will not tell anybody that they had this conversation. She tells him she may not be guilty of murder. But she did obstruct justice by falsely accusing Todd Manning of pushing Dr. Saybrooke down the stairs. She tells John that she knows that nothing she can do would bring his baby back. But if she had not lied, then Eli would be in jail and unable to hurt anybody else. So she is sorry. John tells her as long as the son of a bitch gets what he deserves that’s all that matters..

Blair sits on Eli’s lap and happily talks to him about how she wants to trust him.

Téa admits to Greg that when she talked to Shaun, he told her that if it were his mother or wife, he would walk over glass in order to find her. Greg tells her that his brother is very sentimental about things like that. And he assures her that sparing her husband and daughter from seeing her waste away is the best gift she can give them. She then confirms that he is correct. But she still appears incomplete.

Shaun tells Todd that it appears that Téa wants to be left alone. But Todd tells him that Téa may not know what she wants. This brain tumor has her all confused. He knows that Shaun cares about her and wants to protect her. Shaun admits that he really understands where he is coming from and if it were him in Todd’s shoes, he might not give up on finding a person he loves before they die. But he concludes to Todd that he cannot help him. Dani overhears at the top of the stairs.

Téa concludes that Greg was right in assuring her that she did the right thing. But when she is alone and lying in her bed, she observes the picture of Todd and Dani on her bedside table and notices that her vision is becoming blurry. As soon as Shaun is out the door, he gets a call from Greg urging him not to tell anybody where Téa is. He urges his brother that they must respect the wishes of a dying woman. Shaun reluctantly agrees. Inside, Todd and Dani are both very discouraged but not ready to give up.

Blair pretends that she is committed to Eli and trusts him.

David and Dorian are together and they conclude that they do not want to spend any more time away from each other because of pride. He tells her he has an idea. Why don’t they get married tomorrow?

Downstairs, Blair tells Eli she wants to get married tomorrow.

Langston asks Starr if they are ok. Starr tells her yes. She just wants her to be careful. Langston tells Starr of course she will be careful. It’s just one date.

John goes to Robert and James’ apartment. They ask if it’s not a bit late for questioning. John tells them no. And he puts Robert Ford in hand cuffs.

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