OLTL Update Monday 8/16/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Clint sits outside Rodi’s ready to call Dorian. David calls Mandy. She tells him she has come to collect the money he owes her for her “services” (lying to Dorian that she and David are in love). David tells her he thought she came and she gave without taking. Dorian informs Clint that she will come through on her agreement to make a city property called Buchanan Field. He tells her he needs her promise in writing. He tells her right when Mandy tells David, that he (as does Mandy) wants it now. Clint is sick of pretending that he and Dorian are lovers just so that she can stick it to David. Mandy tells David likewise, just so that he can stick it to Dorian. Both Clint and Many makes their respective demands and tell Dorian and David respectively that it’s time to “pay up”

Todd takes Dani to Rodi’s about how they are going to be together as a family when Téa is gone.

Téa gets settled into the hospice with the help of Greg as her doctor and Shaun who helps her get away from Todd so that he cannot find her. But Todd and Dani are not going to let her escape form them.

Eli enters Blair’s home. She asks why he has come in the back way. She asks who he is avoiding. He replies right now anybody who is not her. She asks him what is wrong. He replies right now it’s John McBain.

John goes to talk to Hannah privately in her room. He asks her if she really tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills. He asks her if she had any “Visitors”. He seems to know that somebody, namely Eli, might be threatening her. He tells her that he wants to be able to help her and wishes she would talk to him.

Natalie and Brody are talking privately in the living room when Viki comes in. She assumes that the two of them are “bonding over the baby”. She has no clue what they were talking about.

Jessica goes to see Robert Ford and demands the truth from him. She asks if they had sex or not. He reminds her that he already told her that they did not. But she tell shim she knows otherwise since he went to the hospital to get tested for hepatitis C right after learning that she had it. He asks her if she went to the hospital and somebody told her about his medical records. In response to that she tells him no. He just did.

Dorian tells Clint that she can assure him that he will get his stadium. David assures Mandy she will get her money. Right then, Dorian calls Many over to her home and tells her she wants to know what is going on. Mandy tells Dorian if she wants David back, he is not available. He’s hers’ (Mandy’s). When both Clint and David get off the phone at Rodi’s and meet up, David tells Clint he knows that he and Dorian are scamming that they are together. David knows better.

Inside, a contact who Todd has hired to attempt to find Téa informs Todd and Dani that he has tried and failed to find Téa.

Meanwhile, at the hospice, Shaun informs Téa that he lost “that chump” in three moves and he won’t be able to find Téa. Téa asks if Todd hired a chump. Shaun assures her that Todd’s contact is good. But he is better. He won’t let her down. He reminds her that she just ran from her husband and daughter. Greg tells him that Téa made a hard choice. Shaun tells Téa that he realizes it may not be his business. But if were himself, he would want his family and girlfriend to know where he is.

Ford asks Jessica if she and Kelly set him up to see if he would get tested after finding out that she had hepatitis C. But she urges him to tell her if they had sex. He then replies yes. He asks what she’s going to do now. Run and tell her boyfriend?

Viki tells Brody that she is so happy that he and Jessica are engaged and having a baby. She hugs him and tells him she is so grateful that he never gave up on Jessica. She suspects nothing. But Natalie observes and is less than content.

Hannah asks John why he is doing this. He tells her he just wants to know why she would want to kill herself. She tells him that she felt bad for trying to kill Ford and for killing John and Marty’s baby. He asks her what Eli told her besides that she had to confess. Did he tell her that killing herself is the only way out?

Blair asks Eli why he is suspicious of John McBain. He reminds her that since John is a cop and he is a defense attorney, they are on opposite teams. But Blair knows that there is something else going on with Eli and encourages him to tell her since she’s going to be his wife. He replies that last night, Hannah O’Conner tried to kill herself. He went to talk to her but John wouldn’t even let him talk to his own client and was treating him like a criminal. Blair then remembers talking to John at the station about his and Kelly’s suspicion that Eli got Kelly’s mom killed. And she puts two and two together. Eli tells her he does not know why John McBain is all over him. She tells him she does. She knows exactly why John is on his case.

David asks Clint why he agreed to went along with Dorian’s little scam. Clint replies that he and Dorian are together and David is pitifully jealous. But David does not buy that. And Clint makes it clear that he only has Kimberly on the brain and is not with Dorian and demands that David tells him what he did to get Kimberly to leave.

Dorian asks Mandy why she is pretending to be in love with David. Mandy asks her who is pretending. Has she seen David’s hot body? Dorian reminds Mandy that she must know that David cannot afford her and will not pay her what she expects for her “help”. Mandy tries to convince Dorian that she and David are in love. But when Dorian bribes her by offering to give her her diamonds “for a price”, Mandy then tells Dorian she may have David all to herself.

Ford explains to Jessica that the reason he lied and declared that they did not have sex might be because he didn’t want her navy SEAL boyfriend coming after him. He was worried he could get accused of rape. He tells her he already had one crazy dude bashing his head in and doesn’t need any more threats. Hearing him say it was a “dude”, Jessica tells him she thought that Hannah O’Conner tried to kill him.

Hannah tells John that it would be crazy to think her lawyer would want her to kill herself. Eli had nothing to do with what she did. But John knows that she did not make a suicide attempt. She tells him to leave her alone. He tells her that he can help her if she trusts him. Cole informed him that she tried to tell Cole something important.. But then Eli walked in the room and she shut up. John urges her not to be afraid of Eli’s threats. In response to that, she tells him that it’s not her. She is not the one whom Eli has threatened.

Eli asks Blair if she knows the reason why John is treating him like a criminal. She tells him yes she does and it’s idiotic. She laughs. He urges her to tell him reminding her that they are getting married. She then admits that Kelly stupidly managed to convince John that Eli is some kind of criminal. She agrees that it’s beyond ridiculous. He asks her what, specifically Kelly believes he did. Blair replies that she thinks he played some part in her mother’s murder.

Greg assures Shaun that Téa will not be alone. He will be by her side. She thanks Greg for all of his support. He leaves and tells them that he wants to go and talk to the doctors and help her get settled in. Alone with Téa, Shaun asks her if it really helps to have his brother there with her. He seems to know that she is not complete without Todd and Dani.

Back home, Todd asks his contact if he lost Téa in Indiana? That’s practically next door. And he tells him he’s fired for losing Téa. Dani then takes her dad aside and reminds him that she thought he told her that they had to respect her mom’s wishes and let her go. She asks Todd if he believes that her mom knew that he was looking for her so she hired someone to throw him off track. Does that mean that they don’t trust each other? He tells her that he’s not going to give up on Téa. Dani then asks what their next plan will be for getting her mom back.

Jessica asks Robert Ford to please tell her that they used a condom. He tells her no. He remembered her talking about “some Mitch guy” trying to rape her and then she ran off after they had sex. But what does it matter? She’s back with her boyfriend. He won’t tell anyone. They can both get on with their lives. But she tells him no. It’s not that simple. He asks her why. She tells him the reason is she’s pregnant. Hearing that, he’s shocked.

Viki happily tells Brody that they will have to start planning and asks him if he and Jessica have decided what kind of a wedding they want. Natalie listens and is uneasy. Viki asks her if they should not have two showers, one for the baby and one for the wedding. She then notices that Natalie looks a bit pale and recalls that she was sick before Viki left for her trip. She found out that with Jessica, it was because of the baby. But what was the reason why Natalie was sick? Natalie then informs her mother for the first time that she is also pregnant.

Blair tells Eli that Kelly has this ridiculous idea that he is this murderer named Bennett Thompson. Hearing that, he appears “calm”. She tells him he is a lot calmer to be hearing that than she was when Kelly told her. He asks her if she believes Kelly.

John asks Hannah who Eli threatened. Was it Cole? She refuses to answer and tells him he has to leave her alone. He tells her that they can put Eli away. But he needs her help. She then admits to John that he is right. Eli told her that if she did not confess to attacking Robert Ford and pushing Marty, then he was going to kill Cole. And, she informs John for the first time, that Eli came to her room and held a gun on her and told her she had to OD on the pills or else he would kill her. So she took the pills to save Cole.

Clint asks David if it’s true that he got Kimberly to leave him. David is then ready to give Clint the information he needs about Kimberly. And at that point, he pulls out a tape recorder and tells Clint that he will only tell him what he asks if Clint admits, on the record that he and Dorian are scamming about their alleged relationship.

Right then, Dorian is doing the same thing with Mandy, getting her to confess on tape that she and David are scamming.

Blair tells Eli that she let Kelly go on about all of these crazy details involving him and her mom and a janitor and clerk and all kinds of absurdity. He then tells her he’d like to hear some of these crazy and absurd details. She tells him it’s not even worth talking about. It’s just Kelly and the way she grieves. She just wishes that Kelly had not focused on him. She reminds him that she is concerned that Kelly’s false allegations could get him in trouble not unlike the false accusations Hannah made of Todd. She assures him that she did speak to John and told him that Kelly’s accusations about Eli are a load of bull.. He seems encouraged to hear that she spoke to John and defended him. He asks her what else John said. She tells him that John has to go through protocol. But as soon as he finds out there is no evidence, he will give up. Eli asks her if she knows that John has no evidence.

Meanwhile, John asks Hannah what happened. She admits that she saw Dr. Saybrooke walk toward the stairwell at the hospital on that day. And she saw a man wearing gloves push her down the stairs. But she ran and was afraid that he would know that she saw him so she didn’t report it. She admits that she never thought that it was Todd Manning. She did lie because she wanted to break up Starr and Cole. John asks her if there might have been anybody else there who would have seen Eli. She admits no and that is the very reason why she might not be able to help him and is afraid Eli can come after her and endanger Cole if she goes on the record.

When Viki finds out that Natalie is pregnant, she hugs her daughter, tells her it’s wonderful and asks her how she feels. She turns to Brody and asks if he can believe that her twins are having babies and assesses that he will be a father and an uncle at the same time. He smiles and hides what is going on.

Robert Ford tells Jessica that since they only slept together once, it’s unlikely that he is the father. She tells him that this is Brody’s baby. And he better not tell anybody what happened. He agrees, tells her she may go and get married and have another baby. Just leave him out of it. She tells him she will do just that and she goes out the door.

Shaun tells Téa that if it were the person he loved, he would walk barefoot on glass to find them. And if she ever changes her mind, he can get Dani and Todd right there right now. Greg then enters and tells Shaun the taxi is there. Téa then finds herself in a dilemma.

Todd is determined to find Téa and Dani is right behind him.

After Clint goes on tape admitting that Dorian asked him to falsify that they are together in order to make David jealous, he warns David that he better come through on his end of their agreement. David then informs his “uncle” that if he turns up dead, his “pa” will track Clint down. After he’s alone, David gloats that he’s got Dorian right where he wants her. Right then, out of nowhere, Dorian appears and tells David if he’s about to call Mandy, he needs to give it up. She then raises her tape recorder so that David can hear Mandy confessing that David Vickers hired her to convince Dorian that they were in love. But he’s cheap and does not pay. She smiles and gloats. Right then, David “fires a shot” by raising his recorder so that Dorian can hear Clint’s confession that she got him to pretend to be in love with her so that she would give him the stadium to him.

Viki tells Brody and Natalie that Jessica should be there and wonders where she is. Right then, Jessica returns. She tells Natalie that she need not drink sparkling cider. Just because Jessica cannot drink alcohol, Natalie can. But Viki then informs her daughter that Natalie is also pregnant. Jessica is really happy and surprised. She hugs her sister Viki is happy. But Brody is uneasy.

John tells Hannah that he won’t let anything happen to Cole. She tells him that he wont’ be able to do anything. Eli will go after Cole and carry out his threat if he knows that John is going around asking many questions. She reminds John that nailing Eli is easier said than done when all they have is her testimony and no evidence.

Blair snuggles up to Eli and asks if he is really concerned about John. He tells her no. That is why he became a lawyer in the first place. It was to defend the innocent of being falsely accused. He then tells her that she never answered his question. Does she believe that he killed her aunt Melinda? She tells him of course not. He then opens up his briefcase. And right then, she sees that he has many documents that could lead to many clues including the living will of Téa Delgado.

When Shaun attempts to see if Téa will reconsider her decision, she tells him that she did not choose any of this. She does not have the choice of being with her husband or her daughter. The only thing she gets to choose now is how she dies. He asks her what he will do if he needs a lawyer. She tells him that she’ heard that Elijah Clark is pretty good. He reminds her that she won the case for Matthew and defeated Eli. She tells him yes. But she trusted Eli with her will. Greg wants to get plans into motion. Téa hugs Shaun and thanks him for all his help and tells him she wishes that her daughter and his sister, Destiny stay friends for a long time.

Todd plans a picnic with Dani up on a roof so they can watch a meteor shower.

Eli gives Blair all of his IDs and documents. He tells her she may hire a private investigator to do a background check if she has any doubts.

David tells Dorian she hired her worst enemy to pretend he was in love with her. She tells him he hired a hooker. They tell each other that they hate each other’s guts but then end up kissing.

Viki invites Clint to join the party with their two daughters having babies. Brody then asks Clint for his blessing. Clint tells Brody absolutely. Clint asks Natalie if they are having a double wedding. She tells her father she is pregnant but does not say anything about plans for herself and John. Clint then proposes a toast.

John tells Hannah that although her word is not enough to put Eli away, she is not the only person who could testify against him.

Blair assures Eli that she trusts him. But does she really?

Greg gets Téa all checked into her room. But she is clearly not complete without Dani and Todd. Nor are they without her as they watch the meteor shower. Téa sits outside and watches it also.

Right then, Eli gets a call while with Blair. Alone, she goes into his briefcase. Eli finds out from Greg that Téa is checked in and settled for the night. And Eli concludes that everything is going as planned.

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