OLTL Update Friday 8/13/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/13/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica is happily in the living room ready to have her baby with Brody when Kelly comes in less than happy and tells her they need to talk about something. Jessica asks her what is up. Kelly replies she thinks that Jessica may have had sex with Ford. She tells her hat she overheard Langston telling Starr that she saw Ford getting tested for an STD right after she told him that Jessica had hepatitis B. And that could mean that he is the father of her baby.

At the station, Natalie announces to Rex that she is pregnant. Hearing that, he assumes that his sister and John must be really happy to be having a baby together.

Right then Brody goes to Rodi’s and tells Gigi that he is not ok and he knows that she knows the reason why. She knows that he slept with Natalie and it’s possible that he’s the father of her baby.

While Ford and James are in their kitchen, Langston and Starr come to pay them a visit. Robert Ford stares at the two girls looking stunned. But James is happy to see them and invites them in. Knowing that everybody knows each other except for Langston and James, Starr introduces them. James tells Langston he’s glad to meet her and has “heard a lot about her”. In response to that, she tells him she’s “not even going to touch that”. Robert then asks them what they are doing there. Langston replies that his brother asked Starr a question that she may not have answered conclusively but she is ready to do so now. So they are there to make sure that James knows exactly where Starr stands, Langston tells James. Starr and James then stare at each other but neither can speak.

Meanwhile, Cole goes to see Hannah in her room at St. Anne’s. She awakens and asks him if she is alive. Outside the door, Eli appears and John corners him to ask what he is doing there. Eli reminds John that “his client” tried to kill herself and he thinks he has the right to see her. But John seems to know what he is up to and won’t let him go in to talk to Hannah.

After Rex takes Natalie aside to find out why she is not entirely content about having a baby with John, she remembers revealing to Brody and his knowing that she might be having his baby. She does not tell that to Rex but explains to her brother that she would prefer that this pregnancy was planned for. He tells her that that rarely happens. But he is happy that he had a child unexpectedly. He tells her that she will be a natural for raising a baby. She took care of him much better than Roxy did. And he wonders why she wouldn’t even tell her own brother of the joyous news. She does not tell him what is going on but admits that raising child is a big responsibility with many uncertainties. But Rex assures his sister everything is ok. And if she needs to talk, she needs to text him and write help. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. But she is still worried.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody she knows that he and Natalie slept together and it’s possible that the baby could be his. He then asks her if she has a clue what he’s going to do about it. This is killing him. Gigi reminds Brody that this is killing Natalie also. She knows how much he loves Jessica and has spent a lot of time debating whether she should let John know that she is pregnant. And, she tells him, until they know, he needs to stay focused on Jessica and the baby he knows he is going to have.

Meanwhile, Jessica exclaims to Kelly that she cannot believe that she and Ford could have had sex when they both saw for themselves how it appeared that he had no worries about catching hepatitis, when Kelly told him for the first time that Jessica had it. She then concludes that maybe it’s true that he had no reason to worry and the reason he was getting tested was because he may have gotten an STD from somebody else. But she tells Kelly if there is any chance that this is Robert Ford’s baby and not Brody’s, she does not know what she’s going to do.

At Robert and James’ home, Starr tells them that the reason they came there is because she needs to clarify to him that she is not interested in him and is committed to Starr. Robert then asks the two of them what Langston is doing there if this is between Starr and James.

When Hannah awakens, Cole sits over her bed and asks if she is ok. She asks where she is. He tells her that she has been taken back to St. Anne’s. He attempts to refresh her memory that she confessed to trying to kill Ford and that she falsely accused Todd Manning of pushing his mom down the stairs and she confessed that she did it. She seems not to remember much. But Cole tells her that she somehow OD’d. Right then, she remembers Eli threatening her and telling her if she takes the drugs, somebody would think she has OD’d. She then admits that she remembers. Hearing that, Cole asks her why she tried to kill herself. Outside the door, Eli tells John that he cannot prevent him from seeing his client. She is an emotionally disturbed girl who does not trust many people and he is one of them. But John knows that that is not an accurate story. Eli tells John that she was suicidal and swallowed a bunch of pills. But John tells Eli he wants to hear that from her. John then asks Eli if he really had no idea that his “client” would swallow a bottle of pills. Eli replies of course not. And if John is implying something to him, he needs John to get it off his chest.

Robert tells Starr that she needs to know that his brother is not interested in her. But James protests that he needs to stay out of it. Robert reminds his brother that Starr has undoubtedly told him that she has a boyfriend and a baby and needs to go back to them and not come to their home again. But James demands that he lets Starr say what she came there to say. She then hesitates for a long time but answers that she does not have doubts about Cole. And she tells James if he thinks they are going to break up and he’s going to take Cole’s place, he could not be more wrong.

Jessica panics when she considers the possibility that this baby is Ford’s. But Kelly tells her that there are some ways to find out. A reporter has resources to find that out. Jessica urges her to do something. This is her life and something must be done in order to find out; legally or not.

At Rodi's’, Brody tells Gigi that he cannot live a lie. He lied before regarding her and Shane and many people got hurt from that. She tells him that she knows all about that but he needs to have faith that whatever will happen will happen. He urges her not to tell anybody about the secret and not to tell Rex. She assures Brody that she will not tell anybody. But if John is the father of Natalie’s baby, then they are all worrying for nothing.

At the station, Rex asks Natalie what is going on that is a secret from John. He tells her that he needs her professional skills as his sister and not as the forensics technician that is supposed to turn him in for doing something behind John’s back. He has some evidence about Kelly Cramer’s investigation and wonders if she could possibly help him without jeopardizing her job or her confidence with John.

At St. Anne’s, Eli asks John why he has a problem with Eli talking to his client when no crime has even been committed and wonders why John is there. Hannah tried to take her own life. But John seems to know that that is not true.

Hannah asks Cole what happened and how he found her. He tells her that he found her passed out and called the doctors. They flushed the stuff out of her system.. She looks at him very grateful concluding that if he had not gotten there in time, she may have died. He saved her life. And she tells him maybe he should not have done that.

Rex assures Natalie that he does not want her to get into trouble. She asks why he doesn’t want to go to John directly. He tells her that he needs to have more than what is presently in the documents. She then agrees to help him with the evidence. Rex tells his sister that she is amazing. And he talks to her baby in her belly and tells him or her so is he or she. And before he’s out the door, he happily tells her that with her and John as parents, that is going to be one good looking kid.

Gigi tells Brody that he needs to have faith in his future. He tells her that he is going to try and thanks her for listening. She remarks what are friends for.

Jessica tells Kelly they need to get to the hospital. It doesn’t matter if visiting hours are over. They may look too noticeable. But they can say that they are reporters and need evidence on Robert Ford’s test. Kelly raises objections. But Jessica protests that they have to come up with something. But Kelly asks Jessica what if they get caught and Brody finds out. What is she going to tell him about going into Robert Ford’s medical records?

After Starr “affirms’ to James that she and Cole do not have any insecurities, he tells her he does not buy that. He asks Langston if she can attest to that. Langston then replies that that is not for her to answer. It’s for Starr to answer. And Starr already gave him her answer. James then asks Langston if she thinks he’s a nice guy. She tells him sure, revealing she does not pick up the negative vibes like that of his brother. James then asks Langston, with both Starr and Robert Ford overhearing, why doesn’t Langston go out with him?

Cole attempts to find out from Hannah what is going on that she is not telling him. She then remembers Eli threatening to hurt Cole if she reported Eli to the cops. She answers Cole’s question by telling him that she tried to take her own life because she did terrible thing to him and to his mom and to others. But he knows there is something she is not telling him and urges her to confide in him. But right ten, Eli and John walk in the door and she is silent.

Jessica admits to Kelly that she is right. If she ever had to explain to Brody about why she had to find Ford’s medical records, she could not lie and would have to tell him that she slept with Ford. And she could not to that unless Robert Ford is the father of her baby. But she believes that she can blow Ford out of the water if he thinks she knows that he is lying. She thinks that she can better get the truth out of Ford if she talks to him alone.

Rex goes to talk to Gigi at Rodi’s and remarks that she’s been a really good friend to his sister. He asks her why Natalie has not told anybody that she is pregnant but he realizes that it’s complicated regarding John and how he lost the baby with Marty. Hearing that, Gigi seems to know that Natalie has not told Rex that she slept with Brody.

After James asks Langston out, Ford jumps in and tells his brother that there are a million other girls he could date so why would he consider Langston? James asks his brother why not Langston? She’s nice. She’s his age. She’s hot. And is she another one on the list of all the people his brother wants him to stay away from? Does Ford have feelings for Langston? If she’s just another hook up and means nothing to him, then he does not get to “weigh in” there. SO, he asks Langston, would she like to go out? She smiles and looks at both Robert and at Starr and replies she would love to. She tells James that something tells her he would treat her a lot better than his brother did. At that point, both Ford and Starr are stunned. James tells her great. In that case, he will give her a call.

When Eli enters Hannah’s room with John behind him, he remarks that they were all so worried. Hannah tells him that they have Cole to thank since he saved her life. Eli then tells Cole that it’s a bit odd that he would want to “save” somebody who tried to endanger his mother. And he knows that she might be ready to disclose her secret to Cole. He wants to get Cole out of the room so that he can talk to Hannah alone. And he asks John and Cole to both leave the room so that she can talk to Eli alone. John agrees and leaves the room with Cole. Alone with Hannah, Eli reminds her that she is supposed to be dead. And how he is going to fix that?

Jessica is ready to leave and get to the hospital to find out about Ford’s test result when Brody returns. He asks her if she was going somewhere. She tells him she just has to go and cover a story. But she can see that he is pre-occupied with something he is not telling her although she hasn’t a clue as to what. He tells her he’s just gotten a bit burnt out by work. She leaves and while he’s alone, he remembers telling Natalie that he cannot accept having a baby with Jessica if he’s also having one with her twin sister.

James asks for Langston’s number while his brother and Starr both overhear and listen in on their conversation. She gives it to him. He dials and her cell phone rings. He then tells her he just wanted to make certain she did not give him a fake number. She tells him of course she would not do that. Right then, Starr’s expression reveals that she is less than ok with that. He then tells her that he will call her on her “non fake” number and they can make plans. Both Starr and Robert roll their eyes. He looks at both of them. Langston smiles at James and replies that she’s looking forward to seeing him. She goes out the door. Starr then follows her not looking content. She demands to know what that was about. Langston asks Starr what her problem is.

Alone in Hannah’s room, she protests to Eli that it’s “not her fault”. She did what he told her to do. She swallowed the whole bottle. He admits that he knows she did. He even made certain that sister Catherine did not get into her room to find out what she was doing. She tells him she did not know how Cole got in there. She didn’t ask him to come and didn’t even know he was there. Eli tells her that Cole’s problem is he has to be the hero. And he has to “do something” about that. Hannah then asks Eli what he plans to do to Cole.

Outside the room, Cole tells John that Hannah’s story about her trying to kill herself does not add up and Eli might be taking advantage of her and up to something. They both know that they need to get to the truth but are not certain how to do that. Maybe John needs to talk to Hannah alone. Hannah urges Eli to please not hurt Cole. She will take more pills but can’t let him hurt Cole. He is not certain what to do. Right then, a doctor comes in and needs to talk to Hannah alone. Eli tells him that they are not done there. But the doctor reminds Eli that his patient tried to kill herself. And who does she need more? Right then, Eli goes out the door. But John and Cole go out with him.

Ford angrily tells his brother that he took him in and gave him a place to live and this is how he treats him. By making a fool of him by pulling this stunt. James protests that all he did was ask a pretty girl to go out with him. Ford attempts to protest about his history with Langston and James clarifies that it’s plain to see that he treated Langston like crap. SO he thinks that means that Robert does not get to decide what she does or who she sees. But Robert tells him he knows he did it for two reasons. To stick it to his brother and to stick it to Starr. He does not buy that James had no ulterior motives. He couldn’t accept that Starr had rejected him so he had to make her jealous publicly. He could have waited until Langston was gone and called her. But he had to put on his little show right in front of Robert and in front of Starr. James tells his brother he did not ask Langston to marry him. He asked her to go out with him. If his brother wants to turn that into a conspiracy, he may do that. But he will have to do that alone, James tells him. James is going to bed. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. James tells his brother he may get that. But if it’s Langston, James wants to see her. Robert gets the door and it’s Jessica. He asks her what she is doing there. She replies that she came there to get the truth from him. He asks her about what. She asks if it’s true that that night at his apartment that they had sex.

Rex and Gigi are alone while she’s closing up Rodi’s. Kelly enters and asks Rex if Natalie is willing to help them with their investigation. He replies hat there is no guarantee. She asks what about John. Rex replies that she promised not to tell him but did not give any guarantees. And he tells her that if these documents reveal that Eli Clark is their killer, they will have to tell John. Kelly tells Rex she does not care. As long as they can prevent Eli from killing again.

John talks to Hannah alone in her room and she asks him what is going on He asks her to be honest with him. He does not think she tried to kill herself and asks her to tell him what really happened.

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