OLTL Update Thursday 8/12/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Natalie has informed Brody that she is pregnant and they both know it’s possible that the baby could be his, he tells her that he’s not going to keep it a secret that they slept together if he and Jessica are having their own baby and are getting married soon. But she urges him not to tell anybody about her baby. Right then, John enters to overhear their conversation and seems to know that they were not talking about work.

Viki tells Jessica she is the happiest person on earth for the fact that Jessica and Brody are having a baby. Jessica then tells her mother that she is very “relieved” that everything worked out in good time. Viki does not really understand what she is talking about. But Jessica clarifies to her mom that she is very lucky that she was able to get her memory back and Brody did not give up on her. Viki assures her daughter that Brody would never give up on her. He loves her. They are both elated. But right then, Todd enters the house appearing very upset because Téa is gone. She’s dying. And he will never see her again.

Right then Dani is crying on the couch at Todd’s home when Nate comes by and tells her she will never believe what his mom revealed to him.

Inez goes to the station to talk to Bo about the shocking revelation she just gave to her sons.

Meanwhile, James admits to Ford that he is shocked that their mom would come back after all this time. Ford tells his brother that he won’t let her ruin their lives or be any part of their lives. But James firmly tells his brother that he will see his mom if he damn well chooses and his brother won’t stop him.

Meanwhile, Langston is talking to Starr about what she’s going to do in regard to Ford and his family issues. Maybe Ford does have a conscience and needs someone to care for him. And she knows that Starr has developed a “friendship” with Ford’s brother. Starr admits she is not certain of what she wants to do regarding that.

Rex takes Kelly back to Dorian’s home after distracting Eli so he’s unaware that she snuck into his hotel room. They are still very frustrated not to be able to get the goods on Eli and have evidence for the cops to nail him for murder.

When John walks in on Natalie and Brody discussing her pregnancy, he asks her why, if she want to keep her pregnancy a secret is she telling Brody about it. They do not know how to respond to that.

Starr tells Langston that she is committed to Cole although they have had problems. Langston reminds her that it did not even take “problems” between herself and Markko for her to cheat on him with Ford. Starr tells her there is nothing going on between herself and James. But Langston can tell that she is not entirely telling the truth.

James tells his brother that ever since they have been reunited, Robert has been trying to control him. Robert protests that he has been trying to protect James from people who could get him burned like Starr Manning and that kid who got him shot and his no good mother. But James protests that Ford has no business judging Starr and that Nate is not the villain there. And they must realize that Nate and his mother are their brother and mother.

When Nate goes to talk to Dani, she breaks down crying about how her mom wants to spend the very limited time she has left to live away from her and she will never see her mom again She just said good bye to her mom for good. Nate holds her and she cries.

After Todd informs Viki and Jessica that Téa is gone, Viki tells her brother she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do. Todd talks about how Téa marries him one moment and then leaves him and is ready to die the next. What is he supposed to do? Wait around until he gets a call that she is dead? He admits to Viki that he wanted to be strong for Dani and lied to her telling her that he is going to respect Téa’s wishes. And he had to come over to Viki's because he could not keep up his front. He is very worried about what kind of a father he is going to be to Dani and what it’s going to do to both of them when Téa is gone.

Natalie tells John that she had to tell Brody because while working she got a little sick and asked him to keep it a secret. John accepts that answer for the time being. But Brody admits that there is something he wants to say to John.

Rex tells Kelly that maybe she needs to tell John of her suspicions regarding Eli to the police department. But she informs him that John told her he did not want her to have anything to do with it. And they don’t have any evidence to give to the cops when all she saw was his shredding some documents in his hotel room. She asks him if there is anything he knows of that could lead them to better evidence. And right then, it sounds like Rex has a plan.

When John asks Natalie and Brody what they were talking about privately, Brody tells him that he just wanted to congratulate John and Natalie on their baby. John then informs them that he went to meet them at the apartment after Cristian got knocked out by a suspicious person. And John and the cops have concluded that Bennett Thompson is Elijah Clark. Natalie concludes that she can tell that whoever knocked Cristina out knew what they were doing and all about the crime scene. John adds that they knew it just like a good lawyer. She then tells John that they need to leave and go file their reports. Brody is ready to leave with her. But John asks the two of them exactly what he is missing there.

Dani cries and tells Nate that her mom went to that place all alone and didn’t think she could accept having her and Todd see her in the condition she will be in before she dies. She knows her mom would never accept it if she did that. He tells her that his mom would never want him to leave her either. She talks about how this whole month, her mom has been so sick but she never forgets and that is why she had the mistaken idea that everything was going to be ok. It’s obviously not. Her mom is gone. How could she leave her all alone like this, she asks? She cries and Nate holds her and tells her she is not alone

Inez admits to Bo that she had to reveal to her three sons that they are brother. And now she’s worried that Nate might hate her just like her oldest does because she lied to him all his life. He tells her that he is sorry. He should not have interfered. But she tells him he was right. She did what she had to do and should have done it years ago. Those boys have the right to know who they are. And all she can do now is pray that all three of them will be curious about each other and want to have a relationship with each other. Bo tells her that she does not have to sacrifice the relationship she has with them in order for them to get to know each other. But she tells him she is afraid she’s already done that.

Ford tells James he must realize what kind of a mother would abandon her two sons and leave them with their abusive father. James protests that she said their dad abused her. And they both know that that is not a stretch. What is she lying about, James asks? Ford then tells James that she knew where they both were all these years but never took the time to find them or tell them where she was. James protests that she was trying to do that now. He tells his brother that he has to stop telling him all the people he has to stay away from. He is not going to stay away from Starr or from Nate or from their mother.

Starr admits to Langston that “technically” something did happen between herself and James. Hearing that, Langston asks what that means. Starr replies that it was not real. They had to do many stunts in order to get away from Bull. She admits that they kissed. And it was not only once. Langston seems to question whether Starr is truthful in telling her that it meant nothing when she and James kissed.

Rex notices that Kelly has multiple tiny broken pieces from the vase her mother gave her when she first discovered the name Bennett Thompson. He tells her that if they were all pieced together and give them to some skilled person with experience in forensics such as his sister, Natalie, she might be able to help them. Hearing that, Kelly reminds him that Natalie works for the PD and will probably tell John and get them busted. He tells her he might be able to persuade his sister not to let John know. But Kelly is a bit concerned that since Natalie is John’s girlfriend, she might not be able to keep a secret from him that is this big.

Inside Cristian and Layla’s apartment, John tells Brody and Natalie that he needs to find out better information in order to get Bennett Thompson aka Eli Clark convicted of the crime he committed. They both protest that they have searched this place with a fine tooth comb. But, John tells them, he’s not just talking about this one situation in the apartment. He somehow knows there is a piece missing and a connection he is not making. Brody and Natalie remind him that Eli is a pro and knows how to cover his tracks. He must remember how Hannah O’Conner got set up for the attempted murder of Ford and practically gift wrapped the evidence for them. But John indicates that he knows that something is not being revealed to him. And he seems to know that there is something going on that they are not telling him that is beyond the investigation of Eli/Bennett Thompson. And he tells them, he is leaving no stone unturned until he gets the whole story.

Viki tells Todd she knows how much he loves his children. But he reminds her that none of his other kids have ever gone though anything like this. Nor has he. He is afraid that he could lose it but he must be strong for Dani. But she tells her brother that Dani needs a safe environment where he can honestly express her emotions and feel what she is really feeling and Todd needs to communicate honestly to her how he is feeling regarding what is happening with Téa.

Dani then informs Nate that her dad tried to stop her mom but she wouldn’t let him. He notices the necklace she is wearing and asks if that is her mom’s. She admits yes. IT was from her mom and her mom got it from her mom’s mom. IT may be the only thing keeping her mom alive and connecting her to the family she never knew. Nate then remembers that he was ready to vent to her about his own family problems regarding his mom. But it’s nothing compared to what she is going through with her mom dying. She urges him to share with her. It would do her good to be able to let somebody else confide in her about what is going on in their lives. He then tells her that throughout his life his mom has been lying to him that she has two older sons. He has two older brothers that he never before knew he had whom she abandoned before he was born. The oldest one hates her because he had to fend for himself without her when she left him alone with their abusive father. That is why he never knew his dad. And the other one nearly died because of him.

James tells his brother that he is not staying away from Starr because he (Robert Ford) hates their mom) Robert tells his brother that it has nothing to do with that. James tells him it has everything to do with that. Robert cannot trust chicks because of what their mom did. He cannot get attached to anybody because he’s afraid they are going to abandon him. Robert tells his brother not to psycho-analyze him. But James tells his brother he (Robert) knows that James is right. Robert has to be so casual and so cool in front of all the girls because he’s afraid to get hurt. He tells Robert that he is wrong with his suspicions about Starr. She is not like that. And neither is their mom. And he tells him maybe he was wrong. Robert does not remind them of their mom. He reminds him of their dad.; Bitter, pissed off and only wants to blame the woman for everything. Robert then asks James if he thinks what their mom did was ok. He tells him it’s better than letting their father beat the crap out of them and do what he was going to do. He asks James why he would trust a word she says when she left them. Why would he want anything to do with her? He asks James why he would want anything to do with somebody who doesn’t want him? Their mom has her own life there with Nate. Starr has her own life with Cole and doesn’t want James either. But James tells him he’s so wrong.

Langston continues to tell Starr that it’s plain to see that there might be something going on between her and James. And maybe Cole’s suspicions were not unfounded. She tells Starr if she has feelings for James, she needs to be real and not lie about it and not make the same mistake that Langston made. If she trusts her best friend, she needs to confide in her about what is really going on between her and James. Starr then admits that maybe she does have feelings for James.

At the station, John wants to make certain that Natalie is ok with her pregnancy. She tells him that she is sorry she blabbed everything and maybe at some point, they can share the news. Not far away, Brody overhears. When they are alone, she thanks him for not telling John that he could be her baby’s father. He then tells her that he never agreed not to tell John. But she asks him why he’d want to tell John. He asks her how he is supposed to live if he thinks he could have another child out there She ten asks him if he thinks he could live without Jessica knowing what would happen if she thinks that they could have had a baby together. She asks what he thinks that would do to Jessica. He has to remember her history with psychological break downs.

When Jessica hears Todd talking about having to raise a child on his own, she reminds him what happened to her when she had to have a baby after her husband died. He then remembers how she suffered a breakdown because of it. Viki assures Todd there are a lot of people who want to help him. Todd informs them that Téa wants Blair to be a mother to Dani. Hearing that, Viki assures Todd that Blair would be a great mom to Dani, given how she loves her own children. Dani has many family members as well. She has Viki and her family. Jessica tells Todd that Dani has her and “another one on the way”. Hearing that, Todd asks Jessica if she is pregnant. Jessica tells him yes. Viki assures Todd that they will all be there for Dani and for him too.

After Nate drops the bomb shell on Dani about his two brothers whom he never knew he had, she asks if it’s true that Robert and James Ford are his brothers. He tells her yes and his old man is a jail bird in OH. She tells him that is crazy He tells her he knows. And he’s right now, for the first time finding out about this. He has the right to know who his family is. He used to dream that he had an older brother. And now he has two. And they are as messed up about this as he is. He trusted his mother. But she did this to him. How could she have lied to him his entire life. He tells Dani he hates hr for this. But, hearing that, Dani urges him not to hate his mom.

Inez confides in Bo that he may never be able to understand why she did this. She knows that Bobbie never will. Nate is now furious at her and may never forgive her either. And James is may be the lucky one since she was never a part of his life. Bo then remarks that she is now. She then concludes to Bo that she really does not know how all of this will play out. But she knows one thing. This is the last time she will have this conversation with him. He is her boss now and she will leave her personal life out of the station from now on. He protests that she does not have to. But she tells Bo that she wants to. He hired her to make things less complicated there and the last thing he needs is her bringing her problems into his law enforcement office.

James tells his brother that he’s sorry that he (Robert) bought into their dad’s bull about how all girls are bitches. It makes far more sense that their mom got run out of there by their abusive dad. Robert then tells his brother he cannot listen to any more. But James asks his brother if they have not lost enough. They now have the chance to become a family. Robert asks him if he means with their mom making apple pies. Now James is delusional, Robert tells him. James tells him he is not going to let him poison every8ting for him. And just because Starr’s friend, Langston does not want Robert doesn’t mean that he has to be a jerk to his brother. In response to that, Robert asks James who said he wants Langston.

Meanwhile, Langston asks Starr if it’s true that she has feelings for James. Starr then admits that maybe she does. But she tells her no. It was just for a short moment when she and James were briefly considering each other. And she and Cole were having problems. Cole told her he did not want to see her. She was confused. Langston asks Starr if she really wants to be with Cole or if it’s merely an obligation braincase of baby Hope and nothing else.

Rex goes into Kelly’s purse and pieces together the pieces of the vase of her mother’s and seems to look like he has a plan. He tells her he will be in touch and departs. Right then, Kelly overhears Langston telling Star that Ford had to be tested for an STD right after the next girl he slept with after her. And Kelly remembers assuring Jessica that Ford wasn’t worried when she told him that Jessica had hepatitis B and so that meant that they never slept together. And so Jessica could not possibly be pregnant by Ford. She then walks into the door and demands to know “what girl” Ford slept with that prompted him to get tested.

Viki assures Todd that he’s a lot stronger than he realizes. He needs to know that Téa has made the right decision and he needs to go home and be there for Dani.

Dani confides in Nate that her mom kept a secret from her for a long time. But she was lucky to find out she had a great sister and two little brothers Even though she wished Téa had told her all this while, she now knows that Téa did it to protect her. But now it’s too late for her to get back the time she spent hating her mom. She then urges Nate to go back and reconcile with his mom because it’s not too late for them.

Inez tells Bo that she will be back at work the next day promptly at 9. He admits that he is going to have dinner at home with Nora and Matthew. It’s a special occasion when all three of them are on the same schedule. She tells him she’s going to stay there and set some things up on her desk. Bo departs. Alone, Inez puts up photos of her three sons.

James tells his brother that he knows he had a ‘thing” for Langston. But Ford tells him no. Langston knew that he fooled around and she had her chance but concluded that he was not her guy. James asks him if he wants to spend his life alone with no one to love and no family. Robert tells his brother that he has a family. He has James. James asks him what if he wants more. But Robert cannot answer that question.

Starr tells Langston she need not worry about the James thing. It’s not as if Starr would let it get out of hand. But James does see the problems that she has with Cole as the perfect opportunity for him to move in. Langston concludes that if she and Cole are rock solid, then why is it even an issue? And she asks Starr who, if she has no feelings for James, has she not told him to get lost.? Starr tells Lanugos that maybe she could make things complete with James if Langston would come with her. Langston concludes that she will do anything for her best friend.

At the station, Natalie tells Brody that she is certain that she is having John’s baby. And she is begging him to keep quiet about this. He tells her the last thing he wants to do is hurt Jessica. But if there is the slightest chance that this baby is his, he cannot overlook it. He asks her if she does not remember what happened with Gigi’s sister. She asks him if he is comparing her to Stacy Morasco. He tells her of course not. But he does not want to take any risks She affirms that this baby is John’s. Now and forever. Right then, John comes out of his office. He tells her that he’s going to find a missing piece of the puzzle. Right then, Brody calls Jessica. He tells her that he just got some news and will tell her later. He tells her he loves her.

Viki comes into the room with some bits and pieces from when Jessica was pregnant with Bree. They talk about how devastating this whole situation will be for Téa, Todd and Dani. Viki tells her daughter that she knows that Todd never ceases to surprise her so she knows he will find a way.

Todd comes home to Dani. She rushes to his arms. He holds her and she cries.

John goes off. Rex enters and tells Natalie he needs her help. But he can see that she has something going on. She then informs her brother that she is pregnant. He is happy that she and John are going to be parents. But he can see by her expression that she may not be happy.

After Kelly has heard the startling information that Ford went to an STD clinic, she goes and tells Jessica that she thinks that Jessica and Ford might have had sex after all.

Right then, Ford opens the door. It’s Starr and Langston. The two brother view the two girls.

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