OLTL Update Wednesday 8/11/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/11/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

David wakes up and he is clearly hung over. Viki and Charlie are home from vacation. Hi Jess – what’s new? As Jess is about to tell them her news, David walks in and tells them. He goes on to tell them she isn’t the only one with good news, he’s in love with Mandy, and hell has finally frozen over; Clint and Dorian are together! Viki tries to tell David to give up drinking for a while. He starts talking to Jess’ stomach to warn the coming baby that it’s all down hill after they come out. Viki tells him to stop this boorish behavior. He says your right and turns and asks Jess if Brody’s the father. After all one day she is Bess, then Tess, who knows. Jess tries to tell them her next good news and David blurts out your getting married. Thank you again David! David now wants to celebrate and asks where the champagne is hidden. He says there must be something around here we can all drink. Jess says that she can’t drink she’s pregnant. Viki says, “heart transplant”, Charlie says, “Alcoholic” and finally David says, “Where’s that redhead when you need her?”

At the station, one of the officers, Murph, tells John that Eli is back at the Palace. John wants to see if he has an alibi for the time Cris was attacked.

Natalie and Brody are still at Cris’ apartment and she blurts out to him that she is pregnant. He asks if she is sure or is this just a sympathetic twin thing. She tells him she is sure. Brody wants to know whose baby is it and she tells him that she doesn’t know yet. Natalie tells Brody what’s been going on and that she can’t get a paternity test for a few more months. Brody apologizes for overreacting. He goes on to say that it’s both their fault and whatever she decides will be ok. Nat tells him she is keeping the baby and has already told John. She is also telling Jess that she is pregnant. She tells Brody that as far as she is concerned this is John’s baby. Brody says if you insist on keeping the baby, then I’m telling Jess that I might be the father. He believes that John and Jess would forgive them for their indiscretion at that time, but neither will forgive them for keeping the paternity a secret. Natalie begs him to not say anything about her baby, not realizing John was at the open door and heard.

Rex goes to see John and John tells him to drop the Bennett Thompson case. Rex tells John that he is not there to talk about the case, but to talk about Natalie. There is something weird going on with her. John says no there isn’t, and Rex asks him if he is too busy to notice. John remembers his promise to Natalie and tells him again that she is fine. John says whatever is going on with Nat may be personal and when she is ready to confide in Rex she will. John tells him that Natalie is great and to find something else to occupy his time. At that moment Rex receives a Help text from Kelly. Kelly sends another text to Rex to hurry and get to Eli’s and NO JOHN. John asks Rex what’s wrong. He says it’s nothing, just another PI case. John warns him again to stay out of the Bennett Thompson case. Rex leaves.

At Eli’s, Kelly is going through his stuff and he enters the room. She’s hiding, but her shoe is on the floor. When Eli leaves the room, she grabs her shoe she hides under the bed. Eli comes back into the room and takes a call from Blair. As he is talking to her about getting Jack to come around and see the real Eli, he is shredding the Bennett Thompson file. Kelly watches from under the bed. He hangs up the phone and picks up Téa’s Last Will & Testament. Eli starts to undress and walk to the bathroom. Kelly’s phone vibrates and he walks back to the shredder and turns it off. She sends a plea for help to Rex. A bell clerk calls Eli’s room and tells him there is a very agitated lady there to see him. Rex paid him to make the call. As Eli goes downstairs, Kelly and Rex start to go through his stuff. Kelly dumps the contents of the shredder into her purse and then just grabs some papers and shreds so Eli doesn’t notice it’s empty. She tells Rex that Bennett is Eli and they leave. Eli comes back and is on the phone leaving a message for Renee that she needs to get better help. In the hallway, Rex asks if Kelly is telling the truth that Eli is Bennett. In the room, Eli pulls out the documents that he had Téa sign and thinks she signed. He shreds the one she thinks she signed and keeps the Will that he fooled her into signing.

Dani and Todd tell Téa they won’t argue with her, they want to say goodbye. They are both still upset, but agree to not stand in her way. Téa tells them that in the event that something happens to Todd, she has asked Blair to be her legal guardian. Todd walks away saying I’m going to kick some ass…but he means a game of Money Honey (which looks like Monopoly). They have some family time eating popcorn and playing the game. They end the game by tossing the money in the air and Téa chants that she won. The game ends, and she has to go, there is no time for another game. Todd asks if she wants to go say goodbye to anyone. She does not want to go on a last tour and farewell to Llanview. She can’t say goodbye to Viki or the Vegas. She’ll write them when she is settled in hospice. She is ready to leave and wants Todd to stop stalling. She says she knows that Todd will take care of Dani, but she wants him to take care of himself. She wants him to be the best Todd that’s in him, leave the bastard Todd behind. Téa and Dani say their last goodbyes. Téa gives her the necklace she is wearing and she wants her to give it to her daughter one day. They talk about their relationship and hug. She prepares to leave and is waiting for her ride. Todd tells her he is sick of marrying her for only 24 hours at a time. They hug. Dani begs her to stay. As she turns to leave, she pulls the pennies from the game out of her pocket and gives half to each and asks them to make a wish whenever they see a fountain. She leaves and Dani holds Todd very close and cries.

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