OLTL Update Monday 8/9/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/9/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

James invites Inez and Nate to come in. She addresses Bobby and says James and Nate deserve to know who she is and nothing is going to stop her. Inez and Ford argue over her telling the truth as James and Nate try to listen from the other side of the room. Inez wants Ford’s blessing to tell the truth. Ford grabs her and tries to drag her out of the apartment. Nate goes after him screaming at Ford to not touch his mother. Inez yells out to stop it, he’s your brother. They are both your brothers. James and Nate are shocked with amazed looks on their faces. Nate makes her explain why she told him his father took off and how could she have left him and her other two kids. Inez explains what happened between her and their father. She talks about the beatings and how afraid she was of him. Inez turns and talks to James and explains how much she wanted to see them, but she couldn’t because of how afraid she was. James starts to talk about being raised without a father and Ford steps in and tells him he was no prize. James tells Bobby to stop it and give the woman a break. Nate yells at James for defending her. Ford says she left and so did Bobby because of their father’s beatings; she left them with him as unstable as he was. Inez says she had no choice, but she has always loved them. Nate just keeps yelling at his mother about everything that happened (the whole money thing and almost got James killed) as a result of what she did and he runs out. Ford comments, “So much for a happy reunion.” She asks Ford to go after him, he’s your brother, please help him. Ford says Nate probably needs time to himself and that they will not hold anything against him. Inez leaves crying saying that she always loved them, but if she hadn’t left their father, he would have killed her. After she leaves, James is crying and tells Ford he is not ok and needs time to think.

At the station, John is yelling at Kelly for telling Blair about the case. Kelly said she had to tell her because she was going to marry him. John then tells her she is getting no more information. Layla and Brody barge in about Cris’ phone going dead while she was asking him that file. John makes a cutting gesture to shut up, but she blurts out the Bennett Thompson file. Layla wants to go check on Cris and John tells Brody to go with her. John tells Kelly to leave or he will have her escorted off the premises. After John takes the call from Brody about Cris, Kelly realizes that Evangeline was also a lawyer and she may have had some information about Bennett. John looks away and calls Nat and asks her to bring her forensics kit over to Layla’s apartment. Kelly continues to ask questions and John then has an officer escort her out of the building. After Kelly leaves the station, she bribes a bellman to let her into Eli’s room at The Palace.

At Cris & Layla’s apartment, Cris is unconscious. Eli finds the file. Layla and Brody enter the apartment and find Cris on floor. Eli is no where to be found. Brody calls John and tells him what they found and that there was no file. Brody tells them not to touch anything until forensics gets there. Cris wants to know who the hell Bennett Thompson is. Nat comes in and orders Cris to get to the hospital for an exam. She doesn’t think he is hurt, but needs them out so she can collect evidence. After looking around, she calls John and tells him she didn’t find anything. As she lies on the floor, looking at fibers in the carpet, she remembers her conversation with Gigi. Gigi told her she needs to tell him about the baby. Just then, Brody walks in and she tells him.

Tea asks Blair to be a mother to Dani when she is gone. Blair agrees to be there for Dani. Dani and Todd are lying upstairs on Dani’s bed talking about Tea. Todd is hugging a teddy bear and saying that her mom is afraid to lose this fight. They commiserate together about what a Diva she is. Downstairs, Blair and Tea share a hug and Tea lets her emotions come out. Tea tells Blair she doesn’t want Dani to see her at the end and is entering a hospice without them. Blair reminds her that Todd won’t allow her to just leave. Upstairs Dani tries to talk Todd into kidnapping her and bringing her somewhere safe. She is reaching for a way to stay with her mom as long as she can. Downstairs Tea and Blair continue to talk. Tea apologizes for putting Todd back in her life. Blair reminds her that that already have three kids together, they will always be a part of each other’s life. The doorbell rings and Tea goes to answer saying that at least Eli loves Dani. Blair recalls what Kelly told her about Eli. Eli walks in with his briefcase. He is there with her will. He opens his briefcase and you can see the file on Bennett Thompson in his case. Tea asks Blair to be a legal guardian for Dani. Both she and Eli say they would be happy to do that.

Upstairs Todd tells Dani that they need to honor her dying wishes. Dani disagrees, but Todd explains they have to do what she wants because they love her. Eli pulls out the guardianship papers for Tea to sign as he starts to write, he says he needs another pen. He opens his briefcase and swaps the papers for another set. Tea signs the new papers, not realizing she just signed her will without reading it. Eli says his goodbyes to her. Blair also says her goodbyes, saying what a great ‘frenemy’ she has always been. They laugh as they cry remembering (flashback to their moments) how up and down their friendship has been. Blair leaves crying.

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