OLTL Update Friday 8/6/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/6/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is at the station confronting John about his investigation of her fiancé.  She tells him that Kelly told her that Eli is a mass murderer.  He tells Blair he is following evidence and not buying into what Blair called ‘Kelly’s conspiracy theory’.  John wants to know if Blair told Eli.  She said no because its nonsense and she wants him to back off.  Now she thinks John is doing this because of their past relationship.  She tells John she will not let him and Kelly stop her from marrying Eli.  As he protests, Layla walks in and tells them that Evangeline died. John is visibly upset, crying.  Blair leaves after giving her condolences.  He goes to his filing cabinet and pulls out a bottle of wine.  Layla jokes that cops usually keep a bottle of scotch in the cabinet.  He shares the story of how he came to get the wine after a night he and Evangeline were trapped in a basement and they found and drank two bottles of that wine.  After she got sick, he bought a bottle and was saving it for when she got better.  He wants to drink a toast to her with Layla. They share a glass of wine and she tells them that they honored her last wishes.  John tells her they did the right thing.  She thanks John and then looks upwards and thanks Bennett Thompson.  Eli is standing outside his door trying to listen. John questions her about Bennett and tells her that he is a lawyer she has a file on him that was in a box of Evangeline’s possession.  Eli hears this and leaves. John asks her to send the file over to him.  Layla calls Cris and asks him to look for the Bennett Thompson file.  He tells her he found it and Eli walks in behind him and whacks him on the head. 

Blair goes to see Cristian to offer her condolences.  As they hug, you see some police papers on floor, but she doesn’t see them.  They then talk about their impending nuptials. There’s a file on Bennett Thompson on the table. 

Nate finds his mother at the station.  He wants to know what secret she is keeping from him. She tells him that Bo hired her and there will be lots of overtime!  Inez looks guilty for lying about her secret.  Bo sends Nate out for salt and tells Inez he thought she looked uncomfortable.  Bo asks her why she isn’t telling Nate the truth about his brothers. Bo tells her that one day the secret will come out and it’s better if he hears it from her.  Inez and Nate leave the station.  She tells him that she has something to show him.  Nora comes in and wants to know if he has salt in his hands.  Then she makes a comment about how beautiful Inez is, Bo shuts her up with a kiss.

Eli is at the station to see Nora. She tells him that Hannah committed suicide.  He acts shocked and questions how she got pills and that she was supposed to be on suicide watch. Nora then apologizes she should of prefaced with Hannah ‘attempted’ but was not successful.  Cole saved her life.  

Cole shows up at Ford’s to talk about Hannah’s attempted suicide.  Ford recalls his last visit with Eli and tells Cole he is surprised she tried to kill himself.  Cole doesn’t understand why Hannah beat him up and wants to know everything that happened that night.  Ford tries to diffuse the situation and tells Cole to spend time with his girl before someone else tries to break them up.  Cole says, you mean your brother?  Ford tells him that won’t happen.  After Cole leaves, Ford calls St. Ann’s to see how Hannah is doing. James comes home and tells Ford that he finally knows what he wants, but doesn’t think he can have it.  As they talk, there is a knock on the door.  It’s Inez and Nate. 

James goes to the Starr’s apartment for a visit.  He shows her the bullet that was removed from him.  He is keeping it because it reminds him of her and that he can’t stay away from her.  Starr tells him he is crazy.  He replies, “If being into you is crazy, then I don’t want to be sane!”  She tries to tell him to leave and he reminds her how she twinkled when they were on run together.  He doesn’t see her twinkle with Cole.  He asks her if she has doubts and as he is asking her if there is a chance for them, Cole walks in.  Cole possessively puts an arm around her and wants to know why he is there.  James makes up a story about telling Starr that his father will be in jail for a very long time.  Cole tells him good, now there is no need for him to come around anymore.  After he leaves, Cole asks Starr what James was really doing there. Starr tells Cole that James is interested in her and wanted to know if they had a chance.  Cole asks her what she said to him and she said she didn’t have a chance.  So, he say’s, then what would you have said? Starr says she doesn’t know what she would have said.  So Cole wants to know what they really said to each other and then she tells him that all she wants is him. 

Téa tells Todd and Dani that her condition is worsening and she may only have a few weeks to live.  She wants to go into hospice for her last few weeks and she does not want them to come with her.  She won’t be herself and wants to die alone.  She explains in a week or two she may be deaf, blind, and have dementia.  She wants them to remember her the way she is now.  Dani asks her what about what they want? She flips out on her mom and tells her that she is being unfair and is wrong.  She tells her she will never forgive her if she leaves them to enter a private hospice.  She storms out and Todd goes after her.  Todd comes back and tells Téa that Dani is locked in her room.  They look for the key and he is very pissed off at her and agrees with what Dani said. 

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