OLTL Update Thursday 8/5/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/5/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nate’s mom goes to see Bo at the police station. He asks her if she decided to come by and take him up on his offer to let him help her and her son. She smiles and tells him no. She is there to see his, boss the police commissioner. When he pulled her over the other day, he wanted her to believe that he was just another police officer.

Cristian and Layla return from Maryland after they have unplugged Evangeline’s life support system. She is depressed and empty and tells him that she no longer has her sister. He tells her that she will always have her memories.

At their new apartment, Ford asks James if he really wants anything to do with Starr Manning after she’s shot him.

Right then, Starr as at her apartment trying and failing to get a hold of Cole on the phone. But he walks in and tells her that he had to make sure that Hannah was ok and went with her to the hospital. He finds it very odd that he would have O.D’d on drugs when they don’t let her have them at St Anne’s. She tells him that she bets that Hannah would do anything to get his attention. But he knows that there is something going on and it’s not as simple as that.

Nate meets with Dani at Buenos Dias. He asks her how the wedding went. She does not look happy and admits that for a while there she thought she’d already lost her mom.

At Todd’s home, he calls Dr. Greg concerned about Téa having a memory lapse. She tells Todd it’s really no big deal. But Greg wants talk to Téa alone. Todd demands that Greg gives it to him straight. He asks what is going on in her head. Greg tells him he’d love to give it to him straight but has to find out more from Téa in order to assess what is going on. Téa then tells Todd that she would like him to go and be with Dani and let her talk to Greg alone. Todd goes out the door and tells Greg he just wants him to make her better. When she’s alone with Greg, Téa asks him what he wants. He replies he wants the truth. He knows that the excuse she gave to Todd and to Dani that she mixed up her med schedule is not true. This is not an isolated event. This has been happening for a long time. Hearing that, she admits that he is right. She is completely losing her mental faculties. She is losing her ability to function and wonders what is going to happen to her.

Cristian leaves Layla alone in the apartment with a big trunk of all of Evangeline’s things.

Dani tells Nate that her mom started freaking out and did not remember who her dad was. She thought that Todd was an imposter. And only a short time thereafter, she was ok. Right then, Carlotta enters and asks her if Téa and Todd Manning got married night. She tells Dani she wants to give her mom a shower even if it’s after the face. And she appears very happy. Dani reminds Nate that he has to get started at his new job working for Carlotta. But he wants to be there for hDani.

Mrs. Salinger tells Bo that she would like a job. She is worried about her son. Only a few nights ago, he spent the night in a 4 star hotel with his girlfriend’s family. And last night, he spent the night in a shelter. He is a good kid who never complains. And she does not want him to have to be protecting her. And right then, she reveals that she does not know that Bo is the commissioner himself and assumes he’s an officer . She asks him what type of man the commissioner is.

Starr tells Cole that this is so typical of Hannah doing things like this to merely get his attention. She O.Dd when Ford blew her off and Cole came to her rescue. And she’s done it again. But he tells her that it is not like that. He went with Hannah to the hospital and she almost died. He tells her that he knows that she has good reason not to like Hannah. She falsely accused Starr’s dad of pushing his mom and killer her baby and almost got Todd charged with murder and she told Cole that Starr was sleeping with James. Starr then tells Cole that she knows that they need to be completely honest with each other. And that is why she wants to tell Cole what happened between herself and James. Hearing that, he tells her he thought she told him that nothing happened between them. She then admits that James kissed her. But it meant nothing. And she admits that it wasn’t just once. But she pushed him away and told him they don’t have a future and she is committed to Cole. Cole asks her, however, if she enjoyed it.

James is alone in the apartment when Nate brings him some food from Buenos Dias when he and Ford have called for delivery. They talk about how Nate’s mom paid James’ hospital bill. Little do either of them know that they are brothers and she is James’ mom also.

Not yet revealing to Mrs. Salinger that he is the commissioner, Bo tells her that he’s “heard” that the commissioner is “tough but fair”. He tells her he realizes that applying for a new job is always stressful but encourages her to wait inside the commissioner’s office.. He sits behind his desk and looks at her application. She asks if he will not get in trouble if the commissioner sees him. He laughs and her and tells her he doubts it and then shows her his name plate to confirm that he is the commissioner.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta Vegas sits with Dani and admits that she has not exactly been Todd Manning’s biggest supporter. Dani admits neither has she. But, Carlotta tells her, she can see that she is bonding with her father and she’s happy for Dani. Right then, Cristian enters. Carlotta asks her son if he knew that Téa and Todd have gotten married He tells her he did not know but he would like to talk to his mom about his and Layla’s trip to Maryland to see her mom and sister, Evangeline. He admits to her that Evangeline passed away when they decided that they had to take her off of life support. Right then, Todd comes in and calls Cristain a son of a bitch demanding to know how he could let Evangeline go and give up on her. What kind of a piece of trash is he to do that to somebody he loved?

Meanwhile, Téa is alone with Greg who admits to her that writing and remembering recipes and appointments is going to be increasingly difficult. And he tells her that it’s not going to get better. And she only has a few weeks left. Hearing that, she is stunned and remarks that she thought she had more time. He tells her that he wishes he could give her better information. But he tells her that she will have hearing and vision problems so she will have to stop driving. She will not be able to be left alone and will need somebody to take care of her. She might not recognize many people and will forget them. She asks if he means it would include her own daughter.

After Todd overhears Cristain telling his mom that they let Evangeline go, he protests that he knows they did what they had to do since Evangeline has been in a coma for years. But when you love somebody, you don’t give up on them. He tells him he can’t believe that Evangeline is gone. He then apologizes for his outburst realizing he is thinking about Téa and her limited time to live.. Dani finds him and ask what that was about and who Evangeline is. Todd replies to his daughter she was a friend of his. She was a good lawyer who helped him though a lot of jams, he tells Dani. And he was thinking about her mom. He then asks where her mom is. She was supposed to meet them there by now.

After Mrs. Salinger finds out that Bo is the commissioner, she does not want to continue the interview. But he asks her to sit and looks over her qualifications and asks her to tell him a little about herself. She gives him her resume. He sees that her previous employer went out of business but she was promoted several times. He tells her that in the squad room, there is a lot of chaos and warns her that this is a very high pressure job. Yet, he’s very confident that she can meet the challenge.

When James gets his delivery from Nate and gives him a tip, Nate tells him that he does not have to give him a tip. James tells him it’s ok and he does not hold a grudge against him for getting him shot. And he owes Nate’s mom for her generosity. He is courteous still knowing nothing about who Nate and his mom are to him.But right then, his brother walks in and is shocked and startled to see Nate in the room with James knowing whom he is.

Cole tells Starr that he knows that neither of them could ever do anything with anyone else because they love each other. She tells him she knows that. And nobody else matters because the two of them are together and belong together. She then concludes that she will not let Hannah be an issue for them anymore. He tells her that he won’t let James be an issue either. He tells her that he’s kind of glad that James is going back to wherever ha came form so that they do not have to see each other again. But, hearing that, Starr tells him actually, they might see him again.

Bo tells Mrs. Salinger if she wants the job, it’s all hers. He tells him she would really like that but hopes that he is not just giving her the job as a form of charity. He tells her that he believes she is more than qualified regardless of how they met.

When Ford comes home and sees that Nate has delivered the food to James, he tells him that he does not need him or his mother or their “charity”. They had his brother shot. He gets in Nate’s face, revealing that he is very judgmental about his mom, although neither Nate nor James have a clue as to why. Nate angrily tells Ford that he has no business judging his mom. She has worked hard all her life to give him everything he needs and he goes out the door. Alone with Ford, James asks his brother if he is going to pick a fight with that guy every time he sees him. And what is Ford’s problem with Nate’s mom. She seems like a very nice person. Ford tells James he just believes that Nate and his mom are trouble and wants James to stay away from them. In response to that, James assk him if he means the same as he’d like him to stay away from Starr Manning.

Right then, Starr and Cole are talking about where James is from and his family’s history in Ohio.

Dani and Todd are at Buenos Dias waiting for Téa and he decides they are going to go back and find her and not let her be alone.

When Greg delivers the devastating news to Téa, she asks what the remaining few weeks of her life are going to be like. He tells her that there is something else he needs to tell her.

Layla is at home going through Evangeline’s stuff and notices that her sister has had correspondence with a lawyer named Bennett Thompson although the name means nothing to Layla as she’s never heard of him. Cristian returns and she informs him that she recently ran into Ford. He’s moved all of his stuff out and believe it or not, he appeared kind and respectful to her when they spoke. Cristian asks her if she is serious. She tells him yes and that death can bring out sides of people that you never thought existed.

Greg leaves Téa and tells her about arrangements that her family can make.

When Mrs. Salinger leaves Bo’s office, she asks if they can forget that they have met before when he pulled her over for a DWE (driving while emotional) and also the other part she told him about her oldest son hating her and never wanting to see her again. He tells her that he will not betray her confidence. He then confides in her that he had a son who passed away. But he didn’t get to see his son Drew grow up. And when Drew first met him, as an adult, he did not want to know his father either. Bo tells her that his son felt the same way that her son feels about her. Yet they were able to break through that and they became father and son. But then Bo had to let Drew go. He confirms to Mrs. Salinger that her secret is safe with him. But, he tells her, maybe some day, she will be as lucky as he is and might be able to reconcile with her son.

James asks his brother what his problem is. He is so hostile about so many people in this town. Why does Ford live here and how is he going to meet anybody in Llanivew if Ford doesn’t trust anybody here? Ford then tells his brother that he can take him to LU and introduce him to many people so that he can make many friends and hang with many chicks. But, hearing that, James concludes that that excludes Starr Manning.

Bo and Mrs. Salinger talk and she thanks him for keeping her secret for her. But right then, Nate enters to overhear their conversation. He’s surprised to see his mom in Bo’s office and asks what secret Bo has kept for her.

Right then, Cole goes to see Ford and tells him they need to talk about something.

At the same time when Starr is alone in the apartment, James appears and she asks what he is doing there.

Layla tells Cristian that going through Evangeline’s box would make it feel as though Evangeline is still alive,. But it has only made her realize that she is dead. He then tells her that he will always be there for her. She tells him she does not know what she would do without him. Right then, some papers fall out of a box that Layla’s has gotten from Evangeline and one of them is a mug shot that looks like Elijah Clark aka Bennett Thompson.

When Dani and Todd return from Buenos Dias, Téa tells them both she has some things she needs to say to them. They notice her grave expression and know it’s not good.

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