OLTL Update Wednesday 8/4/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/4/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie is at the station and tells John she is pregnant. His reply, “I think I need a drink!” Of course John wants to know why she didn’t tell him until now. She told him she wasn’t sure if she was ready to have a baby and didn’t want to spoil Jess and Brody’s news. John tells her he thinks the baby is a sign they belong together.

At Rodi’s, Dorian, Clint, David and Mandy are all doing shots. Dorian and David are professing their love for their dates. David is trying to get Dorian drunk enough to say that she isn’t in love with Clint. All four are pretty drunk when they finally leave. David and Mandy go home to do body shots. Gigi and Rex close up the bar and share a late night dance.

At the apartment, Starr is telling Langston what is going on with Téa. They then talk about Ford and Langston said he seemed different until she found out he had been tested for STDs. He is poison as far as she is concerned. James’ name comes up and Starr nonchalantly asks how he is doing. She tells Langston she loves Cole and wants to concentrate on their relationship. Starr returns James’ phone call and he tells her that he has decided to stay and he’ll leave her alone. Starr and Langston share a couple of containers of ice cream. Starr looks out the window, staring at the sky.

Kelly tells Blair that Eli is a murderer and everything Blair knows about Eli is a lie. He is really Bennett. Blair does not believe her. Kelly then lets her know that John also thinks Eli is a murderer. Eli comes in and wants to take Blair upstairs. She is not looking too sure about this, but she goes upstairs with him after warning Kelly that she will tell Eli everything if she doesn’t leave them alone.

At St. Ann’s, Cole is screaming for help for Hannah. She needs her stomach pumped – fast! Cole calls Starr and lets her know what happened and that he is waiting to hear if she makes it. Cole questions one of the sisters to see how they let Hannah get a bottle of pills. He decides to stay the night to make sure they are taking good care of her.

Ford has a new apartment and James is moving in. Eli shows up – with a gun. He lets Ford know that he has taken care of Hannah and threatens to hurt James if he decides to tell anyone what he knows. After Eli leaves he tells James to stay away from Eli; no matter what.

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