OLTL Update Tuesday 8/3/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/3/10


Written by Jennifer S.
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David and Mandy do a “double date” with Dorian and Clint at Rodi's. David wants Dorian and Clint to believe that Mandy is the love of his life. Dorian and Clint can clearly see that they are faking. David asks Dorian why she thinks he knows so much about who he loves or does not.

Right when Téa is ready to marry Todd, she has a “lapse” in memory about Todd looking different. She tells Dani that he may have fooled the others but she knows who the real Todd is. She then shows her a picture of Todd before his face changed.

Meanwhile, Blair is ready to marry Eli. But Eli is at St. Anne’s and up to no good threatening Hannah’s life if she tells anybody his secret.

Jessica goes to John’s office looking for Natalie and they are both surprised not to know where she is . Meanwhile, Natalie is in Gigi’s car outside the abortion clinic and admits that she cannot move, as she is having second thoughts about going through with the abortion.

At Rodi's, Dorian remarks to Clint that she hopes the jukebox has “their” song on it. He tells her if it does not, he can buy her one that does. They laugh but David knows they are faking. When David is alone with Mandy, he tells her she needs to do a better job attempting to pull off their scam that they are engaged. She tells him that as long as she gets paid by the hour, she will lie for him or do whatever he wants. Alone with Clint, Dorian tells him that she needs to convince David that she no longer loves him. He tells her as long as the stadium has his name on it, he will lie for her and help her convince David of that; although, he knows as well as David does that it’s false.

Natalie tells Gigi that Brody and Jessica are having their own baby and nothing should take anything away from that. But Gigi asks Natalie what if the baby she will have is John’s.

At the station, Jessica informs John that she and Brody are getting married. She smiles. He congratulates her. She thanks him.

Meanwhile, Eli is on the computer falsifying his identify and plotting his dastardly plan.

Kelly finds Blair and is ready to tell her what she and John suspect about Eli. Blair tells Kelly she is not going to let her ruin her wedding plans because Kelly is jealous. Kelly firmly tells her cousin that she is incorrect to think that Kelly is unhappy and wanting to make Blair unhappy with her. It has nothing to do with that. Blair then demands to know what it has to do with. Kelly then tells her that there is something else going on regarding Dorian. She cannot tell Blair what she suspects and tells her that Dorian will demand a big wedding and will not want Blair to elope. She also asks about the kids. Blair then asks Kelly what her problem is with the type of wedding she wants to have and why is she concerned about the kids when Kelly previously believed that Eli is a great guy. Blair seems to know that something has changed and demands to know why Kelly no longer thinks highly of Eli.

At that moment, Eli has given Hannah drugs to make her sleep. The nun outside her room suspects nothing and asks Eli how Ms. O’Connor is. He graciously tells her that Hannah just needs to get some rest.

Todd tells Téa that he is the same man he was with all those years ago on the island when they met years ago. But Téa remembers the scar that Todd used to have. Jack observes and demands to know what is going on. Is Téa a whack job just like Eli, he asks. In response to that, Starr tells her brother he needs to shut up. Dani also wonders what is going on. But Starr remembers when Todd had his reconstructive surgery and urges Téa to know that that is the same man as she sees in the picture. She would not lie to Téa because she loves her. Téa tells Starr she loves her too. But her (Téa’s) eyes do not lie. And she knows that the man before her is not the same as what she sees in the picture. Todd tells her yes he is. Téa then asks Todd how he did that and how he fooled Starr into believing that he is her father. Todd then tells her that the doctors told him that something like “this” might happen. She demands to know what he is talking about. He replies that the brain tumor can cause a lapse in memory. He then convinces her that he is the same man she has always known. She then apologizes and cries. She looks around at Dani, Starr, Jack and Cole and tells them she is so sorry to have caused this. She did not know what was happening. Todd tells her it’s all right. It’s no big deal. But maybe they should get her to a hospital.

At Rodi’s, David talks to his “cover girl” about getting uncovered. He wants Dorian to believe that Mandy is a swimsuit model whom he’s been seeing for a long time. Dorian wants him to believe that Clint is wild about her and asks when David and Mandy first met. He replies a year ago, she was modeling a pink bikini on a famous yacht. Hearing that, Dorian tells her that she is aware of all of the magazines that feature models, yet has never seen Mandy in any of them. David replies that she has not been modeling recently because she’s been in rehab. In response to that, Clint tells David that’s a bit odd since Mandy is drinking right then and there. Dorian tells David he needs to give it up. She does not buy a word he says.

Jessica, Brody, and John all wonder why Natalie did not show up for work at the station and why nobody can reach her. Brody has a flashback of when he slept with Natalie.

Natalie is with Gigi wondering what to do. She has a vision of being ready to give birth to John’s baby, having him ready to take her to the hospital and being happy with him. At that point, she smiles.

Blair demands to know why Kelly wants to prevent her from marrying Eli. Didn’t Kelly encourage her to get over Todd? Well, now she is. She’s found a good man who makes her happy. Kelly then tells her that that does not give her valid reason to “one up” on Todd. Blair angrily tells her cousin that she is not doing that, and she’s not going to listen to Kelly anymore. Blair is ready to go out the door when Kelly finally tells her that she must divulge what she’s been afraid to tell her up until now. She tells Blair that she is in danger. Hearing that, Blair demands to know what she is talking about. Kelly then tells Blair that the reason she cannot marry Eli is because he is not the person he says he is. Hearing that, Blair demands to know just who he is then. Eli then suddenly appears and asks if he is interrupting anything.

At Rodi’s, Dorian asks David why she’d be remotely interested in him when she has a real man like Clint in her life. David asks Clint if it was not very recent when David went to Bo’s wedding with a shot gun demanding that David finds Kimberly Andrews for him? Dorian tells David that Clint could care less about Kim and they are together. She wants him to have closure. Clint is going to be moving into La Boo Lay with her. She asks David just how Viki will feel about himself and Mandy moving into Llanfair. She smirks knowing that he cannot answer that question.

Téa tells Dani and Starr that she needs them to help her get ready for the wedding. They are all happy.

John tells Jessica and Brody that it is kind of odd that Natalie has suddenly disappeared when he remembers how happy she was for Jessica and Brody to be having a baby.

Natalie has a vision of herself with Jessica, Brody and their little boy and she notices hers and John’s daughter who looks like Natalie with red hair, having her daddy, John showing her how to play pool. She sees that she and Brody are alone at the table and they are both happy that they kept their secret and both have a child with the person they love. She smiles, and Gigi remarks that that is a switch from the negative way she was feeling before. Natalie remarks that she was just thinking of the perfect world.

Hannah is drugged in her bed at St. Anne’s after Eli gave her a drug that will look like she is taking a nap when she is not supposed to.

Eli tells Blair that they have to get ready to get going if she is going to wake up the next morning as Mrs. Elijah Clark. Blair looks at Kelly and seems to have objections about going through with that right now.

The judge comes to perform the wedding ceremony for Todd and Téa. Starr and Cole meet him and they are ready to get the ceremony under way. Téa and Dani enter with their flowers.

Alone with John, Brody asks if he thinks that Elijah Clark did something fishy with somebody besides Hannah O’Connor. John tells him that he thinks it’s entirely possible that Eli is the one who killed Kelly’s mother. Information has pointed to that as well as what happened to Rodney. And Eli may have drugged Rex Balsam when Rex was investigating Kelly’s mother’s death. He’s been investigating and coming up with evidence that makes Eli look like he’s involved in what happened to Kelly’s mother.

The judge asks Todd if he takes Téa to be his wife, if he promises to love her until death do they part. Todd tells them he wants to give his own speech. He says that recently he has been reminded of how precious time is. He is going to love Téa like there is no tomorrow. But they are not going to live for tomorrow. They are going to live for today. The judge then asks Téa if she promises to love Todd until death do they part. She tells him she does. She admits that a couple months ago, she didn’t think she could smile again, but Todd changed that. He showed her that they could find a way. If that can happen, then anything can happen. She cries and tells them she feels like the luckiest woman in the world. She has Todd and their kids and all of their previous time together.

Eli asks Blair if there is something that she and Kelly were discussing when he came in. She replies that they were just talking about how her Aunt Dorian would not approve of their eloping together. He tells her that he can handle Dorian. She then tells him that Jack has his “issues” and envisions the ax-murderer stepfather from hell. She thinks she knows what is up with that. Jack has to adjust to Todd and Téa getting married. So she just wants to let him get through their wedding and give him some time. She asks Eli if they really want to get married on the same day as Todd and Téa?

It looks like the judge is going to pronounce Todd and Téa, husband and wife.

At Rodi’s, Dorian and Clint are alone talking about how they must pull of their scheme so that she can fool David, and he will get the voting shares he wants. Alone with David, Mandy asks what will convince him that he has “succeeded” in pulling off his scam to Dorian? Having Dorian declare that she is in love with him?

After Blair tells Eli she wants to postpone the wedding, he tells her he can do that. He loves her and can wait for another date to get married. He goes up the stairs. Alone with Kelly, Blair asks her if she has something to get out of her system.

Téa tells the others that she has a bucket list and since she is dying, she gets to tell everybody what to do. She now just wants them all to hold hands.

Starr follows Cole out the door and asks if there is something going on? Is he not comfortable being there? He tells her it’s not that. She asks him if he has something on his mind. He then tells her that something is “not right” regarding Hannah. He tried to call her at the hospital and they wouldn’t let him talk to her. He thinks that something is going on and has to go and make sure that Hannah is okay. Hearing that, Starr tells Cole that he may do that if that’s what it takes for them to get back to each other.

The bottle of pills falls out of Hannah’s hand while she is passed out on the bed.

John explains his theory to Brody about why he believes that Eli is responsible for Kelly’s mother’s death and many other crimes that others have been accused of.

Natalie is then envisioning her and John’s child as a boy at the station wearing a police hat sitting on his daddy’s lap while John shows him the ropes about being a detective. Gigi then tells her that they have to get inside or else she will miss her appointment. She can’t do it at that point.

Dorian and David are still trying to convince the others that they are over each other, with the help of Clint and Mandy.

Cole goes to St. Anne’s to see Hannah. The nun tells him he can’t go in her room. She needs her rest. Yet, he somehow knows that he has to go in because Hannah may be in danger.

Todd and Téa are ready to tie the knot.

Blair asks Kelly what her problem is with Eli. Kelly then tells her that she has reason to believe that Eli is a murderer.

Natalie discovers that she cannot go through with aborting a baby that could be John’s. She then goes to the station and declares to him that she has to tell him something. 

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