OLTL Update Monday 8/2/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/2/10


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Jack runs into the mansion yelling at Blair to wake up and smell the carnage!  Eli is a killer! Jack wants to know where Aunt Dorian hides the gun. Blair is blaming his stepfather fear on R-rated movies. He’d rather watch PBS for the rest of his life than have his mom marry Eli.  Jack tells his mom that his dad and Téa are getting married. She thinks this is why he is acting this way.

Téa and Todd are getting ready to get married and Téa decides to share her and Todd’s history with Dani; including the marriage for five million dollars.  Todd is carrying cookies and lemonade to them and puts them down to listen in. 

Starr comes in and Todd is happy that both his girls and Jack are there to see them get married. 

As they start to get ready to get married, Téa comes in and says that there is no way in hell she is marrying Todd – he is not Todd Manning.

Cole is trying to reach Hannah at St. Anne’s; they tell him she does not have phone privileges.  Meanwhile, Eli is in her room pointing a gun at her.  As Cole is talking to the Sister, she confesses she doesn’t believe that Hannah has done the things she has confessed to.  Eli produces a bottle of pills for Hannah to swallow and commit suicide. If she doesn’t do it, he tells her, he’ll kill Cole. He pours out all the pills and tells her to swallow them!

At the station, John and Kelly are trying to find out who Bennett is; is it Eli?  His phone rings, it’s a Boston number and guess what Glenn is dead! Kelly lists off all the people she thinks Eli has killed. John reminds her there is no evidence against Eli.  

Natalie and Gigi pull up to the clinic.  Natalie has no idea who is the father of her baby and feels sure she needs to have an abortion. Gigi is being a good friend trying to help Nat make sure she is doing what is right for her. Nat is having a fantasy that at a baby shower for Jess, John walks in with DNA results showing Brody is the father.  Not a pretty fantasy!

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