OLTL Update Friday 7/30/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/30/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

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Todd tells Téa that he wants to marry her tonight. She looks at him overwhelmed. Dani is also surprised.

At the same time, Eli tells Bair that he wants to marry her now. She tells him that she wanted to take some time. She remarks why rush to the alter when they can “stroll.”

Ford goes to talk to Hannah at St. Anne’s. He tells her that she has to stop calling him because he cannot “afford the trouble.” Hearing that, she asks if he is talking about Elijah Clark. He does not want to discuss or admit anything about Eli but she cries and pleads with him that Eli is going to kill her and she knows that he has threatened Ford also.

Eli tells Blair that nobody knows how much time they have left. Last night, his plane could have crashed. Also, they both know what happened to Téa. He urges her to marry him and make him happy before it’s too late.

Todd surprises Téa and Dani by informing them he’s already called the justice of the peace and he wants them both to live with him in his nice big house. Dani asks if she can have her own bathroom. Todd tells her she may go upstairs and select whichever bathroom she wants. She leaves Todd and Téa alone and Téa tells him she thought they agreed to be honest. He tells her that he wants to get married so that they can enjoy their lives together for as long as they can. He asks her if there is anything wrong with that.

Starr tells Cole she really needs some answers. She asks if he wants them to be together and if he wants things to be the way they were before all of these crazy things happened. He does not answer but kisses her. She then tells him she will take that as a yes. She tells him that she just wishes she could snap her fingers and make things go back to the way they used to be but they have so much work to do.

At Rodi’s, Kelly grills John about how he has to find her mother’s killer. He cannot give up. He tells her that she could be in danger after Bennett Thompson drugged Rex Balsam. She asks him if he is implying that she must go home and play with her dolls and tells him she’s not about to do that. Starr and Cole enter and inform Kelly that they are really happy since Todd has dropped the charges against Cole. Kelly and Starr leave Cole and John alone. Cole asks John if he really believes that Hannah O’Connor pushed his mom down the stairs.

At St. Anne’s, Hannah tells Ford that they both know that she did not try to kill him nor push Marty Saybrooke down the stairs. She knows that Eli has done both crimes and has threatened him, too. She tells him they must go to the police before Eli hurts somebody else. But Ford hesitates.

Jack overhears his mom and Eli talking about their wedding plans and who they will invite from both of their families. He tells her that when they get back from their fast trip, they can have all the people and all the festivities she wants. He tells her this may be a lot to ask. He pushes his urgency and tells her that they must become Mr. and Mrs. and say goodbye to Blair Cramer. Jack overhears and looks stunned.

Cole informs John that Hannah called him from St. Anne’s and urged him to know that something is going on and indicated that somebody might have threatened her into confessing to pushing Marty and trying to kill Ford.

Téa tells Todd that she can’t marry him right then and there because she has nothing to wear. Meanwhile, Starr is talking to Kelly at Rodi’s and Kelly wonders how Todd could suddenly act like a human being. Starr admits she does not know. At that moment, Starr gets a phone call from her dad. Cole admits to John that Hannah called him from St. Anne’s. She wanted to warn him about something. He did not think it added up that she pushed his mom and tried to kill Ford. It appeared as though right when she was about to tell him what really happened, Eli Clarke took the phone from her and sounded like he might be threatening her.

When Dorian professes to David that she has a relationship with Clint, and he appears jealous. She taunts him about how he is making up a relationship that he does not have with a model. She really does have a real man, she tells him. Clint says nothing. David becomes provoked and leaves. Alone with Clint, Dorian remarks that it appears he wants to stick it to David more than she does. She tells him that she realizes she “owes” him. He then grimly tells her she sure does, and she is going to pay him back. In the other room, David calls somebody and tells them he needs their help.

At Rodi’s, Cole has a plan and Starr leaves to go and talk to her dad. Kelly sees John and asks where he is going. He replies he’s going back to the station. He tells her he knows she wants answers. But this is not the way to go about it. He asks her if she will be at home when he calls her. He leaves and she asks whom John thinks he is to be evading her and wanting her to go home and wait for him to call.

Starr goes to Todd’s home and he and Téa inform her that they are getting married tonight. Hearing that, she asks what is going on and why there is such urgency. Jack has a “vision” about himself and his dad watching a film about the “step-father from hell.” In the backyard, Eli tells Blair he knows that this may appear to be sudden, but he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and doesn’t want to waste any more time. She then agrees to go with him to Las Vegas.

John calls Glen, the room service guy, at the hotel who Eli bribed and claimed to be Rex Balsam. John asks his assistant if she can fax something to Glen at the hotel where Kelly found Rex and heard what he suspected. Outside the door, Kelly is silently overhearing.

At St. Anne’s, Ford asks Hannah just how she expects the two of them to report Eli and not have him kill them both. She tells him that she knows that he’s too emotionally immature and cowardly to have a relationship with another human being. But doesn’t he want to save them both from a murderer? He protests that he is not a heartless jerk. He loves and cares about his brother and he has another “friend” whom he cares about. At that point, he agrees to do something and take action.

At the hospital, Kelly finds John and demands to know what he is up to and if Eli knows who killed her mother.

David calls his prostitute friend and asks her to do a favor for him. He tells her all he wants is to pretend she is a swimsuit model. Hearing that and assuming he wants “more,” she tells him whatever he wants.

Clint tells Dorian that he wants to make sure that his bid for the naming rights come up on top and he needs the mayor to help pull strings for him to pull that off. He tells her that he knows that she needs him to act as though they are a couple. If she does not do what he wants, then he will tell David that she is very single. She then declares that they have a deal.

Téa, Dani and Todd inform Starr for the first time that Téa is dying. She cries and is devastated to hear that there is no treatment that will save Téa. But Dani and Téa tell her she cannot cry. She has to be happy for the wedding. Jack enters and tells his dad that he just heard that his mom is going to marry Eli and assumes that that is the reason why they are all crying.

Unaware that Jack has left and gone to his father’s home, Blair is preparing her wedding plans with Eli.

John takes Kelly into his office. She demands to know if Eli is a suspect. She concludes that that is the reason why John was asking all those questions about Eli. She assumed the reason was because John was jealous that Eli was marrying Blair. She concludes that she bets it was Eli who drugged Rex in order to prevent him from finding her mother’s killer.

Ford talks to Hannah at St. Anne’s when she urges him to do something about Eli. He then remembers telling Eli that he could go public telling everybody that Eli is the real Bennett Thompson. Ford then tells Hannah that if anything happens to him, then he will send a letter to the Sun telling everything that Eli did. She needs to do the same. She needs to write it all down and make sure that everything is in the right hands. He tells her they never had this conversation. He wishes her luck. He leaves and she writes that her name is Hannah O’Conner and if she is dead, it is because she was murdered by Elijah Clark.

Eli departs from Blair’s home and tells her she needs to let him go and he will return back to her in an hour and a half. She asks where he is going but suspects nothing. He leaves.

Todd announces to Jack that he and Téa are getting married today. Jack tells his dad so are his mom and Eli, and Todd has to stop them. Todd then asks Téa, Dani and Starr to excuse him and Jack. After Starr has found out for the first time that Téa is dying, she asks Dani how she feels about this. Dani replies that she just wants her mom to have as many happy days as she can even if that means marrying Todd. She then tells Starr that she was right. There are some good things about their mutual dad. In the other room Jack tells his dad that he knows that Eli is “weird.” Todd tells his son that he knows he does not want his mom to marry somebody else and agrees that Eli is a loser. But Jack somehow knows about some creepy, psycho ax murderer step-father and sees him as Eli. Hearing that, Todd has no suspicions about Eli and tells his son he should never have let him watch those crazy movies about the step-father from hell. He tells Jack that his mom is marrying somebody who makes her happy. She has the right to do that because life is short. But Jack seems to know something that Todd is unaware of.

While Dorian is talking to Clint, David enters with his “friend.” He tells her that Mandy is a swimsuit model and the love of his life. Hearing that, Dorian laughs and tells him he must think that she and Clint are idiots if he expects them to believe that David and Mandy are a couple. She tells David she and Clint are late for dinner. He tells her so are he and Mandy and suggests they double date.

Ford goes to Rodi’s and finds Cole. Cole asks him what he wants. Ford tells him there is something he must tell him. But right then, he remembers Eli threatening to finish what he started and threatening James if Ford goes to the cops and/or does not stick to the story that it was Hannah who tried to kill him and who pushed Marty Saybrooke. Ford hesitates to tell Cole the truth.

Kelly demands that John tells her what he suspects about Eli. Does he possibly know Bennett Thompson or have something to do with what happened to her mom? He does not answer. At that point, Kelly concludes that John believes that Eli is Bennett Thompson. That must be the reason why he is talking to that room service guy about seeing Eli.

Hannah finishes writing her letter about how if anybody finds her dead, it’s because she was murdered by Elijah Clark. At that moment, she notices somebody enter, assumes it’s a nurse and asks if they can mail the letter for her. It’s Eli who enters, takes the envelope out of her hand and tells her he’s sorry but this letter will get lost in the mail.

After David and Mandy leave Dorian alone in the room with Clint, Clint tells her that he does want the naming rights. She is going to pick up the tab. She happily tells him she’s only too happy to oblige with anything he wants as long as he helps her stick it to David.

Jack returns to Blair’s home and tells his mom thank God it’s not too late. He must stop her from marrying Eli. He is dangerous.

Eli stands over Hannah threatening her and telling her she must have been a “busy little bee.”

Ford is in Rodi's, remembering Hannah informing him if she did not keep her mouth shut about what really happened, then Eli would kill Cole. Does Ford really want Cole’s death on his conscience? He notices Cole sitting alone, pays for his drink and leaves. Cole gets on his phone unable to get the message that Starr is leaving for him. He calls St. Anne’s and asks to talk to Hannah O’Conner.

Meanwhile, Eli holds a gun on Hannah and tells her that writing that letter was the last mistake she will ever make.

At John’s office, Kelly hears his phone ring and, Glen, the room service guy tells John whether he recognizes the guy in the photo who John faxed to him (the picture of Eli). We do not hear what the answer is. 

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